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What's more important than a lease extension for this franchise to keep them in New York?

Sorry, but not a 5th ring if this franchise relocates in 2-3 years.

Not John Tavares resigning. 

There is no other arena waiting in New York for this franchise with revenue streams to support an NHL team in three years available. 

Mr Ledecky also cannot approach John Tavares or his agent next summer about a new contract without a lease extension agreement first.  

We don't need sources, gossip, or speculation, Mr Prokhorov's offering statement remove all questions, we now have specific deadlines to negotiate a lease extension, and the terms of the current lease.

Nothing but respect for Jon Ledecky's efforts, commitment to winning a Stanley Cup now, and absolutely believe all his intentions are a hundred percent sincere to keep this franchise in New York & resign John Tavares.

This team again has a top payroll, despite poor fan support early in season (as in 2014-15) with Tavares, and making the playoffs.  Barclay's cannot have enough open houses or ways to fill seats on weeknights, Mr Ledecky, Gillies, Yormark cannot make enough phone calls to entice new fans.

Reality also is this team can sellout every single game, but if Mikhail Prokhorov does not want to pay them after 2018 or wants them out of Barclay's Center, they have to relocate.

We have no idea where Mr Prokhorov stands, 53.5 million dollars yearly is a lot of money for 41 events, if he sells Barclay's in the future, a potential Islanders lease extension likely makes it harder for him to sell or costs him money.

I put up the links and all updates to Prokhorov's offering statement, Ledecky's comments on 8/29/16. They will remain here at top of page until camp begins, then be moved down the page a little, but they must remain posted.

I completely understand Mr Ledecky-Mr Malkin are child-hood friends who communicate daily. Having written this Scott Malkin is the primary governor of this franchise, that's what the league announced, and what's on the teams website. They will stand together & relocate the franchise together if necessary.

Will shift things back to hockey but the uncertainty about this teams future has never been more dire, regardless of Bridgeport, Northwell, Webster Bank Arena, Iceworks, or the 2031 cable contract. 

 Ledecky: “Barclay's is going to be our home for years to come.“ When asked beyond four years...“The last time I looked I’m not the predictor of the future, right now, I’m focused on one thing and that’s getting the fifth ring for our fan base. That’s the most important thing.” 8/29/16

Nothing is more important than this franchise having a permanent NY home.......NOTHING.
Good faith negotiations can commence at the conclusion of this season? How about Mr Malkin, Prokhorov, Ledecky lock the doors now, and announce a real-iron clad lease?

There is no Islanders leverage here, it's Barclay's or out of town for this franchise. 

8/29/16: Al Arbour Celebrated By NY Islanders

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Islanders website & Newsday & NY Post sent writers, with Arbour family, ownership, alumni, current players. Islanders website 8/30/16
NYIFC Comments: 

Nothing I can add to what was written last summer here which still feels like yesterday. I had a few comments on twitter about Mr Ledecky's quotes about Barclay's.

The organization did a fantastic job for Al Arbour, and his family the last few days.  

Prokhorov's 8/6/16 Offering Statement Confirms New York Islanders Out Clauses, Lease Agreement

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 Prokhorov offering statement pdf files August 2016

I asked to see the offering statement, so we have no guesswork, gossip, rumors or speculation. This is Mr Prokhorov's paperwork submitted to refinance his arena debt on Barclay's Center.

Martin Braun of Bloomberg, provided me a link to the pdf files. They cannot be posted here, but Mr Prokhorov provided all details of the Islanders out clauses, lease agreement, revenue so folks can read for themselves.

Click on the link Mr Braun provided, go to official statement tab, click on pdf file for 8/23/16.

Also included is the Convention Sports & Leisure Review of many projected facilities, but again references the Islanders lease out clauses, and had model/projections of the teams attendance, revenue, that's more projection/analysis than fact.

Page 76, 77, 79, 99 answer all questions.

Convention Sports & Leisure begins it's analysis on page 119, page 127 has historical analysis of Islanders. Page 182, 185 has a simulation of the Islanders general paid attendance moving forward.

This is a 200 page pdf document. 

Long story short the New York Islanders can leave Barclay's after the 2017-18 season, Barclay's/Prokhorov can kick them out after 2018-19.

* After 2016-17 season both sides can initiate good faith discussions regarding modifications of financial arrangements in NYI license agreement until 1/1/18.

* If no agreement by 1/1/18 either party can deliver an opt out notice by 1/30/18 which would terminate the agreement at the conclusion of the 2018-19 season or the 4th year of the lease.

* If either party decides to send that opt out notice, the Islanders have the right to terminate the agreement after the 2017-18 season, and leave Barclay's. 

*The Islanders receive 53.5 million per year with a 1.5 percent increase per year. Barclay's receives all revenue. The Islanders pay 2 million/cover operating expenses which came to 6.5 million, and receive ticket revenue for playoffs.

