Islander News Articles 2/20:

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Newsday: Greg Logan's article is on Andy Sutton out four-six weeks with Freddy Meyer's comments on how they used to have nine defenders for six spots.

Globe & Mail: David Shoalts reports Garth Snow at the general mangers meetings in Naples, Fla made a lenghty presentation about limiting the size of goaltenders equipment with the focus on Robert Luongo. NHLPA's new director, Paul Kelly, Colin Campbell and a few general managers had comments.

Toronto Star: Damien Cox reports Garth Snow gave information on how he used to use his equipment to add blocking area at the meetings.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has defenseman Matthew Spiller's comments on losing the coin toss to Drew Fata who he felt was playing well and deserves a call-up. Jack Capuano praised both Spiller and Fata, who he feels have both played great, are big and physical who move the puck well as he talked of the leadership they have provided.

Norfolk Admirals at Bridgeport Sound Tigers
WHEN — Tonight, 7:30
WHERE — Arena at Harbor Yard
ON THE AIR — Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

College Hockey News/Several sources: Report Niagara junior forward Les Reaney has chosen to leave school to sign a professional contract with the NHL's Edmonton Oilers. He will immediately join the Springfield (Mass.) Falcons, the Oilers' AHL affiliate.

Appeared on Islesnation Tuesday Night

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Had a great time appearing on Islesnation tonight where Tony, Pete and I talked Islander hockey for a good ninety minutes and they did an excellent job as always where we talked about the trade deadline among several things.

My thanks once again for having me on the program.

For those who wish to listen to tonight's show and did not catch it live:

Just say NO to Toronto

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2008 05:03:00 PM | | | | Comment Here Scott Morrison reports what's going on at the gm meetings with speculation it's believed the Leafs have talked to the New York Islanders about potential interest in Bryan McCabe. On Monday here he reported the rumors were the Isles were looking to move Satan and Comrie.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I do not put a lot of stock in a lot of this but it comes from a credible media source so take it for what it's worth with the slew of other rumors. I saw reports from Tsn on Jason Blake regarding the Isles but nothing with a link to something beyond speculation of the writer so I rejected posting it here.

Having written that I think Bryan McCabe is a turnover machine who cannot help this defense and makes far too much money who was just out twenty two games and has not been a good overall player for years. Even if he did want to waive his no trade clause to come here which is questionable at best, why would Garth Snow, Ted Nolan and the hockey committee make a Milbury-like deal, take on his long-term contract and pay Toronto young talent and maybe a high draft pick for the privilege so the Leafs can throw a big offer at Wade Reden in a few months with the cap space they gain?

Just does not work from where I see things.

Isles cannot afford to give up any of their upcoming prospects and need their first round and even the second round pick. They have put a lot into Gervais and Campoli and have three other defenders under contract for next year in Meyer, Witt and Martinek. Bergeron is restricted and frankly is the same players as McCabe between the big shot, the penalties and at a far more manageable cost. You could almost compare McCabe to Berard also.

If the Leafs want to move Bryan McCabe to the Isles that badly and the Isles want to take on that contract, the Leafs should give the Isles their first round pick, a prospect and take on some bad contracts the Isles do not want like Shawn Bates to make up the cap space.

Otherwise the Leafs are a club the Isles do not have to worry about in free agency with little cap room if they want to have a talk with Wade Redden or the top two defenders this group does need.

I like Jason Blake and know his speed would help and even in Toronto is among the league leaders in shots, but the Isles did not want to pay his price seven months ago, so now they are going to take that contract after a terrible season combined with him having Leukemia so the Leafs can sign someone else and start again?

I do not see this as being feasible for the club in terms of a trade unless a first round pick comes the Isles way from the Leafs and not just one.

Unless Cliff Fletcher is ready to give up their first round pick to move these players, just say no to Toronto.

New Poll on defenders

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This poll will only run for a few days before the big one is released for the trade deadline but addresses the immediate problem on defense and asks what would you do do address the depth with Sutton now out.

Choice are pretty clear cut:
*Keep using Bridgeport callups.
*Make a small deal to bring in a veteran as in a low pick.
*Hang in until Witt, Gervais can play-In other words no changes.
*Made a big deal and get a top defender to help this group.

NHL notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2008 03:28:00 PM | | | | Comment Here Reports the Los Angeles Kings traded defenseman Jaroslav Modry to the Philadelphia Flyers for a third round pick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Would not have been a bad deal for Garth Snow to try and make but Sutton's injury was only a day ago and this could have been something agreed to at GM meetings before Isles were involved. Philadelphia is at the desperation point with injuries (as Isles are now with the defense) and need to do something now to shake the mix with their losing streak. Press: Reports on some of the issues being raised at the general managers meetings with Garth Snow's involvement.

Sutton out four-six weeks

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Islanders website: Reports Andy Sutton is out four-six weeks, Drew Fata has been recalled from Bridgeport. Updates to Bruno Gervais and Brendan Witt are listed.

Newsday: Greg Logan reported in Newsday's blog Andy Sutton is out four-six weeks with a hamstring pull with Drew Fata's recall. Freddy Meyer comments on the loss of the defender and what the group has to do.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles have been fortunate to have Sutton stay this healthy for close to sixty games given his injury history but it's a huge loss because he was playing the best hockey of his career and in his most recent games was making sure to stay on the ice and not send a message with retaliation or over agressive penalties/ fights and was only getting better at blocking shots which has always been something he does very well.

Isles are going to have to make due with what they have or make a move to bring in a defender. Folks remember Drew Fata from last year.

Defense will have to be about chemistry the group shows, not names of the players at the positions.

So why are Isles winning?

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It's amazing how quickly things turnaround in this league.

You look at Detroit's losing streak, Philadelphia's streak, Ottawa's long losing streak earlier and there are just trends that clubs get into where they simply cannot win a game. Then you start to see a few signs that they are getting close to coming out of the losing streak and out of nowhere games they were finding ways to lose becomes games a team suddenly win out of nowhere.

Very few clubs are as bad as they are when they are in a losing streak and few teams are as good as the winning streaks they go on.

Usually things meet somewhere in the middle.

So why are the Isles winning?

1. Anyone who watched them play in Pittsburgh saw a team that finally seemed to be over the flu and were skating better and showed signs they were ready to break the losing streak. Some of that was about the call ups and younger legs but you could see it in the veterans as the shifts and skating were better overall and it carried over to the Minnesota game where they should have won in regulation and finally the Flyer game where they broke through against a club in a deep slump themselves.

2. Once the Isles got a win things started to turn where they were the club playing tired teams (Toronto/Atlanta) and had the confidence to outwork them and show some confidence in what they were doing. A funny thing happened along the way, Isles were taking so many shots the other team did not have the puck as much so there was less pressure on the team defense.

3. As much as the Isles miss Brendan Witt on the backline the overall speed Johnson, Berard and Bergeron add to the group is an asset. When you combine that with the younger legs on the roster it does help this team get more chances and quality chances. So far that group is not being eaten alive with turnovers, mistakes in front of DiPietro and are doing their part on offense and they do have a little chemistry going for themselves that could end with Sutton out.

4. Some breaks sure do not hurt and Guerin's backhand landing next to Hilbert hustling is a break they made for themselves. In the Carolina home ot loss the Canes got some bounces to take a game Isles led 2-0. Over eight two games things do even out if you work hard most of the time.

5. No denying the club has shown some sustained scoring in the recent games and getting it from almost everyone. We know that scoring has been the club's achilles heel all season, will that trend resurface and hinder them with a power play that looked lost yesterday after dominating in Toronto?

So now the big question is what happens next.

The Sharks game had a lot of poor trends and the hard work was missing and the Sharks were the team slumping and tired.

That disallowed goal the Isles overwhelmed the San Jose defense and goalie and Bergenheim put in the kind of goal that cannot be stopped and seemed to take away the kind of goals they worked for against Atlanta and that momentum. The refs had something to do with this yesterday but that extra jump was not there, granted they played a good (but slumping) Sharks club that knows how to play one goal games, Isles stole a game but now we see what club takes the ice against Washington.

Ted Nolan always says one thing you can control is your effort. I want to see the skating and the quickness against Washington. To keep winning that's where it starts.

This team must keep winning. Club's three games over five hundred do not make the playoffs in this league.

Those teams struggling likely will be winning soon, trends change and slumps end.

Isles have four games against Philadelphia in March.

Isles should buy and sell at deadline

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Are there any rules that say you cannot do both?

Islanders are going to have to be buyers on defense just to survive the season unless Gervais and Witt are closer than what's being reported. It's asking a lot to expect Bryan Berard, Radek Martinek and some of these other defenders to be durable the rest of the way and history is not on their side.

