New York Qualifying Offers/Mini Camp Roster

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Snow ITV Interview On Hamonic Trade

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We have five minutes of Snow discussing why he traded Hamonic, and what he's looking to do from here.

In the end, they had nine roster defenders, resigned Seidenberg who played Hamonic's side. Now we see if the draft picks are taken in future, or included in a deal for another player.

To resign Tavares to a huge deal if that's possible meant cutting somewhere else in a cap league.

Always a sad day to lose a long time player, who was so very popular, but this is a part of the business.

I don't want to hit this part very hard, but clearly Hamonic did struggle, and was injured a lot the last few years or playing hurt often, hopefully a change to Calgary helps in both regards.

Ok, thirteen minutes of audio from Hamonic was posted,  Snow's video is up, and draft analysis is on the sidebar of the trade. 

The prospect website has profiles posted for all the new draft picks.
A Sound Tigers employee sent me a tweet that Doyle Somerby is waiting for UFA on 8/15.

5th Rd/6th Rd Trade/7th Rd....New York Selects: D Sebastian Aho/F Arnaud Durandeau/F Logan Cockerill

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The New York Islanders have selected D: Sebastian Aho with their 5th round selection in the 2017 NHL draft. This is not the same player on the Carolina Hurricanes. Sebastian Aho profile.

  Arnaud Durandeau profile.
The New York Islanders final selection in the 2017 draft is Logan Cockerill. Logan Cockerill profile.

Hamonic Traded To Calgary:

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Hamonic interview: Discusses trade to the Calgary Flames....13 minutes.

3rd Round.........New York Selects: D Benjamin Mirageas

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New York has selected BENJAMIN MIRAGEAS with their 3rd round selection. profile

2nd Round....New York Selects D: Robin Salo

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New York has selected D: Robin Salo  with their second round pick.

6/22 Yormark On NY Islanders Lease Negotiations

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Islanders content 7:00

Should be fun when NHL ice is ranked and Manhattan comes in last, unless John Dellapina/Frank Brown spin rankings.

2017-18 New York Islanders Schedule

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New York Trades Strome For Eberle

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Islanders website: Release with Snow's comments about a player who had zero goals in 13 playoff games at -6 rating.
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Eberle is a RW, Strome was a center, who kept getting pushed to right wing, and still the 5th overall pick almost had 20 goals/50 points.

Eberle is someone Edmonton clearly was not thrilled with win or lose, and makes six million dollars for the next two years.

After that the Islanders could be left with nothing for a 5th overall pick, we have seen that movie before.

Edmonton get's a 23 year old player.

Should Ebele be a better right wing than Strome based on last season?
At six million he needs to produce to his contract.

Las Vegas Selects: JF Berube & Trade

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Las Vegas has selected J.F Berube.

Wed 6/21 8pm NBCSN-Vegas Roster Revealed

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Note-This may or may not include possible trades, which could be announced at the draft or even at a later date. Expect some glitches given this is the first expansion draft of this kind, unlike past ones.

Hamonic Wins At NHL Adwards

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New York Protection List

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Simply put a bit of a shocker. Pelech was protected over dehaan. Nelson & Strome are there for the taking unless some deals not announced are done.

Expansion Draft/Rules 101

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2017 New York Draft Selections

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After long consideration, it has been decided will add a third blog titled: 

Images on the sidebards/lower portion of this page have been removed.

This will be under construction for an undetermined period of time, but I promise the new website will be a big improvement, with even more content.

The new page will look similar to this website & the prospect website.

New York Presason Schedule 2017-18

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You have seen this campaign before from the Dolan's media, this one is so bad sports editor, Hank Winnicki, did a RT for the Islanders playing in Hartford.

They are pushing hard to get this team out of NYC, and want zero part of this franchise in Queens which is the only acceptable alternative to Barclay's.

Now,  it's time this website to do a little pushing, and give our fans the truth:

New York Notables

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Updated-Yormark's comments about wanting hockey to stay at Barclay's beyond two years, and he feels it's working is very surprising. If it really is the Islanders decision we all know Jon Ledecky said in Aug 2016 several times they hope to be at Barclay's for many years to come.

We'll see,  it could offset some of what was written below, or it could be all the "good faith" we will be reading about.

6/1/17: Doug Weight TSN Audio Interview

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Weight (never at a loss for words) on a long host of subjects: Gomez, Tavares extension. Barzal, and what he can expect in camp.

Decided to cut out the TSN article which is not relevant, and only take Weight's direct audio comments.

The silence when asked about Gomez was funny, and left the hosts with dead air.

Basically the two TSN host barely had to speak, but they got in their Tavares-Toronto narrative during the fourteen minutes.

NYIFC Comments: 
As for Scott Gomez, I was a bit outspoken on Gomez hiring on twitter. Just do not think a new head coach with no experience, needs an assistant coach with no experience at all.

In January, Gomez, did analyst work for NBCSN. 

There's a reason most NHL teams hire experienced coaches/assistant coaches with long track records, many with Stanley Cups.

Roles at this level require extensive experience doing the job before being hired, which is why Charles Wang took his lumps for hiring Garth Snow as his general manager. Lorne Henning was a player-coach at the end, Nystrom was on Terry Simpson's staff briefly, and Ken Morrow was Al Arbour's assistant for a short time, but how often do you see players go from the ice, directly to a role as an assistant?

Again fair or not, Weight as part of Capuano's staff since 2011-12 is accountable for the teams success & failures, he was very animated on television, and was this teams assistant general manager.

He just hired an assistant coach who's never been behind any bench in that capacity.