Bergenheim update/Late notables

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Newsday: Greg Logan has a late Monday update on arbitration/contract negotiations for Sean Bergenheim with comments from his agent, Todd Diamond who said on Monday his client plans to accept the arbitrator's decision rather than seek a better deal in Russia. He also expects the Islanders to opt for a two-year deal in arbitration. According to Mr Diamond Bergenehim will be an RFA the next three seasons.

Mr Diamond's partner, Mark Gandler also commented about the arbitration process and how/when things go well vs when they poorly with a team but did not have anything specific with regard to Bergenheim.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Now we know Todd Diamond is Sean Bergenheim's primary agent but Mr Gandler is still involved in some manner. I thought Mr Gandler was still exclusively calling the shots. I guess we will get a hearing date tomorrow but if the agent said his client is restricted for the next three years there is a lot of room for both sides to work with.

Mr Gandler for his part just kept it basic with regard to negotiations for anyone and did not seem to stir the pot.

Bottom line Bergenheim will accept whatever he receives in arbitration, hopefully the Isles keeps things as classy as they were with Hunter a year ago.

Point Blank: Mr Botta updated his blog with a bunch of things and is considering keeping it open.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I hope Mr Botta does keep updating as I have written several times, no law about how often someone has to update a blog.

Mr Botta answered my question and wrote to his knowledge Garth Snow has not been given a contract extension. Until we get an answer on that there can be no talk of a Ted Nolan contract extension unless folks want a plan in place that is unconventional where the coach has more term than his general manager.

As for some other things Mr Botta wrote a few words on Larry Brooks I disagree about. He should understand more than anyone if folks read Mr Brooks Sunday column it is only because they are that interested in any hockey information they can find and in the absence of credible journalism will take anything because that's how far things have fallen in this market which Mr Brooks coverage has contributed to.

I was reading Mr Brooks back in 1980 too so I can speak from experience on this subject when I tell my readers garbage is still garbage, no matter how long the writer has still been around.

I can also appreciate Mr Botta's loyalty to Greg Logan but it also has to be written some of Mr Logan's speculation has been unfair at times and caused damage to a franchise where what he writes carries greater weight than ever because of the lack of coverage locally among several things items I have brought up here as a problem with Newsday coverage. Special guest Steve Mears joined Steve and Tony on the program and recapped the Islanders draft/unrestricted free agency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Excellent job as always. Sorry Tony but I did not see your invite until too late after I got home. Folks can listen to the recap on the sidebar here along with Tony's blog entries or on their website.

Vancouver Province: Ben Kzuma reports the Anaheim Ducks will sign Brendan Morrison to a one year contract that will be announced Tuesday despite a no comment from Brian Burke and a denial from his agent Kurt Overhardt when reached Monday at his Denver office. Reports the Tampa Bay Lightning signed Mark Recchi to a one year contract with incentives.

Islander/Sound Tigers/NHL Monday Notables

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Not much going on around the NHL today so far.

Mr Logan had a brief chat on the Islander Newsday blog, nothing really new was introduced beyond some speculation.

Both European signing sites do not list Josef Vasick signing in Russia at this time or even have it as a rumor.

Steve Simmons in one of the Toronto papers called the signing of Doug Weight a weird signing by a weird team as he did the shock jock game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing weird about a player signing with a club who wanted to come here during the season to play with his friend signing with that same club in the summer. We can question whether his production will be enough but if this what it takes to get more out of Bill Guerin and it works it could work out fine.

Or it could be a major bust.

Only thing weird is so far Doug Weight not releasing a statement through the clubs website after Mark Streit did a press conference from overseas.

Owen Nolan signed a two year contract here with Minnesota confirmed by several media outlets.

Todd Bertuzzi's NHL tour lands him in Calgary to start 2008-09here.

USA Kevin Allen looks at some of the remaining free agents which include Mark Recchi, Pavol Demitra, Bryan Smolinski, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Teemu Selanne, Yanic Perreault, Stu Barnes, Marek Malik, Mats Sundin, Steve Montador, Sergei Fedorov among several players still on the market. Announced Flyers gm Paul Holmgren was signed to a three year contract extension.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Ken Hitchcock got signed to such an extension too by Philadelhia, he was gone a month into year one of the contract.

