6/28 Qualifying Offers Deadline 5pm...EVEN MORE VISNOVSKY

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Not much to write about this beyond sidebar link with the Qualifying Offer Rules Per CBA to explain where things go if a player is qualified..

The Deadline is 5pm on Monday.

This applies only to the Group II free agents, who can all be qualified, even those who signed in Europe so the Islanders retain NHL rights, which is how Jeremy Colliton came back to the team along with Jesse Joensuu. 

With Mark Katic signed in Germany a group II player it could mean Ty Wishart receives an offer, both Katic/Wishart can both be qualified. 

Isles put a lot of time/expense/top picks into Mikko Koskinen, who found playing time in Europe but was still the first goaltender selected in his draft class.
Four more articles from Visnovsky, including the primary paper that interviewed him Saturday, a mixed bag of information that's far from a lock he's coming, and likely playing his last NHL season.

I translated the links on Sulia and went right to most the important items, these were again all direct quotes and included the links for everyone.

Mentioned Jurcina, perhaps calling Satan, still has to decide on KHL, will not come until later in summer for place to live.
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