New York At The Break.......

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/22/2020 04:10:00 PM |

Despite all the writing on twitter, my overall take is largely unchanged from the first paragraph in the previous entry.

They beat Colorado, got 3/4 points vs Boston, got nothing but bad calls vs Rangers all three games (and another Cizikas fall untouched on that pathetic Nassau ice) to cost them overtime at least. Then went 1-1 vs Caps, and it really should have been 2-0, Holtby was awful.

And still they avoided three straight regulation losses, found the wins/points needed in a race that will be down to the final days again.

All this despite two 7/11 game stretches, other teams get rest/tired teams coming to play them.

Yes, the players should be tired, the coach should be exhausted because he has more mileage than Arbour which many tend to ignore. Think it's been a terrible grind for him.

And it goes without writing Nassau is not home ice, Belmont will be the teams grave quickly after they go there as Dolan's tenant, our owners will be out fast.