New York Notables, Trivino, Satan Update

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A very quiet time for the NHL/New York Islanders in general as the CBA dance continues which will only get serious come early September in ownership circles.

For those wondering this blog only is interested in Corey Trivino regarding hockey matters. As of early 8/8/12 Boston Herald reported BU spokesman Colin Riley said Trivino is no longer enrolled at the school meaning he did not graduating voiding his 8/15 graduating deadline.  

The Boston Globe  reported, Trivino, a Canadian Citizen was expelled from school. A student visa that allowed him to stay in the United States while he studied is no longer valid, and he will live at home in the Toronto area until he reports to training camp.

His attorney/agents made clear he intends to sign an NHL contract within the next month whether it be with the Islanders or another NHL organization.

NYIFC Comments:
Per the cba this means at some point he had to give the Isles notice he intended to turn professional per the Wheeler rule meaning the Isles had thirty days to negotiate a contract or he is an UFA which could have happened this week or at some earlier point.

Still this likely means the Isles just wasted a second round pick with no return. Has a new interview with Miroslav Satan where he makes clear he could remain in Slovakia, or play in the KHL with nothing difinitive regarding Lubomir Visnovsky's claim about the Isles negotiating with him but he does discuss a possible lockout. 

sport.aktuality: Had Satan's comments 8/8 Islanders are a possibility with his son enrolled in school here.
Detractors in hockey is whispered that it is excluded or an alternative that would have ultimately anchored in Ney York Islanders. So which is it?
"Yes, there is such a possibility, but now the team seriously considered. The threatened lockout overseas, so this option is currently not consider too. "

NYIFC Comments:
Satan did not play in the NHL last season, he is entitled to sign wherever he wishes, what Visnovsky said really does not tell us what Satan or the Isles are absolutely interested nor have the Isles had any restrictions in making him offers in many recent year as he has trained here. 

If a hearing date is announced for Visnovsky, we'll finally get an answer which if a CBA issue could drag on for months. There is no law Anaheim's gm, Bob Murray, has to even show up, he could simply decide to keep him or trade him to a team on his allowed list while Garth Snow get's back his draft pick.