Flyers website: Report they have come to terms with former Islander Aaron Asham on a multiyear contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's going to be interesting to see if he took a paycut or even a two-way contract after a disappointing season with New Jersey and a pretty bad public altercation with Brent Sutter at one practice.

Best of luck to Asham with the Flyers when they are not playing the Isles.

Buffalo News: Bucky Gleason reports on how tough it is for the Sabres to keep or sign free agents.

Ottawa Sun: Don Brennan does an article that the Senators needs a few more trades like the one that landed them the Isles second round pick in 2001 or the one that Mike Milbury made with Florida, but did put the current New York Islander club in the mix for the eighth seed.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his Sound Tigers blog Bridgeport/Utah will be adding defenseman Joe Callahan and that another forward will be signed along with several items. Callahan's profile is available here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted all UFA in the Sound Tigers/Utah section have been deleted at this point. If they are resigned at some point I will add them in again but too much clutter. Mr Fornabaio will do a great job keeping us up to date.

Islander Notables/Nolan vs Snow

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Point Blank: Mr Botta today has a fascinating blog where he talks about problems between Ted Nolan and Garth Snow where neither one were on the same page with a lot of comments the last month of the season where it seems the coach may not be on board with the youth movement and that both should have handled some statements better.

Mr Botta felt the coach damaged his relationship with a lot of key players toward the end of the season. He also feels that there is not much of a relationship between Ted and Islanders management anymore. Mr Botta also speculates the club needs to lock up the head coach but writes the general manager will be here for the next ten years.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I cannot dispute Mr Botta's blog at all.

He was in the room, around these people daily and knows better than any of us what the politically correct thing to say or do is after countless years of experience working with NHL employees who speak to the media.

Obviously both men did not take losing well at the end of last season and the adversity that came with it. For Ted Nolan this was something I blogged on myself going into last season because he has never experienced losing as an NHL head coach and was a bit concerned how he would react to it.

I did not pick up on all the " we-they " statements as well as Mr Botta did.

I also did not see a club trying to play more defense down the stretch because it was hard to tell anything given so many players injured or apparently playing hurt.

I did notice all the games with a high shot total against and the coach ripped into the veterans. Mr Botta likely can tell how that played behind the scenes.

Bottom line your gm and coach have to be on the same page and work as a team or it's not going to be best for the players, in that case someone has to go.

Is it a fair question for the gm to want to add a coach to Ted Nolan's staff who can mentor the young defenders? I'm not there, I do not know, if they work well together that should not be any problem.

If Ted Nolan is not on board with a youth movement and does not want to be part of a team and build something it may well be time for him to move on because that is not fair to the man who hired him.

If Garth Snow cannot control his comments and wants things to be like a family and kept in house he should start by setting an example by not airing dirty laundry about what the coach may have thought about Wade Dubielewicz, if he cannot do that or work well with the coach it may well be time for him to move on because that is also not fair to the man who hired him.

If both cannot work together Charles Wang has a decision to make regarding both of them and the owner deserves a lot better for what he did for both these men because neither would be where they are today without him.

That's why I feel the contracts of both should be tied together.

Mr Botta did not tell us if Garth Snow was given a contract extension, until I know that I do not feel the coach should be given a contract extension. If Garth Snow was given an extension and Ted Nolan was not in my estimation Ted Nolan has more than a fair reason to be outspoken about his future status and wonder how come the gm got a vote of confidence with job security while he did not given the talent on the roster.

What I can write is fair or not Ted Nolan is considered a great coach while Garth Snow is the former backup goalie who was given the general managers job with no experience who did not hire this coach. If Nolan is fired and Snow retained Mr Wang will be heavily criticized for it fair or not and it could even turn out to be fatal with the fanbase.

Hopefully since Mr Botta left both these man got on the same page or will act as a team better and keep things behind closed doors. Both were at the draft and spoke of the club's future. Ted Nolan's comments in a Canadian paper in May about his future coaching status were not good, almost defiant.

I would have to think the Islanders would not be thrilled with Mr Botta releasing this to the public the day before he intends to close his blog. It will not help the fans perspective but I suppose he's just trying to be honest and give us his take of things. He did not play favorites and was critical of both.

Islanders website: John Hill had an update with comments from Jon Sim.

Star-Tribune: Micheal Russo reports the outdoor game will be announced this week with the game at Wrigly Field in Chicago.

NYI Fan Comments:
Wake me when it's finally official. The schedule should be out this week so it's not unlikely the game is announced. Last year this was not confimed until September by the league.

