Isles Had To Be Muted That Visnovsky Filed For Arbitration In June

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2012 02:33:00 AM |
The New York Islanders had to remain muted, what happens moving forward is not in their control at this time. 

This is not a New York Islander issue, they have known since June when Visnovsky filed  arbitration it comes down to Anaheim/NHL vs Visnovsky/NHLPA.
The Isles are sidelined beyond convincing him to come, if his claim is based on principal that does not matter.

No doubt Garth Snow has one plan with Visnovsky, one without, for now they are in a holding pattern. 

It was never the Islanders place to make Visnovsky's arbitration filing public knowledge which would not be a wise choice or help their standing with the player or agent.

That's why there is a professional hockey media, which Lubomir Visnovsky may have finally (perhaps un- knowingly)  broke his own arbitration story via his local papers which woke up the slumbering North American media.

There is a chance Visnovsky thought it was already reported, he questioned himself on Satan which is where the Isles will have issue Monday with Visnovsky talking about another players private negotiations.

The NHL for their part, made public their player arbitration schedule, Visnovsky does not appear on the list. Why?

Does this become a CBA negotiating issue that goes past September 15th? Visnovsky sold this as a problem that applies only to his circumstances.

The bottom line is the Islanders knew all this in June, their hands/comments are tied until a hearing is scheduled which does not involve them.

Monday's news was only a surprise to the public, and obviously the worst professional media for an NHL team in North America.

You know where I stand on Dolan's beatwriter, Arthur Staple.
StapeNewsday Just got off the phone w/ #Isles D Lubomir Visnovsky. Ready to come to camp and play. "This is my first choice, to play for the Islanders."  6/24/2012

Six days later (perhaps sooner by 6/30) he filed a grievance.  Staple was too lazy to even acknowledge that day Visnovsky's KHL offer/or that he gave his interviews after being traded. Now he will hide behind Isles had problems attracting players card, not his poor reporting.

What Happens Ultimately?
1. Visnovsky wins his arbitration, his rights go back to Anaheim, the Isles get back their 2013 second round draft pick, they can keep him/move him to a team on his list or he can go play in the KHL/retire.

1a. Visnovsky wins his arbitration on principal and decides to report to the Islanders anyway. 

2.  Visnovsky losses his arbitration, he reports to the Isles, or can sign in the KHL while his contract is tolled or retire.

3. Visnovsky decides to sign in the KHL prior to arbitration regardless.
4. Visnovsky decides to join the Isles prior to arbitration regardless.
5. A hearing date lags to the point Visnovsky has to take a KHL offer.