Philadelphia 4, New York 1

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Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Newsday: This is the link that should eventually contain Newsday's game coverage after being an early AP summary.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't see any miracles here folks, it's basically over for this team now in my estimation and frankly it should be. Philadelphia did not even have to play that well and made the most of the Isles mistakes.

Painfully obvious Bergenheim and the kid line played with the most desperation and effectiveness which says something terrible about the veteran core of this team.

Anyone else wonder how come after Comeau worked to get the Isles a goal from Meyer and then drew a powerplay Ted Nolan simply did not leave them out and give them the two minutes?

Nope. Put Guerin, Comrie, Satan, Hunter out and watch them dump the puck so other teams can read it and clear as they take some low percentage shots and overpass until they turn it over. For the second half of that powerplay put Richard Park on the point.

To the teams overall credit they came out and played a strong first period and draw some powerplays with Hunter's line having one great shift. Having written that how many good chances did they actually produce from all the work? A point shot that hit Biron and dropped down where he did not see it and Bergenheim's rush off Park's pass before Satan got his chance in the third period?

Aside from that a lot of point shots or low percentage chances or Philadelphia's defense blocked the shots because they were easy to read.

DiPietro did not play poorly in terms of stopping shots but his penalty and turnover directly led to two goals, in this kind of game that's fatal. Combine that with some over aggressive penalties by Bergenheim one Berard had to take and that's the game with Philadelphia tipping two past DiPietro.

Philadelphia was crashing the crease a lot in this game. Hunter got thrown away from the Flyer goal and on another powerplay had a puck bounce over his stick where he was moving so slow.

It is what it is. Ted Nolan moved Satan to Guerin's line and outside of a few outside shots and the one Satan missed was very quiet in a game they had to produce.

Richard Park and Andy Hilbert for all their hard work are not offensive players, Bergenheim got his chances anyway. To call that a second line is a joke in terms of production because the career records of Park and Hilbert are not that of top six forwards.

Nice to see Bill Guerin stand up for his teammates, aside from that a few peripheral chances that almost beat Biron who did not have to play very well.

Defense did a solid job for the most part, Witt had one kick off him shorthanded that led the the second goal but that was on DiPietro. Even strength Flyers did not get much more than the Isles.

What else can I write folks? This team simply cannot score enough goals and looks basically lost on it's powerplay. If it's shorthanded play allows four goals they have no chance.

The teams in front of them, the games in hand they have and the head to head games make it virtually impossible and that's without talking about the scoring and powerplay problems. Reports Steve Regier scored with thirty eight second left to earn Bridgeport a shootout loss point to Portland on Saturday 5-4.

Kyle Okposo scored his eight goal.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio did not travel to Portland but will likely have an article on the big comeback to gain a point for Bridgeport.

Sunday and Monday will finally be days off at NYI Fan Central with no blog updates barring any major announcement by the team. Feeders will carry all articles and updates.

3/8: New York at Philadelphia 7pm FSN-2

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Islanders website: Has the pregame tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Courier News: Chuck Gormley reports Flyers defenseman Derian Hatcher is hoping to play tonight against the Islanders. Martin Biron will start in goal.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Everyone knows the numbers and the Isles situtation and what they have to do at this point. A good place to start would be playing the game in the Flyers end of the ice
and getting a lot more quality chances then they generated last Saturday at home. Flyers are almost as desperate and have to win to keep their own playoff chances going.

Rick DiPietro returns to the net after a week off and if the rested goalie gets hot his play could carry them tonight.

As Ted Nolan said himself there cannot be any weak links from here, I hope he holds his veterans to that and if the kids do well keep running them out there and give them a good fifteen-twenty minutes and cut the other players minutes. Bergenheim continues to be the most visible forward in the group and it goes well beyond his scoring.

Richard Park, Bill Guerin, Mike Comrie, Miroslav Satan, Josef Vasicek, Ruslan Fedntenko have to step up here and contribute some goals. Hunter could use a big hot streak here himself.

Win a game tonight and finally get a two day break, this club needs a little rest almost as much as it needs points which is saying a lot.

A few more losses and they will get a seven month rest.

Islander News Articles 3/8:

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Newsday: Katie Strang has comments from Rick DiPietro on returning to the net and Ted Nolan on a lot of topics as he updates the injuries and the upcoming roadtrip starting in Philadelphia Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Brendan Witt rolled his ankle, not Berard.

Toronto Sun: Lance Hornsby reports the Toronto Maple Leafs nominated Jason Blake for the
Bill Masterton Trophy, awarded to the NHL player who best exemplifies 'the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. That loud thud was not the weather but the Sound Tigers losing 5-0 in Portland.

Ct Post:Michael Fornabaio recaps the Sound Tigers loss with Jack Capuano's comments.

Portland Press Herald: Covers the Pirates.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio notes in his blog he is not on this trip.

Islander Notables

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Islanders website: Has Ted Nolan's comments about how his players must work from here, that the club will stay on the road after Saturday's game and head straight to Florida from Philadelphia. Rick DiPietro returns to the net as the coach had the following injury updates:

Brendan Witt rolled his ankle but is expected to play against Philadelphia.
Bruno Gervais will join the team on the road trip, but it is unsure when or if he'll play because of the concussion.
Frans Nielsen could be back within the week.
Andy Sutton could meet up with the team in Montreal after skating today.

Isles also have prospect updates on Jason Gregoire, Blake Kessel and Rhett Rakhshani.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Ted Nolan is correct that there cannot be one weak link and that there is no tomorrow. His weak link is his scoring and his powerplay and there is hiding from it.

Isles need wins in ten of twelve games or it's essentially over. Just the head to head games by the clubs competing with the Isles make for no other alternative.

One thing going for them is a rare could of days off in a row after Saturday. You hate to use excuses but going back to the Minnesota game on Feb 9th this club has had only two days off in a row twice over a full month. That early schedule that saw them play three times in twenty four days combined with so many injuries is no small factor now.

Friday Newsday Islander Insider

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Newsday: Greg Logan had the Friday Islander Insider this week which was on Rick DiPietro and how Mike Dunham has been working with him as well as a lot on the young players and how they have played. More on Ted Nolan deciding on Wade Dubielewicz for the last two games, updates to Mike Sillinger and Jon Sim, who has been skating with the club and could return to the lineup if the Islanders do make the playoffs.

Islander News Articles 3/7:

Newsday: Greg Logan's article was on how it did not matter who was in goal because the Isles could not score and were very loose on defense with Brendan Witt comments. Ted Nolan defended his decision to start Dubielewicz and felt he held them in the game early but his team was outworked. Wade Dubielewicz said he wanted to be the hero but will be ready for his next opportunity.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
If Mr Logan is doing the Friday Islander Insider he did not preview it in his blog.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann wrote to basically tell Ranger fans in a newspaper desperate for Islander coverage how a club with only two more wins than them going into this game could win the Stanley Cup with fourteen games left in the season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mark Herrmann sure seems to have put on his rose-colored Ranger glasses for this article. The teams were separated by two wins going into last night's game and had just lost to the Isles. Was this really necessary today with double digit games left in the regular season to stick it to Islander fans with this after a split of a home and home?

It would be nice if Mr Herrmann he just came out and told the folks he's a Ranger fan covering the Islander beat on occasion. You can see it when he turns up and does articles questioning the clubs viability and then writes this today.

NY Times: Lynn Zinser's Ranger centric coverage had Ted Nolan and Wade Dubielewicz comments on the loss.

NY Post: Larry Brooks and Jay Greenberg here: Were all over Ted Nolan's decision to start Wade Dubielewicz and of course to praise the Rangers where the Isles are barely quoted in either article beyond Bill Guerin.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Was anyone expecting anything else from the bad news twins today? Mr Brooks is a life long Ranger die-hard who cannot write a word about the Islanders without some kind of insult included and Mr Greenberg even though he's from St Louis and Philadelphia markets long ago stopped being a hockey writer beyond occasional coverage. Neither one know anything about the Islanders beyond the days they show up to cover the Rangers.

