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Not much to write, prospect camp continues, Andong Song is past his four years, and is on his second college, so don't think 8/15 applies, and he's UFA but here. Salo is here signed. Soderstrom wants to play here whether it be AHL or ECHL. A goalie is needed if kid from Europe who's signed wants to come.

The clock ticks down on Lee, who does want to be here, & Lou wants to sign him so it's on both sides to get something done. I don't see Panarin or Duchene as more than pipe dreams, who want no part of playing in Nassau, but that's an old story. Lee, who met with the coach is the guy you overpay, he's not Tavares, his skating is good, and he will produce for years.

This may come off harsh, but like Lehner off the ice, but want a #1 goalie, who does not allow soft goals, which has marked his career. Truth is little has changed since a year ago, like Greiss he benefited from the system, and most teams will have no interest in him. Wish him the best, but not here. The soft goals will always be there, a few times he had outbursts against Buffalo media, sitting early, he got hurt twice, and a guarantee was not needed heading to Carolina.

I like Talbot for a year, obviously when the Rangers get rid of last years real #1, who outplayed the eight million dollar ego would be a solid answer.

A replacement is needed for #51, hoping that is Koivula, #28 for #14. #26 for #15 who's likely going to be hurt. Like defense/depth as is, no interest in Leddy trade, unless return really helps. Wilde/Dobson can wait their turn, with Aho, and glut of defenders in Bridgeport. Hutton is a one year signing.

I expect Dolan's Belmont arena will not be approved to help NYI in free agency, at least we have a schedule balanced, but the usual two days off in a month in Feb/twice in March in exchange for two four day October breaks. The LI crew will actually have to go early against west, but they have their max payroll list, in a building that was getting 11,000 in first place in March.

You know I want team in NYC, and willing to give it the time needed to work, where people/corprations are. No one at Newsday wanted them in Nassau when they created the $58 issue in 2011, or when Dolan wanted the Coliseum for himself in 2013, not one article the NYI belonged in Nassau in those days........until Dolan lost, and this revenge scheme to put an arena his cronies Oakview/Azoff will run/operate arena. I'm clueless where Wilpon's getting his money for this when he can't build in Flushing for a decade, and would benefit for this plan being on Shea Stadium site, with rail/road needed.

Prospect site updated.

New York Prospect Camp Roster

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Lamoriello Comments:

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New York Selects: C Felix Bibeau (6th) F Cole Coskey (7th)

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New York has selected Felix Bibeau with the 6th round pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Profile.
Cole Coskey profile.

New York Selects: Reece Newkirk C Portland WHL. (5th)

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Reece Newkirk C Portland WHL profile. Portland Winterhawks draft profile.

New York Selects 2nd Round: D Samuel Bolduc

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Samuel Bolduc.
Samuel Bolduc, Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, QMJHL Mid-term: 87 Final: 42 (+45) A massive jump considering he goes from a projected fourth- or fifth-rounder to a likely third-round pick. Bolduc moves well for a big man (6-foot-4, 211 pounds). He has an old school, defensive defenceman mentality. While he has been able to put up decent numbers in the CHL, he projects more as a complementary player. He passes like a pro, uses his size to defend the cycle well, has good body position and a good stick.

I'm a best player available person, and defer to staff on picks. Having written that Robin Salo is signed, David Quenneville signed, so is Aho, and kids waiting for years in Bridgeport, with a huge log-jam of young players here signed for years who are all good defenders.

New York Selects: RW Simon Holmstrom

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Eliteprospcts profile. HV71 website.
Was projected 48th due to several injuries, but healthy at end of season, unlike NYI to go this far off board, but their scouting staff has done well.

New York On The Clock: 2019 NHLDraft

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Other than basics, little to add beyond Lamoriello usually does not make big splash trades Snow did.

Less is more after last season, fill the forward prospect pool, or best available, come home with five picks. Dal Colle, Ho-Sang, Bellows, Koivula, all the defensive prospects here for years need an NHL job, some sooner than later.

Lamoriello On Several Subjects/Qualifying Offers

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Ok, so we know why the team has a new assistant coach, who was qualified. Interesting #51-47 were not part of his two free agents to re-sign with Lee/Lehner. Prospect site updated with qualifying offers, Ho-Sang/Dal Colle, require waivers now. We'll see what Friday brings.

Happy for Lehner, but feel they need #1 goalie, too many soft goals, and a few odd moments speaking between knocking Buffalo, making playoff guarantee's, injury problems. He's been a known player for a long time, he does let up many soft goals, we got one great year out of both goalies, in one system where everyone bought in, but it's time to upgrade that spot.

They need Lee, losing him is far worse than Tavares, his skating/defense are not a question, his loss will be a massive hit, no one coming in UFA to replace his character/abilities/leadership, he's the guy you make a career NYI.

Barry Trotz Wins Jack Adams

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No one deserved it more.

Lehner Masterson

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Robin Lehner has won the Masterson Trophy.

Eberle Five Year Extension 5.5

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Eberle interview on audio.

5.5 is a good number, it's likely front-loaded/lockout protected, would not have gone much higher than six, another satisfied customer. They needed a right wing.

Want Lee signed.