New York Sixth/Seventh Round Selections: C Alan Quine, D Kyle Burroughs

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The New York Islanders have selected  C Alan Quine  with the 166th selection.

Quine tallied 67p (23g, 44a) in 54 gp between Belleville and Peterborough this season. In the playoffs w/ Belleville he scored 15pts in 17gp (Islanders twitter)

This was also a player in his second NHL draft, after being a third round selection of the Detroit Red Wings in 2011 here.

New York selected D: Kyle Burroughs with it's final selection in the 2013 entry draft.

Regina Pats announcement with Burroughs comments.  
“It’s really indescribable,” said Burroughs shortly after being selected.  “It’s a surreal feeling, you know, it’s a dream and it pretty much just came true.”

New York Third/Fourth/Fifth Rounders: G Emon McAdam, F Taylor Cammarata, G Stephon Williams, C Viktor Rydberg

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70th: Niederreiter pick=Goaltender Eamon McAdam
Islanders website profile
McAdam will attend Penn State University in the fall (Islanders twitter)

76th: Taylor Cammarata Left Wing/Center

   106th: Goaltender Stephon Williams
 Williams was teammates in Waterloo in 2011-12 with 3rd round picks Eamon McAdam & Taylor Cammarata (Islanders twitter)


136th:  C: Viktor Rydberg Linkoping Jr., SWE-JR
Eliteprospects Profile

New York Selects D Ryan Pulock 15th Overall

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/30/2013 04:47:00 PM | video of the Islanders making their selection.

Ryan Pulock's Profile from Islanders Website:
Trent Klatt, Islanders Player Development
Ryan Pulock is a slick, skilled puck-moving defenseman. Pulock is a very good skater who’s efficient and very mobile. He’s not afraid to carry the puck up ice and has a slap shot that is very hard and heavy which will help an NHL power play.

Video Highlights:

 Center Scouting's Profile. 

Islander website comments from GM, Garth Snow.
“Our organization’s young core has been built through the NHL Draft and is beginning to mature into a team that will perennially compete for the Stanley Cup,” Snow said. “With the guidance from our coaching and development staff, we’re confident that Pulock will develop into yet another key piece of that core. Ryan’s leadership qualities, his steady defensive presence and his ability to jump into the play on offense will be an asset for our team for years to come.”

  Pulock finished third among WHL defensemen with 60 points,  behind unsigned former Islander prospect, Brenden Kichton.

Nino Niederreiter Traded For Cal Cultterbuck

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/30/2013 04:05:00 PM | Reports New York has traded Nino Niederreiter for Cal Clutterbuck and The Islanders will also reportedly get the 70th pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft from the Wild in the deal.

Star Tribune: Has more on why Clutterbuck was available.

Star Tribune also had this:

As you saw in today's story,  it is looking increasingly likely that Clutterbuck will be traded this weekend. He has value, he is a restricted free agent and the Wild's cap space is limited. The Wild is looking for a second and prospect, but perhaps the price can go up if there's a bidding war for Clutterbuck.

I do hear that GM Chuck Fletcher would prefer to trade Clutterbuck to the East. As I reported the other day, Fletcher had lunch Thursday with Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis. Boston may make sense, too. In the West, as I reported last week, I hear Edmonton has shown significant interest. But I'd be lying if I said I know all the teams involved.

NYIFC Comments: 
Flat out hate this move, you don't trade a player with Niederreiter's ability (they wanted so badly at 5th) for a mid-level grinder, who will be an UFA soon. Niederreiter had an excellent season with Bridgeport, who the club wanted to develop. 

Clutterbuck's the player Trevor Gillies stomped for his final suspension, he's not a player who can play in a top six, he likely will be gone at the point Niederreiter becomes a top six forward. Does he have some value in his role? Obviously, however one players ceiling is a top six young scorer at a very young age that the Islanders saw the value in.

Would like to thank, Nino Niederreiter, and wish him the best of luck with the Minnesota Wild.

New York On the Clock: 2013 NHL Entry Draft

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Islanders website have profiled many of the eligible prospects for the past month or so.

New York Islander Fan Central crawl on top of the page has the selections New York has in this draft.

Given television coverage 3pm-8pm (NBCSN) in a one-day draft, do not expect a three hour first round of speeches between selections. If Snow retains his pick, figure around 3:45pm the club goes on the clock.

