Sunday Visnovsky Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/24/2012 02:02:00 PM |
Some items I now have to add to my 6/23 entry on Lubomir Visnovsky:

The interview on the Slovak site was not before Visnovsky was traded.

Other sites in Slovakia/Europe also referenced this article. I included all three sites that reported on this to be as clear as possible for my readers, only using Visnovsky's direct quotes. 

There is no doubt Visnovsky received his offer from the KHL, and had discussions with Slovakia while he was still a member of the Anaheim Ducks at some earlier point before he was traded. 

Having written that all the articles I translated and referenced on Saturday, were printed in those papers on June 23rd, with specific questions he responded to about the New York Islanders after he was traded.

He is directly quoted about how he learned of the trade, to discussing whether he would play here, and considering his KHL offer. Visnovsky's quoted comments say the Islanders would likely be disappointed if he decided his accept an offer to play in the KHL, but he has to make his decision, as was asked about the percentages of what he would decide to do. 

Matt Moulson's post-trade comments from the Islander website about Visnovski were included in those articles.

Visnovski also made very clear he was not disappointed to learn of being traded to New York. 

Bottom line Visnovsky can say what he wishes today. James Dolan's Ranger centric beatwriter can finally pick up a telephone, and do a twitter update, however Visnovsky absolutely said these things after he was traded to the New York Islanders. 

As anyone who regularly follows New York Islander Fan Central know, this blog does not play source card on anything, my entries concerning information like this only uses direct quotes.

Visnovsky was directly quoted after the trade, this is why a blog entry was written here for others to read/reference.

Regarding his Sunday comments if  it's Visnovsky's first choice to really come to the Isles (of course I hope it is) he does not need a second choice or to consider any KHL offer as he said on 6/23, he should have told Staple he is coming to camp with the Islanders which ends all discussion.......Staple's work was lazy and obviously never referenced his post trade comments or pushed harder on these points.

Of course if Visnovsky's ultimate choice to play in the KHL (or play at home in Slovakia if a lockout) I wish him the best of luck.