Trading a low pick for a defender along the lines of a Brad Lukowich who can take Sutton's or Campoli's spot would not be a bad idea for Garth Snow. If the Isles do get into the playoff they are going to need some depth.

If this team is winning as they are right now and getting enough scoring to be competitive plus keeping shots against down, there is no rule here that says Mike Sillinger cannot be traded in a sellers move for a young player and a pick that can help along the way.

Hunter, Fedotenko Comrie and Satan are possible trades where it get's interesting because those are players who are contributing to the winning streak. You trade them now you are playing more for the future unless it's a lateral move to fill a spot.

Islander News Articles 2/19

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Newsday: Greg Logan reports on the Isles comeback with Ted Nolan's comments about the Sharks goalie being injured or shaken up, Mike Comrie on his goal and the move he made and Freddy Meyer on the game winner.

Newsday: Greg Logan's other article is on the death of Brandon Nolan's teammate, injury updates to Andy Sutton and Blake Comeau and Isles inspire program.

NY Post: Dan Martin's game coverage has Mike Comrie and Ted Nolan's comments.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space article.

San Jose Mercury News: David Pollak reports on the Sharks loss to the Isles.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's blog reports Drew Fata was called up to the Islanders today.

Yahoo Sports: Ross Mc Keon feels the Islanders despite the winning streak should be big sellers because he thinks they probably have to pass too many teams to have a legitimate shot at the postseason.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles are one point out of a playoff spot with some teams falling quickly, hard to see them as sellers because it's still too early with a week left.

New York 3, San Jose 2

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Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the recap of today's
3-2 win vs the San Jose Sharks with Ted Nolan's comments on how the club pulled together and found a way to win and credited Mike Comrie on his goal.

Andy Sutton left the game late in the third period with a hamstring injury and did not return. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow...Blake Comeau was boarded in the third period by leading to a five-minute power play. Comeau did not return, but said he was fine after the game.

Associated Press: Has an early recap.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Huge win but frankly they stole two points and for two periods it looked like the games against the Kings and Ducks where they did virtually nothing.

Refs had too much control of the game and did not let either team get into any kind of rhythm with back to back five on three's for both clubs.

Having written that San Jose had the better pressure and forced the Isles most of the game and it looked like a trap. After Thornton's goal it looked over as the Isles could not even put two passes together. Isles power play looked completely lost in this game from beginning to end. The early five on three was a nightmare.

Somehow out of nowhere Guerin's backhand went to Hilbert who made a great play for the first goal and Comrie's move one on one caught Kyle McLaren as he made a great shot five hole to tie the game within a minute. Say what you want about Nabokov being injured but Meyer just made a great shot that hit the far post against an excellent goalie for the game winner.

Then Blake Comeau got boarded by Murray and it did not look good when he left, Isles played a mostly conservative power play with the five minutes and San Jose got chances. Andy Sutton injury to me looked very bad, Ted Nolan said it was his hamstring in the postgame.

Isles defense did a solid job, DiPietro made a few excellent saves but the defense got in the passing lanes and forced the Sharks to the angles.

How the Isles got the win was another story, but it's an enormous two points in the overall picture.

Four straight wins heading to Washington. Isles have not won five in a row since December of 1994. One point out of a playoff spot.

We'll see what happens on the injury front. Drew Fata, Mark Wotton, Matt Spiller, Jamie Fraser are the most likely to be called unless Scott Ford is the choice, Dustin Kohn has been out with a shoulder injury.

Chris Simon just found his spot for Thursday if Comeau is out for any length of time.

Gone are the days of nine defenders and six spots, long gone. Sutton's loss may be too much because he was playing the best defense of his career. Gervais, Witt and even Jon Sim skated at practice.

Biggest win of the season to date in terms of momentum, feels like Isles stole two points today.

Live Blog: New York 3, San Jose 2

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A little live blogging today.

Ted Nolan not on bench (personal reasons) Fedotenko runner up for player of week in NHL. Comrie another retaliation penalty in offensive zone. San Jose's second powerplay looked very dangerous and backed Isles in.

1st Period:
Islanders score in transition off great shift by Bergenheim but after whistle blew.
No goal-Five on three powerplay for Isles.

2:33pm-Bergeron offsides five on three.
2:34-pp looks terrible so far, cannot even set up.
2:35-stationary, slow powerplay, Nabakov barely tested, Isles could not even get in zone for most of it.

2:36-Power play a complete disaster, Sharks come out of box, beat icing and draw two powerplays like it was scripted.

2:38-Johnson and Meyer in box.
2:39-Big clear Martinek.
2:40-Isles kill full five on three shorthanded, Sharks owned puck in Isles zone but did not get rebounds.

2:42-Great play Martinek to win puck at Isles blue line.
2:43-Sharks fifth powerplay, Trent Hunter marginal interference call.
2:44-Hilbert clear.
2:44-Suton check, Park clear....period ends.

Isles spent most of the period shorthanded so they generated little in terms of offense. San Jose had a lot of pressure in close but seemed one pass short of a goal, Sutton played very well. Isles defense did a good job with sticks in lanes breaking up passes. Jody Shelley should never beat anyone to avert an icing, even coming out of penalty box.

2:47-Ted Nolan in his office dealing with a personal matter.
Shots: 7-5 San Jose
Second period:
Sharks have about a minute of power play time to start second.

3:01-Ted Nolan on bench.
3:02-Sutton big block, DiPietro save, penalty over.
3:05: Marcel Goc comes out from bad angle and finds far post 1-0 San Jose.
No interference on Shelley after Hunter call?

3:09-Isles pp after Sutton-Cheechoo-Michalek sticks and pushing.
3:10-Save off Bergeron in front on pp.
3:11-Isles pp does nothing late and get's pinned in zone.
3:12-Cheechoo chances, save DiPietro.
3:12-Sharks penalty on Cheechoo, play called for illegal Isles substitution as they had puck, but no penalty on Isles.

Refs controlling game to where it has little flow.

3:14-Isles powerplay.
3:15-Satan-Comrie-Guerin setup up but one centering attempt cleared.
3:16-Sharks key on shots, powerplay ends.

3:18-Martinek save off Satan pass coming in from point, Isles do everything but finish. Nabokov cut, play dead, leaving game. Defense clears puck from Park with empty net.

3:22-Thomas Greiss in goal for San Jose.
3:22-Isles have only seven shots.
3:23-Comeau good shot off rush.
3:24-Isles penalty for slash on Guerin, DiPietro big save on delayed penalty.

3:26-Fedotenko draws hooking penalty on Cheechoo, four on four play.
3:27-Quick whistle on DiPietro save.
3:27-First Coliseum game since Trottier retirement ceremony.
3:28-Isles brief powerplay goes nowhere, Satan shot blocked.

3:32-Icing Isles, game announcement of sellout.
3:34-DiPietro good save on Rivet, robs Cheechoo.
3:34-Save on Berard from point.
3:36-Isles watching as Sharks beating them to pucks, Bergenheim soft clearing pass.
3:37-Second period ends.
Isles nine shots, very few quality chances or sustained pressure. Extra step missing in this game, refs have taken both clubs off their game with little flow and too many calls. Very few individuals efforts noticeable unless it's defenders getting sticks in passing lanes. Sharks playing a good road game and giving the Isles little.

Nabokov, facial laceration, could return.
Side Notable-Somehow the 4-0 Sound Tigers did not have one player nominated for AHL player of the week, despite Steve Regier, Morrision having big weeks?

Ten players or more are listed, btw.
Third period:
3:55- Evgeni Nabokov back in goal for San Jose, Greiss faced one shot.
3:57-Isles being outworked in first minute, icing against.
3:59-Isles third icing, San Jose making it tough to generate anything.

4:00-Broken play off Isles block to Thornton for backhand goal 2-0 San Jose.

4:02-Floating backhand by Guerin hits stick to Hilbert who bangs in goal 2-1

4:03-Mike Comrie makes his Darron Quint move on Kyle McLaren and scores through five hole 2-2 !!
4:06-Hunter work behind net draws powerplay. Refs seem destined to decide game as they up their numbers for calls, Isles powerplay.
4:07-Bergeron point shot, save Nabokov.
4:08-DiPietro save off San Jose block and pass for breakaway by Mitchell, two on one breakaway a second time saved by DiPietro...powerplay over.
4:09-Isles icing, 11:26 left in regulation.
4:13-Another Isles icing.
4:15-Isles need to move puck or force Sharks to go two hundred feet, some center ice play needed.

4:18-Freddy Meyer with snap shot off wing from faceoff circle 3-2 New York, Bergenheim good enrty pass.