Quick Hits:
It's Sunday and we know that means a Larry Brooks cheap shot or two at the Isles.

Funny how the Isles payed a lot less for Mark Streit than Wade Redden while no one took a discount to sign with camp Cablevision but Mr Brooks omits that part. Next time anyone takes a discount to play at Msg will be a first.

Or course a quick dig at Doug Weight's age but not Markus Naslund as he lobbies for a possible Shanahan return.

Bergenheim files for arbitration

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National Post/Several news services: Report New York Islanders forward Sean Bergenheim was one of fifteen NHL players who filed for salary arbitration.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good news/bad news scenario here.

Good news is he will be awarded a contract after a hearing and will not be a holdout so there will be no Wang-law scenario.

Bad news is this means for now he could not come to an agreement with the club. The Isles can walk away from the award making him unrestricted but that is highly unlikely.

Of course up until a hearing he can come to terms with the club at any time.

This is not a normal signing here and one that bears closer attention considering he sign in Russia and the Isles would not let him return when it did not work out and because his agent has been a problem at times for several clients.

In a few days we should know what date the hearing is scheduled for.

Who were those masked men in the front row behind the Dragons bench at the Wachovia center tonight? Great game, horrible finish by any football standard.

The man seated behind Mr Dey looked a lot like Garth Snow.

The announcers on Espn even called them New York all night, playing at the Coliseum seemed the same as playing anywhere in New York as the broadcast had New Jersey Giants highlights.

Of course Mr Wang was there only for the Lighthouse project. (sarcasm)

Newsday: Mark Herrmann had an article about the Nets moving back to the Coliseum but partly about the Lighthouse with comments from former VP of Communications Chris Botta about how slowly the process has been moving and that the addition of the Nets with Lebron James could push it over the top.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I sure am getting tired of Mark Herrmann shock jock articles telling us about the Isles long-term viability with comments that the clubs plan to go with youth does not have the public supporting the Lighthouse more because they drafted Josh Bailey.

The idea that the New York Islanders owe anything to the Nets is comical much less that they were the reason the Nassau Coliseum was built in the first place. Isles even had to give a draft pick to bail out Roy Boe long ago.

Islanders played in Newark we get one of these articles, anything regarding any one's new building we get one of these from Mr Herrmann, it's always negative.

This franchise proved New York could be successful at the gate and in the New York market when it won in the seventies and eighties at the Nassau Coliseum and did so again during the 2002 playoffs and late in that season when they sold out the second half. They have leases until 2014, 2015 on the Smg lease/Nassau County lease and a television lease that runs until 2030.

Mr Wang can opt out of the Nassau County lease if the Lighthouse is not approved but these articles from Mr Herrmann have gotten very old and Mr Wang has not gone in that direction.

If Mr Herrmann wrote this way about all the teams at least that would be consistent, only thing consistent about his reporting is the glass is mostly empty for one team and mostly full for the other.

Mark Herrmann when the Rangers got eliminated ignored they spent 90m on two centers who could not play with Jagr and instead wrote about a family in California who left their house early when the Rangers fell behind in game four may have saved their lives because of an accident, this was after he did an article praising Jagr at length for scoring a goal in their only win against Pittsburgh. If his name was Yashin and scored a big goal to win a game in a 4-1 series loss it would only produce an ariicle from Mr Herrmann about how bad Yashin was, even in 2002 when he had seven points in seven games or in 2003 when he had four points in five games.

Meanwhile we get this garbage from Mr Herrmann and articles from guest amateur writers going about as far out of their way as possible to put down the club.

Mark Herrmann ever consider if the club was given extensive covereage in Newsday starting with Steve Zipay's Ranger beat eliminated entirely so he could double up Islander coverage with Mr Logan there would be more fans to lobby Nassau County to approve the Lighthouse project?

After all that seems to be the standard at the Times, Post and Daily News, so why not at Newsday?

Forgot, by August the Islanders may not be covered at all in Newsday.

Some Quick Hits for Saturday

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Josef Vasicek looks like he is headed to Russia to play on Lokomotiv with Alexei Yashin here according to a Russian newspaper.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good luck to Josef Vasicek. He came here off two years with knee problems, stayed healthy and gave all he had. To ask for more production than he gave would not be in line with what he has done in his career. With Vasicek your going to get a player when he is healthy who could score ten goals in fifteen games but eventually will go twenty games or more without a goal. Last season that approached thirty games.