Specifics are provided in the paperwork.
NYIFC Comments:
Bottom line the 25 year lease is a fact, but hardly iron-clad as Wang proclaimed in October 2012.

There is no arena in NY for this team to move to so those thinking the NY Islanders have any leverage are not dealing in reality.

The media push (partly from Dolan's media outlets who have hundreds of millions to gain by the team leaving NY entirely) will increase to get them out of Barclays, the fan push from the Long Island only crowd boycotting games since 1989 will drive them to another market entirely with Prokhorov not wanting the Islanders in any facility he owns regardless of how things play out in Bridgeport. 

That means the team moves out of New York because there is no NY arena to play in.  NYC will not force Dolan to let them play in his privately owned taxpayer exempt building to retain his expiring operating permit. 

Or both sides could reach a lease extension & are happy with the current terms. Yormark, Ledecky have made clear they have worked well together, and said the right things, but we'll know what they really think by January 2018.

We have no idea where Prokhorov-Malkin stand who are the final word to any agreement.

My observation is Mr Ledecky or Scott Malik (primary Governor) cannot make any promise that Barclay's is the permanent home because Prokhorov has to agree to that. 

Obviously Ledecky-Malkin purchased a NYC franchise with revenue streams to support a team in that market, it will take time to increase a base with a media hiding them in print/television unlike the 1970's but that NY Islander team barely avoided bankruptcy with games on free television, and a dedicated print media with improving fan support.

Bill Torrey/John Pickett were told then by Bill Shea put team in bankruptcy, both disagreed because of the growing fan support that is no longer there this time to show up 41 times.

It's also fair to write Ledecky-Malkin will not be getting a taxpayer funded NHL arena anywhere in the NYC area, nor is the fan base or revenue at the Coliseum to support an NHL franchise.

Nassau County for three years has left the Cosmos hanging while offering a 400 million dollar soccer stadium privately funded so there will again be no taxpayer money coming for an NHL arena or fan support for an NHL franchise to operate in Nassau regardless what happens.

We'll see but the only hope is the fan support increases to make this worth while for both sides to accommodate the other at Barclay's as it did in the 1970's with no media this time.

In other words Ledecky is begging for fan support from a base that has not sold out 41 games since 1988 in any arena. 

We also know by the end of 2017-18/2018-19  Quebec will want an NHL franchise in that empty building with fans ready to purchase 15,000 five year plans immediately at top dollar prices as Tavares hits free agency with a franchise in July 2018 that may no longer have any NY facility to call home with no choice but to relocate.

So will the NHL who are getting more revenue in Winnipeg vs Atlanta, but it's not their decision where the Islanders play inside their territory or what lease agreement they sign.

Malkin-Ledecky will have a better idea soon if the fans will show up besides opening night and playoff games. 

No new building is coming, we know the history, the Coliseum since 1980's has not been a viable revenue option nor is the poor fan support win or lose.

When Wang said it was Barclay's or out of town he was correct, this is the final arena option in this market.

And after what Detroit and Edmonton were handed by the taxpayers for new facilities, it's comical for anyone to think owners who just spent 485 million for 85 percent of a team, are going to pay for an arena also, and provide fans a cap max payroll for people buying seats under ten dollars on stubhub for a gate between 10-12,000 for many games. 

All parties knew what they signed up for when they bought the team & this lease, and also knew the logistics of playing at Barclay's with the poor attendance history at Nassau. 

Mr Ledecky on the surface is trying to promote stability, and desperately engage the fans to support the team, and correctly is selling New York/Barclay's Center, it was also comical to see him telling us how great the seats are at Barclay's so he sounds like a man trying to make this work because there is no other option for them to retain the team here. 

I think this is the final chance for this teams fans to show up, and it may not even matter in the end if Prokhorov would prefer more concerts, a dark arena more often, and to save his 53 million payment.

Tavares will not resign next summer unless this team's future home is secured, that will give us a good idea where things really stand as those good faith discussions begin with Barclay's. 

Blues Working Agreement with New York ECHL Missouri Affiliate

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St Louis Blues website: Announces working agreement with Islanders ECHL affiliate in Missouri

“Under this working agreement we have the ability to collaborate with the Blues across multiple levels. It’s also exciting for our organization and our fans to add another NHL team to our brand,” said Mavericks General Manager Brent Thiessen.

“The New York Islanders remain our primary NHL affiliate and the Missouri Mavericks owe a lot of last year’s success on the ice to this relationship. For that we are very grateful. Our primary focus, as a development league and team, is to further the growth of the New York Islanders’ prospects they assign us and work with them on a daily basis to achieve that goal,” added Thiessen.