4:19-Save on Sutton, Isles starting to skate, good shift in SJ zone with Hunter missing wide from good angle.
4:21-Comeau boarded from behind by Murray and hurt, went down head first and went in like his arm got it but leaves ice. Good ovation by crowd, looks like boarding major and automatic ejection to Douglas Murray.
4:24-Five minute powerplay for last seven minutes. Hunter stopped by Nabokov.
4:25-Isles controlling puck, Berard shot blocked.
About 1:31 disparity in game clock to Sharks penalty.
4:27-Save on Guerin, Sharks not sitting back down by a goal, very dangerous given how things have gone this season. Nielsen on powerplay.
4:28-DiPietro save on Mike Grier, quick whistle as he tried to move puck.
4:29-Looks like even strength play on Isles pp with Sharks coming at Isles. PP almost over.
4:30-Powerplay over, Save Nabakov on Guerin and hold. Satan. Ehroff and Satan. Shelley trying to engage Sutton. Satan heads to box.

4:32-Satan/Comrie in box for Isles, Nabakov to bench. Even strength.
4:33-DiPietro incredible save, Sutton looks badly hurt as if leg gave out on hit in corner. Sutton being helped off like it's serious, can put no weight on leg.
4:35: 16.2 left.
4:36: Isles icing, six second left.
4:36: Timeout San Jose, faceoff Isles zone.
4:38: Vasieck wins faceoff, Isles clear zone and WIN THE GAME 3-2.............

2/18: New York vs San Jose 2pm FSN

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/18/2008 12:43:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the preview of today's game against the San Jose Sharks.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
San Jose has lost three in a row and played yesterday but most of their games are one goal contests so maybe they are a little tired but it comes down to the Islanders continuing to build on what they have been doing. Someone has to step up every game and do something to help the team win. Nabakov is one of the best goaltenders in the league and players like Thornton, Michalek, Cheechoo and Bernier are very good group of players. Jeremy Roenick also plays for San Jose.

San Jose is the second best penalty killing team in the league. Isles recent surge with the powerplay moved them up to nineteenth. San Jose (31-19-8) has the fewest road losses in the league. Patrick Marleau has been sidelined with a sore groin. His status for Monday's game is uncertain.

Jody Shelley many may recall was traded to San Jose earlier this year after years with Columbus.

Season's not over if they lose this game, but with so many teams in front of them they cannot gain ground on everyone unless they keep winning. Three games in a row is not enough and neither is two games over five hundred.

The hard work and skating has been visible since the Pittsburgh game and the club seems to finally have some confidence in itself.

It has to continue.

Islander News Articles 2/18:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/17/2008 11:24:00 PM | | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Erik Boland's article was on the improved defensive play with Ted Nolan's comments on how it has been a matter of simplifying things. Bryan Berard credited the unit's depth, increased confidence and feels they are back in the playoff mix.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps the Sound Tigers win against Hartford with Steve Regier's comments.

Hartford Coutant: Bruce Berlet recaps the Wolfpack's loss.

Point Blank: Chris Botta had a Sunday blog on the Islanders media access to the players and how they always make themselves available.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Agree with Mr Botta on the space being up to the editor not the beat writer which is a stance I have maintained all season but some things do go to the work of the beat writer.

Disagree on Mr Logan's/Newsday Islander blog being of such length it get's an automatic pass for being out blogged in the Islanders only newspaper by a good four to one ratio compared to the Ranger blog. That's one I suspect we will never agree on.

Mr Zipay built up his page as he promised his readers and reported a record high page hits while Mr Logan has done nothing for Islander fans and had not put links to Islander sites on his page.

I expect Mr Botta read Jay Greenberg's article today I discussed and made sure the fans know Rick DiPietro and the Islanders go out of their way at all times to accommodate the media which I have no doubt they do.

Mr Botta's criticism of Dan Martin's use of his space early this season speaks for itself when he goes out of his way to dispute attendance and a blog needs to be written to explain how a thousand kids could not attend at the last minute.

Sadly it seems no space will provided in the city papers for this team on a game in basis or blogs which should cost nothing but a little extra time. This goes on the sports editors also.

Having written that the Islanders themselves are not totally blameless in this.

The Long Island commentary about almost everything regarding this organization coming out of it's PR department is making it very easy for the New York City editors to overlook the club when they seem to be looking for an excuse not to cover the club going in.

Sometimes you have to reach out and let your fans know in New York City and the
tri-state area that this is New York Islander Country too. The strong Islander fan support at the Garden and in New Jersey speaks for itself. Dan Rosen has a feature on Blake Comeau with praise from Ted Nolan, Bill Guerin and Tim Jackman.

Updated 5pm:
Sports Darren Eliot looks at the Isles going into the trade deadline and asks can they make a run again. He feels this is a group defined by what they are rather than what they lack and with that kind of outlook and belief, anything is possible. Ted Nolan is quoted.

Sound Tigers sweep weekend

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/17/2008 08:18:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here

SoundTigers website: Reports on Bridgeport's sweep of the weekend with a 4-1 win against the Hartford Wolfpack on Sunday at Harbor Yard. Has a recap of the game.

Steve Regier had two goals, Joey MacDonald stopped 32 shots.
7,750 was a season high for attendance.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog Pascal Morency was taken off on a backboard and a stretcher, apparently he had feeling and movement and was off to the hospital for X-rays.

NY Post double-standard on Isles

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/17/2008 03:17:00 PM | | | Comment Here
For openers apparently the PSAL beat is the sports editors preference for Dan Martin because Mike Puma covered Saturday's game while Mr Martin did coverage of a PSAL event.

This was after the Post sent no writer at all to Monday's home game against Philadelphia.

Earlier this year Ranger beat writer Larry Brooks poked fun at Radek Martinek in his column for Ryan Hollwig according to the player pulling at his stitches but when it involves his favorite team here is so offended he writes:

Finally, the faces and titles change but the low-grade environment in Ed Snider's Philadelphia never really does, witness the constant scoreboard video replays of Bully Steve Downie beating up on Fedor Tyutin last Saturday and suggest maybe the Rangers should simply play the "highlight" video of Colton Orr breaking Todd Fedoruk's face every five minutes whenever the Flyers come to the Garden?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess Mr Brooks does not like it when things work both ways?

It get's even worse today with Jay Greenberg having the nerve here to list Chris Simon as immature and a psycho winger then calls Rick DiPietro cocky here with an untethered ego who dismisses good questions from reporters like they were pucks shot from
point-blank range.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles don't have anyone who cares about the club in the print media who will respond to this non-sense so I guess I will.

Can you imagine how quick Mr Brooks and Mr Dellapina would go after Greg Logan if he wrote that about Ranger players? We already saw them go after Howard Berger from Fan590 earlier this year.

A good hockey question from the New York Post? Sounds like a contradiction in terms from the beginning.

New York Hockey coverage at the Post and in general has never been at a lower point between the sports editors providing limited space combined with Larry Brooks and Jay Greenberg's subjective double-standards which has only served to hurt the exposure for hockey in the New York market. Sad how far Mr Greenberg has fallen since his days in St Louis and Philadelphia.

Mr Brooks made a career of covering the Isles with the glass half empty going back to being the beat writer in 1980 who would give them a fair share of accolades but never what they deserved for their accomplishments. He did lobby to get players in the Hall of Fame but for every positive thing there have been about five other things that were brutal.

The ink did not even dry for the Al Arbour night feature and Mr Brooks was already making a second feature on Charles Wang about Neil Smith the same day, even though at that time there was no updated report about his status just to write something negative about Mr Wang.

Even worse Mr Brooks got caught with a major mistake reporting Mike Bossy returned for the 25th anniversary in 2006 for money and had to issue a public retraction where he blamed everyone but himself.

As for the Islanders relationship with the Post why should Rick DiPietro or any New York Islander representative give any NY Post writer the time of day given how the Post covers this team much less someone like Jay Greenberg who never writes a favorable word about the Isles and only goes near the Coliseum for the Ranger angle or covers a game on very rare occasions?

The Post provides blanket Devils coverage of the games home and away and you expect Rick DiPietro to help you fill your quote book when you appear twice a year?

Maybe Rick DiPietro has no respect for how the post is covering our team and cannot even put a blog for the team in the paper but DiPietro is generally praised top to bottom from the media folks who speak to him and likely could care less what any newspaper writes as he always seems to make himself available regardless as does the organization as a whole.

Is it fair to speculate Dan Martin told Mr Greenberg this about DiPietro or he needed to put an Islander in there to replace Jason Blake who used to also get ripped in these Post player features? Never does a player or coach from our team make the list for doing something good despite how much Ted Nolan seems to go out of his way for everyone. Peter Laviolette also seemed willing to give his time to anyone and Steve Stirling always was classy and even went into NYC to appear on television after midnight when he was hired.