Daily News: The News editor decided to leave Peter Botte at home for an Islander home game against the Rangers so John Dellapina could written two Ranger centric articles where not a single Islander is quoted but did all he could to claim a squabble between the coach and general manager for the decision to start Wade Dubielewicz even though he was too lazy to get quotes from either one of them. He had no problem going to Tom Renney to second guess Ted Nolan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I fail to understand why Chris Botta is this nice to the Daily News or Post editors for this pathetic kind of treatment of our club leaving Peter Botte home so not a single player is quoted in either Ranger centric article? The AP could have done a far more fair and balanced job. I guess Mr Botta is more than used to it by now and we all know he lobbies all he can for Islander centric coverage. It's old news to see the Ranger fan/beatwriters take all the coverage space from the Isles and the infrequent Islander beatwriters disappear at times like this.

Garbage journalism from Mr Dellapina to write there is a squabble and use the general managers appearance on WFAN and only print a part of what he said to infer squabble without going to either one for a quote. Garth Snow defended his coach in that interview and only a portion of his comments were used here to make something out of essentially nothing. Later on WFAN Ted Nolan said the owner and general manager leave him alone. Mr Dellapina is the kind of writer who does back flips to protect Tom Renney and even went to him for quotes on Ted Nolan's decision?

Garbage journalism 101. Just another reason why hockey is so far down on the map in the New York market and why the game received no backpages in Manhattan today.

It's amazing the spin a handful of Ranger fans in the media business can create but we all know this is what many Islander fans will read and buy into despite the fact these writers are never around unless it's time to be critical or the Rangers are the opposition and do not follow the club on a daily basis.

This is where the Islanders lose the p.r game in the very limited New York Hockey media market and why some fans of the club need to break into the coverage business who will tell the Islanders story to the New York fans.

Journal News: Sam Weinman has the Ranger centric coverage of their win.

Islanders website: Has the full audio interviews from WFAN's appearance Thursday at the Coliseum.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Maybe Mr Dellapina should listen to Garth Snow's interview again and tell us where there is a squabble between the coach and general manager or at least be professional enough to write everything the general manager said?

The Sarnia Observer: Scott Stephenson reports Islander prospect Mark Katic will miss the rest of the season and the earliest he's expected to come back is the second round of the playoffs with the defender in a sling after injuring his other shoulder with coach Dave MacQueens comments.

Vancouver Province:Steve Ewen reports Vancouver Giants defenseman Brent Regner has heard from the New York Islanders this year as he was not selected in last summer's entry draft with several clubs reportedly interested in the young defender.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had an interesting article on how the Sound Tigers have been doing very well without leading scorer Jeff Tambellini, with Jack Capuano's comments on the club winning despite the call ups. Matt Spiller comments on how hard the club has to work.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Portland Pirates
WHEN — Tonight, Saturday, 7:05
WHERE — Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine
ON THE AIR — WICC-AM 1300 (Saturday only); Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not a misprint, becoming more common for teams to play road doubleheaders against the same team.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his blog wonders how come WFAN's Chris Russo cannot pronounce Rick DiPietro or Alexander Ovechkin name properly but got it right on Dubielewicz?

Rangers 4, New York 1

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Islanders website: Has the recap of Thursday's 4-1 loss to the Rangers where Bill Guerin said the powerplay is awful, Ted Nolan felt the Isles were outworked in the first period and Dubielewicz played well.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's a very tough loss and a big hit in the standings but they did play a team that had not lost in regulation in eleven games and it's not going to be easy when you get outworked to start the game and the defense falls asleep on the opening goal on a delayed penalty and then falls behind 2-0 on another play where someone is left open.

Islansders could not get a few past Lunqvist in the second beyond Bergenheim and as usual after a poor start they woke up.

Hard to put anything on Dubie here, he made a lot of big saves and robbed Jagr with his glove. No second guess here from me on the coaches decision, you score one goal it's not going to happen most night's and that's the bottom line. Isles dominated the second, Bergenheim got a shot from a high quality area to give the Isles their goal but Bill Guerin hit the nail on the head when he called the powerplay awful and you have to wonder why the kids see less minutes than these veterans.

You got a powerplay that cannot score on a five on three or work to generate quality chance combined with all the shorthanded goals you are not going to be a winning hockey team on a consistent basis or get games to overtime to add to the point total. It goes beyond one individual.

Gomez deflection goal and the Rangers trap in the third does what it does best and the Isles could not fight through that, Isles defense had the penalty killed and the puck cleared but not all the way down the ice. Islanders got a little lax and that allowed the Rangers to get a shot which led to the 3-1 goal.

All the Islanders can do is move on to Philadelphia very disappointed with a split and hope the return of DiPietro can make a difference. I almost think Ted Nolan had this in mind when he started Dubie to ride the hot goaltender and if it does not work can put in his number one goalie.

One thing for sure is Islanders are running out of games, points and the clubs behind them are right behind them. We'll see what happens with Brendan Witt but you do get to a point where you have to look out for the players future.

3/6: New York vs Rangers 7pm FSN

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Islanders website: Has the early preview for tonight's game against the Rangers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles cannot win one, lose one any longer. Islanders cannot even afford to let the Rangers get an overtime point here, they need a regulation win if they want to catch them in the standings.

I guess we will find out during the afternoon if it's Dubie or DiPietro in goal. I would take a gamble with Dubie here and ride the momentum of his solid play because it's worked in Bridgeport and in college while DiPietro gets an extra day or two to relax after a very tough week. He'll be the number one goalie in the long-run regardless because he should be.

Of course it's not my call and in the end there is a hockey game to play and win.

Regardless Islanders are going to need more quality chances, more goals and their powerplay must stop giving the other team momentum, it gave away a point on Monday.

Lundqvist is letting in soft goals, Islanders have to keep getting the puck to the net and test his confidence. Defense will need another huge game to keep the shots down as they did in the third period and overtime and do a better job on Jagr who got frustrated after he did not finish some chances.

That line with Colliton looked very good on Tuesday, Nolan should consider giving them more minutes if they are effective again. Satan needs to be a lot more visible tonight, so does Comrie and Guerin.

Hopefully the league does not determine the outcome with bad calls or a review, let both teams play.

Updated 2:20pm:
Wade Dubielewicz will start tonight for Isles.

Full game report will be on Friday morning.

Updated 3:30pm
Newsday: Greg Logan updates the Newsday blog and has Rick DiPietro, Ted Nolan's comments and his own speculation that this is the biggest gamble in Ted Nolan's two years as head coach.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
There are another thirteen games after tonight and if the coach wants to ride the hot hand it's hard to go against that. Dubielewicz did not get a lot of work against Florida but played well in that game too.

Islander News Articles 3/6:

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/05/2008 09:29:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Mark Herrmann's article plays the guessing game as to who will get the start for the Islanders tomorrow with Ted Nolan, Rick DiPietro and Wade Dubielewicz comments.

Daily News: Michael Obernauer is the latest to cover the Islander beat at the News and in this case one article fits both teams. Mostly the goaltending situation is covered with comments from Ted Nolan and Rick DiPietro. The Rangers requested the league check Dubielewicz's equipment and determined it to be legal.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Either the editor made the call or could Peter Botte have needed a rest from all that limited infrequent coverage provided to the team all season? With the Isles going on the road soon the critical games will be AP coverage only if things hold as they have all season.

Seems like the limited media is going all out here to create a goaltending controversy with even Garth Snow having to say it's the coaches decision as to who starts. Dubie played well in his last two games and when he is hot has proven he can carry a team and it's been a very tough week for DiPietro who had not had any kind of rest with the schedule and the all-star weekend. Ted Nolan needs another hot streak so why not ride the hot goalie for momentum? Dubie is a goaltender who thrives on work and lots of shots against.

If it does not work Islanders come back with DiPietro on Saturday which also can bring a positive monentum shift.

As for the Rangers seems bush league to check on Dubielewicz equipment, I guess he's in Ranger management's head to do that which is a good thing for the Isles.

Globe and Mail: Tim Wharnsby does an article on the Leafs buying out most of their high priced players and what it could cost against the cap using Alexei Yashin as a comparative.

