Will The New York Islanders Be Sold Soon? Updated Graham Signed

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The only thing this website can do is make clear there are trends in how this organization does it's business.

Halak signed a backloaded contract, same as Tavares, Okposo. Grabner, Bailey.

To me this says business as usual in an arena with Murray/Mangano revenue streams.

If a sale was close, a new owner would likely have some input about what he's eventually going to pay a player.

Does it mean anything, who knows? 

If a sale happens after everyone reports it, the league still has to approve/financial viability. (have our fans learned that lesson yet?)

If you are expecting a new owner to come in, and do anything differently unless they are very naive, (as Charles Wang discovered) they will find out spending as he did in 2002 did not bring our fans back because they refused to pay ticket prices increases for those players.

Wang spent a hundred and thirty million dollars on players, after the Toronto series the ticket prices were raised thirty eight percent, the fans flat out refused to pay those prices near the league average.

Wang kept spending while Mario with the same Smg lease was selling his players wholesale. 

There may have been more people in Eisenhower Park to welcome home the 2002-03 team than there were for October games that year. As we have seen many times, ownership had to come up with some discounted ticket prices in season.

What do I know? I'm find it almost impossible anyone would buy this franchise under any circumstances, and let it remain in the New York area at all. 

NYIFC Comments:
Outcome never in doubt. (scoreboard after Nystrom's goal)

New York Signs Ville Pokka ELC

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Jesse Graham is the remaining player who needs to be signed by 5/31/14. It is possible (not mandatory) some of the Bridgeport ATO players sign an ELC as Alan Quine did.

Happy 34th Anniversay New York Wins Stanley Cup

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The sidebar has many classic images/and this audio of "The Chemistry Was Just Right" with Bob Lawrence/Jean Potvin audio calls. Nystrom goal 1:10 and at 39 minute mark. The header for the weekend says it all. Enjoy.

Halak Agrees to Four-Year Deal/NY Keeping 2014 First Rounder

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 “I’m thrilled,” Halak said. “It’s a big opportunity for me. It’s a young team. There are some really good hockey players on the team and that was the biggest factor. Plus I know Lubomir Visnovsky. He’s a really good guy and a good friend of mine.”

 “We’re excited to have Jaro join the organization,” Snow said. “He’s someone we targeted when the season ended and we’re happy he’s made this commitment as we continue to make our team stronger this offseason.”

“I’m 29-years-old and I know what it takes to be a number one,” Halak said. “I want to prove myself to everyone that I can be a number one.”

Halak's contract with Islanders was backloaded:

For those wondering these were the terms of his last deal in 2010 for 15M:
 $3.75M average cap hit. $2.75 M next season, $3.50 M in 11-12, $4.25 M in 12-13 and $4.50 M in 13-14.

NYIFC Comments: 
I'm a little surprised Halak did not test the market enterting UFA for the first time at age twenty eight, expecting bigger dollars/term, however you look at the thirty teams/spots available, Ryan Miller hitting the market (with others) & it was possible he would not have seen a better deal.

He got some term/moderate raise. 

This is also a goalie who's been traded by a lot of teams, who was not rewarded by St Louis, or retained by Washington, so seeing someone wanting him could also have be a factor.

Reasonable signing price, good work by management on this one. New York has it's starting goalie.

NYIFC Comments: 
The likely result, but there goes any chance at participating in a possible future league wide lottery for a generational talent. Of course the rules for 2015 have not been changed yet in terms of the NHL lottery where 30 teams would get such an opportunity so you play by the current rules.

Happy 31st Anniversary NEW YORK WINS 4TH Straight Stanley Cup

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New York Announces Final Coliseum Draft Party

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Islanders website announces draft party for 6/27.

Eric Boulton, Calvin de Haan, Anders Lee, Matt Martin and Ryan Strome are scheduled to attend.

NYIFC Comments:  
Regardless of 2014-15 standings, expect this to be the final Nassau Coliseum draft party before it's switched to Barclay's or held elsewhere next June, so for those understandably not enthusiastic about going this will likely be the final chance to see the player area/lockeroom.

Islanders website: Has John Tavares comments in a radio interview he is cleared to practice.

NYIFC Comments: 
Good news, however it comes down to how he holds up long-term with the daily grind that will begin in September training camp.

CBA Changes Benefit New York In Terms Of Drafting European Prospects

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In the 2005 CBA, NHL Clubs had a two (2) year window, in which, they would retain the exclusive rights to sign a non-North American player on the drafting club's reserve list.

This two-year window was expanded to a four-year window in the most recent CBA.

Another change in the new CBA removed the requirement of providing a European player with a “Bona Fide Offer.” In the past when an NHL Club drafted a European player the club was required to extend a “Bona Fide Offer” after the first year in order to enjoy the exclusive rights for an additional year.

Now when an NHL club drafts a player who has played for a non-North American club, the NHL Club will have the exclusive rights to that player for a period of four (4) years regardless of whether the NHL club extends a “Bona Fide Offer” to the player.