I'm still wondering why for the first game against Washington Dan Martin uses one of his limited paragrahps on game coverage to make issue of a few empty seats which even Chris Botta had some words for to make some point a game was not sold out which was.

I wonder if Mr Greenberg felt this way about Simon when he was a Ranger and getting suspended for a stick swing at Ruslan Fedotenko of the Lightning or jumping Dave Scatchard in a shoulder harness? He sure seemed mature with the kids in Winnipeg but why even consider that?

Final poll results

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/17/2008 03:03:00 PM | Comment Here
Nice job everyone on the poll which produced record numbers.

Based on team results that were terrible when I started this a week ago until now where the club has won three in a row the winning streak did change the votes the other way.

Forty five of forty nine want Bill Guerin to stay.

Forty three of fifty think Miroslav Satan should be traded which is his choice with a no trade clause.

Thirty seven of forty nine want Mike Sillinger to return for the final year of his contract. If the team stays in contention without him it's going to be interesting to see if he survives the deadline.

Thirty two of forty eight want the Isles to resign Trent Hunter with his eight goals, he spoke about it today and to me did not sound like a man who wanted to be a part of this team at all costs.

Imagine if this club keeps winning without Brendan Witt and the Isles can get a huge return because he has another year on his contract? Forty seven of forty eight do not wish to take that chance but when the poll started he was healthy.

Thirty five of fifty want the Isles to resign Mike Comrie.

The late districts reporting upped the resign Fedotenko-Vasicek vote to where nine folks want them to be resign, but forty others suggest they be traded.

Fun poll, will be very tough to top but I will try starting Tuesday.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.

Islander News Articles 2/17:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2008 11:23:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's recap had Ted Nolan's comments on the win, Rick DiPietro praised the teams defensive effort as the best in a while with Ruslan Fedotenko crediting his line mates and for taking more chances offensively. Sean Bergenheim felt the players in front of the goal recently which has been worked on in practice has made a difference but felt Atlanta did not play well. Mr Logan wrote Blake Comeau laughed off what Grant Exelby did to him when he went after him.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This game should earn the club a Newsday back page and a second article Sunday.

Newsday: Greg Logan had an update on Trent Hunter's contract negotiations and the trade deadline.

NY Post: Mike Puma had coverage of Islanders saturday win against Atlanta.

Daily News: Peter Botte should make a note being that he actually attended the game that the Islanders defeated Atlanta Saturday, not Toronto.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Craig Custance has the recap with gm/coach Don Waddell. All Kari Lehtonen said was he really does not want to remember anything from tonight, except the nice ice girls.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's recap is about a club that has won eight of ten and only two points out of a playoff spot. Bridgeport has allowed 130 shots in the past three games and won them all, Mike Morrison had his fifth shutout of the year. Drew Fata credited the goaltending and feels the defense is clearing the rebounds.

Sean Bentivoglio and Ben Walter scored 15 seconds apart that tied the team record for its fastest two goals set Feb. 3, 2002, David Morriset and Jason Podollan.

Matt Keith and Andy Sertich returned to the lineup. Jeremy Colliton had another big game with a goal and several big plays.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's second article was about Harbor Yard's makeover from a basketball court to a hockey rink.

Hartford Wolf Pack at Bridgeport Sound Tigers
WHEN - Today, 4 p.m.
WHERE - Arena at Harbor Yard
ON THE AIR - No radio; Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

New York 4, Atlanta 1

Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 4-1 win against the Atlanta Thrashers where they set an all time franchise record for lowest shots against in a game with eleven with was set in March of 1977 against Detroit. Ted Nolan felt it was one of the best efforts since he has been here and praised Ruslan Fedotenko and a lot of the players for turning their games around, Sean Bergenheim feels nothing has changed for him but his shots are going in, Blake Comeau talked about Atlanta being frustated which led to a spear against him.

Totals 1st 2nd 3rd T
Atlanta 4 2 4 10
New York 20 17 12 49

Rick DiPietro set an all-time record for assist by an Islander goaltender in a single season. Plus thirty nine shot differential is also a new Islander team record.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This team is playing and working like they want to stay together, it could have been seven or eight goals the way they worked. It was that impressive top to bottom.

An all time record for lowest shots against in a game with Freddy Meyer, Andy Sutton, Radek Martink, Marc Andre Bergeron, Bryan Berard and Aaron Johnson as the six defenders with Mike Sillinger's defense out of the lineup. Sutton was a wall in front of DiPietro.

I have written it several times, defense is about names not chemistry and tonight this group proved it.

The Thrashers got some early power plays but the Islanders owned this game from beginning to end and it was easily the best effort of the season and maybe it years because they simply dominated play.

Berard sticking up for Comeau was very impressive. Park's play to Satan completely fooled Lehtonen. Bergenheim again crashed the net for a big goal and could have had a few more. Isles took advantage of Bergeron's shot again with a big goal but did not set up a screen with a five on three. Fedotenko, Hunter and Vasicek looked dominating at times with Hunter moving very well and Fedotenko playing like a man who cannot be stopped, his second and third effort created his goal.

This team keeps scoring like this they should be ok, it has to continue.

Write what you want about Atlanta being tired but forty nine shots after the high shot total against Philadelphia and something is obviously working very well in terms of getting pucks to the net.

How do you change this mix the way these kids are playing, their speed is a huge factor. Nielsen had a good night on face-offs, these kids start scoring it's only going to get even better.

More tomorrow afternoon on this game but what a great night in front of another sellout.

I have written all year it changes quickly, it's changing again in favor of the Isles and they are earning it. It needs to happen again on Monday. Reports the Sound Tigers again gave up forty shots on Saturday night and once again the Sound Tigers goaltending held together and Bridgeport shuthout the WBS Scranton Pens 4-0 with Mike Morrison in goal. Ben Walter, Sean Bentivoglio, Jeremy Colliton and Jamie Fraser scored for Bridgeport. Steve Regier had two more assists.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That's 5-1 in six games for coach Jack Capuano's squad with a lot of players on call to the Isles.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's post-game blog felt it was Bridgeport's best game of the season.

Bridgeport plays Sunday 4pm against Hartford at Harbor Yard.

Islander notables Saturday

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2008 04:43:00 PM | | | 2 Comments
Media Blog: Cory Witt updated his blog and reports it looks like Kari Lehtonen will get the nod for Atlanta in goal along with some other items.

Mike Comrie and Trent Hunter will wear the “A” on their jersey's until the injured Mike Sillinger and Brendan Witt return to the lineup.

The Islander telecast will have a pregame tonight for what that is worth.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The format of Msg doing content for three teams on occasional pregames at best has been a total failure on every possible level.

In my opinion Islander fans are not interested in Al Trautwig or Stan's Fischler opinion of the Islanders and only seem to appear to make sure to plug the Garden's team.

This is a format that needs to be dumped because now I see these pregames and go out of my way to avoid them.

If a game is on FSN-2 we do not even know there is a pregame because the cable guide for Time Warner does not list a game, just tv guide channel programming.

Newsday: Greg Logan's blog was on Bryan Berard who had a lot to say about all the time he has been on the bench this year, the powerplay and his role and what he's trying to do when he is in the lineup. He also talks about how the turnovers may stick in Ted Nolan's mind but likes being here.

I'm not sure if I will have a postgame blog afterward. It will either be tonight or Sunday afternoon.

A few words: Howie, Billy and Deb

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2008 02:25:00 PM | | | | | 2 Comments
I do not want to be critical of the on-air performance because I think in general all three do quality work overall.

Having written that I was taken aback at how little credit Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe were giving the Isles in Toronto. Mr Rose either seems too excited after any chance to score when the Isles are struggling to do anything or when they are scoring barely raises his voice after a great save or play and sometimes both announcers talk through important plays.

Mr Jaffe has a little too much cheerleading in his coverage but Islanders are so starved for someome to show them a little love in the media it's easy to look past it. Only downside to his on-air work is Islanders could play a terrible game and somehow be winning and he see's all the positives or they could be losing and playing well but all he does is point out the negatives.

Of course, I just was critical of both after a good win so that goes in several directions at times. Again, to me the overall work has quality.

But that's not why I'm doing a blog today about them.

Deb Kaufman has full access to Ted Nolan and seems to be leading the media with quesrtions after games, specially on the road in terms of questions for the coach.

She has a blog at Msg that was updated on Feb 1st and 6th here but before that had not written one article since October 22nd?

Mr Jaffe has had a few recent sit downs with Chris King on Islanders television and sometimes does the practice reports. We all know on occasion he's on Versus for games as well. But he also has a blog at Msg here and outside of one blog on Feb 1st, has done only two blogs this season for the team aside from telling Islander and Ranger fans to respect the national anthem.

Mr Rose also has a blog at Msg here which has not been updated all season but had two blogs in the playoffs against Buffalo and one on March 29th 2007.

