Visnovsky May Elect Arbitration To Void Islanders Trade, Satan Contacted

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/23/2012 07:13:00 AM | | & &  Is reporting a clause for the fifth year in Lubomir Visnovsky's Edmonton to Anaheim contract may allow his agent, Neil Sheehy, to contest via NHLPA arbitration his trade to the New York Islanders because he would have a limited NTC which would void his trade to the Islanders, sending him back to Anaheim.  

Visnovsky for his part is again not making a commitment either way, and could report regardless, but did disclose Garth Snow was negotiating with former Islander, Miroslav Satan at some point. 

"In Anaheim, they think that clause trejd with my consent in exchange for leaving Edmonton fell into what they claim to lead the NHL. Another view is not gambling association NHLPA, and the wonder of the arbitration court proceedings. While it is not clear whether I win it, but I talked about it with my agent Neil Sheehy. he says to arbitration, we could learn who is right. Chances are, it balanced. it is up to me, as I choose. I would be the first hockey player with such a problematic point of agreement that could be turned to the arbitral tribunal. If the dispute eventually succeed, I would once again become a player in Anaheim. But after the June exchange, I would probably abode there, and obviously, I really wrote a list of ten of clubs, which would I wanted to play and where would I be able to send. There wonder if I will go ahead or not wait for it, "he told Sport newspaper Lubomir Visnovsky, who is the new season prepared in Bratislava.

If the experienced defender decided to stay at NY Islanders, in season 2012/2013 might not be the only Slovaks in the report "islanders". Club general manager Garth Snow is lanári striker Miroslav Satan, who has the Islanders played in the past. "Garth Snow phoned me once that it was negotiating with Miroslav Satan. Maybe I should not notify the media too, but told me to break it to come back to Long Island, where he played in the past," he told Sport Ľ. 

HC Slovan website has Miroslav Satan's stats (61gp, 31 goals, 74 points) who played with Zigmund Palffy (90 points) in 2011-12.

NYIFC Comments: 
Bottom line the trade could be voided if an arbitrator rules in Visnovsky's favor landing him back in Anaheim (if he elects arbitration/wins/decides to return to Anaheim) as the Isles would get back their second round draft pick. It all comes down to the language of his contract/extent of the teams his contract allowed his rights to be traded to. 

The comments speak for themselves, but overall this is becoming simply not worth territory it for the New York Islanders because if  Visnovsky is willing to have his agent elect arbitration at all obviously he does not really want to be here.

If you reference New York Islander Fan Central, please refer to the title of this entry because that's the only story at this time, the papers referenced reported the story with Visnovsky's quoted comments.

Let's also be clear, Visnovsky did not say he does not wish to be here, he may elect arbitration or not, he could report or not.

Please do not twist quoted comments into something different.

If Visnovsky ultimately wishes to have his rights back with Anaheim forcing a trade to a team on his list or perhaps not report anywhere, it's time to get back the second rounder, and give his spot to someone else.

Miroslav Satan is on Long Island for a charity tournament as reported on WFAN this morning, only Snow/Visnovsky know when Satan was contacted which could have been  at any time this summer which will likely not make Snow a happy camper learning Visnovsky made that public.  

One thing I can write is this is why Dolan's Newsday reporter, Arthur Staple's work needs to be questioned, he did a poor/sloppy job with information he reported contacting Visnovsky after the trade.