Confirmed: NYI Tenant In Dolan's Revenge Arena Taxpayer Belmont Scam

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/02/2017 09:29:00 PM |

NYIFC Comments: I'm totally opting for another plan, or the one 8/29/16 where Ledecky said he hopes to be at Barclay's for many years to come or for Ledecky-Malkin to sell the team.

Seriously, what's next, Dolan makes him wear the Fisherman jersey on the railroad, anyone who markets that disgrace on the teams website has no business running an NHL team. 

Last I checked Detroit, Vegas, Edmonton did not have the Toronto Maple Leafs operate their new facilities, and take their revenue. Is this what you signed up for as fans?

Sorry, but I cannot, and no doubt the same LI fans who were clueless about Smg until it was too late again will not read between the lines, and Newsday will only write what's good for Dolan after trying to stop 2011 refendum so Dolan could bid in 2013.

Ledecky-Malkin are completely clueless, and 30 other teams who play inside a city, or made clear they want to relocate there prove me correct. If Ottawa gets a new building it will not be in Kanata or operated by the Montreal Canadians.

There is no good reason given why a NYC arena cannot be constructed for this team in Flushing or any location inside the NYC limits, the same way Dolan-Silver stopped the West Side Stadium.

The only experience Dolan has is cashing taxpayer exemption checks from Andrew Cuomo & Sheldon Silver which paid for his renovation & in the hope of him keeping his operating permit with more taxpayer money renovating Penn Station via Percoco scandal.
If you loved Smg running Coliseum this can be 100 times worse because Nassau will not own this facility or be able to fight them on repairs.

Do you really want an owner who wants to be Dolan's tenant in the middle of nowhere, who operates the facility like he wanted in 2013 at Coliseum? You must love being hidden on television, and trashed in their newspaper since 2008 if you do.

How many pro sports teams have their rival own their television, newspaper, and now wants to be their landlord? Zero, and this was after trying to put his AHL team in his Coliseum in 2013.

Fred Wilpon never paid for a stadium in his life. Bloomberg gave him taxpayer Brooklyn Dodger stadium, and Mario Cuomo bailed him out of the Madoff scandal.

Maybe Ledecky-Malkin should sell now. It would not be the first time Ledecky bailed on a team as a minority owner after they moved, he sure did not tell the public he wanted to move the Caps back to Landover.

Last time we saw this act under Milstein, Palffy was offered to the Rangers, it could be part of the package also.

I have little doubt Tavares will wind up signing with the Rangers as part of the price to be Dolan's 41-day tenant (with the outdoor game/likely territorial rights to Brooklyn/Queens forfeit.

Who knows how much of the cable money through 2031 Ledecky-Malkin are getting in advance? Dolan/media hide that from the public, and their paid business people sell only what he wants.

I do not want Tavares signed that long with his skating/defense regardless where he winds up, he disappears far too often for that kind of money. Barzal's visible almost every game.