New York 7, Boston 2..Katic Dislocated Shoulder

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A lot of twitter updates on tonight's game at NYIFC.

Good news/bad news.

The bad news is Mark Katic dislocated his shoulder early, and it looks like a long-term injury. Katic, has had a history of shoulder issues here not only with Bridgeport but in Sarnia.

Mitchell Theoret, also left in third period.

The good news is a dominating win over Boston, totally different game tonight. Three fights in first five seconds, but New York was skating very well, sharp and simply were the better team.

New York Lose Rookie Game/Rakhshani/Notables

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New York lost it's opening rookie game to Boston 8-5 Monday night, it was a 3-3 game entering the third, before Boston made it 6-3 very quickly.

Islanders website: Jack Capuano/Calvin deHaan comment on loss, also ITV video from head coach here along with Strome, Niederreiter and Kabanov.

Rhett Rakhshani sustained a concussion in the first period, he had a concussion in January and missed five games (during his callup) so something to watch very closely.

Training Camp 2011 Opens For New York Rookies

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Islanders website: annouced both rookie games against Boston, Monday/Tuesday will be live streamed.

NYIFC Comments:
Vs Msg putting bringing their broadcast team to the prospects tournament and putting prospect games on live television. Nothing like having a partnership.

Islanders website: announced Saturday 9/10/11 that Brett Gallant and Benn Olson have agreed to professional tryout deals for training camp, while Art Bidlevskii has signed an amateur tryout contract. The club also announced that Kevin Poulin has been removed from injured reserve.

Islanders website: launched a site for rookie training camp which began Saturday with several daily updates.

Capuano, Strome, Niederreiter have ITV interviews.

NYIFC added this link to sidebar.

Patroit-News: Has an interview with new Sound Tigers Head Coach, Brent Thompson. Outlets: KHL team Lokomotiv announced Saturday the team will not participate in the Kontinental Hockey League during the 2011-12 season.

Tri-City Herald: reports a left wing named Adam Hughesman, of the Tri-City Americans is attending training camp on an invite and left Friday. confirmed this information.

Islanders twitter feed: Reported camp invite, Adam Hughesman, did not clear his physical and returned to junior.

Philly Sports Daily: has former Islander draft pick, Blake Kessel in Flyers camp on an invite.

Nothing reported on Shane Sims, Brian Day or Dustin Kohn.

New York Notables

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Obviously a very tough time for all hockey fans, reflecting on so many recent tragedies that also extend to events of 9/11.

Having written that hockey continues, some great news to start. Former Islander and Sound Tigers, Head Coach, Steve Stirling has returned to the ice for the Senators after his heart attack in June here.

Islanders website: reported Josh Bailey was in New York working out and made clear he wants to be a New York Islander, and expects a new contract to happen.

NYIFC Comments:
Ultimately this comes down to what Bailey's agent advises him and if the player wants to accept the Islanders offer and his agents advice. Says something so far again another quiet negotiation out of the media for Garth Snow.

That also extends to John Tavares comments about wanting to resign here. Curious he commented on captaincy, but only he knows how question was phrased. No matter how he answers that becomes a story.

KHL Team Plane Crash

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Bloomberg News: Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, a team that is part of the 24-team Kontinental Hockey League, has a list of the players who were killed in a team airline crash, which includes former New York Islander, assistant coach, Brad McCrimmon, former players Josef Vasicek and Alexander Karpovtsev.

Islanders website: Released a statement. has comments from former Islander Alexei Yashin/Evgeny Nabokov.

NYIFC Comments:
Condolences to the people/families of those who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy. To the best of my knowledge, no current/former prospects of the Islander organization are on the reported list of those who perished.

New York Notables

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Nothing ground-breaking for this time, the good news is prospect camp opens Friday/Saturday. New York prospects play Boston's prospects at the Coliseum in eight days.

With that New York Notables.


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A quiet period, so the correct time to get business out of the way.

The plan is for New York Islander Fan Central, to renew it's domain for the next calendar year.

Having written this, major changes are coming.

Blame For Islander's Ridiculous Injury Records? No

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Simply put when you lose 402, 582, over 600 man games/300 more in AHL last year, it might be easy to blame training staff or Islander doctors for the last four years.

Frankly speaking, hockey fans blogging are not medical experts, (neither are professional writers) no one should pretend to insult their readers otherwise.

Having written this, the Islander doctors/training staff cannot be blamed for what's transpired, it's painfully obvious when we have seen several players injured in games.

NYIFC is going to examine this topic.

Silly Season/Real Questions For New York Islander Fans

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I always consider this the silly season for New York Islander Fans/some media, who cannot name ten roster players, but pretend to play expert, with not one article pointing out the nine hundred plus man games lost combined between New York/Bridgeport.

Why do that when it's lazy/easier to discuss ten years ago or longer?

