New York Adds ECHL Affiliate

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/31/2013 03:32:00 PM |
Stockton Thunder: Announced they have entered into an affiliation with Islanders/Sound Tigers with Garth Snow's comments. 

Former Islander Rich Kromm was recently named head coach. This franchise named a new president on 7/9/13.

8/1/13: Recordnet: Explains how affiliation happened.
The Islanders contacted the Thunder on July 16, the day after Kromm was hired. Kromm said he received a call from New York assistant general manager Kerry Gwydir.

"Kerry wanted to know what we had planned and at the time I told him that I wasn't sure what was going on with the Oilers," Kromm said. "After the situation with the Oilers was settled, I called back. Kerry and I talked about what each side wanted and found out we were very compatible."
Kromm said the plan is for the Islanders to send five players to Stockton, of which one will be a goaltender. Injuries, trades, signings and other issues could affect that number.

NYIFC Comments:
Given many NHL teams did not have an affiliation, mildly surprising given New York did not have one last season.

I did check the other day to see if one of the many teams changing affiliations included the Islanders. 

California is not moving closer to New York which is where the Islanders need an affiliate. Utah, Kalamazoo (became Devils affiliate after Islanders),  and likely Stockton is not a permanent solution which may extend to Ct at some future point to retain a team at Webster Bank Arena. 

New York Roster Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/29/2013 06:59:00 AM |
As always expect competition for jobs straight through training camp.

The European signings (or lack thereof) could mean some players may be getting invited to New York Islanders training camp....or it's likely some spots could be from promotions within.

Virtually no one signed at this point is getting much more than the minimum, it is a waiting game, some players will find themselves out of the NHL entirely. Chris Campoli (who went unsigned last year) signed in Swiss league.

Garth Snow was not shy about having plenty of depth waiting to play after years of rosters decimated by injury during the 48 game whatever you want to call it.  Snow's never been shy about having three goaltending prospects share two spots.  

Mark Streit/Radek Martinek: Replaced by no one at NHL level, perhaps that comes from Matt Donovan, Griffin Reinhart, Aaron Ness, Calvin deHaan or another prospect. Joe Finley is a signed player at the NHL level. Matt Carkner has stretches where he is unplayable.

The long list of defenders who need to be signed by 6/1/14 suggests development will have to happen fast because the list of NHL defenders signed for at least two seasons (Visnovsky, Strait, Hickey, Carkner, Hamonic) mean there are only so many roster spots available, with the Islanders likely wanting to retain Andrew MacDonald. 

A poor first half likely means Nabokov, Visnovsky (NTC) are traded by December, that was Snow's trend with Dwayne Roloson, and James Wisniewski.

Brad Boyes, Keith Aucoin, Marty Reasoner, Nino Niederreiter, David Ullstrom, Jesse Joensuu: Replaced by Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Peter Regin. Cal Clutterbuck with a list that again possibly includes Brock Nelson, Ryan Strome, Johan Sundstrom, John Persson, and Anders Lee, Kirill Kabanov among others.  

In goal it's Evgeny Nabokov, likely Kevin Poulin. Anders Nilsson at the AHL level with Ken Reiter having earned a promotion. Secondary AHL goaltending (not even considering the Islanders drafted prospect depth) suggest this is not a concern. A college prospect named Parker Milner claims on twitter he's part of the Islanders-Sound Tigers organizations with no professional confirmation by the organization or a part of the clubs prospect camp that needed a second goalie for the prospect game.

College players have to pay their own way to attend NHL prospect camps, many invited do so. 

New York (like many teams) at this time does not have an official ECHL affiliate, but found a home for Reiter, Jason Clark during last season at a time there was no NHL.  

NYI Own All NHL Territorial Rights To Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/26/2013 11:20:00 PM |
The New York Islanders paid a four million dollar territorial rights fees to join the NHL in 1972. In 1986 an amendment was added to include Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.

This means no other NHL team can move into that territory for the same reason Bruce Ratner could not construct an arena in Manhattan then decide to move the Nets there.

Whether the Islanders play in the Barclay's Center,  Nassau Coliseum, or if a faclity was agreed to in Queens or Suffolk does not change this.

Of course it would be fun to see Ratner win the rights to construct a new Penn Station, and a New York Islander Live Zone on Msg IV grave in ten years, but that's for another time. 

Obviously territorial rights do not apply to the AHL, as we'll learn soon enough. 

The Knicks do have territorial rights on Long Island as of 2001 unless Alan Hahn got it wrong because the Nets were the host preseason team against the Knicks at the Coliseum the day the Islanders announced their move to Brooklyn. 

The Nets had to pay Msg four million dollars twice, once to join the NBA at Nassau Coliseum, then another four million to move into New Jersey with lawsuits flying here.

In 1996 Dolan needed Nets approval to become sole owner of the Knicks, so he signed away the territorial rights to Brooklyn here which is how the Barclay's center became a reality. 

The Devils had to pay the Islanders, and Flyers territorial rights fees to move from Colorado to New Jersey here, that meant when the Devils relocated to Newark from East Rutherford they did not have to pay another team for moving inside their established territory because they had already done so.

