New York Notables, Satan Signs In Europe, NHLPA Facts Vs Fiction

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/05/2012 07:32:00 AM |
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Miroslav Satan resigned in Europe for the entire 2012-13 season today, he will not be signing in North America.
For those on Visnovsky hearing watch, his primary paper linked to many times this summer will likely have his quoted comments on a decision, despite the video hearing 9/4 between again Neil Sheehy, Anaheim gm, Bob Murray, and the arbitrator.
Based on Corey Trivino's hearing date 8/8, if he decided to turn professional and sign with an NHL team the 30 day exclusive signing window for the Islanders would still apply for a few days.

Like 2006 pick, Troy Mattila he will be removed from the prospect blog by 9/10/12.

Brenden Kichton will reportedly will be going to Sound Tigers training camp per his recent comments, and may sign an AHL contract to stay.
NHLPA Website 9/4: Release their own facts vs myth's based upon their version of the league's offers.

NYIFC Comments:
As always there are two sides.  

Seems beyond the market based partisan media rhetoric, things projected out here a few weeks ago are running even slower than our 9/10 critical point for owners to get serious.

A league with a 57m cap, front-loaded contracts, hundred million dollar deals over ten years with all top players receiving NTC/NMC seems a non-starter for a competitive business beyond corporations willing to write off millions in red-ink.

Soon the owners/players will be commenting a lot more.
Only the Islanders and Matt Martin's agent know if his 2012-13 clock runs out whether camp opens on time or not.

Nino Niederreiter is under no obligation to play for Bridgeport as a locked out NHL player, he could well play in Europe.
As for NYIFC there is no interest here in daily CBA negotiation updates, what New York Islander player will sign where if a lockout goes for an extended period of time or the entire season or projecting about a team that on paper where even if an agreement were announced today that cannot be discussed with any accuracy until days before a season would open.

To do so at this point would be a waste of everyone's time.