New York Notables

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Nothing ground-breaking for this time, the good news is prospect camp opens Friday/Saturday. New York prospects play Boston's prospects at the Coliseum in eight days.

With that New York Notables.

Islanders website: Posted the training camp roster, however that is subject to change. If Tomas Marcinko, who was signed, but is on an NHL/Europe contract is attending, that has not been reported.

NYIFC knows nothing about Art Bidlevski.

On the prospect/veteran front, Blake Kessel, Brian Day, Shane Sims, Dustin Kohn, Mark Wotton, there is nothing reported. Like with Jared Spurgeon, sometimes these players just are invited somewhere.

If Trent Hunter has been invited anywhere, that has not been reported.
Our view on Jay Pandolfo being invited to camp is, as a career left winger, with Moulson, Grabner, Comeau, Martin, Gillies all left wingers, there is no spot for him in New York unless there is an injury.

At best, if he is versatile enough to play right wing he could challenge for Michael Haley's right wing spot in camp. No doubt he will be a Bridgeport two-way contract if signed, kind of the plan for Jon Sim going into last season before the injuries.
I have little to write on Brian Rolston, it's unclear where he fits until he reports to camp, and we see how he is played. As a left wing there does not seem to be a spot, despite his comments about playing on a teams top two lines.

Niederreiter/Rahkshani may be fighting Rolston for a spot behind Okposo and Parenteau?

As a center Rolston only fits if Bailey is locked out of camp, or there is an injury with Tavares, Nielsen, Reasoner. No rule Strome, Ullstrom, or another center could not earn a spot or be given an opportunity via trade or signing.
To speculate on Josh Bailey's contract negotiations again is kind of pointless, or if Charles Wang's old policy on holdouts still stand which we saw with Bergenheim a few years ago?

Many restricted free agents are unsigned, things will play themselves out. It's not in Josh Bailey's best career interest or something Tavares, Okposo will appreciate to see Bailey sitting on the sidelines.

Garth Snow invested a lot of resources in Bailey, the general manager needs him here as part of his plan.