Bottom line it's the New York Islanders in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn. No other NHL team can play a regular season NHL game there unless the Islanders leave the area entirely, and sign away the territorial rights.
Is there one paper/editorial in NYC willing to report all that taxpayer exemption money Msg has received since 1982 to go with the 200m for the 1990 Msg renovation is why Dolan renovated to keep that 16.5 million dollar growing check coming in perpetuity each year because even moving across the street meant the exemption was forfeit?

I guess those publications need their Msg ad money. 

I bet all that taxpayer revenue could have created a lot more full time jobs in New York City, and revenue for NYC than a sporting event.

Of course Charles Wang & his predecessors did not get a check every year from Nassau County for owning the New York Islanders. Our teams owners got no revenue from parking, concessions, had to give up eleven percent of it's ticket sales, and forty percent of it's advertising revenue to Smg, plus pay Nassau County rent while Wang renovated an arena he did not own, ending all past litigation with Smg from the time he became co-owner. 

Then Wang got the added privilege of spending his own money to replace scoreboards, add matrix boards, weight rooms that flooded, update the lockeroom/players area, with his share of 20m/over 200 meetings with Scott Rechler for the Lighthouse.

Smg in Dec 2009 gave Wang the added privilege of spending another 17m of his money (3.5m through 2015) to finally get his ticket money, parking, concessions, and advertising.

Many wrote that was a free gift.

Where's The New York Islander Full Time Independent Professional Media in 2013?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/17/2013 06:50:00 PM |
The answer to this question would be the New York Islanders have no professional full-time independent media in 2013.

The team does not make any real usage of it's website to report it's own news first or refuse to go in that direction even with Charles Wang not shy about speaking about why he's doing something to outlets who will not pay anyone full-time to cover his team. 

Those canned ITV interviews with direct quotes do not go very far. Sure a good job was done at the prospect game by the club.

Re-Tweeting  Articles & Showing Up Only For Three Islander Games Is Not Professional Coverage: 
Of course this never stopped some fringe media like Larry Brooks, Brett Cyrgalis, or Katie Strang from claiming they cover the Islanders beyond a few rip jobs from a far when the Rangers are not the opposition.

By that logic the Islanders are covered by beat-writers from the all-knowing Vancouver media too. 

So What Should I Read?
As I wrote the true professional media value left is the small town papers with direct quotes from players, when the Islanders hit the west coach they were covered better than they are in New York.

In other words, there's virtually no professional media value....Sorry. 

Problem Getting Worse:
I wrote the New York Islanders have the worst professional media of any major sports team in North America last year. The gap is only growing. In 1999-2000, when Islanders-Sound Tigers began the club had full time coverage in four professional newspapers. By 2007, when New York Islander Fan Central started the club had home game coverage in three papers during the regular season, one on the road at best.

Then by 2008 the same Msg that controls the television coverage, got full control of the print coverage.

Former failed media relations coordinators that claimed this would increase Islander coverage were wrong as usual while the pay-wall went up. (which NY Times also has done for a second time)

The Times had budget money to send Ranger die-hard Jeff Z Klein to go interview Cody Rosen, not to report he was in Flyers prospect camp the year before the Islanders drafted him?

There is always a Mike Sielski lurking for a selective hit-job on the club, not so much for a feature on John Tavares.  

The same New York City outlets too cheap to cover the club, were quick to put out editorials telling the pubic no taxpayer dollars for a new/renovated Coliseum, but waved the ad dollar pom poms for NYC teams getting taxpayer funded baseball stadiums often which also happened in New Jersey.

To be fair there were contrary articles in those same papers quick to point out no taxpayer dollars in-between the ones that claimed private financing.

No one from those outlet's are discussing the New York Islanders story, unless it's something with an overt negative tone. Yes, the same outlets that demanded Wang pay for his own Coliseum, feel James Dolan deserves a taxpayer exemption every year in perpetuity with an operating permit for Msg because his arena generates jobs/revenue for NYC.

Like the Islanders at the Coliseum never have? 

The Devils: 
The Devils still have a newspaper or two in New Jersey separate of Msg, the Post was too cheap to hire a full time replacement for overt negative, Mark (Neverson) Everson after going to the Stanley Cup finals, but their business reporter is quick to discuss their finances.

Sure the Devils have big media problems too. Lou Lamoriello never took the easy way out, and went the blogger route with his media relations department. 

Dolan's Newspaper:
No folks, I do not see the employees at James Dolan's paper as people who personally dislike the New York Islanders or who live to make our teams fans miserable which includes Dolan who even said in 1994 the other day he was rooting for the Islanders, but no doubt wants his Msg Coliseum, and the 300m in television money he pays the Islanders to finance it by them leaving New York entirely.

However let's be clear the employees working there need a job, and write what they are told to write if they wish to stay employed like any other publication where there are unwritten rules. There are countless articles on problems inside Dolan's Newspaper from employees themsevles to countless sports media bias questions.

The New York Islanders one full time professional media outlet is owned by another NHL team, the current beatwriter one of many long-time former Ranger beat writers  (Logan,  Herrmann, Jeansonne, Zipay, Best)  who only shows his passion when he's assigned as an extra to discuss the Rangers is never shy to remind everyone who's their selective choice for number one hockey team in New York.

The disparity between pay-walled blog entries do not lie at Msg-owned Newsday either. 

