NYIFC Notables & A Regulation Win

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/29/2009 07:05:00 AM | Comments
* About fifteen plus twitter updates with links to articles in last day so no need for full blog entries here, nothing I can add that I did not write already.

* Added link to Mr Botta's efforts as Pat Lafontaine runs NYC Marathon for Companions in Courage to benefit local hospitals.

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Forget The Payroll, Stick With The Plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/27/2009 10:23:00 PM | Comments
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Seems a lot of media and fans never learn.

It makes no difference what is spent on payroll but that Garth Snow stick with his plan, that's a point many do not seem to get as they write or discuss New York Islander payroll and the roster.

You remember that plan, the one most wanted Mike Milbury to follow but did not show up and support a decade ago? I guess some want Bergenheim, Nielsen, Comeau, Tambellini traded or even Okposo, Bailey not here or in the minors.

From Boedker in Phoenix or Filatov in Columbus no matter how you do it there will always be questions and no perfect answer unless a player produces immediately.

Why is it so hard for some folks to understand this team went into the summer with most of it's forwards and all it's defenders signed to one way contracts already (less Nate Thompson's two way deal) and that this is not a payroll or ownership commitment to save money no matter how it's spun but sticking with your plan.

How many times did I write or audio blog during the summer that if you want to add you have to subtract. Did some of you even note all the one-way contracts here?

Bottom Line: It's getting late early

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2009 11:16:00 PM | Comments
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For those who feel this is a rebuilding year for the New York Islanders, think again.

Clock is ticking folks, another three weeks of this and we can start talking about next year. In this league you cannot fall ten points behind the final playoff spot and have five or six teams in front of you fighting for the eighth seed.

Look at the age on this defense or Park, Weight, Sim up front. All the years put into developing Bergenheim, Comeau, Nielsen or since taking on Tambellini in 2006.

That is not a rebuilding.....

Newsday Ends Free Coverage 10/28

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2009 01:48:00 PM | Comments
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Associated Press/Several outlets: Report as of October 28th Cablevision owned Newsday will start restricting Web access to non-subscribers beginning next Wednesday with the price five dollars per week.

NYIFC Comments:

No big loss here as far as I'm concerned, but for those who still want the coverage get ready to pay the Dolans five dollars a week to read Mr Herrmann, Staple and others keep the proverbial glass mostly empty on the New York Islanders and the glass entirely full or not write a word at all about the teams Cablevision owns.

It should be noted Msg's franchise team, the Knicks open 10/28.

Don't waste your money would be my advice to everyone.

Not surprising Mr Botta was guarded/muted in his response, he seems to be far quicker these days to criticize his former employer's hockey operations/off ice decisions (at times contradicting his earlier viewpoint) than risk a response from the Newsday staff as he received last year when he criticized Greg Logan and Newsday here after the former beatwriter took what Mr Botta felt at the time were "carefully worded jabs" regarding his blog and how it was sponsored.

Bottom line Mr Botta did not criticize Newsday but has been quick to go out of his way to criticize his former employer. Positive or negative all content & commentary must treat everyone exactly the same or what's the point?

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Reading Between the Lines....Islanders Practice

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/20/2009 08:25:00 PM | Comments
An extra NYIFC blog entry on Tuesday lineups at practice and a big-time look at a lot of players out of position and the numbers game.

Doing an extra entry here for a few reasons, one to write about some hockey and the Islanders lines, the other to test something called jump breaks that puts a preview of an entry on the main page.

Let's begin with the Newsday article from Tuesday, Mr Botta also covered practice so see sidebar to link to his article.

NYIFC Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/20/2009 04:32:00 PM | Comments
*Someone's going to have to explain to me how Charles Wang and the New York Islanders ever have to say anything much less be bullied into statements?

We have teams in this market who built stadiums who rarely said a word that got plenty of tax payer exemptions. We have a football stadium opening in New Jersey where the two owners rarely speak about it if at all.

Charles Wang and the LH did not respond for seventeen hours to some rumors last week and you expect Mr Wang, Mr Rechler or the folks employed by them to respond, as if they owe us an explanation?