Canadian Press: Former Islander Jason Blake had a lot to say about how the Islanders came back last year and made the playoffs as it applies to the Leafs situation.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Tim Panaccio reports Flyers forward Daniel Briere could return from a shoulder strain Saturday against the Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So far Hatcher, Lupul and now Briere have all been in reports to return Saturday. John Rolfe on Tuesday had an article that basically said he's tired of seeing the Islanders roll out the alumni and that doing so only makes the recent past more depressing but also writes those players cannot be honored enough as someone who wrote he loved that team like no other in any sport before or since.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Wang is making up for what other owners failed to do and I think it's the right thing. Al Arbour coaching a game vs the Core of the Four Weekend are two different things. Bottom line, no matter what he does someone is going to be critical. Network: Mike Francesa and Chris Russo will be doing their show today at the Nassau Coliseum from 1pm-6:30pm.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Francesa was at the Core of the Four Sunday, no doubt there will be some Islander centric guests on the program. A little surprised the Isles did not announce it on the website. Hopefully Mr Russo can finally pronounce Rick DiPietro's name properly if nothing else.

Updated 11am:
Islanders website: Did an update announcing WFAN at the Coliseum with a list of scheduled guests for today's broadcast:

2:05pm Garth Snow
3:05 Charles Wang
4:05 Bill Guerin
4:25 Rick DiPietro
5:05 Ted Nolan

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Been a very long time since Charles Wang appeared on WFAN which should be a very interesting interview. I will post a link tomorrow if avaialble. Rosen has a full feature article on Islanders captain Bill Guerin.

Bottom Line: Isles need 21 of 28 available points

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/05/2008 07:13:00 PM | Comment Here
Just a quick review of the numbers suggest things are about as desperate as they can be for the 07-08 Islanders.

71 points
14 games remaining
28 points available
Maximum points 99
Likely playoff cut 92 points or higher

This means Islanders in their remaining games can only lose seven points either by regulation or overtime points lost unless a lot of teams struggle that are in playoff position. If that does happen another club below the Isles will go on a significant run.

An awful lot to ask of a team that has a tough time getting games into overtime, there is a fair chance it could take more than ninety two points.

Islander/Sound Tiger Wednesday Notables

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Newsday: Mark Herrmann blogged in the Islanders space at Newsday and reported Ted Nolan has not named a starter for tomorrow night's game with both goaltenders thinking the other would start. Bruno Gervais skated. Rob Davison talked about how the Garden sounded like half the fans there were Islander fans as the game wore on.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I put the player interviews on the sidebar as usual so we get the full interview.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog Joey MacDonald was sent back to Bridgeport, Jesse Joensuu's season in Finland is over and a possibility to come over. Injured Robin Figren Oil Kings' season ends next week.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the Sound Tigers weekly for the Thursday newspaper already on the site with a bunch of items on the team and the Sound Tiger push for the playoffs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I had updated a while back on Joensuu signing and reporting to Bridgeport which has happened with other Islander draft picks over the years. I have been checking on Robin Figren in the Edmonton Journal but his injury status is about four weeks which seems a little longer than the first report.

Clock is ticking on signing many of these prospects, the old rules for European Prospect signings no longer applies, it's the same as the North American prospects which means they have to be signed within two years or they can re-enter the draft unless they are in college.

Poll results & New Poll

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/05/2008 10:14:00 AM | Comment Here
This weeks poll results are final. The poll was to grade the Islanders deadline decisions.

Nice job on the votes and another big turnout.

I get a good sense from the folks who visit this blog that I have a very knowledgeable group of visitors. I'm impressed with how many folks gave the Islanders an average to above average grade despite subtracting Bergeron from the powerplay and basically being inactive, despite getting some solid play out of Rob Davison so far.

I did not see a single vote for a grade of F before the weekend losses.
I gave the Islanders a C grade as my vote because I think the powerplay losing Bergeron's shot is hurting them.

Anyway here are the final numbers:
A 2 (4%)
B 12 (25%)
C 19 (40%)
D 10 (21%)
F 4 (8%)
Votes: 47
The next poll is a nice hot button topic which will require a quick decision that directly puts you in Ted Nolan's hot seat as head coach.

Who would you start in goal Thursday?
Rick DiPietro
Wade Dubielewicz

Voting closes on this poll Thursday afternoon which is likely when Ted Nolan will announce his starter.

Rick DiPietro is expected to rejoin the team at practice Wednesday.

Islander News Articles 3/5:

Newsday: Greg Logan's game article was all about Wade Dubielewicz with Garth Snow's comments as to why Rick DiPietro did not play or dress with the Islander coach leaving his options open.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann's theme is about the smart money on Rick DiPietro playing Thursday and Wade Dubielewicz with comments from Trent Hunter, Jeff Tambellini, Wade Dubielewicz and Ted Nolan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Somewhere in these articles Mr Logan & Mr Herrmann forgot to write about a very big win. We don't need DiPietro's recent numbers here, we need more on this win and what it means to the club. Mr Logan wrote an entire blog on the goaltending before the game. Berard, Colliton, Bergenheim were big stories last night too along with Tambellini. Meyer was fantastic again which is a story worth writing about.

A few words of recognition for these individual player efforts should be written about, not what turned out to be the pregame blog reprinted the next day to supplement half of the next days coverage space.

Sunday Mr Herrmann makes the alumni being a distraction a bigger topic then the hockey game. Today he has more on who play's the next game in goal than the win itself?

Newsday: Steve Zipay's Ranger centric coverage has Ted Nolan's comments the Isles made their own luck as Dubie talks about his connection to Rangers coach Tom Renney.

NY Post: Jay Greenberg showed up and wrote one of his two Islander centric articles of the year where he made his point the Islanders are not good enough, do not have a first or second line at forward or defense but keep hanging around with Wade Dubielewicz comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Dan Martin's PSAL coverage did appear in the Post today. I'm not even sure Mr Greenberg's article was about the game but the state of the Isles with no game coverage? It got more space than the postage stamp Larry Brooks received to put the loss on Henrik Lundqvist.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space article seems to do all it can to fan the goaltending controversy flames with Dubie's comments and barely writes a few words on the Islanders goals or win.

NY Times: Lynn Zinser's Ranger centric coverage has Wade Dubielewicz and Jeff Tambellini's comments & Journal News: Sam Weinman had Ranger centric coverage.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing like looking for that trickle of New York hockey coverage buried among a sea of baseball, Knicks-gossip and Brett Farve's retirement.

Pionerr Press: Made a footnote in an article about Chris Simon flying to Winnipeg last month.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Where was that footnote when Chris Simon was in Winnipeg? Nothing like putting on the hometown colors that gets the media to sell the player.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio
has a quick notebook where he thinks Jason Pitton will have his season ending surgery at this time. Tyler Haskins was recalled from the ECHL.

New York 4, Rangers 3, shootout

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/04/2008 10:03:00 PM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 4-3 shootout win against the Rangers with comments from Ted Nolan, Wade Dubielewicz and Jeff Tambellini.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Big effort and huge win but they needed to win here in regulation and we all why that did not happen. If they have to go to the AHL or ECHL to find someone someone who can run a powerplay maybe it's time to consider it, between Shanahan almost scoring in the second on a breakaway and the goal that tied the game this is something killing this team.

Very tough playing against the Ranger trap because they play for the shot advantage until they fall behind. Ted Nolan just finds a way against Tom Renney almost every time and even after a poor start where Dubie held the Isles in starting getting chances and the breaks they did not get against Florida or Philadelphia.

Comeau's goal was a nice bounce but what impressed me was Colliton just taking the puck from a Ranger at center ice and breaking through to the net, he had a heck of a game and almost scored with a second big chance.

Berard was making some huge plays and then one where he stripped Avery led to Bergenheim's goal where he went to the high quality area, used the screen well and found the top shelf.

Hunter's skate deflection goal was the one they were waiting for all weekend, Fedotenko made a nice play to get the puck.

Dubie was fantastic and for the most part so was the defense, Davison got caught on a goal diving to protect the lane but Meyer, Berard, Witt, Martinek and Johnson did a solid job after a poor start.