The last full time Islanders writer employed by Tribune-owned Newsday, who never covered the Rangers,  pulled no punches on Msg the year before James Dolan became Alan Hahn's boss. Now he sells the Knicks as hard as Al Trautwig.

“Some of the things they practice here are completely against what you’d expect a normal team to do,” said Mr. Hahn, a second-year reporter on the beat who said that he now misses his old job as a hockey reporter covering the provincial New York Islanders. “They come up with things all the time. There’s zero access to players. They would rather you don’t even write.”

I could post a hundred links with quotes, and have over the years. 

New York Islander Fan Central In 2007: 
In those days it was easy to do a daily digest of professional newspaper information which was done until April 2009. Today a search is filtered down to garbage unprofessional fan blogs that have no business being listed in any professional news search. 
Ct Post:
The Ct Post has dramatically cut the Sound Tigers coverage from 2002 to 2007, through today where Michael Fornabaio went from west coast road trips in the early days, to barely being allowed to travel on many road trips in conference any longer.

He's allowed to call from home, and the team accommodates him with the coaches/player quotes on the road games. A practice unfortunately not used at the NHL level.  
Brett Yormark: 
I hope he's smart enough to tell all self-serving bloggers, message board owners, or fan websites that the New York Islanders fans officially speak with one voice, and everyone has an equal one. No official message boards inherited from the real owners who started it, no amateur bloggers selling themselves on websites.

I suggested to Yormark he start his own site, and release all Islander business news directly first. I'm skeptical to his ability given his possible brand changes or the lack of success of his brother in Florida.
Notice Me, Follow Me, RT Me, Get You're Information Here On Our Site/Message Board?
Accept No Substitute For Professional Media:
I've seen this self-serving garbage since 1999 with the pancake bunch  before Wang-Kumar purchase, there is always a bunch of people out there desperate to get something from the New York Islanders to serve their own end or hold themselves out as people who represent the fans.

Nothing could be a bigger lie.

Sadly many fan bloggers playing professional are all out there only selling themselves, and their own ambition that frankly is kind of pathetic but representative of what things have deteriorated to.

And this is with a team 30th in attendance. 

Those individuals are desperate to get noticed, they will write anything, and shamelessly self-promote themselves everywhere.  Our hockey team is never their true priority, but a lot of fans desperate to accept anything with a professional media giving them nothing can no longer tell the difference. 

My advice to is tell them to stop selling themselves, and encourage everyone never to read them or their worthless self-promoting message boards or blogs.  They desperately need you, not the other way around.

How sad is it my 30th replacement moderator since June 2006 at HF now has to shameless plug for readers on twitter all day long. Not that I wanted to notice but three times in an hour every other day? 

Next thing the amateur fans claiming they are professional at WFAN/CBS/SNY who will not spend money on accredited professionals can stop spamming themselves all day long between re tweeting professional media or speculating.
New York Islander Fan Central Special Comment:
The next time I tell anyone to follow anything I write, re-tweet anything I post or follow this website will be the first time ever. I do not want your ad money offers, interviews or page-views.

I never left my blogger hosted website to go join a site with other writers to self-promote myself, never would sit in a blog box seat for free, and if anyone recalls my entries from joining the Isles blog box, what I would have told SI or Newday if they showed up to cover bloggers because they were too cheap to cover our hockey team in the first place. 

I want nothing from anyone (and never have) which makes it very easy to pull no punches. As I wrote recently if Charles Wang e-mailed he would be told to speak with his customers directly himself on his website, and not contact me. 

Why did I write all this? Someone has to at least try.  You look around cyberspace/twitter, and it's like one big pathetic infomercial for a bunch of self-serving phonies desperate for personal attention but could care less about the New York Islanders aside from what they can get out of them.

Long ago those kind of people had no forum, no NHL team would acknowledge their existence, there was too much professional media to laugh them away. Some NHL teams (most in Canada) would also never gain any traction there. 
Are some of the younger folks out there reading this really that naive? 
No source/phony report required-Tell these ambulance chasers take a hike, the New York Islander brand requires full time professional coverage in Newspapers, not you or certainly..... not me.

Reality is I no longer care to write much at all. I made it clear sticks/pucks were getting boring with names changing but peripheral topics the same even before the lockout.

But I never have pulled punches, when something needs to be written, I do it. 

New York's Draft Class Of 2008 Downgraded From Home Run To Very Strong

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/16/2013 08:39:00 PM |
The class of 2008 could be called the first full opportunity for management under Garth Snow's tenure to evaluate prospects.

With amateur scout Ryan Jankowski out of Montreal for hockey canada (no announcement on Habs website to date or notice from any former team blogger/employee) and only one listing of Jankowski at all  in 2010 here,  it's getting closer to a final grade on the class of 2008.

Turned out there were some big misses too.

We all know the people's choice on draft night 2008, Nikita Filatov, did not resign a five year contract with Columbus this week like Josh Bailey, or that a traded pick in this draft translated to Travis Hamonic (drafted after Ness) who was just resigned for seven years. That alone makes for a very strong showing.

Corey Trivino-Turned out to be a bust as a second rounder, but some of that goes on players own personal circumstances after he was drafted. The former second rounder spent 2012-13 in the ECHL with solid numbers, like Mark Streit, many ECHL players made the NHL. 

