Quick Notable On Cuomo/Dolan's Ponzi Scheme To Be NYI Belmont Landlord

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One of the Dolan's many government affairs people who own Cuomo's checkbook told their newspaper this sham RFP is coming out to get Dolan another arena.

Between the Joe Percoco, Dolan, Cuomo scandal, this RFP, and Penn Station, some cap max campaign contribution checks will be heading from Dolan/friends to Albany.

The Dolan's cheerleaders in media have to do their dance now, and it will not be to sell you the $58 charge to the taxpayers that defeated the 2011 referendum or the drumbeat on how bad Ratner's Coliseum is despite spending more than Dolan offered in 2013. 

This time the false narrative sales scheme is to make it seem it's the Islanders arena, the coming home party, his paid media as always will keep Dolan's name out of it, our fans are always good at being played for suckers, and not reading between the lines.

And those suckers still want 1970 ticket prices, a max payroll,  their 3-4 days a year for tailgates.

Some of them act like the Nassau politicians thinking the current Coliseum can simply be renovated again for an NHL team or it works financially as is, it's not reality.

Charles Wang was completely vindicated, so was Howard Milsten, and John Pickett.

It will not be the New York Islanders arena, they will be a hidden 41 day tenant. How fast will Dolan kick them out when 7,000 fans show on weeknights for the first three months because you can bet there will be tons of attendance-based out clauses.

The Dolan media unlike Barclay's will not publish anything involving Dolan because this Oak View scam company is Dolan, music-man Irving Azoff, who has no money, Tim Leiweke, who plays the Yormark role for several arena's, and does consulting, but has no ability to finance an arena.

It is true this Oak View arena alliance has all the top facilities on their list, but in reality, it's like the Long Island Association where they only shuffle some overflow events, no one spends actual money to build arena's for anyone when all they do is compete with one another, and most of this alliance (especially James Dolan) does everything via his tax exemption, tax credits or through the taxpayers.

Wake me when the Islanders owners tell us they paid 485 million to become Dolan's 41 day tenant in the middle of nowhere again in a building Andrew Cuomo will give to him via taxpayers to make up for losing his 2013 Nassau Coliseum bid for an Msg Ranger fan zone with AHL team.

No one knows what our owners think or if they are smart hockey people who kept Garth Snow which can't be helping ticket sales? My guess is they know enough to speak through the NHL which no doubt is what Bettman wants including getting a relocated team to Quebec with 15,000 full season tickets at top dollar prices waiting for them.

This could also be a stall game by Dolan/Cuomo to run out the clock, and force a move depending on what happens in January 2018 with the Islanders lease. 

NYC media wants them relocated out of NY, and if Prokhorov were to sell the Coliseum or Barclay's to Dolan, he would kick the Islanders out of NY entirely, move in his AHL team, and put his 2031 cable money back in his bank account, giving his AHL  team far better coverage than the Islanders receive with those + 2 games.

In that instance this RFP would go away entirely. 

Is Scott Malkin really willing to move his team to play again in front 7,000 for half a season in Nassau County when there are viable NYC options/renovations with millions of potential customers, in a building they were drawing better attendance than most Coliseum seasons without Sat games?

And that's with all the negative articles designed to chase the NY Islanders out of NYC since day one in 2012 from what is likely now a majority of the season ticket holders.
We all know what Dolan's trained media will do, exactly what they did to defeat the 2011 referendum, and then to become NEC/Ratner Coliseum watchdogs because they were very bad losers in 2013.

Randi Marshall worked long and hard in the Dolan's newspaper  to sell $58.00 narrative to defeat the 2011 referendum so her employer (Dolan) could bid in 2013 for the Nassau Coliseum himself. She does this or losses her job. 
I could post more of these from sports editor, Hank Winnicki, and others who receive Dolan money to promote their point of view but why bother?

Newspapers sell what the ownership tells them to, and the Dolan family bought back Newsday/News12 to sell what helps them make money.

In this case they will play up an Islanders return and play the fans as suckers for what we be another arena from Dolan from Cuomo via taxpayers because Dolan never pays for an arena or a renovation or even his AHL staff unless the taxpayers or tax credit foot a part of the bill.