Hopefully the shootout goal does something for Tambellini, surprised Ted Nolan did not have Satan in his top three but his shootout combos are always all over the place.

Was expecting a much bigger game from Guerin, Comrie and Satan. Seemed like the kids with Bergenheim carried the club.

Isles got two points, they needed to hold the Rangers to no points and the Islander powerplay was the reason why it did not happen.

Will be interesting to see who gets the start Thursday for both teams. Dubie did what a professional goaltender is supposed to do and that's give his team a chance to win. He did that and more.

3/4: New York at Rangers 7pm FSN-2

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/04/2008 08:04:00 AM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the early preview tonight against the Rangers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Time Warner will likely not carry the FSN-2 Feed tonight for Islander fans forcing them to watch the Msg telecast.

Islanders are getting plenty of shots, now they have to finish some plays regardless who is in goal (I expect DiPietro to start) and get to the high quality area's. Not like the Rangers are not letting up goals and Philadelphia hit for four goals playing back to back days. The Ranger trap and goaltending has not been as solid lately but their young players are stepping up and providing key goals.

I always give Ted Nolan a big edge over Tom Renney in the coaching department because he always seems to have the superior gameplan.

Not going to be easy for the Islanders because they have played a lot of hockey lately with little rest like the Rangers have had and have a lot more injuries but that's what being a team and professionals are all about, no excuses. The defense has kept the shots down for the most part and you see them trying to step into the play.

Bottom line and you could write this about any game.

Go work hard for two and a half hours and if it's not enough, so be it.

More often than not it has been enough and the hard work produced the breaks that have the Islanders 3-1 against the Rangers.

Wade Dubielewicz will start for the Islanders.

Game summary will be Wednesday morning.

Islander News Articles 3/4

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/04/2008 07:31:00 AM | | | | | 2 Comments
Newsday: Mark Herrmann covered practice Monday had Ted Nolan, Freddy Meyer, Mike Comrie's comments about how the club must pull together here and his own speculation about how important the upcoming games are.

NYI Fan Central Commments:
Islanders may as well be playing Florida again tonight for all the indifference the local and city media have for hockey in the New York market today. Just no time or room in the baseball dominated media any longer for a niche sport.

Big business baseball in the newspapers now with the competition between writers and papers for advertising dollars critial.

A lot more critical than the games themselves.

Philadelphia Daily News: Ed Moran reports Flyers defenseman Derian Hatcher could play Saturday against the Islanders.

Edmonton Journal: Joanne Ireland has an updated on how well Robert Nilsson is doing recently. Damien Cox reports former Islander Chris Simon has started a blog to reach out to the Minnesota Wild fans at the Wild gm's request because of the strong negative response the trade has received.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
You think Mr Cox would at least provide a link after going to all this trouble to write an article he is blogging?

Here is the link to Chris Simon's interview with Chris Snow here. Tough to tell if this is in fact a blog or a one time article.

Islander/Sound Tiger Monday notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2008 06:09:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Reported Bruno Gervais is out Tuesday and Aaron Johnson will return to the lineup as Ted Nolan talks about his team and the upcoming games.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann had three Islander blog updates Monday afternoon.

One was on the effect of the moves at the trade deadline and whether trading Marc Andre Bergeron could have been a mistake as Miroslav Satan did not looke good at the point on the powerplay. A second was on Bruno Gervais being day to day with Rick DiPietro a game time decision tomorrow but will rejoin the club Monday night. Finally a third blog asked if it's too much on the current players trying to carry the burden of what the past Islander team accomplished and play a game afterward?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Agree with of the first blog about Marc Andre Bergeron's departure but include a disclaimer this team had been letting up goals against with it's powerplay all season and were terrible with Bergeron here for long periods also.

Second blog about Gervais I would suggest taking a step back until we know what day to day is. For Frans Nielsen it became two-four weeks.

Third blog is somewhat strange beyond Ted Nolan's comments. This team came out flat on Saturday against Philadelphia and fell behind on Al Arbour night. By Mr Herrmann's logic here no club should honor anyone because of the burden of the game afterward on the current roster. Not for anything but they did get fifty plus shots playing a third game in four days. Not like they took the ice and lost 8-3 like they did to Carolina.

Sound Reported Sound Tigers forward Trevor Smith has been named AHL rookie of the month with eight goals and seven assists for 15 points in 13 games for the Sound Tigers last month.

Latest from Mr Prospects

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2008 02:55:00 PM | Comment Here
As everyone knows Mr Prospects does a great job on the message board here for everyone updating how the Islander prospects do on a game by game basis.

With things so busy lately regarding the Islanders I wanted to add his work to a separate blog posting for everyone as soon as possible and thank him once again for doing an outstanding job at something time would not allow me to include here or do it nearly as well.
Febuary 29
QMJHL-Rimouski 7,Victoriaville 1-Maxime Gratchev,1 assist,+1.
OHL-Kingston 6,Barrie 3-Tomas Marcinko,1 goal(19)-3.
Sarnia 6,Plymouth 5-Mark Katic, 1 goal(5),+2.

College-Harvard 3,Colgate 3(OT)-Doug Rogers,Harvard,1 goal(11),Brian Day,Colgate,no points.
Clarkson 4,Princeton 3-Shea Guthrie,Tyrell Mason, no points each.
Wisconsin 2,St. Cloud 1-Jase Weslosky,32 saves,34 shots.
Miami-Ohio 4,Ohio State 3-Shane Sims,1 assist.
Denver 1,Michigan Tech 0-Rhett Rakhshani,no points, even.

USHL-Waterloo 3,Cedar Rapids 2(SO)-Blake Kessel,no points,even.
Lincoln 4,Tri-City 2-Jason Gregoire,1 assist,+1.
March 1

OHL-Brampton 3,Barrie 1-Tomas Marcinko,1 assist,+1.

College-Clarkson 8,Quinnipiac 0-Shea Guthrie,1 assist,Tyrell Mason, no points.
Dartmouth 5, Colgate 2-Brian Day,no points.
Harvard 3, Cornell 1-Doug Rogers, no points.
St. Cloud 3, Wisconsin 2-Jase Weslosky,25 saves, 27 shots.
Michigan Tech 2, Denver 1-Rhett Rakhshanim1 goal(13),even.

USHL-Ohio 4, Waterloo 3-Blake Kessel, 2 assists,even.
Lincoln 5, Des Moines 1-Jason Gregoire,1 goal(26),+1.
Mar 3rd
OHL-Kitchener 4,Sarnia 2-Mark Katic,no points, even.
USHL-Waterloo 2,Green Bay 1-Blake Kessel,no points, + 1.

Message to all subscribers

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2008 12:32:00 PM | Comment Here

Sorry folks, I know there are a lot of subscribers here but there were problems with the scrolling ticker which led to having to change all feeds, gadgets, widgets/ect.

Anyone using the old feeds will no longer receive updates so you need to subscribe once again.

All readers/feeders and subscribers on this blog are now updated with the new feed content. Good news is some new things were added to subscribe from extra news services.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

* In other blog news recent games were added to the video section.
* The weekends Core of the Four Header goes into mothballs but will find a home like the Header for Al Arbour's return at some point.
* I updated the new blog box feeds to include the latest ten messages from all thirteen bloggers.
* The new feedburner color scheme is now Islander centric.

Desperation time for 07-08 Isles

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2008 08:03:00 AM | | 4 Comments
Sorry folks but it's officially desperation time for the 2007-2008 New York Islanders and no hiding from it any longer.

Even the coach and players feel this way and most of the reasons to expect this club to go quick and quiet from here are very vaild ones.

So let's take a look at the problems and what things are in the Isles favor.

Scoring: Worst kept secret this team cannot score when it needs to but to have two games like this in a week where they throw fifty plus shots at the opposing goaltenders and not only fail to produce points but cannot get the puck into the high quality areas is just something they cannot overcome beyond a handful of game and has to be very disheartening.

Isles worked as hard as they could in the second period yesterday firing a club record twenty nine shots, most of them were angle shots and easy saves against a team struggling that could barely get out it's own way playing a backup who has played well recently but rarely saw a rebound. We saw the desperation from the defenders all weekend as they stepped up and tried to make a play that led to a goal.

