Visnovsky Talks 9/4 Arbitration Hearing Video

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/23/2012 10:39:00 AM |

Sportky: Has another long interview with Lubomir Visnovsky (coaching kids) where a lot is lost in translation but the following was made clear enough:

1. He's not going to America for the arbitration, it will be done by video.

2. Would prefer if the season started normally and it's not a pleasant wait regarding CBA as he discussed 9/15.

Among the quoted comments:

 "Fighting in this case also for the other players. Fight for it to be in the rules of procedure, whether it is entitled under the conditions change player, told myself that I'm going into it with that purpose. Whether I end up in the Islanders or elsewhere, I do not care."

 Slovak defender is ready for any court decision. "Islanders for me is not a problem." Myself I count the fact that I stay there. However One never knows, maybe I will come back to Anaheim. In this case, I ask the club about a list of ten teams, which would have to be replaced. Would then negotiate . might come but that they come over to the defense.'ll see what happens, rather I will overtake. Firstly, I have to wait for the decision of the court. When I came back to Anaheim, maybe I wrote the list in the first place Islanders. shall not prevent the play for the Islanders, my regard to justice, to be clear in the rules."