Aaron Ness-Did leave Minnesota, and had a solid statistical season for Bridgeport, what he also has is an enormous task ahead to stand out, and win a roster spot in a system packed with defense/size. His offensive upside/skating is his best asset.

David Toews-Turned out to be a bust for New York, playing for three different ECHL clubs in 2012-13, where he was claimed by one off waivers.

Jyri Niemi-Big kid, Islanders training camp where he played juniors, was traded to Rangers, who did not retain him after signing him, bust for a third round pick.

Kirill Petrov-The saga continues of his coming to sign here, he's again an UFA in 2013-14. Time is running out to even care regardless.

Matt Donovan-The pick that can elevate this draft back to home run status permanently. His numbers cannot be missed out of Bridgeport, but the goals allowed, his very early benching after game one means he's not a lock, but overall his size, offensive ability will likely mean a very look look in camp.

Kevin Poulin-This is the year that tells us if he can break through as an NHL goaltender, despite his numbers on a weak Bridgeport club. This can go either way with a real chance he could perform as a starter at this level. There have been enough short stretches he looked more than capable as a starter here, but not in 2012-13.

Matt Martin-Despite the hit numbers, character player, he has to become the player he was in Sarnia, and start producing. Sure it's an excellent pick regardless, but he has to project out to be better than a fourth line role player with a minus rating.

Jared Spurgeon-Garth Snow's big miss, the prospect unsigned who became what Snow has tried to find in Hickey, Strait, Finley, Martinek II, and many others who flat out were not as versatile. There was no rush of teams competing for Spurgeon when he was not signed, he simply went to Wild camp, it was a perfect fit, and he never looked back.

It was exactly what was needed here for Mark Streit.

Justin DiBenedetto-Islanders did qualify him for 2012-13, but not this time around, so this high-scoring AHL pick, who only had an eight game NHL look (with concussion problems) has to be labeled a bust for them.

New York Signs Josh Bailey For Five Years

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/15/2013 01:47:00 PM |
Islanders website: Announced today that Josh Bailey has agreed to terms on a five-year deal.

“Josh has become an important member of the young core of the players we have in our dressing room,” Islanders General Manager Garth Snow said. “We’re excited to come to terms with him on a deal that will ensure he is a member of this team as we solidify ourselves as consistent playoff contenders.”

Islanders website: Also had a few words from Bailey
 “Obviously I’m very excited,” Bailey said. “I have to thank the organization – Charles Wang and Garth Snow, as well as the whole coaching staff – for believing in me and committing to me for another five years. It’s a really special, incredible feeling.”

NYIFC Comments: 
Another signing by Charles Wang only to gain real estate, and another player who does not really want to be here signed up well past his UFA date.

That growing list includes Tavares, Okposo, Grabner, Martin, Nielsen x2 , Clutterbuck, Hamonic, Strait, and now Bailey, who has to produce as top six offensive player for this signing to help the organization.

It would not be the worst plan to see what can be done with Andrew MacDonald now, however it is painfully obvious with the defensive prospect depth signed here, and who has to be signed by next summer, the number of spots is getting very limited at the NHL/AHL level.

Joe Finley has a contract for 2013-14. 

Thomas Hickey remains the final NHL level contract (not counting Gallant) who is not signed for the 2013-14 season.

New York Notables/Prospect Game ITV

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/11/2013 01:13:00 PM |
7/11 Prospect game will be on Islanders television at 7pm for those not in attendance. Taylor Cammarata, who has not been in camp so far, will be there for 7/11.

Islanders website posted the lineups for the game.

Calvin deHaan in another prospect camp is impressive, he was selected in John Tavares draft class, and was not obligated to attend.

Not much on Cal Clutterbuck's signing, he had the Islanders right where he wanted them, and got a contract near market level. The concern here is did Minnesota move him at a point where they feel that kind of game has taken it's toll?

As for Josh Bailey filing for arbitration he will have a contract one way or another. If it's high enough the Islanders can walk away from the award, but these things usually get settled beforehand, and perhaps long-term for Bailey.

I asked Brett Yormark on twitter about the Islanders season ticket base on 7/4, he responded publicly, writing the 2,200 number increase. I also asked about the number of season tickets lost which he did not respond to at that time.

Brother Michael Yormark runs the Florida Panthers, who are hardly a model of success or strong attendance, he responded on twitter last year to my question that there would be no conflict of league if a group involving Brett Yormark purchased the Islanders.

In short that meant Charles Dolan can purchase Msg. Larry Dolan can own the Cleveland Indians, but the Dolan family cannot own a second team in the same sport.  

William Davidson if some recall owned the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Detroit Pistons, both winning championships. 

Call it speculation but that ad for $99.00 tickets at center ice seems different than what's been advertised in the past, and the beginning of the Yormark era. released in 2013-14 division alignment. Bridgeport has lost Jon Landry, Matt Watkins among some of their UFA.

With Ratner vs Dolan for the Coliseum, and both promising AHL hockey, Ct will most likely lose an AHL team, unless Ratner brings in his own hockey team separate of Charles Wang's Sound Tigers, which would block any future move of Dolan's AHL team to Webster Bank Arena, managed by Wang.

It's easier to see through the domain naming-right's registration games that were played earlier this year now out of the Sound Tigers offices at Webster Bank arena to block a Ct Rangers domain name.

