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One tweet for this website, another for twitter followers. And finally, John Shannon, told us where NYI owners Malkin-Ledecky were on 9/28, and that this was Dolan's RFP bid for his revenge arena in Belmont, while at Newsday, Dolan's paid employees did what they had to do to stay employed, our owners (who would only be a 41-day tenant) said nothing.

Bridgeport Training Camp Roster

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Four players cleared waivers. Casey Bailey, Ben Holmstrom received tryouts with Bridgeport. The prospect site will only track players signed to NHL-level contracts.

New York Roster Trimmed To 31........

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Bellows Leaves NY With 3-Year ELC

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New York Notables

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Very little to write, bottom line we'll see, and that can be applied to the most things.

Tavares contract,  Barclay's January decision, along with Cuomo/Dolan Belmont ponzi-scheme arena.

Newsday, News12 selling their employers narrative/agenda as they did in 2011 to defeat the vote, and to rip the current Coliseum because Mangano picked Ratner over Dolan in 2013 because he demands taxpayer money to support all of his bids. 

We will see if we have bright owners who bought a NYC team, and over time will understand NYC after two years of endless negativity (fueled by Dolan's media) has produced superior attendance to being the hidden team in Nassau 16 times since 1989-90, tied Barclay's 13,000+ six other years.

And that's without Saturday games at Barclay's & many Sun afternoon games during the NFL season.

Over time I have zero doubt Barclay's or inside NYC will continue to improve, as the fan base grows, while the Dolan's do all in their power to hide the team on their media outlets.  29 teams play inside a city, the other two (Ottawa/Arizona) made clear they want to move into a city.

We'll see if our owners will be as gullible as many fans, move into a Dolan revenge arena, and when the usual 8,000 show up starting game 2, this lease will allow Malkin-Ledecky to sell/funnel the team to Dolan's ponzi-scheme in Seattle.

Dolan's television gm, Andrea Greenberg, will be hiding 16 games on +2. (including the final four regular season games) Devils (14+2 games) will get eight prime Msg games, NYI were doubled from one game to two.

Neil Best can't write this in Dolan's paper or about the preseason games, Ms Greenberg, tells the Islanders their games cannot be shown on the internet from any provider or even another teams feed.

Mr Best will tell us how low ratings are with his usual enthusiasm, not the damage 16 hidden games does to those ratings which was considered 35-50 percent but that was from 1998 or year one James Dolan got full control of NYI-telecast & pulled games off television entirely.

Staple will do his usual poor job, with far less coverage than Hank Winnicki allows for Dolan's teams, and the theme will be negative. The bloggers will look out for themselves, not the truth. 

We will see if Doug Weight has anything new with no real experience as a head coach, beyond being Capuano's assistant for years, and Snow's asst gm since 2014.

Making the playoffs is never easy, they have a tough schedule to start.
As always there will be good surprises/regression from some players.
And this team has some good young players/prospects with 20+ goal forwards in Ladd, Lee, Eberle, Chimera, Tavares, Nelson.

There will always be injuries, Quine/Prince to start, but this is a year on normal rest, without Olympics, or WC games.

I cannot promise any entries beyond this, only that this website will be here all season.

New York Preseason Schedule: Television/Internet

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The Flyers rookie game vs Islanders at Wells Fargo will be on their website 9/13 for those interested. Perhaps the 10/1 game in Philadelphia is added on the internet later.

The 9/20 game at Barclay's vs Flyers last season was their stream done from a loading dock that was not watchable or choppy the entire game.

Indifferent On Tavares Staying Or Going

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Sorry. Would be happy if John Tavares resigned, but hardly the end of the world if he moved on.

Between the young players they have now, the picks for Hamonic & return in a possible trade at some point, this franchise will be fine on the ice with more money to work with to keep Lee, who's streaks seem to carry this franchise.

Tavares is never going to be a dynamic skater. When he slows down in four years, he's going to be very easy to cover, and that's if he's not hurt. Sure he has magic hands & play-making skills.

I was most impressed how he killed penalties last season when the chance came. 

Wrote #91 would sign in camp, and still see it playing out that way. 

His biggest loss is how he carries himself off the ice. This is how you want a leader to act, a person you want in your organization for life.

Still, players who sign these kinds of deals rarely pan out if ever. Stamkos has been sick or hurt for two prime years, there is no guarantee he will ever be the player he was after years of UFA hype before he signed in the final days.

Parise/Suter each got a hundred million from Minnesota, they have never been cup contenders or even a consistent playoff team in a weak conference.

The list of these failed signings is a mile long.

Anyway this is where I stand on this subject. 29 teams need to play in a city, the other two teams (Ottawa/Arizona) made clear they want to move to one to survive.

There are good signs it can work in New York City but will take long past Tavares contract, same as Washington, who did not have their rival own their coverage, bid for their former home, and control the entire spin about his contract which is why he's never going to talk until it's decided.

For me Tavares also has to want to play in New York City to resign him, this franchise needs NYC corporate revenue to pay for this signing.

New York Rookie Camp Roster

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