New York Islander Fan Central | 9/01/2011 02:06:00 PM |

A quiet period, so the correct time to get business out of the way.

The plan is for New York Islander Fan Central, to renew it's domain for the next calendar year.

Having written this, major changes are coming.

Given our history is to promise less, but always wind up doing far more, the plan is to write/twitter periodically, not daily or even weekly.

There is no longer any desire to do game by game updates late at night, read through tons of tabloid professional journalism, or provide game by game analysis, even with a twitter feed.

Serious consideration is being given to making our twitter feed subscription only for hockey centric viewers.

Enough has been written on the coverage by the professional media, local and otherwise. I no longer wish to go in that direction with NYIFC, we have given our viewpoints on the subject endlessly, if it can get worse, it will.

Our final advice as written here recently, you have to examine the professional writer speculation/rhetoric, tune all that out (concentrate on quotes), then exercise a different skill set of seeing through an agenda or lack of knowledge by a writer.

Most can barely cover the own team on their beat, the national writers are completely worthless in the professional media, so is the source or rumor based speculation, to keep getting attention/maintain a living.

Watch the games, listen to what the players/staff say. ITV takes the mystery out of most of the articles because you see the players comments after games in most cases.

Fan blogs/websites such as NYIFC have a purpose, we should never be considered professional or some kind of resource. If you need a blog based on rhetoric, sources, rumor, hype or a bunch of folks selling themselves above all, you have come to the wrong place. Anyone who has followed our content since day one understand NYIFC/and our prior mailing list, set the highest standard.

Our interest in what NYIFC presents moving forward will concentrate on direct quotes only from players and team officials, along with quality articles where the players tell their story as we see in many smaller outlets.

Not hard to find quality, Jack Capuano did a radio interview on 8/31, where he's speaks on a lot of topics here.

Ryan Strome and Mike Bossy updates are on our twitter feed.

Given the recent tweaks to the look of NYIFC, I believe we are set in that department. As always, please no e-mails of advertising, partnerships, writing for others or offers of paying for space here. NYIFC is a non-profit site.

Thank You Very Much.