NYIFC Comments: 
A two year agreement was signed, given the proximity to St Louis, and the Islanders/many ECHL teams turnover with affiliations, expect this to be the clubs final year in Missouri. Given the goaltending situation there are six signed goaltenders for three teams.

This does allow the Islanders current majority owners to give Nassau the option of an ECHL affiliation next season, given their comments it seems they will honor their WBA operating lease in Bridgeport through 2021 if they want anything to do with a renovated Coliseum but this could take away customers from Barclay's for NHL games.

Ledecky: "Barclay's Is Home"

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You can skip first six minutes before brief  NY Islander content. Barclay's Center is home.

New York Resigns Christopher Gibson

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New York Notables

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Mostly a quiet time, the usual football from the usual suspects regarding the usual arena nonsense.

And of course the Long Island fans/some Msg media getting amnesia about how good things were at Barclay's after 12/2 through the playoffs, are selling going back a place that could not sellout 41 games under any circumstances since 1989 now with 1972 revenue streams.

My honest guess is if both sides stick with things in ten years this teams fan base becomes huge in NYC, even with Dolan's media doing everything possible to paint a false narrative they are not a NY team since 1972 while they spam NY for NJ teams they have television rights to.

How many owners have to say this team is called New York? 

Bottom line if Bloomberg, Kosman, Dolan's puppets at Newsday/News12 (who likely still would love the Coliseum & their television contract money through 2031 back in their pockets, and may well be contacted to put the Wolfpack in the Coliseum) want credibility produce documents, quotes from those involved or give the source game a rest because all this garbage is click bait for their resumes, nothing else.

Dolan's outlets won't go near their 2013 bid for the Nassau Coliseum or the conflict of interest from the same people who worked very hard in 2011 to influence a no vote for weeks until it was clear a vote would fail by making the referendum a circus. 

Josh Kosman, who's been clueless for years and published a false rumor 23 days before the Islanders went to Barclay's in 2012 cannot even properly write the Coliseum renovation is 130 million (another 130 million for the surrounding plaza) or spell Prokhorov's name correctly before dropping his usual late night gossip,  by a paper who endorses the Dolan's tax exemption permanently, but made clear to vote no in 2011?

Too bad they can spring for a legit 82 game beat writer. 

Surely these outlets can all publish Dolan's documents on the television contracts with the Islanders, Devils, Sabres, along with their tax exemption agreement since 1982 or the expiring operating permit along with Joe Percoco's investigation who's another Dolan draft pick from Albany, who was hired on the Sheldon Silver plan, and in the middle of the Dolan-Cuomo Penn Station renovation here as the tax exemptions continue.

Bloomberg, who has joined the hunt claims they have offering statements on the Islanders lease negotiation dates, and official opt-out date.

Ok. Publish these offering statements, very simple. 

The lease was signed in October 2012, and viewed by all the Islanders old/new majority owners (and their attorney's) with Prokhorov, who bought the arena rights from Ratner.
Not much on the team yet. Someone has to explain to me why if the Kings picked Jonas Enroth over J.F Berube a year ago to where he was placed on waivers so he could start in the AHL, why anything has changed after only starting six games last season in New York besides the need for him to start immediately somewhere from day one. 

If Gibson accepted his qualifying offer or he resigned it was not reported. Send Berube with his one-way contract down and let him start with an NHL paycheck, if he's claimed, so be it.

Kevin Poulin agreed to his deal a year ago around now, general managers are creatures of habit, so if nothing is done with Gibson yet, this could be the time. Not seeing any signed goalies in Missouri so there is a spot for McAdam or Williams.

Halak is signed/working with kids in Long Island City wearing full equipment with two years left on his contract, he's dominated division when healthy. Greiss and him split the work, both will likely not remain healthy.

Last I checked the depth chart screams this roster needs a replacement for Brian Streit, they will go at least 3-4 deep  on defense over 82 games which they do not have in Bridgeport.

And something has to get done with Strome.

Like the players they lost, but let's get real.

Anyone can score one five on five goal like Nielsen did from 12/28/15 to 4/22/16 and be a +1 on the season who was -5 against Tampa, especially in an organization full of drafted centers playing wing.
Some important things will be posted here, others on twitter.

New York Islanders Celebrating Al Arbour 8/29/16

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 The Arbour family will attend the ceremony, as well as numerous Islanders player alumni, Hall of Fame former General Manager Bill Torrey, former NHL coach and 14-time Stanley Cup Champion Scotty Bowman, Hall of Fame member Jim Devellano, Islanders current Head Coach Jack Capuano and current team captain John Tavares. Islanders former play-by-play voice and Hockey Hall of Fame member, Jiggs McDonald will serve as the master of ceremony. 

This event is to mark the one year anniversary of Mr Arbour's passing on 8/28/15.