NY Still Finding Themselves...Or Mediocre Team?

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/12/2017 09:13:00 AM |
Yes, it's very early, we are getting plenty of ups/downs besides not losing in regulation at Barclay's.

The one alarming trend is the powerplay & allowing almost as many goals as they score, they changed coaches to struggle this badly?

Still, it's been an odd mix where they dominate/lose games (Washington/Edmonton) or have games where the coach is very unhappy like the Vegas game where they got all the bounces.

The defense is spotty most games, the usual inconsistent efforts among forwards clearly go beyond the scoring, it's almost not possible to dress 12 forwards at their natural positions.

Barzal is a player, he may flat out be a star. If Tavares leaves he will become their #1 center.

Weight's sounds better than how his team plays.

Like I wrote, it's early, some players will improve, others will regress. A year ago Lee had one goal in eighteen games, Chimera had one.

We know what it usually takes for a playoff spot, it is fair to write 4 teams in this division will not be near or above 20 games in December so NYI will not be playing for only the 8th seed this time, but every team in Metro is at/above five hundred.

NY has also had very few in division games, the no-show/blowout losses which began under Weight continue.

Goaltending has been a wash, Halak needs his goalie coach who had him at his best to start WC, and finish last season. Greiss has been more steady but Halak has highest ability to steal games.

Note-Brian Compton unblocked me on twitter. My block of his account will remain in place. Call our team New York, and do some research when the owner says something clearly incorrect. Why record the comments of a man wrong, then not ask any questions or correct what he said is worthless to our fans. I do understand many established writers in this dwindling industry know how quickly they can find themselves unemployed.