Does not make a lot of sense after they scored five against Atlanta to not be able to build on that but this has been the story all season. Islanders are twenty ninth in team scoring for a reason.

Powerplay: Islanders powerplay is ranked twenty eighth with only forty three powerplay goals, they have allowed the most goals with the man advantage with thirteen in what is completely unaccecptable. Many games it seems the Isles powerplay gives the opposition momentum as they do not have a legitimate first line offensive defender.

Isles rank in the bottom ten in powerplays draw.

Even Strength: For myself the biggest factor and the biggest difference from last season. This is where the Isles survival skills in games a year ago got games to overtime and produced a streak where they lost only three times in twenty regulation games. This year most of the roster is deep into minus territory and cannot get games to overtime for a critical point.

Depth: To expect a club to stay in contention with the depth problems they have at this point and a schedule that allows for vittually no rest is almost asking for the impossible to say nothing at asking for them to play at a very high level that will be required to win the games. Isles played three games in twenty four days in October and had three defenders on the sideline who could not get into the lineup. Rangers by contrast had a five, four and three day break in the past three weeks at a time a club needs the rest most. Isles get on a run into next week, they have a heavy travel schedule and little rest.

With Bergeron traded, Bruno Gervais likely going to be out for a while, Andy Sutton on the shelf and Brendan Witt not looking good as he gutted out yesterday's game where is the depth on defense going to come from that can not only fill out a lineup but give the team not only defense but the offense it desperately needs?

Speaking of the forwards most of the prospect have been recalled, how does this team survive any more injuries without Ben Walter and the prospects being put into key roles in the top three lines to say nothing of a playoff series?

Standings/Schedule: We all know the standings and how much ground the Isles have to make up on the club's ahead of them. Philadelphia is officially out of their slump and accumulating points again. The Rangers and Bruins are on long winning streaks and the Sabres even though they have been spotty still can score in bunches. Islanders having one of the worst goal differentials in the league do not control the tie-breaker with Buffalo and have already lost to Buffalo and Boston in that department which means they must gain an extra point unless they beat them out in overall wins which is not likely.

Worst of all it's fair to write Islanders need not only to win but do it in regulation to the teams they are chasing which presents an even tough challenge. The games in hand situation and other head to head games involving the teams ahead of the Isles make for no other alternative.

So what can the Isles do?: There is no doubt they have been competitive with the Flyers, Rangers in the head to head games and no doubt they are getting shots at the opposing goaltenders in these games. The defense and goaltending have kept the club in games by keeping the shots down and the penalty kill has been solid all season. I do not see that changing unless this weekend convinced this group it's over and play that way and mail it in which is another blog entry for another day.

Islanders also contol their own destiny and have the Rangers head to head where they have had success. One team looking to get back in contention, the other looking to put the Isles basically out of any realistic contention. For this to work for the Isles they need to go 3-0 this week.

This may not make a lot of sense to some but hockey is a game of streaks and slumps that do not have a lot of logic behind them but do happen. Frankly speaking the Rangers, Bruins are due to lose some games and the Isles due to win a few just if a few shots start bouncing in off opposing players.

Finally it seems for most of this year when everyone counts the Islanders out, that's when they start winning and fighting back out of nowhere.

You can bet it's where Ted Nolan teams are most dangerous. Work harder and make more plays than the other team for two hours a thirty minutes and win a game, nothing is won on paper.

We shall see but it's desperation time for the 2007-2008 New York Islanders.

Islander News Articles 3/3:

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/03/2008 06:54:00 AM | | | | | | | Comment Here

Newsday: Mark Herrmann covered the Core of the Four Celebration with comments from several of the players on the team and the weekend's events.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mark Herrmann sure is working hard to make his point this could be the last time those players will be together, despite Mr Wang's statement the team would honor the alumni once a year.

Newsday: Greg Logan reports the Islanders set a record back to when shots on goal were kept in 1955 in a game a club was shutout. Ted Nolan talks about the team not having a pure goal scorer and the effort while Wade Dubielewicz, Ruslan Fedntenko talk about the loss.

Daily News: Peter Botte in his limited space spends more time making his point about Bill Smith and Wayne Merrick not in attendance than covering the game. Bill Guerin said there has to be desperation but not panic.

NY Post: Dan Martin had Mike Comrie's comments where he did not think his team played with a lot of desperation and made Craig Anderson look good with their shot selection.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Pathetic job by the Post/News editors not allowing for a second article on the Alumni and the ceremonies. NY Times sent Dave Caldwell to cover Saturday's game but not Sunday?

No excuse for such shoddy treatment, absolutely none unless it's intentional. The News had two articles for one day twice this week but did not provide an extra article or one at all for this incredible group of players returning?

Newsday gave the steroids the majority of the back page and did not even have a picture of the club in the headline.

Florida Sun Sentinel: Blogged on Denis Potvin and the ceremony which also featured Panther Director of Player Personnel Duane Sutter. Florida Sun Sentinel: Steve Gorton provided game coverage.

Palm Beach Post: Brian Biggane's Inside the Panthers covered the Core of the Four ceremony, on the Florida connetion in Denis Potvin, Bill Smith, Duane Sutter, Jiggs McDonald, Bill Torrey and their past or current ties to the Panthers.

Palm Beach Post: Brian Biggane also recaps the game in his coverage.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure say a lot about the city editors when even the Florida papers have some seperate entries on the ceremonies yesterday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game covered on Bridgeport's win which put them a point out of a playoff spot has comments from Mike Morrison and Tim Jackman. Dustin Kohn returned from his shoulder problems, Justin Bourne scored and Steve Regier was a big factor in the win with his play.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A little surprising not to see anything in print from Jack Capunano and sparse space provided in the Ct Post for the game. I have noted the overall drop in space allowed for game coverage this season but Mr Fornabaio's blog does supplement this very well. Chris Elsberry has done nothing this season on the Sound Tigers but still covers sports in the paper and is listed as a sportswriter but not included on the writers page.

Ct Post: Michael Fonabaio had more in his blog after the game on the win and the race for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Lowell Sun: Covers the Devils AHL affiliate.

Florida 1, New York 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/02/2008 06:40:00 PM | | | | Comment Here

 John Kreiser had an excellent feature on the Core of the Four Celebration today.

Islanders website: Covered the events outside the Coliseum on the walk of fame with some excellent pictures.

Newsday: Greg Logan blogged on the Core of the Four Weekend and his past recollections of the Islanders during their championship era talked of who he would pick for the Islanders Hall of Fame as the club announced they would have weekends like this once a year in the future.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Wonderful ceremony that was not overdone and loved seeing the 1980 retro jersey's with the Olympic patch.

Islanders website: Has the recap of today's 1-0 loss to the Florida Panthers.

Newsday/AP: Has the early recap of the Islanders loss to Florida.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It takes something very wrong with a team to take fifty shots twice in one week, set an all-time record for shots in a period and go 0-2, scoring only two goals in both games. I have never seen anything like that in this team history and maybe in any teams history.

They worked as hard as they could in the second period, they could not finish or create a chance where Anderson was out of position.

Poor showing put on by the present day Islanders today against a club that was waiting to get beat that looked terrible. Islanders came out in the first and played with absolutely no desperation and it was a terrible sign with Booth scoring to give Florida their goal.

Isles played a good second period and got their best chances which was a post by Comrie and the save on Fedntenko. Comeau's line had some chances and one very good shift and Martinek did a good job stepping up again to try and create offense but the Isles offense is too predictable.

Two or three pucks could have bounced to players for rebound goals today and everyone would be happy with the win but fact is this team simply does not have the offense to stay competitive beyond a few games. In terms of individual play Park, Bergenheim, Hilbert, Comeau, Colliton, Fedntenko, all skated well and created chances with their skating, you would think the five goals against Atlanta would give them some confidence to finish or set up a goal but they could not make that happen.

All due respect to Craig Anderson but out of his fifty three saves he had to make two or three good saves, one on Fedotenko. Most of the chances were low percentage chances from poor angles with no rebounds. Florida's defense blocked another twenty five shots.

