New York Notables: Spin Game

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/25/2012 03:57:00 PM |
The spin game is working overtime so a few quick notables.

There is simply no desire to write blog entries here beyond important updates, there will be no filler entries here for the sake of writing.

The prospect blog has the Islander website weekly prospect updates, if NHL players are injured in other leagues, that will be reported somewhere.

A Few Quick Comments:
* Am I a fan of Jim Devellano's cattle comment? Absolutely not, however the rest of his words were spot on, and the most honest analysis you are going to get. Some media have agenda's that are not about the fans, but only themselves. Devellano brought up Ed Snider/Mike Illitch faster than this blog does, he discussed the overhead/costs running an NHL franchise. 

* Funny how when the New York Islanders owned the Stanley Cup from 1980-1983 the NHL did not have lockouts, require revenue sharing because other markets needed to spend so much more because they could not build a winner. In New York hockey was a major sport despite Msg crying poverty threatening relocation to New Jersey/Nassau County. 

In this blogs view the NHL was at the height of it's popularity in the US.  

Today WFAN had Mike Francesa talking Rangers game six. Texas Rangers.  

Now the New York Islanders should receive revenue sharing/extra draft picks because Comcast, NBC Sports Network/Smg/Ed Snider Flyers need to keep front-loading as many contracts as they can write off to gain a competitive while they flip their mistakes to other markets that cannot afford front-loaded deals, however can take those players who have already been paid the biggest parts of their signing bonus money?

1980 the Flyers had a great team without any of that.

* For a team who's lease ends a year before the Islanders that has not broken ground on anything, the Canadian media sure did jump high to defend the Oilers never leaving, not ranting on their arena like they do the Nassau Coliseum or Phoenix.

Of course the Toronto Maple Leafs do not own the Edmonton Sun/Journal, or pay them to produce the games on the least visible channels. Nor do they owe the Oilers a few hundred million and a vested financial gain in seeing them move elsewhere.

 Note-I took a few twitter shots at Dolan's reporter Randi Marshall that were removed from here but remain on twitter. (slow page loading)

I want to know how much Dolan has to pay the Isles every single year until 2030 in cable contract money, and how much Cablevison/Msg/Newsday saves by the Isles relocating plus value of the territorial rights.

So far Mr Katz's agreement with Edmonton got him some taxpayer funding, now he wants a check like the potential Coyotes owner for managing his new building, unlike Charles Wang's referendum agreement where he is not paid for being their Smg, or getting a permanent tax exemption like the Cablevision Garden. 

Funny, I never saw Charles Wang go to another city with Mike Bossy or Bryan Trottier, holding a press conference. 

Of course in July 2010 this blog was writing about Mr Katz in Edmonton, who has not been an owner for very long with no history of spending as Charles Wang did. Don Laibel, who's been the best Islander centric writer all summer has an upcoming interview with former head coach. Steve Stirling.

Leaderpost: Mike Bossy will appear  at "Champion The Cause: An Evening With Mike Bossy'' in support of the Children's Justice Foundation. The event is to be held Wednesday night at the University of Regina's Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport (CKHS).

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey who flat out guessed or did not know on twitter claimed Scott Gomez refused a trade to the Isles (which was not true refuted by media/player/agent) does not even know Bruno Gervais is on his second team since leaving New York.

Espn: So Mario Lemieux says games in outside markets were about "[Pressure] was felt, and that was the important thing," Lemieux said then. "A lot of things happened throughout the negotiations. Ups and downs. That was just a way for us to put more pressure, and we knew it would work."

Is this the same Mario Lemieux who was ready to quit owning a team after the Isles 9-3 beatdown that was employing Matt Cooke or was he still being paid back as an owner/creditor?

In the recent entry on 30 teams financial losses/30 days last month, an article was referenced from Toronto Star on Caps receiving revenue sharing in 2010. Caps Owner Ted Leonsis responded the next day disputing the writer.

An April 2009 Washington Post article has Caps President Dick Patrick's comments on Caps losses and revenue sharing to be fair to our readers.