New York's Problem That's Not Going Away

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Did not expect another entry this soon, but see something different from past years.

They do not have any top six right wings. Management's first choice to replace Parenteau (not a first line right wing) was to use a career bottom six left wing in Chimera.

Then when that did not work it was time to move the player management said should have not have been playing right wing in Ryan Strome, he was back on right wing.

This frankly makes them look like they have no plan or idea what to do.

Lee bounced to right wing last year, and has been moved there early this year, but he's a left wing, and has had his best success with Tavares on the left, the plan has been to make him play like Mark Parrish, despite the fact this kid showed good skating skills when he came here.

Quine is a center, Prince is a left wing or has been used in that spot. Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, not a right wing. Nelson is a center who's played left wing with Tavares but showed little chemistry, he's not a right wing based on rare looks there. 

Can't use the Grabovski plan with veterans much less kids unless you want to get them hurt.

Nice that Bailey scored a beauty at 4-4 to win an overtime game, but career trends do not lie nor was he management's first choice this year.

Beyond that you have Clutterbuck, a right wing with skating/scoring skills, who's been on the 4th line the past two seasons. 

So Mr Ledecky feels the next step should be beyond the second round, how does this team even play five hundred hockey without two top qualified right wingers with the NHL's worst schedule?

Why unload Parenteau under these circumstances where Tavares had one practice with him on a Friday, went to Washington for one preseason game, and then release someone advertised as a top right wing who at least would have helped this issue on the second line.

Sorry, but this problem is not going away, and don't write Ho-Sang if the plan is to make any serious run at a Stanley Cup right now.

New York Roster Announced

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And now we sit back, give twitter/website a break, and see what happens. The twitter account is now protected, screen caps will work fine here if necessary.

Easy to go back & read past entries/tweets to where things need to be for a playoff spot, as things go up/down with the standings/players.

The plan here has always been to set folks up for the next season at the end of the previous season, and that is now completed both here & prospect site.

Done writing about media coverage & Dolan's for good. It's in the New York Islanders hands to fight for their coverage, you know where I stand on these subjects, folks are free to accept coverage or speak up.

I failed on being silent in the past when this was written here, that will not happen again.

After Bloomberg posted Prokhorov's bond offering statement information the lease details were posted here for everyone, and remain here. Everyone now knows when the lease deadlines are with lease opt/outs, same with Bridgeport, and we have a Coliseum website with a 4/5/17 date for re-opening which will never house an NHL team again.

Parenteau Claimed By New Jersey/Defenders To Bridgeport

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This puts roster at 23 with only 6 defenders, 14 forwards with Quine, Barzal, Beauvillier, Boulton, Grabovski  on IR. Apparently something up with Halak again, while Shane Prince practiced.

Best of luck to P.A Parenteau. 

New York Places Parenteau On Waivers

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Obviously for this to happen management was not happy with what they saw in camp, despite him only having a few practices, and only Sunday's game with Tavares.

No hiding this goes on Garth Snow for signing him, we'll have to see if he clears waivers. (possible)

Folks who followed him last time here know he was rarely a first line player beyond the powerplay, he was a third line right wing. We'll have to see how this plays out, but clearly management advertised signing him as someone who would help off a twenty goal season, and now they have changed direction days before the opener.

Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, as we have seen with Strome moving a developed center to wing can become a problem which management second guessed their own decision-making moving Strome to right wing.

Quine is a career center, who came up and played wing.

For now we sit back/wait, could be another moving coming from outside. 

New York Season Preview

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Folks, let's be clear because the one thing that is not done here is entries written with amnesia. All of last season I wrote about how poorly this team played, & were badly outplayed in many games

I saw no path to a team struggling & winning ugly almost never playing home for a month with no days off, and qualifying for the playoffs vs all the teams in division with a reasonable schedule.

Some will recall me posting the March schedules of all the other teams, and doing a comparison.

I believe the schedule is far worse than last year for the New York Islanders.
The amateur bloggers, pod-casters are selling their business/themselves, resume building & rare part-time professional media have to claim they are covering our team, which they don't.

Waste of time, nothing I can write, not written before that's new beyond Mayfield can come up without waivers, the prospects left will likely go back to juniors, and we'll see who goes back to Bridgeport between Pelech/Pulock or both before the injuries hit.

Have already written plenty about outgoing/incoming/developing players. 

I will do a brief entry when teams final roster comes out on Monday-Tuesday. 

Then they will go play games, and we will find out. Could finish anywhere between 1-15, and you can write that about almost every team given many have been rebuilding for years.

Some players will improve, others will regress, there will be the usual share of injuries, and the nine-game road trip in a short-schedule will be a big problem other teams will not face. 

Funny, when the Islanders were having all those second half's of seasons where they had the second best record in East or finishing 17-5-2 on road, Scott Burnside, was not calling for a huge standings improvement.

A lot of this junk, even at the professional level, is about personal connections between media/team officials or flat out selling teams they need to market their newspaper/outlet.