My take is unless Wang has power as Marriott/abatement to reject Dolan's Coliseum winning bid, Nassau at some future point will award the bid to Msg. Mangano wants this decided as part of his re-election progress  so it will not drag beyond Aug-Sept. Dolan's strong past support for Tom Suozzi likely does not matter if it comes down to media politics.

The rejection of Blumenfeld bid concludes Smg's era running the Coliseum since the mid-1980's which means Flyer owner Ed Snider is finally out. The Islanders Montauk advertising firm carrying a Blumenfeld name was awarded for a New York Islanders: " We're all Islanders " marketing slogan here.

Lynn Blumenfeld & Fleming was hired by the Islanders in 2006. 

Dolan's paper questioned Master Developer's Don Monti's role, it is his overall site to develop, the Coliseum is one parcel of that land.

All logo's have been updated to reflect the draft class of 2013. 

New York Releases Mini-Camp Roster

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/08/2013 07:38:00 PM |
Islanders website released it's 2013 mini camp roster. 

With the exception of goaltender, Stephon Williams, seems every player in 2013 is at camp. 

For those wondering Nino Niederreiter is not attending the Wild camp or on their list of invited players.

Wang Again Overspends For Fanbase 30th Supporting Team With John Tavares

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/07/2013 07:50:00 AM | |
Updated 10pm 7/7/13: Charles Wang another exclusive interview with NY Times.

“We will still be local,” Wang said. “We’re not moving away from our roots because Brooklyn really is part of Long Island. The Islanders will be just a train ride away for our fans.”

 “There’s no time for what I call the could-haves, should-haves and would-haves,” Wang said. “You make your choices, you learn and you make the best of it. We spent 13 years trying everything possible to stay on Long Island. It wasn’t meant to be. At some point, you have say, ‘Enough,’ and move on.”

“John buys into the program. or he wouldn’t have committed to this number of years.”

“If I really wanted to sell, the team would have been sold.”

“The cup is not half empty; it’s full because the Islanders are still here,” he said. “My advice is to give the train a try.”
I enjoyed taking off 7/5 letting my prior entry speak for itself.

Charles Wang's arms must be hurting again from writing checks, our fan base not so much for tickets.

For a man who claimed in 2003 the church will not be opened  forever still does all he can with absolutely no help from anyone. 

I suggest folks be extremely grateful Charles Wang allowed Garth Snow to do more than he should have as usual with no financial support from the 30th fanbase in the NHL that refuse to fill the building for John Tavares.

In a building where Wang's Smg sublease (at 3m per year) finally gives him the privilege (sarcasm) of getting all his ticket money, concessions, ad money, and parking, (all the things teams in modern buildings receive automatically with naming rights) while many get a nice tax exemption check every year worth tens of millions plus NHL revenue sharing.

This is also with local government officials willing to do whatever it takes for their hockey team as a public trust, unlike Nassau/TOH, who did everything possible to get a check from someone else soon to replace the New York Islanders after ignoring them (and Nassau Coliseum) for well over two decades.

Only Charles Wang knows if he finally got his first ever revenue sharing check for the 48 games or even qualified with his ticket sales. 

I understand many fans do not care, they just want an owner to sign more players, and maybe they will come back only for a few playoff games again after finishing 30th in league attendance unlike all the fan bases that fill the building for every weeknight game starting in October.

Perhaps once again when the New York Islanders play their first weeknight home game in 2013-14 that announced 10-11,000 looks like 6,000 with most of that the families/kid crowd who will be supporting the Islanders AHL/ECHL replacement in a few years, you'll understand why Charles Wang cannot do any more, or why free agents when all things equal would rather play in from of 20,000 die-hards with a media to sell their careers when they get asked about that NTC, and what teams they waive it for. 

Perhaps by then you will understand why I'm writing this. 

Free Agency:
There goes Charles Wang again locking up Travis Hamonic for seven years, who sure seems thrilled to want to stay like everyone else who comes here. I guess Wang did that one for the real estate too unlike all the Coliseum bidders who never signed a player or owned a team less Dolan, who gets his taxpayer money yearly in perpetuity, and wants more. Florida took a standard buyout on a player meaning they get charged the full cap hit to remain cap compliant, unlike Rick DiPietro, who got a compliance buyout meaning the burden is on the owner to spend more.

Garth Snow finally overpaid to resign the most consistent goalie he's had since Rick DiPietro got hurt in 2008. The alternatives were horrible, Nabokov not only played very well over 48 games, he was outstanding/consistent/durable. Nabokov I guess still does not really want to sign here.

No doubt resigning Nabokov was the correct move. If Poulin, Nilsson are healthy/protected one will make a serious run at being an NHL starting goaltender, perhaps both. Unqualified Mikko Koskinen is out of the organization so a high draft pick was wasted.

Snow overpaid for Bouchard, an frequently injured player with concussions. This player got double what Brad Boyes received a year ago, and could end up next to John Tavares?  Look in the mirror if you refuse to attend games, and want better than Bouchard if he's that player.

New York got smaller losing some serious depth in the forward department, even if unproven.

Bottom Nine:
Who's going to score among Regin, Boulton, Nielsen, Clutterbuck, McDonald, Martin, Bouchard, Cizikas because they are not going to scare anyone offensively while Okposo tries to improve on a four goal season?