Now they lose Gervais to a concussion/leg injury and Witt looked like he gave all he could to stay out for the last two periods and played hurt.

Dubie played very well and the defense kept Florida contained most of the day, hardly a small sidebar but seemingly more about how much the Panthers are struggling, that written they had the better quality chances to score, Isles could not even make them take some penalties in the third.

During the game the building was dead beyond killing a third period penalty where a forward held the puck in the Panthers end for an extended amount of time.

Worst possible result with both the Flyers and Rangers gaining points.

Hate to write it but unless this club has another six game winning streak in it and discovers an ability not to lose in regulation they are not going to return to the playoffs.

Sound Reports Bridgeport defeated the Lowell Devils 3-1 Sunday on the road with Tim Jackman scoring two goals. Mike Morrison started and played well in the win.

3/2: New York vs Florida 4pm FSN

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/02/2008 06:56:00 AM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Has the preview of Sunday's game against the Florida Panthers.

Islanders reported earlier this season the 1500 banner for Al Arbour will be replaced this weekend with a 740 banner. I wonder if the Hall of Fame Banner will be altered to include all seven players part of the four championships which includes Lorne Henning who won two as a coach.

No doubt it will be a fantastic ceremony and another first class event by management. No game report until late tonight or Monday morning.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
2pm: Walk of Champions
3pm: Pregame ceremonies begin
4pm: New York vs Florida

We all know the circumstances for the 07-08 Islanders and Panthers, two very desperate clubs that cannot really afford many more regulation losses. Florida has lost three in a row. Isles according to reports had Mike Mole in Bridgeport and Dubie will start today. I guess we'll see what's decided but whoever is in goal the team has to shake off yesterday's loss and keep working and you start with winning a shift at a time. Dubie's paid to be professional goaltender and it's his job to make sure he's ready for his role if the call comes and I suspect if he does start his play will not be a negative.

We all know a lot of players are due for a goal on this roster, it's time to step up and produce.

Greatest team ever for all the right reasons

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/02/2008 06:34:00 AM | Comment Here

I know for a lot of folks here never did get to see these incredible Islander teams but beyond all the Stanley Cups and the numbers that made them special and unique like no other team in the history of professional sports was the character of the people that were so dedicated to being a team first and anything else second.

It was never about the individual and that started with the example set at the top.

That's what made Bill Torrey and Al Arbour unique like no other management team in the history of professional sports. That's how they carried themselves and what they passed on to the players. This group simply let nothing get in the way of doing what it took to win and had the character to raise their game with the pressure.

A lot of folks used to write or say those Islander teams could beat you any way they wanted to and that was the truth, but in the end these teams simply were a closer group with no ego that was never about the individual and that helped them play any kind of game they had to. To me it was the secret of their success.

They don't make teams in pro sports like this any longer, any further proof you need is the fact no team has matched their accomplishments. I do not see another club ever winning nineteen straight playoff series or four championships in a row.

The New York Islanders won for all the right reasons, it was all about being a team.

Islander News Articles 3/2

Newsday: Greg Logan's article was on the shorthanded goals the team has allowed with Miroslav Satan's comments about playing the point on the powerplay and Bill Guerin's comments.

Newsday: Greg Logan previews the Core of the Four Celebration Sunday with comments from Lorne Henning and Duane Sutter.

Daily News: Peter Botte in his limited space reports Wade Dubielewicz will start against Florida with Brendan Witt, Bill Guerin and Ted Nolan's comments on the loss.

NY Post: Mike Puma again had the Islander beat and also reported Wade Dubielewicz will start Sunday. Brendan Witt, Bill Guerin and Ted Nolan gave comments.

NY Times: Dave Caldwell was allowed to make another Coliseum visit and covered the loss to Philadelphia with the obvious theme being the goals allowed on the Islanders powerplay.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No excuse for the editor to not assign a writer Sunday to honor the Core of the Four.

Courier Post OnlinePhiladelphin Inquirer/Daily News Phillyburbs: Has all the Flyer centric coverage on their win.

Montreal Gazette: Red Fisher had a few words from Ted Nolan praising the job Penguins coach Michel Terrien has done with the injuries to his club as Mr Fisher praised the Islanders coach.

Miami Herald: Joseph Goodman has an article on Islander Captain/Panthers Broadcaster Denis Potvin who felt the Islander dynasty was unique and that it's record of nineteen playoff series wins in a row would probably last forever as he gives his thoughts on the Core of the Four.

National Post: Reports Ryan Smyth who scored two goals was driven face-first into the boards by Kings rookie defenseman Jack Johnson. Smyth, who stayed on the ice for several minutes before being placed on a stretcher, was conscious and walking in the locker room before being taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary reasons.

Kingston Whig-Standard: Brock Harrison has a few words on Islander prospect Thomas Marcinko.

Sound Tigers website: Reports Colin Fretter scored twice in his Bridgeport debut as they defeated the Binghampton Senators 3-2 Saturday at Harbor Yard.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage has Colton Fretter on the opportunity he is getting and reports Steve Regier and Trevor Smith again had big nights for Bridgeport. Jason Pitton will have surgery next week but did play against Binghampton.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Lowell Devils
WHEN - Today, 4:05 p.m.
WHERE - Tsongas Arena, Lowell, Mass.
ON THE AIR - No radio; Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reported in his blog Colton Fretter's strong start with two goals is a trend with a lot of Sound Tigers have done over the years. Mike Mole was at the game which indicates a goaltender could be recalled to New York, Jack Capuano comments on his new forward and the club's performance.

Press Connects: You cannot stop Michael Fornabaio you can only hope to contain him as he wrote a Senators centric article for the local paper on the loss to Bridgeport.

Islanders website: Recapped the Skate with the Greats Evening and had Mike Bossy's comments on a fantastic event. The Islanders have photo sections.

Philadelphia 4, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/01/2008 06:21:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers with Brendan Witt talking about the loss and the defense did not allow second chances while Ted Nolan said the teams playoffs start now and how his club worked hard but had to get more pucks to the net.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's a bad loss and not because of what Philadelphia did but because clearly this teams powerplay is just killing them and when Carter scored it was fatal. Up to that point it could have gone either way but the Isles were trailing 2-1.

Richard Park is seeing powerplay time on the point. It's just a terrible situation and has been all season that looks even worse without Bergeron's shot.

When Satan fell in the second period while the Isles had a powerplay and recovered you could tell he just does not belong there and we have seen him struggle whenever he is put on the point for three seasons.

Satan's miss off a great pass from Bergenheim made me feel it may not be the Isles day, especially after Witt knocking DiPietro's stick out of his hand played a part in the Flyers getting the lead.

Gervais, Martinek stepped up and made since nice plays entering the Flyer zone, Bergenheim made a good play and Guerin made a nice shot but Isles did not get a lot of quality chances. Satan in the first period had one good chance.

Kid line with Comeau on right wing has been hindering his game because he does not look confident on the off wing. He had one second period shift on the left wing where he held the puck but aside from that he has not had a lot of impact.

DiPietro played well but his turnover led to Gervais penalty which led to the Flyers powerplay goal. He did not have to be great and unfortunately he got a bad break on Carter's centering pass but it's an all too familiar situation that has been happening all season.

Line with Fedntenko had chances but mostly re directions, Hartnell line got better quality chances and pressure.

Not a bad effort at all by the Isles in this one, story is what gave Atlanta momentum on Thursday and that is the Isles fragile powerplay which has been a theme all season.

Depth getting very thin up front with Nielsen now out two-four weeks, cannot see Jeremy Colliton going anywhere.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, no room for anything but winning.

Hockey Night on LI/Blog Box Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/01/2008 05:38:00 PM | | Comment Here
Just finished up Hockey Night on LI here with Alex and Steve who do an excellent job with the show and was a lot of fun. My thanks to them for inviting me on the program once again where we wrapped up the Flyers game, talked about the trade deadline, core of the Four among several things.

Hockey Night on LI is featured on New York Fan Central on the sidebar but for those interested in listening to the show today.

Recently I did a blog and shared some things about the blog box and a dilemma I had with regard to coverage and where I draw the line with what I wish to post here from the other twelve bloggers. After some hard work behind the scenes I feel I have finally found a solution.

