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National Post/several outlets: Report Sidney Crosby left practice Tuesday with a sore groin but is still listed as
probable against the Islanders.

NHL.com: Adam Schwartz has a feature on the line of Blake Comeau, Josh Bailey & Kyle Okposo with comments from Islander head coach Scott Gordon.

Mr Botta has been live blogging from this mornings Lighthouse meetings over at Point Blank which has wrapped up, as always visit Mr Botta's blog for specifics.

If Mr Wang-Rechler does speak to the business/sports media we will have those comments.

Only Newsday knows who is covering practice and if Mr Logan or someone else is traveling to Pittsburgh today or tomorrow.
What I can tell everyone is our trade deadline section is coming together with key live radio/trade tracker links. I will be adding more to this section in the coming days but these sites are usually the most reliable with correct information.

The two radio links in Canada usually go hockey all day at the deadline and both last year seemed to report all trades quickly and accurately.

I will add in a few more crawls to the page for updated trades.

If a live blog is done here on 3/4 it will be announced a day before on the fly because I'm just not sure I will be around, everyone is welcome to join in if we do have one.

If we do a live blog here it will be from 1pm-4pm. Last year I had a great time doing all the shows and this blog but between the shows, the blog and the game afterward it was too much.

There is no game this time.

NYIFC does not do the trade rumor/gossip game from amateur sites/blogs, we only go with professional media sources for the few rumors on potential trades that are posted here. As always dead last and a hundred percent correct is my unwritten rule with reported trades.
The Ct Post apparently is adding mega-sports content or at least took questions on media at the paper. Two gentlemen named Ted Tompkins and Jeff Busrtraan were kind enough to get together, answer my question and create what I have wanted for several years.

A Bridgeport Sound Tiger news article feed listed here which will take time to fill in because it's brand new.

I have already added the new feed on the left side of this blog where all media updates go (including Mr Fornabaio's blog) and to the Sound Tiger section of the prospects blog on the other page.

At time time I'm not sure If I will continue to add Sound Tiger articles now to the daily articles being that we now have a feed that does the work. I'm not sure how many read the out of town coverage links.

I likely will.

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