Projecting Out Visnovsky, Staple Outworked Again

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Projecting Out Visnovsky....What's Next?
1. If the Isles retain his rights in a possible hearing, Visnovsky can report or again accept his KHL offer meaning they receive no compensation so the Isles can win his NHL rights to toll (worst case scenario) but lose the second round pick. 

2. If an arbitrator rules for Visnovsky, his rights go back to Anaheim, the Isles do get back their draft choice.

3. Let's also be clear the NHL approved this trade based on the specific language in Visnovsky's contract, it was up to them to inform the Ducks/Isles in June Visnovsky had the right to reject the trade.

They failed if an arbitrator rules otherwise, not the general managers on either side. 

Uneducated Translated Projection:
Only Visnovsky can speak for himself, however I blogged these articles in June with his hometown quoted comments right after the NHL draft.

Visnovsky said in June he will likely return to the NHL because that's the premier league, he said in the quoted comments Sunday after the June exchange (trade to Islanders) he would probably abode there (report) regardless of arbitration and may not even wait for a decision. 

Those were his quotes.

This blog's uneducated projection based on those comments is he will accept the trade to the Islanders regardless of any potential arbitration hearing. Whether he ultimately signs in the KHL is another matter.

I believe he simply wants his contract option clarified. I'm not sure Visnovsky fully understands the implications of where this is going nor is it an Islanders issue, or did he fully understand what mentioning Satan being contacted could have created here.

Correct or not, that is how I see this playing out. 

Whether he also understands this or not, Lubomir Visnovsky is quickly becoming more trouble than he's worth. 

Staple Outworked Again:

Folks, this is just more proof that's Dolan's media is asleep at the wheel or more interested in selling a negative culture above all. When Msg is rejected often by free agents, they don't play that game in Dolan's paper saying no one seems to want to play there. 

The usual suspects beyond Staple will all come out and create a circus also for their own interest or agenda, that's what they need for themselvesThere seems to be an enthusiasm for some reporting players do not wish to play here which proved incorrect with Nabokov/many resigned players.

Do not be so quick to take anything Arthur Staple reports as gospel, the papers of record covering this story are in Europe, not Cablevison owned Newsday.

This is the second time Arthur Staple was outworked by the hometown media covering Visnovsky, last time he completely ignored the KHL contract offer Visnovsky had in his very sloppy/weak twitter update after the draft, Staple did not even correctly report Visnovsky was interviewed after his trade.