Keith Aucoin did not score often here, he did setup two of the three goals in game six. Marty Reasoner between one injured season, one forty eight game was never the player who produced in Florida beyond some defensive plays/vs lost step or three.

It's not going to be easy to replace the size/potential lost in Niederreiter, Ullstrom, and Joensuu, who got two years from Edmonton. On paper from Bridgeport it's Nelson, Strome, Lee, Persson, Sundstrom, Kabanov which basically ends the depth unless something is done with one of the forwards just drafted, or something is worked out to give Kirill Petrov (hardly a proven answer) a chance in North America which is folly we have read before. 

Nothing replaces Mark Streit's offense/puck distributing or ability to cut to middle on a rush. Radek Martinek's skating, ability to move puck is also something needed but depth chart screams no with Calvin deHaan still in mix.

Bottom Line:
Little Caesar's/Amway/Detroit Red Wings came to the Eastern Conference (with now only fourteen playoff spots for the next three years) with a load of new free agents (I guess Alfredsson is just like Yashin) so did Columbus with the revenue in their modern taxpayer funded building to hype anything John Davidson (not the general manager) does.

A lot of teams shuffled deck chairs. Ryan Clowe can go back to be a struggling offensive player again in the limited New York NHL media.

The NHL as usual spent very well for Phoenix in free agency while the next owner will get his fifteen million every year from the Glendale taxpayers if one can be approved before a schedule is released. 

Charles Wang as usual overspent a lot for a team that will not fill the building from October-April to see John Tavares, who's local government (not some folly referendum destined to fail as cover for Mangano's actions) kicked them out likely for Dolan's AHL LI Rangers in a week or so. but ultimately because they surrendered the privilege of having an NHL franchise. 

The same fans who complain, but refuse to pay for tickets will be the first to walk around with their shopping list. If reading four entries here in seven years at New York Islander Fan Central (among thousands of them) putting burden directly on the fan base bothers some or writing it on twitter angers you  I'm sorry.

I'm sure those same people will be more bothered/angry when the team finally moves, and has it's brand changed because of poor fan support.

As for myself, please feel free to read another Islander related website among the many only selling themselves who will write anything you want to read for attention, do not follow me on twitter. 

Sure it could work on the ice for the New York Islanders, any team can win with the right chemistry in a league loaded with parity. Many of these free agents come with huge baggage who are not worth the risk at any price. 

Next we'll see what happens at prospect camp, the invite list is sometimes more important, but Bridgeport has a full roster of players.

Nino Niederreiter is not attending Wild's prospect camp either Roster.

New York Must Get Out Of 30th In Attendance Or Lose Team Forever

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2013 08:59:00 AM |
Please put down your 7/5 shopping spree list.

I'm going to hammer my message home on being 30th in attendance  until it sticks. This is about franchise survival, nothing more. 

Unlike the countless others selling only themselves, their blogs or messages boards/whatever. I don't want anything from anyone ever but for this franchise to survive, which is in serious doubt.

The final joke will be the entire fan-base when it's too late, good luck writing the satire without looking in the mirror. 

Kind of like the Coliseum, see any poltician writing about how it's a disaster to lose the greatest US Dynasty in American Hockey History?

No. Indifference, apathy or they flat out could care less. 

No more hiding or denial. If that offends anyone on twitter or here I cannot help you. I pulled no punches two summers ago either on this subject.

The fans 30th in attendance to see MVP candidate John Tavares with their 7/5 shopping spree list need a serious reality check because if this teams stays at the bottom in attendance there is no longer going to be a New York Islander franchise anywhere. 

Many of our fans on twitter when reading this sound more like Kate Murray, Ed Mangano, Jay Jacobs, Joe Mondello, Tom Gulotta,  or the litany of endless politicians who never seemed to care one bit if this team stays or goes because the fans never made it clear the team stays and receives the financial support everyone (even the Coyotes at 15m a year) receive or the politicians get voted out of office.

Phoenix on 7/3 well into the night got more political support to retain it's team (in a 4-3 vote) than the New York Islanders have received since 1989,  with the mayor voting no saying " This deal giving Coyotes latest owner candidate/Smg (Flyers, who else?) fifteen million every year  like being hit by a truck" as he voted no.

Two franchises had eight months to fill Barclay's Center for Sept 2012 preseason game, Mangano mocked the 7,000 tickets sold number a year ago. That's what 2015-16 will look like if even that.

The Coliseum needs to be filled not just on opening night but from the first weeknight game in October, to the last game the way it was before 1989.  Yormark/Barclay's need 10,000 plus full season tickets at top dollar if you love our name/colors as much as myself.

You want a better radio station, better players or for this franchise to continue, ownership needs the money to pay for it. 

If anyone believes this franchise is going to operate in 30th at attendance in perpetuity at around 10,000 or less after the announced attendance that's not reality.

The players know it too, it's not the biggest thing come free agent, but it's on the list.  