However let's ask a few common sense questions to clear the rhetoric.

Josh Bailey Mismanaged By New York?

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Butch Goring was head coach of this franchise a little over a decade ago, what did he say on television, the first game after Bailey was recalled from Bridgeport last December, after dominating at the AHL level at center?

Bailey has to play center. How do you send someone down, have them do well, recall them, then change their position? (this criticism also extended to Comeau)

Goring was a hundred percent correct.

A Few Words From Garth Snow

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NY Post: General manager, Garth Snow, had a few comments regarding his team within the last day, where he spoke on a variety of subjects.

Five on Five Scoring Has To Be Consistent For Playoff Spot

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No site anywhere quotes the injuries this team has sustained three of the last four years as often as NYIFC has.

It's done to drive home the fair point no team would be able to remain competitive under such circumstances.

Having written this NYIFC did not give the club a pass last season when the season fell apart because of injuries, it was only a part of the story.

Things fell apart after a 4-1-2 illusion of a start, which had Scott Gordon concerned at the signs his roster could not produce at five on five.

He was absolutely correct.

Professional NHL Sites Only For NYIFC Information

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NYIFC Blog Entry 7/7/2010 " Source " Games Over At NYIFC & the title of this entry say it all.

NYIFC has no interest in posting anything regarding team information/news unless it's from a professional newspaper site or NHL official affiliated outlet.

If some professional NHL media are also lazy, or need to use these sites for their own page views, that is not our businesses. More and more the professional media has gotten sloppy in their research, or fail to do their own homework.

It's also painfully obvious no professional sports franchise in North America has a collective professional media worse than the New York Islanders.

NYIFC also has no interest in information without supporting direct quotes (not third-hand sourced based rumors) without official team confirmation to determine if information is correct.

Simply put, NYIFC, as always will set the highest standard. It's very easy when you write with no financial gain or interest in advertisers/page views.

Spots Open On 2011-12 New York Islanders? Few/None

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Very easy to speculate on job openings, however reality is until opening night, perhaps beyond, some spots will not be certain.

Having written that many spots on the 2011-12 New York Islanders are locked up barring injury.

Pens Media Defeats Msg/Isles Lack of Print Media

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Perhaps at the next fan gathering the Islanders can have a Crush For The Cup promotion with receipts going to the Make A Wish Foundation here as we saw sponsored by a local radio station, not affiliated with the Vancouver Canucks in April 2011.

The NHL did object to the word Cup being used, however vehicles using the Blackhawk and Nashville logo's were hit by participants with sledgehammers in subsequent playoff rounds.

Some may recall this happening in Ottawa during the 2003 playoffs vs the Islanders?

Islanders website: Report they have requested Msg change it's program schedule with the following statement:

The New York Islanders have requested that MSG Networks change the originally scheduled game to be viewed at the Friday, Aug. 19 meetup. As a part of MSG Plus’ Summer Ice programming, the schedule had the Islanders game from Friday, Feb. 11 against the Pittsburgh Penguins set to air at 7 p.m. Instead MSG Plus will air the Islanders 7-6 overtime victory on Sunday, Feb. 13 over the Buffalo Sabres.

New York Announces Training Camp Schedule

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Islanders website: announced the schedule for their 2011 Training Camp held at Islanders Iceworks in Syosset and at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Rookies first on-ice session is Saturday, Sept. 10, while the full team will begin on-ice sessions on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Camp will run through Wednesday, Oct. 5.

A list (subject to change) of players attending was released. Tomas Marcinko, who was resigned to an NHL only or he can play in Europe contract is not listed.

8/15: New York Notables: NHL/Coliseum RFP Folly

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USA Today: Has the following from NHL deputy comissioner, Bill Daly, that the NHL is looking into the Islanders viewing party for Friday.

We do not approve of the use, based on what we know.

Signing Deadline For Brian Day, Shane Sims 8/15

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For those curious the signing deadline for graduated college prospects, Shane Sims and Brian Day is 8/15/11.

Both are 2006 college prospects.

Day signed an ATO with Bridgeport and participated in ten games. Sims signed an NHL regular season amateur tryout agreement, participating in the final game of last season.

Prospect Troy Mattila is also a 2006 pick, he enters his senior year in 2011-12.

NY Viewing Party Gives Lazy Media A Chance To Cheapshot

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This is a topic NYIFC usually does not lower our high standard to elevate.

Apparently Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, plus a few fringe outlets (nbc) who need page-views without spending money, do not understand the New York Islanders have several viewing parties, some built on those rare moments Msg shows games during the summer months, others where they bring video themselves.

Dejan Kovacevic of the Tribune Review also has a few twitter digs, to go with an obvious lack of general knowledge on the Islanders over the last decade.

The most recent Islander fan gathering was August 3rd where folks attending got to select the game at the event based on greatest games DVD.

But why expect newspaper people to report facts?