My question is if they are around the club on game days and have a blog why not give the fans some information on a consistent basis? I'm sure Ms Kaufman still has to do pregame interviews and get the coaches comments but overall the pregame has been eliminated from Islander television coverage this year for the most part.

Devils have Steve Cangialosi, Ken Daneyko, I'm not sure if Mr Fischler has been to Newark. Butch Goring's appearances have been infrequent.

I think these are fair questions. I know the updates have been so rare I do not post them here nor am I asking for daily blogs but how about once a week?

Butch Goring is not included for those wondering.

You may ask why did I not include Chris King and Steve Mears in this?
1. They do not have blog space at Msg because they are not employees of the Garden.
2. Both do most of the practice reports on game day for Isles TV and do postgame shows from the Coliseum on the radio.

2/16: New York vs Atlanta 7pm FSN

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2008 01:38:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has Ted Nolan's comments on how his players have stepped up with a few words about most of them.

Islanders website/AP: Preview's tonight's game against the Atlanta Thrashers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I watched parts of Atlanta's come from behind shootout win against the Devils, Thrashers fell behind early but were very fast and physical and got the game to overtime in the final seconds and simply refused to not come out with two points and were very hungry. Second period they simply took the momentum.

Boulton and Holik were hitting anyone they could find. Kovalchuk and Hossa outstanding at times as the Thrashers were all over Martin Brodeur every chance they could get.

Simply put the Islanders are going to have to find a way to be better and come out with two points and the defenders are going to have to protect DiPietro. I do not want to over use the word must win every game but this is where the Isles are now, win one lose one is worthless.

They have to get on a winning streak because it's the only way to gain ground on a group of teams that are ahead of them. Anything less is not going to get it done in terms of playoff positioning.

What happened the last time these two clubs met in New York should be plenty of motivation if the standings are not.

Same lineup for the Isles according to early reports.

This is Atlanta's third game in four days for what that is worth. Hedberg played against the Devils and won a ten round shootout.

Islander News Articles 2/16

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2008 01:02:00 PM | | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Erik Boland reports on how the line of Hunter, Vasicek and Fedotenko have combined for five goals, eight assists and 44 shots on goal in a four-game stretch that has seen the Islanders go 2-1-1 with Trent Hunter's comments. Ted Nolan talks about his teams defensive pairings with all the injuries.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted the print edition of the newspaper only included the Ranger article. Which means if you actually purchase Newsday you will not find Islander coverage or know to attend tonight's game if wanted to attend.

Sound Report Joey MacDonald faced forty nine shots and led Bridgeport to a 6-3 against Albany Friday. Justin Bourne and Jason Pitton scored their first goal of the season in the win.

Albany Times Union: Pete Dougherty has the River Rats coverage on the loss.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio blogged on the win with Jack Capuano's praise for Jason Pitton.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage had Jack Capuano's praise for his goaltender and talked about the teams defensive play allowing shots from the outside as part of a system adjustment. Kyle Okposo had an empty net goal and an assist to Steve Regier. Jeremy Colliton set up two goals, Tim Jackman scored and had a helper.

Bridgeport plays Saturday at home against WBS Scranton.

Islander/NHL notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2008 02:57:00 PM | | | | | | | 2 Comments
Canadian Press: Released a full article on Islander defenseman Aaron Johnson with assistant coach Gerard Gallant's comments on how he works with praise for his attitude.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is from yesterday. It's too good not to put here for everyone and gives us more on the young defender than we have read this season. Johnson had his first point as an Islander against Toronto.

JKP, reponds and says the the CP writer was Neil Stevens, I guessed it was Pierre Lebrun.

Thanks JKP.

Espn: Scott Burnside Friday afternoon lists the Islanders among the sellers at the trade deadline, but does not credit them for the recent wins?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I bring this up because how can Mr Burnside note Chicago and Edmonton were showing signs of having more wind in their sails but not the Isles who are unbeaten in three? Hawks are 3-1-1 in five games.

Islanders are only six points out of sixth place today so how does that put them automatically in the sellers category today?

It could become that way in a week but for the moment it's time to take a step back until we see. Mr Burnside has been infamous for counting the Isles out early and should know better by now. Reports Rod Brind'Amour had surgery on his knee and likely out for the season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Players like Rod Brind'Amour make this a better league, his loss hurts the sport.

Vancouver Sun: Elliott Pap reports Canucks assistant gm and former Islander, Steve Tambellini was hesitant about going to see his son Jeff with the Isles earlier this year with the players fathers and mentors but said Garth Snow was outstanding about it and called the experience fantastic as the Canucks are about to do the same thing.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess that did not make it into the New York Times Ranger coverage or Lynn Zinser's blog like Brian Burke-Pat Lafontaine did and will not when the Rangers play Buffalo Saturday. Ken Campbell writes no NHL gm is in a more vexing position at the trade deadline than Garth Snow and does his own speculation at what the team may do at the trade deadline with Mike Comrie's comments about resigning and a bond this club has which is hard to find.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Considering some of the earlier articles Mr Campbell wrote on the team, this is a good one that's fair across the board. He did not know Meyer was resigned but the rest seems to be solid. Wonder if that sit down interview he had with DiPietro at the all-star break helped soften his stance?

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio blogged on today's practice and updated the injuries for tonight's game while Sound did a preview.

Islanders website : Had an update on the effort at games concerning the Light House Project Mike Bossy was profiled in a core of the four preview.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Best pure goal scorer I have ever seen. Never double shifted, always had to play defense and did far better than he ever got credit for as someone Al Arbour trusted on the ice at the end of games. If Mike Bossy played on an offensive club geared for run and gun hockey he could have scored a hundred in a year, he used to say he never looked at the net because it never moved. He knew how to find openings in goaltenders and to date is the only player in league history to score fifty goals nine years in a row. I have no doubt it would have been ten if his back injury which caused his early retirement did not kill him that final year which he talked about in his book titled the Mike Bossy story.

I miss his blog from last year, he did a very good job with it.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Bill Tiller in my opinion is very unprofessional here with poor journalism that makes me look long and hard at what I put in my blog in terms of credible media sources. Even worse for hockey fans his work appears in the Hockey News here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
How can the sports editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution permit that level of content?

In my estimation any of the twelve other folks blogging for the team at the blog box here and even I could provide any of the local newspapers with far superior coverage than this.

Projecting out the standings PT III

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2008 02:11:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders are not making me look too good here with my projections but they are breaking some trends both ways which means things meet in the middle. From the last
update here Isles were two points off my projected pace of 93 points.

Going into doing this I wrote there will be no changes in projected results, regardless of injuries, trades/whatever.

Projections vs game results.................93 points projected.
Jan 29, Senators-Loss 54 points 24-21-6.....Isles lost
Jan 31, Kings-Win 56 points 25-21-6.........Isles lost two points below pace set.
Feb 2, at Canadians-Loss 56 points 25-22-6..Isles lost
Feb 5, Ducks-Loss 56 points 25-23-6.........Isles lost
Feb 7, at Penguins otl 57 points 25-23-7....Isles lost three points below pace.
Feb 9, at Wild W 59 points 26-23-7..........Isles lost ot four point below pace set.
Feb 12 Flyers L 59 points 26-24-7...........Isles won two points below pace set.
Feb 14, at Maple Leafs L 59 points 26-25-7..Isles won even with pace set.

Currently the Islanders with the recent wins in games projected to be losses are back on the pace I projected them to have 93 points. They broke the Flyer/Leaf trends this year and at ACC with wins and the Pens game should have gone to ot and in Minnesota team has the lead late.

Isles now have to go 5-1-1 to stay on the pace I had them on which is for 93 points.

Feb 16, Thrashers W 61 points 27-25-7
Feb 18, Sharks W 63 points 28-25-7
Feb 20, at Capitals ot L 64 points 28-25-8
Feb 21, Lightning W 66 points 29-25-8
Feb 23, at Devils L 66 points 29-26-8
Feb 26, Penguins W 68 points 30-26-8
Feb 28, at Thrashers W 70 points 31-26-8

The first blog on this projecting out all the games is here for those curious.

Updated Poll Results

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2008 01:56:00 PM | Comment Here
Thanks for the big turnout on the poll everyone.

Here are the numbers going into the final day:

35 of 37-Want Bill Guerin to return for the second season of his contract.

32 of 37-Want the Islanders to trade Miroslav Satan who does have a no trade clause and can simply veto any deal and walk in the summer with no return.

28 of 37-In somewhat of a surprise to me given his poor production and age want Mike Sillinger to return for the third year of his contract.

22 of 36-Want the Islanders to resign Trent Hunter who is unrestricted this summer and has not had the production playing with Sillinger and an assortment of left wings this season.