Some folks have a future in Nassau/TOH politics responding to me. 
Times are tough.
It's not as bad as you believe.
The economy is rough.
New York is not going to support three teams. (They used to support this one very well thank you.)
Stop the sky is falling stuff.
Be more positive.
We have not won a playoff series in 20 years. (I must have missed the parades for that.)
I will not support Wang who will not spend (Hint-He's did that  in 2002 and support was not there anyway for 2002/03/04--last again by 2005-06)
We sold out the playoffs (Three whole games. Like what NHL franchise would not do that?...oops 1992-93 Islanders into the second round)
I will only support a winner. (see 12,500 to see Ryan Smyth's debut on sixth team in conference)
Fan Central is suppose to support fans. (Hint-That's why I'm doing this)
The team is living off 2002. (Cannot remember last time Islanders website mentioned it)
I must work for the team or want something? (No, and if they contacted me I would tell them take a hike)

What I want is for the fans to show up and keep this team here forever so I no longer have to write at all)
How come you never give us good news? (Check the archives since 2007/prior) I've done that for years but hiding from problem is over because time is up.  

Bottom Line: 
29 other fan-bases including one the relocated in Atlanta outdrew this one, times are tough everywhere.

14 non-playoff teams for the 48 game season outdrew this one.
Almost all of them got huge taxpayer funded facilities or tax exemptions. Phoenix again gave away 15m a year as of  Tuesday's nights vote, down from 19m for the last owner who walked away. 

How many teams in this league would sell out five year ticket plans to see John Tavares fast than you can say Winnipeg? Many.

Seems more opposing fans want to see their team here more than local fans, which is down to a lot of kids/families that will start spend their money at Msg Coliseum when that's likely announced in a week or so. 

I hope everyone reading this with their shopping list for 7/5 (Snow already said expect no big moves) is willing to pay for that spending or they are not being realistic. Wang has to get to a cap floor, he was outspending teams in modern facilities getting taxpayer money long before the league had any cap, starting with the Smg Penguins with the same lease dumping everyone they could while Wang paid to add Niinimaa to his defense.

Since then there's this thing called revenue sharing which Charles Wang was not eligible for.

One more time:
I take nothing positive about writing this, however it needs to be.........again.

Some may notice I'm being very proactive/critical of our fans for not supporting this franchise on my twitter be it. I was a few years ago in two entries.

I'm no longer pulling punches on this subject. I'm not writing here to gain followers or want anything, never have or will.

I simply desperately hoping this franchise survives....That's the bottom about you? 

Having an NHL franchise is not an entitlement, but a privilege, one this fan base has taken for granted.
This teams fan-base is great at finishing last in attendance since 1989. This is a business, the excuses end now...... fill the Coliseum/Barclay's Center or very soon there will be no more team anywhere.

Twenty nine other members of the BOG want to see revenue/attendance from this franchise now, and when it moves like the Devils fans have done in Newark. Dolan would desperately love to stop writing those television contract checks that are growing faster than his taxpayer exemption checks.

You really like John Tavares, and these players? Show up/pay up and support them like every other franchise would (win or lose) in North America or it's over.

The ticket revenue determines the budget, and how high Snow can offer. Wang's closed his church, I don't blame him one bit considering how many owners are getting much more fan/local government support with corporations. I do believe it cost the franchise Mark Streit, who the public will likely discover will be badly missed starting with Tavares.

Fill the Coliseum, and the Barclay's Center at the same ticket prices Flyer or Leafs fans pay regularly or stop demanding management spend or Yormark keep the colors/brand, it's a business, and his job is to generate revenue.

No one wants the colors/name to remain more than myself, you think if tickets were being sold Yormark would consider a name/color change with this teams history? Never.

That's the cold hard reality. Cities all over North America will be thrilled to pay top dollar for season tickets to see any NHL losing team, and put in a five year commitment for tickets at corporate level prices.

They got the mesage in Minnesota, they got it in Winnipeg.

Our fans refuse support, and lead the pack in excuses.  Time's up.

How many years can the Florida Panthers (operated by Brett Yormark's brother Michael) outdraw this one? Atlanta when moving outdrew this fan base.

If this fan-base filled the building it would have been political suicide for Mangano, Suozzi or Gulotta  to even consider refusing financial support every other NY/NJ team got or put out a referendum to get rid of the team once and for all under the will of the people card.

I support Charles Wang all the way regardless what he decides. He spent first, renovated a building he rents, and unlike every other team who receives taxpayer money has received nothing aggravation for his trouble.

Bloomberg, Booker gave the teams their money as a public trust quickly/quietly behind closed doors, and those teams feel they are entitled to it. Wang/Rechler spent millions for absolutely nothing, running for years to get the Lighthouse done.

Howard Milstein said fill the building first, Wang spent first.

I remember how incredible it was before the cups with this fan base from 1976-1979, the fans packed the building, and got behind those teams full time from October with no televised home games.  

It has to go back to that right now.

Go purchase full season tickets, and give whoever operates this business a reason to keep John Tavares, and just as important reason for him to want to be here for the rest of his career.   

It's not about Charles Wang, it's about the New York Islanders survival.  

Our fans better get as desperate as the tone of what I writing.

New York Releases It's Qualifying Offer List

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2013 05:04:00 PM |
Islanders website: Released it's list of players issued qualifying offers to retain NHL/AHL rights.

Josh Bailey, Brett Gallant, David Ullstrom, defensemen Travis Hamonic, Thomas Hickey and goaltender Kevin Poulin.

ITV released a series of interviews related to the NHL draft.

