Some Excellent/Good/Bad: Lot's Of Hockey Left

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Bottom line there has been some excellent, good, not so good, with the Barclay's decision due by 1/30/18, and the clock ticking louder on #91.

Everyone doing great here is under-rated thanks to Dolan's media hiding them. (Leddy-Tavares-Bailey-Lee-Eberle. (who said it vs Edmonton)

Our team barely receives a pregame/20 minute post-game, and some of our fans want them to become our landlord?

But on the ice.....

NY Still Finding Themselves...Or Mediocre Team?

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Yes, it's very early, we are getting plenty of ups/downs besides not losing in regulation at Barclay's.

The one alarming trend is the powerplay & allowing almost as many goals as they score, they changed coaches to struggle this badly?

New York Beats Avs: Barzal Drive For 5/Aho Trick

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A Few Choice Words For Brian Compton:

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A few folks informed me Brian Compton's audio blog on Friday took some shots obviously at myself/this website.
"We played a little piece the audio at the top, which is really just to take a shot at somebody."
           "No, no, no, no, no...............I'm ok."

"All I'm doing there, is because someone brought it up to me because I don't follow that clown."

"He's out to smear me, and anybody who covers this team."

"I don't make stuff up, you don't get to where I am in this business by making stuff up, even if I did make it up, Kimber or someone else from the Islanders would have told me in five seconds, hey where did you get that figure, take that down or change it, or whatever. It's been there for weeks, and the reason it's been there it's because, Jon Ledecky, says it, and you saw the proof at the top of the show."
Fact-Twin Rinks aka Northwell was purchased in a bankruptcy sale for about 8-9 million in 2015.

Ledecky said 60 million. Compton did not bother doing any research for a month or correct that so when the article came out saying they spent 3 million on renovations, I posted Compton's 60 million dollar earlier comment from Ledecky, and wrote he was clueless. 
For those who visited this site around 7am on Sat, Nov 4th, I wrote an entry titled: An Open Apology to Brian Compton, shocked, thinking I had written he was a clown. 

I wrote about three paragraphs with a personal apology, explaining there is no excuse for my writing something that inappropriate ever regardless whether we agree or disagree, what my site & twitter feed has always been about, apologizing to everyone.

And I decided to edit the tweet I wrote from a few days ago.

Funny thing happened doing that.
I never wrote he was a clown, simply that he was clueless.
So I wasted a few important minutes of my time trying to figure out what's going on here.

Now I have a few comments of my own.................