NYIFC Comments: 
Long story short, anyone drafted from a European team who remains there (not Russia with no transfer agreement) who's eighteen or nineteen, no longer requires the first year offer or needs to be signed by the end of their second year or they can re-enter the draft.

Ville Pokka 2012 draft pick from Europe=two years 5/31/2014
Viktor Crus Rydberg 2013 draft pick from Europe=four years 5/31/2017

Does this change anything regarding qualified David Ullstrom or not qualified Mikko Koskinen but listed on the Islanders website as a prospect or Kirill Petrov? No. 
Edmonton Sun: Oil Kings win WHL Championship, Griffin Reinhart MVP

Oil Kings will play in the Memorial Cup this weekend.

NYIFC Comments: 
The Edmonton Sun/Journal are working very hard creating trade senarios for New York to send him to Edmonton as part of trading up.

I want to see one where the Oilers 2015 first rounder/Taylor Hall come to New York. 

John Tavares Returns To Ice

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Ville Pokka Update: Has Contract With Karpät For 2014-15

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suomikiekko.com: Has an interview with prospect Ville Pokka where it's written he's under contract in Europe for 2014-15

Pokalla has a contract with Kärpät again next year . He is the New York Islanders second -round pick , but did not yet followed last fall training camp.

In the near future in terms of everything is open . Kärpissä would certainly be on a big role in a responsible and Marjamäen coaching would be a good place to develop.

On the other hand the Islanders organization could also be a place to open. He is the head team would not necessarily be delicious to play, but there could develop relatively under pressure.

What are you doing in the near future ? Can you say that you're playing Kärpissä for next season ?

- I do not know how to say it. Played first this season to the end and see what's going on and what do I do next season. It is time to think about summer.

 Will you go in the summer or autumn of Islanders , for example, to the camp ?

- I'm not even thinking about it. They have given me peace , and we'll talk more after the season .

 NYIFC Comments: 
 Regardless of where Pokka plays he must sign an NHL contract by 5/31 or New York loses his NHL rights. European(not Russia)/Canadian league prospects must be signed two years after being drafted.

Obviously the depth chart for defenders signed is packed for New York, and Bridgeport. 


Scott Pellerin Out As Sound Tigers Head Coach, Brent Thompson Returns

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Eric Boguniecki, Doug Holewa remain.

Ct Post Scott Pellerin's comments:
–Scott Pellerin:

“Obviously I want to thank the organization for the opportunity to be a head coach in the American Hockey League. The relationships you make within the organization, with players, it’s something I’m very proud of, (and of) the work ethic and style of play my team played, and showed up every night. I’m very happy with that part of my tenure there in Bridgeport.”

“I want to wish the players the best of luck in their future progress within the organization; the staff, I want to thank them for their time and hard work and wish them the best.”

–Brent Thompson:
“It’s a great experience, a great challenge. I’m really looking forward to being able to work with Bridgeport and be part of the Islanders family still, to still be involved, to know Snowy values me.”

He said this wasn’t something that had come up during the season, but afterward.

“Garth Snow basically thought I was suited for Bridgeport to develop, to help develop all the young defensemen down there, who are obviously a huge piece for the organization here. If Garth asks me to do it, I’ll do whatever he wants.”

NYIFC Comments: 
Hardly a shock, seemed a matter of when.

Scott Pellerin signed a two year contract.

A year ago I would have agreed with Pellerin's dismissal due to a struggling team with NHL lockout players, and ECHL players complaing about the coach.

Pellerin's team struggled from beginning to end in 2013-14, but it did go 12-2 with a healthy team, then could not win in close to thirteen games on a team decimated with injury/callups/tryout contracts.

The issue was not coaching in 2013-14. Strome, Niederreiter, Nelson, Donovan, Ness, Sundstrom, Persson had individual success the last two years. 

Is this a promotion for Brent Thompson who's special teams were among the worst in the NHL, or a demotion as opposed to his dismissal based upon his previous AHL success?

Jack Capuano went from NHL assistant to Bridgeport assistant to AHL head coach. Is this Thompson getting to work with the prospects, and being groomed as Capuano's replacement?

New York has to hire someone for Capuano's staff or promote from within.

New York Trade for UFA G Jaroslav Halak

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Halak joins his fourth team in 63 days. There was a significant dispute with the former Caps managment where his agent got involved here.

Halak's unrestricted in July. Basically Isles traded 4th to negotiate with an UFA, same as Ehrhoff or when Mark Streit was traded to Philadelphia.

If he does not want to sign here, the 4th was traded for nothing unless Snow trades him as fast as he traded Ehrhoff.

Expect a very quick signng or trade (Snow can get his pick back) to a team his agent does wish to negotiate/sign with.

Snow likely has his contract offer ready, I expect this will be decided in a matter of a days either way.

This is also a player who's traded to upgrade the goaltending whether it be Montreal or St Louis, by process of elimination of teams with starting goaltenders there is an above chance at signing this player.