NYIFC Comments: 
Justin DiBenedetto, Mark Katic, Thomas Marcinko, Mikko Koskinen, Rhett Rakhshani era are officially over. These players were all qualified last summer. This is either a CBA change or management changing view on players.

Garth Snow Using Compliance Buyout On Rick DiPietro After Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2013 11:10:00 PM | has general manager, Garth Snow's, comments to Cablevision's Islander beatwriter, that Rick DiPietro will be placed on waivers for the purposes of a compliance buyout that will remove Rick DiPietro's contract from the teams salary cap.

NYIFC Comments: 
It took a lot of unexpected things since summer 2008 in Vail, Colorado to arrive at this very sad day, including a change in the new CBA that does not permit the buyout of injured players, which does not explain if insurance would have paid his full contract, removing his cap hit under the old cba if he were hurt prior to January 2013 which has always been my contention?

This new CBA hides many details from the public.  Washington took Michael Nylander's cap hit to play in Europe a few years ago, but Visnovsky in January-Feb did not count against the Islanders cap until he finally arrived back in North America?

Garth Snow said Rick DiPietro is healthy? Why not find a place for him to play anywhere so that process can continue unless the new CBA negates that? This also means the Islanders have to replace 4.5m in salary against their payroll for the Wang only wants to reach the floor payroll club? So much for them.
I'm very disappointed, however it was hardly a surprise. What was the point risking him play eighteen games in forty nine days or even go to Islanders camp in January, unless it was his comments upon demotion or something else is the real issue?

I can see DiPietro telling management he was not going to the ECHL so prospects can play for Bridgeport. 

I hope a team finds a place for Rick DiPietro. Based on how he played in Bridgeport, it seems he's finally healthy with the long-term potential of regaining an NHL spot, and only needs a lot of work.

Since 2001-02, I never read one negative word from a fan he met from Bridgeport to this day. He was a first class individual with the public, who only wanted to bring the New York Islanders a Stanley Cup, who did not take a  front-loaded contract to stay where the risk was on him long-term to play which we see now because unlike Brad Richards he did not demand 42m of his 68m be in his bank account after only two years. (36m after lockout)

Sure some of the smaller media minds do not like the New York Islanders signing longer term deals, despite many deals being far worse for healthy players, who had to be bought out on corporate teams that cause lockouts.

Rick DiPietro was the one who wanted to be here his entire career long before 2006, and bring the cup home to New York, who did leave money on the table, who just lost a lot of it for his loyalty, after five years on injuries/rehab.

It's not a good day, players now rarely display that kind of locality.

Likely Rick DiPietro's last video interview from a news network on 3/20/13
  RDP 32013:"If I did not think I could get back to where I was or better I'm not kind of person who wants to continue to just hold on."

Never read a negative word from a teammate he was in a locker room with.

This puts more pressure on Garth Snow to resign Nabokov, or find a comparable goaltender.

7/1/13: New York Notables Moving Forward

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2013 07:27:00 AM |
All drafted prospects have their complete profiles now available on the prospects page of this website, complete with player comments, 2013-14 status, and career profiles.

The best that can be done on the day of a draft is link to basics.

The draft section was moved back to it's usual section on the sidebar, the free agent section elevated.
Star-Tribune has comments from Garth Snow, and Cliff Fletcher on the trade along with Clutterbuck/Niederreiter

NYIFC Comments:
For whatever folks feel of Clutterbuck's value (says a lot he would not be traded in same conference) and no small footnote his past with John Tavares, absolutely no one should be happy with giving up on a fifth overall pick in less than three years only at age 20, who's potential ceiling is much higher, at a point where Niederreiter had an all-star season on a very injured/weak Bridgeport team in the second half.

Folks can point to him not being invited to camp in a lockout year, that's fine, however Bridgeport lost Cizikas, Ullstrom, Persson, Nelson, Sundstrom during that stretch on a club going so poorly, a player called out Scott Pellerin later on.

Clutterbuck did not have a good season with Minnesota, that style of play does fade quicker. Fans of his former teammate, Zenon Konopka can understand this, however it is a skill in high demand.

No doubt his agent is very happy because if he does not sign here, management/Tavares will likely not be pleased on the heels of  losing Mark Streit, who he went all the way to Bern to play with during the lockout. 

New York has now lost potential top six forwards Ullstrom, Niederreiter, (likely Joensuu) they have some prospect depth to replace that, but the list has become smaller with nothing close to a sure answer selected Sunday. 

From New York's side, Snow kept his word in year one with Niederreiter, he seemed to keep it in year two that Niederreiter was going to develop full time in one place. There was an upcoming risk next summer with Niederreiter a RFA, that he could have decided to go play in Europe for zero return.

Bottom line New York did not gain a player close to equal potential to replace Niederreiter in this trade, and moved someone they specifically targeted with a fifth overall selection in 2010.

Moving Forward: 
Snow made clear to expect a quiet 7/5/13, unless he has someone to place next to Tavares on right wing, that answer does not seem to be in the organization. The fan base 30th in attendance is not giving management a lot of revenue to use on players, despite a 48 game playoff, and Tavares an MVP candidate.

There is also a prospect camp, invites will be interesting. 

Obviously the team bulked up on long-term goaltending, short-term will be the story, management has gotten a lot of mileage out of Nabokov, Montoya, Joey MacDonald, and Dwayne Roloson.