Our team does not have that problem with no home media. Out of 30 NHL teams, they come in 30th every year in that department. 

Mayfield To Waivers, Bernier PTO Over/Cuts

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So much for the first road header in a year to give Scott Mayfield equal billing with Bellows. UPDATED 10.7.16-MAYFIELD CLEARED WAIVERS..

Bridgeport loaned Lukas Lofquist to the ECHL’s Missouri Mavericks, all invited players were released, which leaves them with 32 players, including unsigned Jon Landry.

NYIFC Comments:
Did not see Mayfield hitting waivers given lack of NHL depth, we'll know in 24 hours.

No NHL experienced depth in Bridgeport if/when they go past Seidenberg/Pelech, who's not waiver eligible or someone they want watching in stands for long.

Bernier has no 2-way deal waiting at this time so he's out of organization entirely at the moment.

Obviously for now they are not done with Gionta, or the three goalie system.

The players in juniors will get some more practices or a final game in Washington. Ho-Sang, Dal Colle will make their AHL debuts.

New York Notables: Yormark Media Announcement 10/5/16

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Islanders website release: Yormark, Ledecky, WFAN comments....more details on radio network.

Not a lot to write, can't see any scenario Snow risk a player on waivers (not even Berube) & with 14 forwards on one-way contracts (Quine-Prince) the forwards are set for this year unless there is a trade.

Pelech does not have to clear waivers, Mayfield does so expect him to stay with Seidenberg. There will be plenty of injuries on defense to go with that nine game road-trip.  Do not see Pulock's shot sent down, but Reinhart still waiting for his turn.

Seems Lee is still on right wing from last season, so he may be Okposo's first line replacement sooner than later.

Not many spots in Bridgeport, if Gionta or Bernier want an AHL 2-way deal I can see that but more productive players still out there, and likely heading to waivers. 
Worst print/tv media for any professional sports team doing what they do best, not spending money to give our team coverage, was never about record, spending, or where arena was before Barclay's.

Dolan wll low-ball NYI (and Devils) at every chance on television. Mr Burke like everyone else does not work for NYI, he works for Dolan's MSG. Miracle our fans got a youtube screen for a live webcast Monday with the teams only true media employees (Chris King/Greg Picker) doing internet/radio call.

How many times will Brendan Burke have to call the New York Islanders, Brooklyn to satisfy his boss, Andrea Geenberg, who is Dolan's media gm for their network?  Like Rose, will he be calling Pat Dolan's Newsday to tell Neil Best our team should change it's name?

Nine minutes before the game it was posted on the Islanders website our fans would get to see a webcast & for most of the first period it did not work at all. The Flyers provided a stream from a loading dock for the first game with no in-game audio.

It's hard to take Jon Ledecky's comments seriously about replacing glass boards when so many of our fans are shutout from seeing this teams games anywhere or they are presented in this manner.

In 2016 it's completely unacceptable for another teams telecast in the New York Islanders home arena in NYC, or Bridgeport. Our team should receive what CSN gives Caps, Comcast gives Flyers, and Dolan gives his teams to market/sell tickets or they should use their website, and express their displeasure. 

Sure Jon Ledecky/Scott Malkin/Charles Wang/Dewey Shay have a choice with television coverage. Dolan can keep his 300 million through 2031, and not allow any game or stream anywhere or when lease opt notice is given the owners can find a real television partner if team moves out of NY entirely in 2018-19/2019-20.

Meanwhile the Dolan's network is giving our fans season tickets, have prime branding at Barclay's and Northwell and  their network on television while our prospects practice?  Last I checked there are no ads for Islander tickets on Ranger board in Manhattan or in Greenberg, our owners do not have a season ticket giveaway for Ranger fans?

Long way from that $50,000 dispute for the Metro Ice Challenge--but not really. 

Yes, read Mr Yormark's tweet on media coverage announcement 10/5, respect his efforts. Seriously if teams radio games on WFAN or another outlet where other teams get priority, where will most of the games really be broadcasted? Answered above.

We'll see. Wang got them on ESPN before Yankees/Nets got Devils on WFAN, which sent Dolan's teams to ESPN, and Wang's Islanders to Bloomberg, and Hofstra, with an endless radio network.

Dolan can always just put all his +2 games on WPIX to grow NY base, but we know he will never permit that. 

10/3/16: New York vs New Jersey Live Streamed

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Islanders twitter announced 6:51pm for 7pm game. 

Bridgeport Training Camp Roster Released

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2016 05:55:00 PM | Comments
Many of these players are not signed by organization, and given the depth signed, with big cuts coming after Wednesday, do not expect many to make it to preseason.

New York Islander Fan Central Notable

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Updated: Removed Sound Tigers twitter, too slow loading both twitter feeds. Only at

newyorkislanderfancentralprospects is by far the most complete website to feature New York Islander prospects anywhere in cyberspace only using professional media with updated player contract information. 

Tweeks to both websites for a better look/access.