I created my own Islanders Blog Box for everyone to read anything one of us post on our blogs. The new feature on this blog links the feeders to all thirteen blogs and shows the lastest entries.

Feel free to share this feature and enjoy the latest from all the blog box members which will now be a permanent fixture on the sidebar at New York Islander Fan Central.

3/1: New York vs Philadelphia 2pm FSN

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 10:39:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the pregame for Saturday's 2pm start against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Flyers are without Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Joffrey Lupul and Modry did not make the trip. Frans Nielsen is out for this game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles are 7-2-1 in ten games. The two losses they took over fifty shots and wore down against the Devils but were in position to win starting the third period.

Flyers are coming off a shootout win against Buffalo and a win against freefalling Ottawa. In the Buffalo game last Monday they fell behind 2-0 giving up two goals in eleven seconds and 3-1 before tying the game.

Islanders are going to have the get the puck deep and out work Philadelphia's defense while keeping down the shots against. Something will have to click on the powerplay and no doubt the Isles are going to shoot first as has been the pattern in recent games. Setups against Atlanta were quality plays that led to the Isles goals.

Witt, if he returns will be a big boost to the Isles defense. If a forward is recalled Davison played well enough to sit Aaron Johnson. Comeau and Tambellini need a center and minutes becausse the Isles lineup needs their speed.

I guess I could write it's a big game once again but I can write that for all of the remaining games until they qualify for the playoffs or are eliminated so today will be the final preview that I bother including it.

Islander News Articles 3/1:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 09:20:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Roderick Boone covered today's events at practice and reported Rick DiPietro's preference is to play and that the coach has not been informed of his goaltender's status beyond Saturday after the loss of his grandmother.

Brendan Witt is a gametime decision, Frans Nielsen day to day. A few words with no comments on the Core of Four plaque ceremony.

Daily News: Peter Botte filed a mid-day Friday article reporting DiPietro may miss Sunday's game and updated the Core of The Four ceremonies Friday. Aaron Johnson practiced on the wing Friday in Frans Nielsen's spot.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Twice this week now the News filed a story in the middle of the day. Hopefully a full article appears for Saturday morning but that's doubtful. Mr Botte's doing a little too much speculation on DiPietro writing Dubielewicz will start Sunday because there are no quotes to support it.

My guess is someone is recalled from Bridgeport or Witt returns and Johnson plays forward in Frans Nielsen's spot. Will Dubie get a road tune-up game on Saturday night for Bridgeport who are at home, then start Sunday afternoon.

Courier Post: Chuck Gormley reports Martin Biron will start in goal for Philadelphia Saturday. Jaroslav Modry (left rotator cuff) practiced but did not make the trip and is doubtful for the weekend.

Sound Tigers website: Reports Bridgeport won at WBS Friday 3-2 against the Penguins with Trevor Smith scoring the game winner. Ben Walter returned to the lineup, Joey MacDonald had thirty five saves. Colton Fretter's equipment never arrived so he did not play.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game recap on Bridgeport's win includes Dustin Kohn having problems again with his shoulder and Jeremy Colliton looked good if the Islanders decide to look to the AHL to replace Frans Nielsen.

Times Leader: Has the WBS Pens coverage.


New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 09:08:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Islanders website has the ceremony kicking off the Core of The Four Weekend with, Friday marked the official unveiling of the Hall of Fame plaques and a ceremony which Jiggs McDonald served as Master of Ceremonies.

Mike Bossy, Bryan Trottier, Bill Guerin and owner Charles Wang gave their comments. Mike Morreale has a full feature article on Mike Bossy.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
First class. Clearly it will not be the end of ceremonies as Mark Herrmann felt the other day given Jiggs McDonald comments speaking at the event.

Islanders website: Reports on the Islanders hosting a private dinner for the Core of The Four Friday night with comments Bryan Trottier.

Projecting out the standings Part IV

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 07:47:00 AM | Comment Here
Has been a while since this feature was updated.

Seems the Islanders are making me look good based on recent results for now as they needed to go 5-1-1 to stay on my projected pace of 93 points.

Projections vs game results.................93 points projected.
Jan 29, Senators-Loss 54 points 24-21-6.....Isles lost
Jan 31, Kings-Win 56 points 25-21-6.........Isles lost two points below pace set.
Feb 2, at Canadians-Loss 56 points 25-22-6..Isles lost
Feb 5, Ducks-Loss 56 points 25-23-6.........Isles lost
Feb 7, at Penguins otl 57 points 25-23-7....Isles lost three points below pace.
Feb 9, at Wild W 59 points 26-23-7..........Isles lost ot four point below pace set.
Feb 12 Flyers L 59 points 26-24-7...........Isles won two points below pace set.
Feb 14, at Maple Leafs L 59 points 26-25-7..Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 16, Thrashers W 61 points 27-25-7.......Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 18, Sharks W 63 points 28-25-7..........Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 20, at Capitals ot L 64 points 28-25-8..Isles won ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 21, Lightning W 66 points 29-25-8.......Isles won ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 23, at Devils L 66 points 29-26-8.......Isles lost ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 26, Penguins W 68 points 30-26-8........Isles lost behind pace set by one pt.
Feb 28, at Thrashers W 70 points 31-26-8....Isles win behind pace set by one pt..
Islanders despite going 5-2 fell behind pace I set them on at 5-1-1 which would mean a total of 92 points.

Given how the clubs in front of them are playing it could take even more than 93 points which was origional projection.
Upcoming game projections have only one regulation loss in seven games 3-1-3 and a possible nine of fourteen points, Isles would need to gain a point on this to get back to a 93 point pace for the season.

Mar 1 Flyers ot-L 71 points 31-26-9
Mar 2, Panthers W 73 points 32-26-9
Mar 4, at Rangers W 75 points 33-26-9
Mar 6, Rangers ot-L 76 points 33-26-10
Mar 8, at Flyers L 76 points 33-27-10
Mar 11 at Lightning W 78 points 34-27-10
Mar 12, at Panthers otl 79 points 34-27-11

I only have two regulation losses listed for the remainder of the seasonn in the next set of games.
My Projections of the entire schedule in the first part of this feature are
here for those who wish to reference.

Islander News Articles 2/29:

Newsday: Greg Logan recaps the Isles win with Ted Nolan's comments that it was a bad hockey game and did not like how his club fell apart but was glad they got two points. Rick DiPietro talked about Atlanta's offense and that he should have had the second goal while Hunter and Vasicek talked about their big goals and play in the win. Frans Nielsen reportedly said his x-ray looked good.

Newsday: Greg Logan disclosed in his blog after some speculation about a possible injury to Rick DiPietro he suffered a loss in his family Thursday but still decided to play against Atlanta. Speculation is he could miss a game this weekend to attend a funeral.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Condolences to Rick DiPietro and his family on his loss and highest marks to him for trying to play under very tough circumstances. Dubie will find a way to get himself ready if necessary.

Islander Insider added Friday morning here and linked to Newsday's Islander blog will feature a contrast of this year’s trade by Pittsburgh with the Islanders’ rental of Ryan Smyth, Miro Satan’s contract situation and Sean Bergenheim's development.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
With Hossa already out for a week because of a knee injury in his first game for Pittsburgh so far the edge goes to the Islanders.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Craig Custance has the recap of Atlanta's loss with Ken Klee's comments where he took the blame and credited Josef Vasicek for a good play to set up Trent Hunter for the game winner.

NY Post: Justin Terranov writes a full preview of Islanders-Rangers for next week with Dave Maloney and Bill Jaffe's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For all the substandard coverage decisions this season this ranks near the top because it makes no sense.

Dan Martin is out writing on the PSAL, the Islanders win in Atlanta got about sixty words and the Post decides to preview games next week with a full article?

NY Times: Michel Schwirtz has a full interview with former Islander Alexei Yashin and his wife Carol Alt on players from the NHL coming back to Russian as the league builds itself to one that they hope surpasses the NHL and the preimer league.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing negative or Islander-related for those curious. Congratulations to Yashin for getting married and best of luck. I miss his big shot. Too bad he never spoke up for himself or let the fans get to know more about him because it did not help him in the end. That written he never said a bad word about anyone and many players spoke well of him.