The risk is about the same now for where teams draft from CHL/Europe means player must be signed within two years vs more successful college prospects, who could decide to turn pro early, which means he can go UFA once he submits a letter. 

It's no longer a league of major trades (call the Tanguay trade as big as it get's now) with so many players have no trade/movement clauses, those available are likely very close to free agency or a huge financial risk, who are not helping their current teams which is why they are available.

For New York the prospect blog does not lie. Aside from, Kirill Petrov, there is not one single forward prospect outside the organization of a recent draft class besides those who have left the organzation for Europe, who's NHL retention rights depend on a qualifying offer. (DiBenedetto, Ullstrom, Katic,Rakhshani, Marcinko)

There's been nothing written about Shane Harper (Streit trade) besides him being a RFA, who was demoted to ECHL by Flyers who would be somewhat comparable to what's happened with Jason Clark.

No goaltender prospect besides Mikko Koskinen signed through 2014-15 in Europe unless he received a qualifying offer.

In short, there are not nearly enough forward prospects, even defensive depth goes quickly.

If Kevin Poulin was qualified, he has a spot, Anders Nilsson is signed, Ken Reiter (ECHL most of last season) was resigned so there is no spot in Bridgeport for another goaltender. Rick DiPietro needs a place to continue to work as a starter.

Spare me the Cody Rosen comments, he was in the Flyers summer prospect camp in 2009 the year before the Islanders selected him, so he was obviously on the NHL radar of a few scouts.

Just not those of some local media people who failed to do their homework.

New York Notables: NHL Draft/Fill The Building Now !!

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I likely will do an entry Sunday during the NHL draft linking to articles about the players selected.  No preference at all beyond what's considered best available.

Best moment a year ago was ITV unscripted with Wang/Snow where both were caught on an open television camera for a long time with Snow mocking Wang for not screwing up his ITV draft appearance like he used to before take two.

I'm looking to see where the business side of the Islander draft table will be Sunday or if Wang will occupy his usual seat. 

Day two a year ago turned very long after Visnovsky said he may play in the KHL.
* The Islanders to date have not released a list of who they qualified which extends to Europe. There is a deadline for the player to accept or reject the offer. Somehow a year ago Ty Wishart rejected an offer he turned around and accepted after the deadline which was likely poor reporting at the very least never explained. 

* When the Islanders announce who's coming to prospect camp (or not coming) there will be something to write, not before.

* Unless someone is directly quoted, it's of no value at all. Rumors/gossip are for those selling themselves, if you need that you came to the wrong website.
* Rick DiPietro played eighteen games in forty nine days from March 1st-April 19th at 9-9 on the AHL's worst defensive team, and appears healthy for the first time since 2008.

I want to see much more as he recovers his game ability....I could care less if that means he does that in Europe/ECHL. I do not want him blocking Nilsson or another prospect in Bridgeport. I do not see him in New York or this working without a ton of games, he's not helping anyone as a backup.

For me no buyout, no backing up. RDP has to go play fifty games somewhere, and that's not in New York until his game recovers. You could see flashes/rust in Bridgeport, but most important a healthy goaltender which was step one, that took five years. 

Will I get what I want? Perhaps not if it's about a popularity contest.  If he's healthy for the next two years he's likely a winning NHL goalie again for someone. I know at his best he can carry a team.

As for RDP's they lit my heart on fire quoted comments, he can keep those to himself, and conduct himself in a professional manner. 
I take nothing positive about writing this, however it needs to be.........again.

Some may notice I'm being very proactive/critical of our fans for not supporting this franchise on my twitter be it. I was a few years ago in two entries.

I'm no longer pulling punches on this subject. I'm not writing here to gain followers or want anything, never have or will.

I simply desperately hoping this franchise survives....That's the bottom about you? 

Having an NHL franchise is not an entitlement, but a privilege, one this fan base has taken for granted.
This teams fan-base is great at finishing last in attendance since 1989. This is a business, the excuses end now...... fill the Coliseum/Barclay's Center or very soon there will be no more team anywhere.

Twenty nine other members of the BOG want to see revenue/attendance from this franchise now, and when it moves like the Devils fans have done in Newark. Dolan would desperately love to stop writing those television contract checks that are growing faster than his taxpayer exemption checks.

You really like John Tavares, and these players? Show up/pay up and support them like every other franchise would (win or lose) in North America or it's over.