Hopefully the Islander owners (and some fans) see through this ponzi-scheme, and have Andrew Cuomo make a deal for a NYC arena in Flushing,or a renovation of Barclay's Center where millions of fans are.

David Dinkins tennis center just got 500 million for new stadium's/upgrades, and a roof, for 2-week tennis tournament on that same Parkland near Shea Stadium's sea of concrete.  Cuomo could release that land for an arena any time he wants, but we all know Wilpon owned Mario Cuomo, and was outside his Madoff hearing celebrating in the street.

Saul Katz of real estate fame, waiting to build with Wilpon/Mario Cuomo celebrating the settlement from being associated with Bernie Madoff. 

Folks, school is out. I want to enjoy this hockey season, it's time for others to step up, this has gone on forever.  My guess is our owners will explore all options, even the worst ones.

I also think this ownership stays in NYC or this team leaves NY entirely, it's their only chance at selling out the 30+ games necessary to stay in business which will never happen in Nassau County.

Connor Jones Resigned

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2017 02:07:00 PM | Comments

Note-This leaves dehaan among teams RFA qualified in June, who will have a contract around the time of his 8/2 arbitration or likely before because most of these no longer go that far.

Holmstrom, Gionta among UFA from last season.

Somerby among college prospects, who likely goes elsewhere after his 8/15 deadline.

Yannick Turcotte Invited To NYI Training Camp

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New York Resigns Pelech 4 years

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2017 03:49:00 PM | Comments
NYIFC Comments: 
Simply put to give Pelech 4 years is fine, but that means he has to play in the teams top six, he cannot sit like he has in the past.

His primary spot is left defense, he did slide to the right on occasion.


Gibson Resigned/Accepts QO

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/14/2017 03:28:00 PM | Comments

NYIFC Comments: 
Gibson was injured most of last season, but the goaltender from Tampa trade + McAdam having a very strong finish should not mean a ticket back to the ECHL.

NYI Worst Kept Secret: Kelly Buchberger Hired

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Dunham Out As Goalie Coach/Fred Brathwaite In...

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No idea if Jaro Halak's personal goalie coach, Marc Champagne, is still part of organization.

New York City Arena Only For NYI....No Dolan/Cuomo Belmont Ponzi Scheme.....Never Nassau

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Tell them the truth Monday. No Nassau, No Dolan, NYC is our home. Barclay's or New York City only for our team. Enough crowds under 10,000 that look like 5,000  in Nassau.

The NHL does not work in Nassau County.

We want a New York City home for our team like everyone else got from the taxpayers.
It's our turn.


Has James Dolan ever paid any money beyond getting it from taxpayers for anything?  His Chase Garden tax exemption from Cuomo, his Coliseum bid in 2013 & now our old Smg friends who run XL in Hartford through 2023 !

Sebastian Aho Leaves SHL Contract..7/5 Confirmed Signs With New York

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New York Trades For Kristers Gudlevskis/Sign Seth Helgeson/LaFranchise Signed

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Expect A Quiet 7/1 For New York

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Folks, the money has been spent, or is earmarked for Tavares if he can be resigned. If Lee keep's scoring like this he's getting close to fifty million dollars from someone so it's time to start saving up.

And if Bailey continues his breakout & hits 60-70 points, with his UFA pending, they have to find a way to pay him.

The UFA class is weak (again) and the roster is filled with NHL contracts.
Quine, Prince.
Dal Colle, Barzal.
Towes/Vande Sompel/ect.
Not as simple as putting Quine or Prince on waivers, they could well be claimed, and need a steady spot here to show what they can do.

Yes, I get it's 7/1 & the fans want new toys or like to do their Milbury impersonations but it does not work that way, and the trades needed require important roster players likely leaving for underachieving, expensive rentals mostly with big baggage.

In two years when what you traded for leaves in UFA, and the players here now are part of those deals, and producing for their new teams, what's left?

That is the formula for becoming one of those long-term/non-playoff teams.