36 of 36- Voted that Brendan Witt should return for the final year of his contract, despite what could have been a huge return before his knee injury which may make any discussion moot.

27 of 38-Voted that the club should bring back Mike Comrie. I tend to agree because they need every top six forward they can get and in the right mix of speed and skill could be so much better. But there are good reasons to find someone else also and save the money plus he could bring a good return as a rental.

31 of 36-Voted to trade Ruslan Fedotenko who is looking like the player he was the first twenty games and scoring some big goals. I wonder if the trends are going to go the other way based on the last few games. We have his comments about resigning here today for reference.

31 of 37-Voted to trade Josef Vasicek which is hard to disagree with because even though he has had a good week also, has lived up to his reputation of being inconsistent in terms of scoring, despite the great start. I ask the question why can't Frans Nielsen score if given a full shot, same for Ben Walter. Of course they may not be able to play the same kind of defense which coaches look for above anything with prospects.

Good job everyone. Going to be very tough to top this poll moving forward.

Newsday's Islander Insider

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2008 01:04:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan has the Islander Insider with Ted Nolan's comments he believes teams have tried to bully the Islanders without Simon in the lineup, but the enforcer must be aggressive within the rules of the league with the issue of what player could be demoted for Simon to return to his spot on left wing also speculated about.

Miroslav Satan did not want to comment what will happen if the Isles ask him to waive his no trade clause but will comment if that does happen at some point. Mike Comrie expressed his desire to return and told us about what's happened on this front to date, while Ruslan Fedotenko declined comment on whether he's negotiating with the Isles, but made it clear he liked the organization and wanted to stay.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't want to be critical of Greg Logan daily but how does he approach Satan, Comrie and Fedotenko and not the longest tenured player in Trent Hunter or at least get a no-comment from him or his agent? We read all the comments after his arbitration hearing last summer, it's time we get some kind of read on what's going to happen here. I read his blog comments where he blasted Simon earlier and of course he is entitled to that. I question why Mr Logan did not report on his trip to Winnipeg earlier and the teams website instead had to post the article for the fans afterward.

Regardless of how you feel about Simon there is an obligation to report everything if you are going to provide coverage.

Islander News Articles 2/15:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 11:57:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newaday: Greg Logan's early article on the win against Toronto (without quotes)is about how the Islanders finally got the calls from the league's Toronto office located no more than 100 yards from Air Canada Centre with credit to the Bridgeport connection and their effort in the win.

Newsday: Greg Logan's article on the game from above (with quotes) had Rick DiPietro on how big the five on three penalty kill was and Fedotenko on how successful the powerplay was.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not a word in the newspaper from Ted Nolan, no second article? Funny how the goaltender felt sooner or later the Leafs would start getting the calls but to be fair Martink put the puck in the stands for the five on three.

Newsday: Greg Logan had an earlier blog on Andy Sutton and the defense.

Newsday: Neil Best has a full interview with the Isles' senior VP of sales marketing and operations, Chris Dey about the club's attendance disparity between weeknight's and weekends and the challenge to get corporations involved to increase the current subscriptions to 10,000 from 6,500.

Saturday and Monday are both expected to be sellouts according to this article.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Updated Friday 1pm:
Seems to me the title of this article was changed since it's release on Thursday night.

Ranger fan Neil Best calling the Islanders home a Mausoleum and bringing up the two Ranger games at the Coliseum boosting attendance?

Funny, but neither Ranger weeknight home game was a sellout earlier and the Devils have had these problems for years too, desite their success. Announced Msg sellouts also seem fabricated and have for years given the empty seats at Msg for games and easy access for Islander fans in the city to show up in big numbers for the head to head games.

Maybe I'm wrong but if Newsday dumped Ranger coverage and doubled up Islander coverage more people would become interested and purchase tickets, including corporations. Considering all the Islanders advertising in Newsday there is no excuse for even coverage with a team in the city given the media in Manhattan not extending the Isles the same courtesy in terms of print space with no blogs.

Neil Best? He lobbied long and hard for more Ranger radio reception in Eastern Long Island earlier this season here and never lifts a finger for the Islanders to get them more coverage. First he does an article on the television contract and writes without it we would not have a team today despite being around for over twenty four years without the current deal, now this?

Toronto Star National Post & Toronto Sun had the Leaf centric coverage.

Toronto Sun: Bill Lankhof had an article on Chris Simon with Ted Nolan and Rick DiPietro's comments not only on Simon but the Isles. Wade Belak defended Simon to a extent saying he contributes a lot while blaming the players on the other teams and no rules to police their actions.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Lankhof noted his trip to the Manitoba Youth Centre, but not Newsday?

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has an article on Kyle Okposo and how he has adjusted to the pro ranks with with Jack Capuano's comments on how well he has progressed.

Bridgeport recalled forward Justin Bourne from Utah.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Albany River Rats
WHEN — Tonight, 7
WHERE — Times Union Center, Albany, N.Y.
ON THE AIR — Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

New York 5, Toronto 4

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 11:01:00 PM | | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 5-4 win at Toronto with Ted Nolan's comments praising his club's sense of urgency and his powerplay with Freddy Meyer's thought's.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Excellent win, loved the hard work in the corners and how hard all the lines competed in this one. Outside of the first goal DiPietro was very solid and was his best when they needed him to be.

I don't know what game Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe were watching but I thought that was a heck of an effort top to bottom tonight and the Isles deserves a lot more credit than they were giving them.

They easily could have had another three or four goals with the chances they were earning.

Islanders were the better team on the puck, won the battles in the corner and earned the power plays they got and made the most of it.

Power play was outstanding with cross-ice passes to players cutting to the net like Bernard for a goal, or a beautiful pass to Comrie for another, with Vasicek getting a high quality chance which Fedotenko buried. Satan made some great passes to set up some goals.

Just a good team effort in this one.

Despite the pp goals the Isles scored the kids were outstanding early with Bergenheim hustling all over the ice and that kid group setting the tempo. The shift at the end of the first period when Comeau, Nielsen and Tambellini had the puck for a minute with the goalie pulled on a delayed penalty was one of the best shifts of the season that I have seen from this club and it was a joke Nielsen got
cross-checked without a second penalty coming to Toronto.

Of course nothing's easy and a goal find it's way in off a deflection to make it 1-1 and a second goal off one point shot makes it 2-1, but the Isles did not panic and got it right back and regained the lead which they extended into the third.

Goes without saying the calls were going to start to even out and in the third they did. Park and Hilbert made some great reads to kill the five on three and Sutton did all he could to be Brendan Witt when he had to be with a big block.

Freddy Meyer's first Islander goal with an open net made it 5-3 which was the game despite the Leafs making it 5-4.

I liked what I saw tonight from the Islanders, the chances and how they worked to get into high quality area's was very impressive.

They needed a regulation win in Toronto for the first time since before 2002 and got it. AP claims they won in regulation March 28th 2002 at Toronto but I was sure that was a 5-4 overtime win.....whatever.

Fedotenko's playing like he was earlier this year, very visible with the chances he was getting, now his shots are going in as he's getting to the high quality area's.

For Fedotenko and the Isles, it has to continue.

Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 04:30:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
National Post: Sean Fitzgerald reports Chris Simon was the last to leave the ice at Air Canada Center today while Ted Nolan had his media conference so Simon could avoid the Canadian media?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Article had no problem quoting Simon from the other day, however.

Salt Lake Tribune:Maggie Thach had an updated on Grizzlies prospect Jordan Hart, son of former Islander Gerry Hart who was featured several time in the summer at prospects camp.

Globe and Mail: Rick Wharnsby reports Islanders had a change of heart in making available suspended forward Chris Simon to conduct an interview session with reporters at the Air Canada Centre on Thursday morning. Mr Wharnsby claim's other than a shrug of his shoulders by the Islanders media relations man here, there was no explanation given for Simon being kept hidden in the back room of the dressing room after the morning skate.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Again article had Simon's quotes from Wednesday.

Islanders website: Now reports in it's updated pregame Brendan Witt is out two-four weeks.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That folks, could be the end considering the remaining depth on defense.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabio blogged from Sound Tigers practice.

Newsday: If Newsday updates it's Islander blog it usually appears around 5:30pm for those interested. Of course Mr Zipay is blogging on Ranger off-days.

Point Blank: Chris Botta did a blog last night about the league claiming the Isles did not properly disclose an injury to Bruno Gervais and explains the process as to how this is supposed to work.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Did not know there were set rules on this. Considering teams release lower or upper body injury all the time and are protective as possible I'm not sure where a mistake was made here or I'm not reading it properly.

I'm not even sure Gervais could perhaps return tonight.

Can Isles enter Forsberg race?

