Bridgeport Sound Tigers Should Have Played Brooklyn/Coliseum Games

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2012 10:13:00 PM |
Anyone who has followed the New York Islanders vs Devils preseason folly game in Brooklyn since it was announced in January had to know it would never be played.

On 9/27 the NHL made that official with the remainder of the NHL preseason cancelled.

The question here would be if the Sound Tigers (owned by the Islanders) can quickly schedule two road  games for Bridgeport why did they not simply play the Brooklyn/Nassau Coliseum  Islander preseason games instead?

Charles Wang manages Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, per the Isles sublease he's managing the Nassau Coliseum unless he opted out. 

Bottom line either the officials in Brooklyn would not allow it, meaning they have to refund money for a scheduled event in a brand new facility which makes little sense, the NHL/AHL would not allow their organizations to make such a switch which seems strange when a game has already sold thousands of tickets vs hundreds who will turn out for a regularly/newly (9/18 announced) scheduled AHL preseason game, or the Islanders/Devils were no longer interested without NHL player involvement which again seems strange because many of the same prospects likely would have participated.

Is someone going to tell me the two organizations the Sound Tigers recently schedule as a preseason road games had no interest in going to Brooklyn or the Nassau Coliseum for a far bigger gate? 

Albany Devils had one preseason game scheduled 10/6 and seem to be having their camp in Newark, it would seem strange Lou Lamoriello would be opposed. 

The Dolan's quickly moved an 2012 AHL playoff game to Charles Wang's managed Webster Bank Arena after they eliminated the Sound Tigers, the Knicks are playing at the Coliseum, and in a miracle the Dolan's agreed to send their NHL team to the Coliseum for a game against the Islanders so it's hard to believe something could not have been worked out at the AHL level.

If the Bridgeport Sound Tigers had scheduled home or road preseason games months ago for these days that would be another matter.

If I'm the New York Islanders I bring the twenty eight Sound Tigers invited players to Brooklyn/Nassau Coliseum, do what they did in June with prospect camp game at Iceworks, and play four on four if another AHL team is not interested which seems highly unlikely.

Ask some alumni to play a charity game. 

For some reason none of that is happening. 

This was about an event, never any kind of audition for the Islanders relocation there which is just as big a folly than past preseason games in other locations.  

Brett Yormark's twitter is not talking.

This is one the New York Islander fans deserve an answer about. 
Islanders website: Announced the Sound Tigers roster of players in camp as they checked into Charles Wang's Marriott Hotel next to the Nassau Coliseum

Sound Tigers website: Announced it's training camp schedule which opens 9/28.
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It's charity continuing carrying the needs feed here. has the Sound Tigers news articles/updates, the Ct Post articles/feeds have been there.

The prospect blog has updated all Bridgeport roster numbers, the players now in Bridgeport have had their prospect profiles removed.