Some Excellent/Good/Bad: Lot's Of Hockey Left

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/27/2017 09:00:00 AM |

Bottom line there has been some excellent, good, not so good, with the Barclay's decision due by 1/30/18, and the clock ticking louder on #91.

Everyone doing great here is under-rated thanks to Dolan's media hiding them. (Leddy-Tavares-Bailey-Lee-Eberle. (who said it vs Edmonton)

Our team barely receives a pregame/20 minute post-game, and some of our fans want them to become our landlord?

But on the ice.....

 Halak gave them the 2-1 win they need to play to become serious playoff contenders, it has to continue because there will be scoring slumps, and no team makes the playoffs unless they can win 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 games they will need to play moving forward. 

Barzal looks more like an impact player every game than Tavares, he could well be the number one center next center asking for McDavid money thanks to the lockout causing contracts given out in Edmonton & Buffalo as Lee, Eberle hit UFA, who looks a better fit on this team not playing with Tavares despite that being a selling point on acquiring him.

Bailey's agent is going to want market money, everyone who is an UFA will want it. Halak will re-sign or move on, he will have plenty of teams willing to sign him to start. 

We'll get to July, and see what happens with UFA. If they all leave go this is the roster in September:
#- 53-15
Not sure about Prince.
Bellows-Dal Colle/Draft picks/other prospects.

#50- 6

Toews-AHO-Wotherspoon-Vande Sompel
Dolan's media does not turn something from Cuomo they want into a circus (unlike 2011-13)you will see nothing negative in their media (or their name) on their Belmont-taxpayer arena while NYI will hemorrhage new/lame duck fans from Barclay's & inside NYC since Ledecky put on his blinders, and wants to be a tenant in a suburb where 30 teams want no part of building an arena outside a city.

Still not one word why NY Islanders cannot have a NYC arena or why this ownership never did their attendance history homework or make that their strategy with all of Flushing/Willets Point more than capable of supporting an arena?

At the end of the day my view is Ledecky-Malkin decided let's just play in the middle between NYC/Nassau, when 5,000 attend games, and it's Dolan's arena with no revenue streams, they will realize their fatal naive mistake because 15,000 fans will not be buying tickets like in markets that will want this team, beyond naive as Ledecky did not want to move Caps to Landover or in-between in 2001.

My impression is Prokhorov-Yormark expected 15,000 fans. But between their Brooklyn campaign, and Dolan's media trying to push them out of NYC like Trottier coaching Rangers, they hammered their false narratives to influence fans who go to NJ for football, but were too lazy to go to the Coliseum after 1989 beyond playoff games.

Cuomo may give Dolan his arena via taxpayers even without the NYI, and just bring in his AHL team with his televised G-league team, who's games get better channels than NYI games.

For our fans, they should hope Prokhorov decides the 36 million (after expenses) he will get back when he sells his Barclay's stake, is worth not opting out of his NYI agreement, and keep his Coliseum viable for events, let's see if Cuomo gives Dolan that site for an arena?

The Bruins survived/thrived for 60 years with same issues as Barclay's, in 20 years the fan base will build up from NYC, and that will get them a new arena in NYC by 2040. Going to games at Barclay's is how you save this team.
Sorry, maybe I'm wrong on this division, the Devils are getting their points, it could take another 17 game over season just to get the 8th seed, and unlike past seasons Tampa is a top team. Toronto is at a higher level so playing those teams as an 8th seed is a tough match-up.