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 11:01:00 AM | | Comment Here
Daily Herald: Tim Sasson reports the Chicago Black Hawks are still trying to sign Peter Forsberg, despite being outside of the playoff picture at this time.

The article speculates it's likely BlackHawks gm Dale Tallon has presented Forsberg a deal for at least two years past this one, perhaps in the neighborhood of $5 million a year.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Lot of downside and risks with Forsberg but if this team wants a veteran to add to Guerin who will be in the final year of his contract next season, they can still make a long-term contract offer. If negotiations with Chicago are serious obviously the playoffs are not the only priority for Forsberg.

If the Isles have decided against signing Comrie, this allows them to move him at the deadline and add some young speed and skill to Forsberg.

Something to ponder for 7/1 because Peter Forsberg will attract free agents to whatever club he signs with.

2/14: New York at Toronto 7:30pm FSN

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 10:44:00 AM | | Comment Here
Islanders website/AP: Has the preview for tonight's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Here's where we are folks:

Toronto just beat Montreal/Ottawa. They outshot Buffalo big and lost 1-0 with Ryan Miller winning the game.

Islanders last win in Toronto was a year ago in a shootout if you recall the Frans Nielsen shootout goal, before that was an overtime win in 2002. I do not have a clue when the last time the Isles won in regulation but they need that result tonight.

Islanders go in with no Brendan Witt, Bruno Gervais among the other injuries.
Islanders lost 8-1 playing their fifth game in seven days to open the season last time the team went to Toronto.

Toronto's injuries:
02/07/2008 Darryl Boyce C Shoulder IR. Out indefinitely
02/13/08 Chad Kilger C Personal reasons Questionable for Feb. 14 vs. N.Y. Islanders
02/07/08 John Pohl RW Ankle IR. Out until at least mid-March.
01/17/08 Mark Bell LW Eye IR. Out until at least mid-March

Simply put looking past all this the Islanders have to continue to do what they have been doing against Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Philadelphia and work the Leafs defense for some dirty goals and find a way to hold down a strong offensive club. They have to have a big special teams game with DiPietro not giving up any soft goals.

What Isles must do

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 10:21:00 AM | | Comment Here
The article on the Leafs game had this on the Buffalo Sabres.

On Jan. 23, the Sabres sat in 14th place in the East with 46 points, six points out of the final playoff spot. The Sabres have now plucked 18 of a possible 20 points to climb all the way from 14th place in the NHL's Eastern Conference standings to seventh in a matter of three weeks.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
If the New York Islanders want to get into the playoffs this is what they are going to have to do. A year ago they lost only three of twenty games which brought them from a club a game over five hundred on 1/31/07 into playoff position.

We all know that's not the case this year.

For those wondering even with the Isles win against Philadelphia several games since have been three point games among the teams Isles are battling with for a playoff spot. So many head to head games where there will be games Isles have to win simply to keep pace.

That Islander schedule which see's them play inside the division most of March also see's the same situtation for Carolina-Atlanta-Florida-Tampa-Washington.

Team---Games Played---Points
7. Buffalo Sabres 57 64
8. Boston Bruins 57 63
9. New York Rangers 59 63
10. Carolina Hurricanes 59 60
11. Atlanta Thrashers 59 60
12. Florida Panthers 59 58
13. New York Islanders 57 57
14. Toronto Maple Leafs 58 55
15. Tampa Bay Lightning 57 54

And we all know they have to do it without Sillinger, Campoli, Witt, Gervais, Sim, Simon and Bates.

Islander News Articles 2/14:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2008 09:43:00 AM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Erik Boland covered practice and reports on Chris Simon's return with comments from Ted Nolan. Several Islanders felt his suspension was excessive.

Also reported is Brendan Witt is expected to be out seven-ten days, while Bruno Gervais is expected (rib muscle strain) is probably out five more days.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not much of a preview for an important game tonight by Mr Boland. Those injuries could be a season killer because it means Bergeron-Berard-Johnson must play a regular shift with Martink, Meyer and Sutton. All three must provide offense by getting the puck to the forwards without hurting the club on defense.

Daily News: Peter Botte was actually permitted to go out and cover an Islander practice which is a bigger headline here beyond his article on Chris Simon with the player and Ted Nolan's comments.

Also reported is Brendan Witt could miss longer than seven-ten days with his knee sprain.

Sound Tigers website: Reports on Bridgeport's 3-0 against Worcester Wednesday. Trevor Smith, Tim Jackman and Kyle Okposo each recorded a goal and an assist in the victory.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps the Sound Tigers win with Mike Morrison and Jack Capuano's comments.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the Sound Tigers weekly with the upcoming games and a lot of information on several team subjects. Dustin Kohn is recovering from his shoulder injury with more on Kip Brennan's suspension.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio also has a game recap in his blog.

Globe and Mail: Tim Wharnsby reports on the Maple Leafs 1-0 loss at Buffalo with Mats Sundin's commments "We have another game [tonight] and if we play as good as we did [against Buffalo], we'll have a good chance of winning,"

Chris Simon will play 2/21

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/13/2008 06:25:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has Chris Simon's comments who thanked the fans for supporting him and Ted Nolan's comments he will make his return against Tampa Bay next week as he skated with the team today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Going to be very interesting to see who is sent down or traded to accomodate his return to left wing in this lineup, especially if this team is selling at the trade deadline.

Islander full time left wings:
Ruslan Fedntenko
Jeff Tambellini

Islander forwards who primarily play left wing:
Sean Bergenheim
Blake Comeau (until last week)

Islander forwards who have played left wing but can play other positions:
Richard Park
Andy Hilbert Reports Chris Simon will travel to Toronto for tomorrow's game.

Video of Kip Brennan suspension

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/13/2008 12:40:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's blog provides a link to this video from YouTube as well which I did not see when I linked to his updates earlier.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Geoff Peters elbowing Pascal Morency should bring a response from Brennan but I do not think that's the correct one because he could have seriously injured Peters and it goes outside the box. I know in the context of a game it's easy to react that way.

Also with Daryl Bootland's earlier trade the physical depth Bridgeport had earlier is somewhat diminished.

At this point no suspension for Geoff Peters had been announced by the AHL. Geoff Peters is not to be confused with Andrew Peters who plays for the Buffalo Sabres even though this is Buffalo's affiliate.

Kind of interesting Sound Tigers TV had all the goals but did not include this in the two minute highlight package of the game provided, they do have postgame also.

Elite Has a 2/11 report from a newspaper which I cannot translate prospect Jesse Joensuu I think is rumored to be signing with the Islanders.

Anyone who can translate this for everyone with the exact wording would be much appreciated.

Thank You

Islander News Articles 2/13:

It's limited coverage like today on our team that really put me in the position of having to provide the Islander tv updates on the sidebar of this blog.

Newsday: Greg Logan has the recap of the Islanders win with comments from Ted Nolan, Ruslan Fedotenko and Trent Hunter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Witt reportedly has a sprained knee which means they are likely to lose him for a while.

As for Newsday, the super bowl is over so what's the latest excuse for one article after an important game? Meanwhile Mr Zipay is already blogging for his team with more updates coming today from practice.

Of course many know sometimes Islander coverage is not even included in the city edition of the paper. This important game merited two articles. Of course Mr Logan recently has made his second articles about the opposition?

Daily News: Peter Botte recaps the Isles win with Ruslan Fedotenko, Jeff Tambellini and Trent Hunter's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I saw the story on Anders Kallur's sister a few days ago and did not even post it here but in a limited space article begging for more information and at least the coaches quoted comments Mr Botte includes it. Could be more but seems like Mr Botte wanted to get all his filler in for his short article and go home.

Do a seperate feature on Andy Kallur's sister, do not supplement it in an article that needed more hockey game coverage. We can bet the News will not be doing anything extra on the core of the four in early March or Andy Kallur.

Of course Leon Carver's sports department provided space for an article on a Hartford Wolfpack coach in the Daily News that was the same size as the Islander game update.

It only get's worse at the NY Post as Devils, Rangers articles are written for
off-day's but no Dan Martin/anyone covered last night's Islander home game. The Post even has an insulting poll asking what is your favorite NY championship team with the New Jersey Giants one of the choices but no Islander clubs.

Philadelphia Daily News Ed Moran & Philadelhia Inquirer: Tim Panaccio have the Flyer centric coverage who is critical of the Nassau Coliseum ice surface. Wayne Fish also has coverage as does Rob Parent in the
Daily Local.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a full recap on Brennan's suspension with player comments.

Worcester Sharks at Bridgeport Sound Tigers
WHEN — Tonight, 7:30
WHERE — Arena at Harbor Yard
ON THE AIR — Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

Sound Has Kip Brennan and Howard Saffin's statement on the fifteen game suspension handed down by the AHL.