Nonsense, get over it.

Sunday Night Quick Hits/Notables....

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/18/2009 08:55:00 PM | Comments
Newsday: Katie Strang had general manager Garth Snow's comments Sunday night about his team's poor start.

NYIFC Comments:
Cliche/stock answers by the general manager about the sixty minute game and needing more secondary scoring. Ms Strang needed to ask the gm the tough questions about his head coach and his job status, even if he did not care to comment.

Daily News: Queens reps make it clear they want the Islanders but will not become part of the political football game for Wang to use against Nassau.

NYIFC Comments:
Good for Queens County, but it is part of the game. What they require is Wang saying he is willing to move the Islanders to Queens or he is willing to sell to someone who wants to own the team there and to date Wang is not going to make any such comment.

Personally Mr Wang should never speak again regardless of what anyone writes until he receives a yes or a no. Wang is also partnered with Scott Rechler and both own the Marroit hotel.

Quick Hits:

Lighthouse Project Not Abandoned ?

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/14/2009 11:26:00 PM | Comments
Newsday: Staff reports despite no comment or return calls from LH folks contacted and even Mr Suozzi's calls not being returned had one person close to the developer who would not speak for the record tell Newsday Wednesday night the Lighthouse project has not been abandoned.

NYIFC Comments:

And you wonder why I went to twitter format?

To waste our time with full blog entries on basically nothing but un-named sources or off the record comments all add up to absolutely nothing even when Newspapers get in on the act.

From here on in until the day Wang, Rechler, Suozzi or Murray say on the record the LH will be approved or not, I will not waste a single entry of our time on this political football any longer during New York Islander Hockey season.

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LI Press Source: Wang pulls plug on LH

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/14/2009 05:41:00 PM | Comments
Long Island Press (not business news as I twittered) reported that a source claims Wang has pulled the plug on the LH project here despite no confirmation or comment from Mr Wang, Rechler, Picker, Lancey or anyone in the TOH or Nassau County government.

Newsday: Reported despite the majority wanting the project, Kate Murray Tuesday commented "the town board is taking the time to do it right and she supports reasonable development around the Coliseum."

Newsday: In one district race it appears LH does appear to be along party lines whether it be coincidence or not.

NYIFC Comments:
Nothing to say until it's confirmed or denied either way and as we know sources can sometimes be incorrect or very misleading. Political football, pressure on politicians or Wang-Rechler have had enough, take a number and get in line because all that matters is what actually happens. My estimation right now is only deadline most politicians care about is election day and their own future.

We'll see.

Mr Wang is stuck in his binding leases with the County, Smg until 2015 and is only in a position to sell the club at this time to someone else who must keep the club here until 2015.

Only thing that has been consistent is as information is filtered down more and more misinformation comes out of it to where very little of what we read is correct.

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New York Islander Fan Central Update/Questions

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/10/2009 09:50:00 AM | Comments

In response to a few questions:

* Those who understand how New York Islander Fan Central has worked since 2007 knows there will be tons of updates just shorter, less NYIFC commentary within the twitter framework.

Simply follow the twitter crawl or feeds (still working on this) at the top of this page or the top left section where you can scroll to the latest update or just go directly to the twitter page itself.

* I cannot do absolutely everything I used to do like daily articles but the feeders here have everything from the Islanders/Bridgeport and when I see something of interest I will do a twitter update with a link to the article and a brief word or two/or a hundred and whatever as twitter permits.

* You can bet I will write what needs to be written when necessary but as always the media is never the priority here, the games and our team is. I tend to think because this blog wrote about coverage and content from hockey writers and it was kind of ground-breaking for an amateur fan blog some saw this as a media kind of blog.

Not so.

* From Dan Martin to Katie Strang to Michael Fornabaio all their feeds/twitter updates along with the Times Islander page feeds are here to represent the newspapers. The Daily News Isles section (Devils also) was removed and it's feed not updating.