The ticket revenue determines the budget, and how high Snow can offer. Wang's closed his church, I don't blame him one bit considering how many owners are getting much more fan/local government support with corporations. I do believe it cost the franchise Mark Streit, who the public will likely discover will be badly missed starting with Tavares.

Fill the Coliseum, and the Barclay's Center at the same ticket prices Flyer or Leafs fans pay regularly or stop demanding management spend or Yormark keep the colors/brand, it's a business, and his job is to generate revenue.

No one wants the colors/name to remain more than myself, you think if tickets were being sold Yormark would consider a name/color change with this teams history? Never.

That's the cold hard reality. Cities all over North America will be thrilled to pay top dollar for season tickets to see any NHL losing team, and put in a five year commitment for tickets at corporate level prices.

They got the mesage in Minnesota, they got it in Winnipeg.

Our fans refuse support, and lead the pack in excuses.  Time's up.

How many years can the Florida Panthers (operated by Brett Yormark's brother Michael) outdraw this one? Atlanta when moving outdrew this fan base.

If this fan-base filled the building it would have been political suicide for Mangano, Suozzi or Gulotta  to even consider refusing financial support every other NY/NJ team got or put out a referendum to get rid of the team once and for all under the will of the people card.

I support Charles Wang all the way regardless what he decides. He spent first, renovated a building he rents, and unlike every other team who receives taxpayer money has received nothing aggravation for his trouble.

Bloomberg, Booker gave the teams their money as a public trust quickly/quietly behind closed doors, and those teams feel they are entitled to it. Wang/Rechler spent millions for absolutely nothing, running for years to get the Lighthouse done.

Howard Milstein said fill the building first, Wang spent first.

I remember how incredible it was before the cups with this fan base from 1976-1979, the fans packed the building, and got behind those teams full time from October with no televised home games.  

It has to go back to that right now.

Go purchase full season tickets, and give whoever operates this business a reason to keep John Tavares, and just as important reason for him to want to be here for the rest of his career.   

It's not about Charles Wang, it's about the New York Islanders survival.  

Our fans better get as desperate as the tone of what I writing.
As for Barclay's Center they have two plus years to make that facility NHL seating ready. Consider what you saw of those boards enclosed a 1971 Nassau Coliseum construction image.
Phoenix voted to give an owner 19m of taxpayer money every year to manage a team in Arizona, who bailed out and stuck Shane Doan with a lie. Now if they don't approve a plan to give another owner 16 mil every year by 7/2 Bettman says time is finally up.

And it should be.

Every thing is backdated by about a week, the schedule most likely more because of this which is not good in an Olympic year.
Bridgeport released six games of it's schedule already. 
Long Island Business News had article on final Coliseum proposals 6/28 & Blumenfeld shots at Msg/Bruce Ratner.

 * Cablevision, Comcast (Smg is here) and their brands all want the Coliseum. Reading between the lines, Ratner/Blumenfeld are upping their offers again which smells like catch-up against Msg, who's media own the story/spin on every outlet.

Msg is putting up little resistance besides some remarks by Rechler about Ratner, Blumenfeld went hard after both according to LI business news.

Always fun seeing News12LI leave out the part that they are owned by Cablevision, who are part of the bidding. Fox (NY Post owner) interviewed Hank Ratner, not touching Dolan's Msg tax exemption or operating permits they demand in perpetuity. 

Mangano will likely pay Wang back for his comments about politicians, and give Msg the bid right around the time of NHL free agency 7/5-7/15. 

What bid would I select? As written before the New York Islander fans deserve forty one home games in one place, and they announced a move to Brooklyn so that's home. How would some feel if the Islanders decided to play six games every year somewhere besides the Coliseum since 1972?

Whatever I feel of the Blumenfeld past connections to Hofstra/Rabinowicz/Smg/Lighthouse/Wilpon, a brand new building is superior to a renovated one. Don Monti going to dominate that site beyond the Coliseum so all these grand plans are going to be scaled back. Wang has his Marriott, and some control beyond the decision which finally was announced would be made by Mangano/legislature around 7/15 so we know something about the decision process but not the political contributions to the legislature from the bidders who all want positive election coverage in Msg/Newsday/Cablevision's paper.

To be fair, long-time Dolan friend, Sheldon (No West Side Stadium/Special Msg privileges) Silver has taken a huge beating in Dolan's paper for a few weeks which is astounding on a Wang/D'Amato reversal level.