Michael Fornabaio: Has several blogs on the suspension.

New York 4, Philadelphia 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/12/2008 10:02:00 PM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 4-3 win at home against the Philadelphia Flyers Tuesday night with the Islanders firing forty seven shots with Jeff Tambellini scoring his first goal of the season and Sean Bergenheim scoring goals in consecutive games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Islanders needed to break through with a win and they did it. A Brendan Witt knee sprain is a huge price to pay but in a knee on knee hit usually one player get's the worst of it.

The shots on goal in the first period were a lot of angle shots, Tambellini had a excellent early shot that almost surprised Nittymaki and Bergenheim was hitting anyone he could find. The goal came off some sloppy player and hard work in front where Trent Hunter found the net off a scramble.

Flyers second power play they had a lot of pressure and got their game going before finally scoring on their third power play where DiPietro seemed to over-react and went down like he did in the skills contest. Philadelphia had a lot of jump in their game and Comrie's power play pass to Richard's for a breakaway could have given the Flyers all momentum but their defense was giving up chances which Tambellini cashed in on with another good shot that this time found the net. Bergeron and the defense did not react well on the Flyers second goal.

Bergenheim's speed and skill to finish his goal was just fantastic and reminded me of the Carolina goal. That's two straight games this kids hustle produced important goals. Nielsen was a bit quiet in this one but Comeau made a lot of good plays and was noticable even though he is adjusting to right wing.

Park's line had some good shifts and made a good read for his third period breakaway. So did Hunter with Fedotenko and Vasicek, who just wore down the Flyers for the game winning goal. Islanders powerplay bombed away with a lot of chances but did not score again while Lupul's shot found Knuble to make it 4-3.

Flyers had some big scrambles in front of DiPietro, even with Witt in the lineup.

Coverage was a little weak on Versus with the announcer saying the Isles and Flyers had not play an overtime game since the lockout, even though Hunter scored in the final seconds of ot to win a game last year at the Coliseum.

Ok, Islanders needed a win and got it and we saw some desperation. They threw a lot of shots at the opposing goal and it was far from perfect but now have to go beat a team in their own building where they have not won since 2002 and likely do it without Brendan Witt and with Bergeron, Berard and likely Aaron Johnson on the backline.

No other choice, the desperation has to be there. They have to force the Leafs into mistakes and work hard.

That's three straight games this club has scored three or more goals.

Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/12/2008 04:41:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Did a profile on Stefan Persson to preview the core of four weekend.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Add Kenny Jonsson's best x 2 and add in an elementc of knowing when provide offense and that's Stefan Persson. His play coming in off the point to tie game one of the 1980 finals is still one of the fastest setups for a goal I have ever seen. If you watch the old replays you see Bossy circle but you never see Persson until the sticks go up to celebrate.

Newsday: Greg Logan has a blog with Garth Snow's comments on the club's scoring and the future in terms of the prospects.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Logan does a very good job here with the article and on top of it goes out of his way to explain how and why the copy editor wrote a headline that turned out to be a harmless error, excellent work top to bottom today.

Media Blog: Cory Witt reports Dubie and Marty Biron will be miked by Versus tonight as the backup goalies.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports Kip Brennan was suspended fifteen games for an incident in Saturday's game.

Win or lose no postgame until tomorrow morning.

High River Times: John MacNeil had a fantastic feature on Jeremy Colliton on his callup last week to the Islanders, how it's been playing for Ted Nolan, fighting his son Brandon earlier this year and being part of the organization since he was drafted.

My Fellow Bloggers

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/12/2008 01:42:00 PM | 4 Comments

I wanted to do a blog today to express my thoughts in an e-mail response I sent to my fellow blog boxer Tom Liodice Monday on a bunch of items concerning my fellow members of the Islanders blog box and perhaps let some folks know a little about me because they have not seen me at the blog box and will not.

Tom, as some may know is my former co-moderator from HF who also wrote at the site for a while after me and always goes out of his way to give me a lot more praise and thanks then I deserve for his hard work to become what I consider an excellent upcoming writer, who today does a great job on his blog at Tiger Tracks where in my estimation he has a wonderful gift where he can cover a game live and does it so well you feel you are in the building which is a talent that I do not think can be taught.

Tom as many know not only goes to the Coliseum but goes to Harbor Yard and had been doing that for years before the Isles announced a blog box. When his work was featured in a paper last year, I sent it to him a link to it and when the Isles singled out our blogs together earlier this year I got more satisfaction seeing both blogs listed than I ever would have just seeing my own because I know how dedicated he was. If you listen to him on Hockey Night on LI among the radio shows, he does a fantastic job.

Tom in his e-mail had some questions and concerns so I thought I would address them here even though I did respond to him.

Anyone who has visited this blog from the beginning knows how I would be doing hockey content but I have been forced to re-examine things at times and this is one of those circumstances.

With regard to myself and as I have written on several occasions my blog was added after the season began quietly which is exactly how I wanted things to be so even though this blog started in July it was not on the Islanders website until around November.

I made it very clear to the folks from the Isles beforehand I am not interested in sitting in the blog box or interviewing players because I have no interest in a journalism career or to become a member of the media.

My thoughts at that time and and now are those seats should be reserved for folks who want a career in journalism or who will go interview the players for everyone.

My opinion is we need these folks in the blog box at the games to break through into an industry that I feel has no fans of this team covering it in the print media that you have seen me hold under the spotlight and will continue to.

Truthfully, I wish I was younger and had a background in journalism or this offer was made back when I was at games the team was winning the Stanley Cup but I do not have that background nor do I feel it is a strength of mine and my time for that has passed.

I offered my blog because I thought I could do something to help the Islanders for the thirty years of great memories they have provided me and because I care. My only motivation in offering this blog was to try and do something that could help but do it in a way where I am not the story but the Islanders are.

Having written that Mr Botta/Mr Witt were still willing to offer me a place at the blog box and have done nothing but go out of their way to acknowledge the blog on the teams website.

Doing a blog like this has a lot of things that surface unexpectedly that have presented some challenges for me this year which I wish to share with my fellow bloggers at the box and my readers because I have had a dilemma with the coverage as I look at things and make my own determinations as to what is a media source?

When Brian Bohl had Peter Botte's spot at the Daily News earlier I asked this question, when Kevin Greenstein wrote about the Isles in the New York Sun I asked again.

My cyberspace hockey background from Islanders-Sound Tigers and HF guidelines was to always use what was termed
" credible media sources " which has always been understood to mean a newspaper and a professional writer so when I set out to do this blog I have kind of kept to the same template which you see in the daily articles coverage as I link the publication and a professional writer.

Everyone is familiar with the debate between bloggers and professional hockey writers and I have written here this blog is not a media source and I stand by that.

Having written that I went on IslesNation last night with Steve and Tony who do a great job and Hockey Night on LI with Alex and Steve earlier this year who also do an excellent job but are not established newspaper media sources and yet I linked them to this blog just as I would a newspaper?

It made me wonder have I crossed a line without even knowing it and perhaps without considering it have not written about the other folks who are in the blog box attending games?

I know Tom and linked his work here because we did co-moderate at HF, but what of the other bloggers who put in all this time and effort for us?

My first impression was a lot of folks from the blog box likely do not visit this blog and I did not consider it which I had not, but I'm not going to give myself an easy out here.

Even thought I am not a member of the media I try and hold this blog to a very high standard which begins with my example which means I should have considered the bloggers.

What I wrote the other day about the other bloggers is how I feel. They all do a great job for the fans and all of them offer something special and worth your time to visit and be a part of. These folks get into the trenches and interview which I am not interested in and do the heavy lifting for us as I sit here and write a game summary and tell you what a link to an article says and provide commentary.

Beyond what I just wrote there were other concerns that I will share.

* Did these folks want me to link their blogs here or mention them? As I told Tom I check out the other Islander bloggers about once a week and I noticed most do link to the other blogs as they see one another at games and as Tom told me are a pretty tight-knit group and the bonds they have are unmistakable.

These folks do outstanding work but how would they feel about me placing their work on this site without permission?

I have written on some of these blogs and praised the work but to this point only one blogger (besides Tom) wrote this blog and that was back in the summer.

* I was also concerned if I am critical of the print media would this make problems for them linking their work here being that they have to see these folks at games?

It still leaves me with some of the same dilemma's in terms of blogging from outsides websites and what to post here, plus I need my fellow bloggers input as to where to go from here in terms of their work?

Having written that if the members of the blog box wish to have me link their sites, have suggestions or wish to have their work included here in some manner it would be my pleasure if they would contact me and offer advice.

Beyond that all I can do is thank my fellow bloggers for the great job you do for us and hope to see you covering our team in the print media if that's what you wish to aspire to because the work in all of them have been outstanding.