And yes, Ms Strang to date has done a fantastic job in my estimation while the veteran newspaper writers have done their usual questionable work which seems intended to drive fans away...Old news and usual coverage double standards by usual veteran writers speak for themselves.

Mr Botta, outstanding interviews, updates, good analysis and thrilled his blog will remain (through his new employer) plus his work will only help SI perception of the club. For some reason recently he made the goal chant a topic and put's it on the Isles management to give them people what they want while long ago when the problem started he did another entry and asked the fans to stop here.

Mr Botta will always be the first to defend Islander management and go out of his way to get the correct story out.

* From Mr Botta to Justin Bourne to Mr Witt and almost everyone in between their feeds, blogs or twitter pages are linked here in some manner as to what I consider the professional media blog/site section. That can be anyone from players or commentators, former coaches, team employees ect or writers affiliated with newspapers or major hockey sites like Tsn. I don't want to over do things with this because let's say for example Mr Botta does an update, to include his twitter page means we're going to see three updates of the exact same thing.

* If (very big if) I find time maybe I will put in feeds to opposing teams coverage on the left sidebar (newsgator widget) so you see everything written on a game from both sides but that's tough because many papers do not have hockey centric feeds only for one team and we don't need updates from every sport like Tsn.ca does with their rss which makes it useless for our purpose here.

Perhaps I will create my own little list of feeds from game to game during the season so as things progress I will have built up something to move in and out of the blog feeds as each team is played. But when teams play three games in four days again it causes a lot of conflicts or I would have done this the last few years.

* The Ct Post web folks invented a newspaper feed one specifically for NYIFC last season on a day their tech folks were asking for website improvements, Mr Fornabaio did not even know but he was very happy about it, he already had a feed for his blog but not his newspaper articles.

Other AHL teams coverage are almost impossible to link feeds here and move them in and out on a game by game basis with three games in three days. I have put links to sites that have newspaper coverage links for every team NHL and AHL current and prior.

* Islander Blog box?
Given the only two people I ever contacted from the Isles about the box are no longer team employees I did contact the Isles customer service last week to see if they can find me the right person to put NYIFC back on their blog box page being that I asked for it to be removed last April-May a few times and would likely still be there now.

Either way this is not a big deal.

Two years ago I offered the blog to the team to help out but that was through Mr Botta the first year and Mr Witt the second. With or without me in the blog box (by link only) I'm not sure what to do with the blog box feeder on the right side (newsgator widget) of this page.

Some blog box members do update, others do not, some stopped long ago and I have not seen any new blogs added or the page changed to include new members. I don't want to pull something folks who visit here may want to read from someone but I am looking for space if I decide to return the prospect blog here.

* As always amateur fan blogs/blog box or others have a place here and those with respectful content are welcome to have their link advertised on our sidebar but never in our main content sections with the professional media or the newspaper writers.

* No, I'm not interested in taking on a second writer to update here. I only did this one update to answer questions I received and explain some things so you can get the most of of the updates and both NYIFC and the


New York Islander Fan Central | 10/07/2009 02:30:00 PM | Comments


New York Islander Fan Central and the Prospect Blog have been Updated/Re-opened and will now remain open and updated for the entire 2009-10 season.

I have finally come up with a format that works for me and that is using Twitter as the exclusive NYIFC written blog with smaller updates but it's feeds and crawls will be linked here with all the other media feeds professional and otherwise.

I have been writing on Twitter during training camp and preseason.

No written blog entries will be made from NYIFC other than this single entry to inform everyone.

No more indecision, changes, closings, experiments, final decisions or goodbye's, you have gotten more than enough of that from this me since last April.

I ran a close second to the indecision on the Lighthouse and as I wrote in August I'm sorry about that.

New York Islander Fan Central is back to writing about our team and that's the way it will now stay as one of the hardest working NY Islander amateur blogs anywhere.

You deserve nothing less.

The only promise of possible changes I will give all my loyal readers is if Twitter does not work out NYIFC will reopen with full entries as we had since it's inception and if space permits the prospect blog returning to this page.

Regardless, it's time to get back to work.

Thank You Very Much.

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