Yes, I would also like to see Charles Wang keep his AHL team in Bridgeport with their binding lease, not be used as a possible pawn to be moved to the Coliseum simply to help Ratner's bid even if I like the Islander brand remaining at the Coliseum.  Those fans in Bridgeport have been loyal, and agreement there has been good for both sides.

Whatever hockey option Blumenfeld presents will not be an NHL related brand. Flyer owner Ed Snider is not bringing a Flyer affiliate here, they just got a new AHL taxpayer facility. I do not see a Flyer ECHL team at a downsized Coliseum.

The other Smg related bid is making noise, but does not seem like a major player, unless D'Amato/Mondello machine are pushing Mangano for it. 
Funny, the Montreal Canadians website or media relations coordinator/blogger issued no release on Ryan Jankowski leaving for Hockey Canada? So far I have seen nothing in Gazette.

Was his contract up? Did they replace him?
Pat Lafontaine wants a finder's fee from ME-$$-I-er for that resignation statement.

I bet if Jack Capuano were fired, and assistant gm, Doug Weight, were interviewed, then resigned if he did not get the job, the Islanders (who have no professional home media of their own) would never have received this much selective spin/positive propaganda from the limited Ranger media cheerleaders needing Msg ad money.

This after the bickering players got the coach fired by a gm who's never been fired himself, the one who came to Cablevision's team and promised a different open game at his very first practice?

Imagine if all this happened in New Jersey?
This in the new NHL media where even speaking means loss of draft picks, hundred thousand dollar fines, and Shanahan's so-called head-hunting rules completely gone come the finals.

New York Notables NBCSN/Smg/Comcast Flyers Proposal For Coliseum

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2013 06:42:00 PM |
Just to be clear the usual deadline for restricted free agents to receive a qualifying offer is June 25th or the first Monday after the NHL draft. The new CBA does not list any change in this policy.

As we all know the 2013 draft is Sunday 6/30 (one day event) so that deadline is likely now 7/1 for Garth Snow to issue a qualifying offer to a growing list of players that now includes David Ullstrom who signed in the KHL.

That also still includes all the former Bridgeport prospects who played last season in Europe, IE: Koskinen, Katic, Rakhshani, DiBenedetto, and now Ullstrom.

Free agency begins 7/5/13. 
My thoughts on NHL awards for a 48 game cash-grab is it means nothing, same as the season itself.

The 48 game playoffs prove what the 82 game playoffs prove, parity is the rule, and any team can beat another in a seven game playoff. 
Unlike 2012, the Islanders will be using the Nassau Coliseum for it's prospect game scrimmage game 7/11/13 at the end of a four day prospect camp.
Expect the NHL schedule a little later, but with the Islanders preseason game at Barclay's Center on 9/21, and one in Barrie 9/29, camp will begin early in an Olympic year.
NY Sports & Entertainment Released their video for Nassau Coliseum with the Smg/Ed Snider/MSNBC/Comcast/Philly Live aka Ed Snider's taxpayer funded Lighthouse at old Spectrum Site.

The part about " As soon as the Islanders leave " is  only exceeded by the part at 50 seconds showing Ed Snider's control of the Coliseum with the Flyers properties.

And we all know who's bid this is with Rangers on their jumbo-tron.

Mark Streit Traded To Philadelphia For 4th Rounder/Prospect Shane Harper

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/12/2013 05:45:00 PM |
Islanders website announced they have acquired a fourth round pick in the 2014 National Hockey League Draft, along with forward Shane Harper, in exchange for defenseman Mark Streit. 

NYIFC Comments: 
Not much to write. Comcast/Smg/Ed Snider MSNBC Sports Network Flyers strike again whether it be the countless summer deals (or attempts to sign players) with Nashville, San Jose (Nabokov) or the never ending early trades where corporate teams have advantages in a market where even a contending team dumps salary like Dallas, but now gives 39 year old Gonchar, ten million over two years? 

For the New York Islanders it's the end of an era, a first class captain, with offensive skills that cannot be replaced who was never given the defensive partner to provide him the time/space he needed. Philadelphia if they can sign him (likely) have more veteran defenders with size, who can give him some room/protection he was not getting here.

Streit's comments on the trade/signing with the Flyers here.

Mark Streit: " It's Time For A New Challenge" Discusses Contract

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/06/2013 08:12:00 AM |

Something a little different, no one has created one for the New York Islanders so consider this freeware for all to share or make up you're own.