USA Today/AP: Dave Campbell in an article on efforts made to create new rules regarding college prospects leaving school has Kyle Okposo's mother who recaps why his son decided to leave school along with what seems like new quotes from Don Lucia, Garth Snow.

Bill Daly is also quoted as is former Islander Mark Parrish, who also left school early to sign with Colorado in 1997. The writer adds his personal speculation Okposo will see some games with the Islanders this season.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has Sound Tigers president Howard Saffan's comments about acquiring Colin Fretter, Jason Pitton on his season ending shoulder injury and more on the clear day roster as injury status for Bridgeport is updated.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins
WHEN — Tonight, 7:05
WHERE — Wachovia Arena, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
ON THE AIR — No radio; Webcast and B2 Networks Internet pay-per-view at

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's blog updates the fallout in the Sound Tigers division from the trade deadline and how it effected teams in terms of clear day.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sorry folks, I thought lists were released the day they were due. Mr Fornabaio got everyone the advanced version but it still has to be approved by the league for their official news release.

New York 5, Atlanta 4

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 02:41:00 AM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the recap of tonight's
5-4 overtime win against the Atlanta Thrashers with Ted Nolan who was critical of his powerplay, but praised Vasicek's line for their solid play. Trent Hunter talked about the game winner.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Would have been a disaster to come out of this game with only one point. Easy to put the Klee and Holik goals on DiPietro and even the Zhitnik goal but he made two of three great saves (Thorburn, Recchi) to keep them tied/ahead and the Isles defense was running around a little.

A 5-4 game and no points from Kovalchuk? Good thing the post cooperated.

Isles were the team with more life to start the game and took advantage of Atlanta who came out with no desperation. Comrie got a nice pass from Rob Davison and got it past Lehtonen on his backhand for the lead. After that the Thasher goaltender
gift-wrapped one. Vasicek made it interesting on his backhand but got a perfect pass from Hunter.

Isles played well against a team that showed very little life until the Islanders powerplay got on the ice and once again not only did not score but helped Atlanta finally get into the game. It's beyond a problem now and they cannot blame Bergeron anymore. No doubt teams scout this powerplay and know it's fragile. Bergenheim took a penalty to kill one of those powerplays. When Meyer was on the point in the first period you could see most of his plays were not shots but passes down low going for deflections.

Berard's pass to Hilbert for the 3-0 was one of the best setups of the season, and he found Comrie in great position for the 4-3 goal.

Klee handed Vasieck the puck in the corner who found Hunter for the game winner.

Tambellini and Comeau only saw seven minutes and Nielsen could be out with a shoulder injury. Ben Walter is about to return from his shoulder injury which could mean Colliton gets a callup for Saturday?

All in all Islanders took thirty seven shots and outlasted a struggling team. Given the out of town scorboard all the Isles did was keep pace and Philadelphia officially is out of it's losing streak or Ottawa is in a complete freefall.

Core of The Four Weekend Begins

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2008 05:51:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here

Islanders Website: Kicked off The Core of the Four Weekend with Mike Bossy, Kenny Morrow, Bryan Trottier and Bobby Nystrom at the NHL team store today as well as their comments. Adam Kimelman had a full feature on the Islanders today on the events in the city with comments from the players and general manager Garth Snow.

The honored guests are:
Bill Torrey
Al Arbour
Mike Bossy
Bob Bourne
Clark Gillies
Butch Goring
Lorne Henning
Anders Kallur
Gord Lane
Dave Langevin
Wayne Merrick
Ken Morrow
Bob Nystrom
Stefan Persson
Denis Potvin
Billy Smith
Duane Sutter
John Tonelli
Bryan Trottier

Trainer Ron Waske and equipment manager Jim Pickard, who were with the team for all four Stanley Cups, will also be honored as part of the event. Hall of Fame broadcaster Jiggs McDonald will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
New York Islander Fan Central has kicked off it's celebration also with a new header for the event honoring the four championship clubs. I have not been able to do all the profiles of the players as the team released them with the trade deadline but I will have all the articles posted over the weekend.

Hockey Night on LI Saturday 4:30pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2008 04:18:00 PM | Comment Here

I will be making my second appearance this season on Hockey Night on LI here with Alex and Steve who do a great job with the program this coming Saturday 3/1 at 4:30pm as we recap the Flyers game Saturday and talk about everything surrounding the New York Islanders including the NHL Trade Deadline for anyone who would to listen or call in and talk some New York Islander Hockey.

Butch Goring feature from

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2008 04:08:00 PM | | Comment Here
 Evan Weiner released a full feature on Butch Goring regarding the Isles dynasty, his unique helmet, the origns of it and makes a strong case for him being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Sound Tigers trade for Colton Fretter

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2008 03:12:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Sound Report the Bridegport Sound Tigers have acquired forward Colton Fretter from the Chicago Wolves. The 25-year old center-man is in his second professional season and has played eight games with the Wolves this year. Fretter played 51 games with the Gwinnett Gladiators last season, totaling 36 goals and 32 assists for 68 points with 46 penalty minutes.

Fretter was originally drafted in the eighth round (230th overall), of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, by the Atlanta Thrashers.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog on Colton Fretter and has the Sound Tigers clear day list pending league approval.

Jason Pitton will miss the rest of the season with shoulder surgery.

FORWARDS (13) -- Sean Bentivoglio, Kip Brennan, Jeremy Colliton, Blake Comeau, Colton Fretter, Tim Jackman, Matt Keith, Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo, Steve Regier, Trevor Smith, Jeff Tambellini, Ben Walter

DEFENSEMEN (7) -- Drew Fata, Scott Ford, Jamie Fraser, Dustin Kohn, Andy Sertich, Matthew Spiller, Mark Wotton

GOALTENDERS (2) -- Joey MacDonald, Mike Morrison

Entering 7/1/08 it's already completely different

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/28/2008 10:26:00 AM | Comment Here
Howie Rose had a radio interview a few days ago where he made the point the Isles could be looking at the same situtation as they were a year ago where in essence they would have to restock the club if they could not resign their free agents and were constantly stuck in the same pattern.

I felt that judgement was unfair on his part and wanted to review last summer vs this summer for everyone to make my point significant progress is being made here and next summer will not be like last summer at all.

Last summer the Islanders went into July 1st 2007 with the following lines:
Smyth-(UFA)-Silliger (signed)- Hunter (rfa)
Zednik-(UFA)-Yashin(boughtout)- Satan (signed)
Simon-(UFA)-Hilbert-(UFA)-Park (signed)

Islanders after buying out Alexei Yashin had seven unrestricted free agents at forward and only Hilbert and Simon resigned.

July 1st 2008 Islanders enter free agency with the following lines:
Fedotenko-(UFA)-Vasicek-(UFA)-Hunter (signed)
Tambellini-(?)-Nielsen-(rfa)-Comeau (signed)

Frans Nielsen was signed for two years on 5/16/06
Blake Comeau was signed to a three year extension 3/22/06
Jeremy Colliton-signed a three year contract 7/28/05

Jeff Tambellini was signed to a mult-year contract extension 12/9/05 to where Dave Taylor gave indications it was longer than three years. At worst he is restricted for Isles entering July which is why I will leave him as a question mark.

We already know on the backline: Campoli, Witt, Martinek, Sutton, Meyer are under contract and Bruno Gervais will likley receive something close to what Chris Campoli got for an offer last summer. Aaron Johnson was not qualified a year ago which is why he was available as an UFA.

So I have to ask how is Fedontenko, Vasicek, Berard and Satan as the only pending UFA on the current roster anything close to the situtation a year ago in any way to say nothing of all the prospects that are playing well and only getting better getting a full opportunity and doing well to say nothing of Bergenheim?

We are seeing the hockey staff's plan and it seems they are in good position entering this July to attract free agents if they want.

This does not even include reports Isles have been in negotiations with the unrestricted forwards.

I hope anyone who thinks the Islanders are anywhere near the same position they were in a year ago reads this because it's simply not true.