Too many things to choose from for me, so I created two, and could have made several more.

Expected something on Streit in home media, not while writing this post above so title/topic changes. 

Mark Streit had some heavily translated comments on why he is not resigning with the New York Islanders here that give the impression the Islanders offer was not the only issue for not resigning. 

NYIFC Comments:
Only thing that matters is Streit's quoted comments:
 "My decision not to renew with the Islanders, has nothing to do with the amount of the bid. The offer was fantastic, there is a lot of money. But after five years I am looking for a new challenge"

The article discusses contract numbers 4.5m vs 5.2m, I'm not sure where the writer was going in the heavily translated article unless the writer believes Snow went to the Dolan-owned Newsday in some manner, however there is no direct quote from Streit on that.

Streit made clear after the playoffs he wanted to return.

After a year of Visnovsky translation it's tough to guess . I do not speak the writers language so my problem.

Bottom line it's highly unlikely Streit is returning which is a player this franchise cannot replace on offense, and a huge loss. He came back from a year off, took the captaincy, and found Steve Staios, Matt Carkner, Radek Martinek as his defensive partners the last year, and a half.

Other teams took liberties, and put heavy pressure on Streit, finishing their checks. 

Few defenders in this league distribute the puck on the rush as well, or can quarterback a powerplay on the level Streit does.

New York Notables: Nine AHL Defenders Under Contract

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2013 07:37:00 AM | has the updates as usual on all prospect contact status.

For those scoring at home Bridgeport signing defenders Mike Keenan, Dallas Jackson, and goaltender Ken Reiter on 6/3/13 to AHL contracts brings the total number of defenders signed to nine not counting Griffin Reinhart or the players from the 2012 (prior) drafts.

Calvin Dehaan, Mike Dalhuisen, Scott Mayfield, Andrey Pedan, Aaron Ness, Matt Donovan, Mike Keenan, Marc Cantin, Dallas Jackson.
This does not include Jon Landry, Nathan McIver, or Ty Wishart, who are all pending UFA.

Of course in the potential department many of those names do not have resume Brenden Kichton has, who made clear he wanted to play for the 2012-13 Sound Tigers, who were 29th in goals against.

Kichton comes from same CHL team/system where Jared Spurgeon was not retained, and is now an NHL defender with Minnesota, at a time the Islanders needed a player like him.

Ken Reither (who mostly played in the ECHL) signing means Anders Nilsson/Rick DiPietro are in place at AHL/ECHL level.

The next generation of forward prospects unsigned remaining....Kirill Petrov with Mitchell Theoret not signed by 6/1/13 deadline. 
Not much to write about the NHL level, unless things have changed for a year in new CBA. 6/25 deadline to make qualifying offers to the Islanders RFA which includes Hamonic, Poulin, Thomas Hickey, Josh Bailey, David Ullstrom.

Jesse Joensuu did not play 72 career NHL games so he's unrestricted, and a player who the Islanders should want to take a final look at.

Tomas Marcinko, Justin DiBenedetto, Mark Katic, Rhett Rakhshani, Mikko Koskinen (signed through 2014-15) all require another qualifying offer. Former Captain, Jeremy Colliton, retained for a few years by the Isles in this manner is finally healthy, and signed in Europe for 2013-14.
Rick DiPietro needs to continue to build on his eighteen games unless the Islanders leaving him home for the playoffs was the final decision.

Anders Nilsson needs to play hockey games now that's he's apparently healthy.
 We all know the clock is ticking on Mark Streit. There is no one in UFA available close to replacing his offense with John Tavares going to Bern with him during lockout no small footnote with Niederreiter being a top prospect.

The organization/player trends of not signing players at this point suggest it's not going to happen which is a big hit for this franchise entering 2013-14.

The NHL goaltending depth chart at this time suggests Evgeny Nabokov has limited options to start for a team if he wishes to test the UFA market. 
Charles Wang's Neulion TV (per their twitter account) has signed a multiyear deal with Barclay's Center to provide exclusive digital streaming of live events which is the first facility Neulion has such an agreement with here.

Neulion paid 140m to win Olympic streaming rights which also carries NHL games.
The fact the Dolan's current president, Hank Ratner, is even giving some interviews suggests their bid for the Coliseum RFP is not the lock it likely is.