For a team using him as a second line center, that's a big problem on a team without a true first line talent.

In the Quick Hits Department:
No shock Kevin Lowe is firing back at Brian Burke. I'm a bit more on Burke's side
(maybe because he sued Larry Brooks) but this stuff does nothing for hockey and is worthless. Lowe since his holdout from Edmonton has always seemed about himself and has a little too much of that Messier sense of entitlement in him for me. I wonder how long before the new ownership puts their own general manager in place?

Dan Boyle is upset he was basically verbally threatened (players words) he would be placed on waivers and wind up in Atlanta if he did not waive his NTC. Impossible to blame Boyle here because the new owners in Tampa should have respected the old ownerships agreement or at least had more class in asking him to waive his no trade clause but this seems to be the latest trend which leads us to Bryan McCabe and the media reports about pressure being placed on him.

For all the revenue the so-called experts guessing about franchises making money vs losing money why didn't Toronto simply buy McCabe out and show some class if they make all the money so many claim?

That buyout period has ended, McCabe has a no movement clause which means exactly that.

No waivers, no trades, no AHL. He plays in Toronto or he goes home a suspended hockey player. I think the NHLPA will have something to say if they try and send McCabe home healthy.

A lot of Islander fans were not happy at the deadline about the NTC Mike Milbury gave Miro Satan when he signed, thankfully Snow kept his thoughts out of the newspaper.

One paper today wrote the New York Islanders will go into next season without a twenty five goal scorer on the roster. To be fair based on that I do not expect to see any predictions with them in the playoffs like the few from last year come August or September.

Good thing the Islanders have that twenty minute Islanders Illustrated to keep us going. I guess Cablevision forgot to release a schedule of Islanders games from last season with all that incredible programming on Msg Plus.

Now free agency starts getting interesting as some players get some serious lowball offers while others wind up on the unemployment line or also head to the new Russian league. If Garth Snow is considering a trade the battle of wits with other general managers looking to create cap space begins now.

Maybe that's why he kept Toronto's second rounder?

Happy July 4th/Quick Hits/Boyle to SJ

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 reports Dan Boyle was traded to San Jose and it included former Islander defenseman Brad Lukowich from the Lightning in exchange for Matt Carle, a first-round draft pick, an unnamed prospect and an additional pick.

Thank You Garth Snow if Boyle did waive his NTC to come here, no first round picks go anywhere.

Point Blank: Mr Botta had some Islander centric speculation on the trade for Dan Boyle to San Jose.

Updated 5:45pm:
Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog had a few words on the Dan Boyle trade regarding New York with speculation general manager Garth Snow could still look to make some trades as other clubs look to clear cap space.
New York signs Doug Weight and all the club could do was get us highlights of him miked up for a game in St Louis? I'm not blaming the club here but how about Doug Weight give the fans a few words about him signing or at least get a few words from his agent about coming here? Even Bill Guerin should have had a few words.

Mark Streit is in another country and gave the Islander website comments the night he signed as well as a long interview in Newsday. We have players all over the world coming or going and virtually all of them have a few words when they sign or depart so where is Doug Weight?

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart as I wrote this blog has a few words from Bill Guerin who spoke with Doug Weight.
Hopefully Sean Bergenheim files for arbitration, it guarantees he will have a contract for next season when all is said and done, that has to happen by Saturday because it's the deadline.

If he does not file that negotiation could go right up to training camp, I do not see Garth Snow risking another signing in Russia this time if Mark Gandler or Garth Snow is that unreasonable in negotiations.
So the other goalie drafted first overall who just took his team to a Stanley Cup Final got a contract for seven years at only 500k more a season than Rick DiPietro?

I guess Fleury or Pittsburgh left their options open but it does raise a good debate about DiPietro's contract and if the right call was made?

Of course when you see what Jose Theodore is getting with some of these other goaltenders DiPietro's contract looks fantastic even if someone will be paying off the later years or it will be bought out.
I found the XM radio show on NHL network disappointing the few days I listened, too much Rangers on a New York located show and not nearly enough NHL but that's the deal when WFAN employees are part of it. E.J Hradek did not impress me at all and came off more like a shock jock with his commentary.

At least Don LeGreca correctly pointed out no one in New York is following the hockey outside the studio in this town.
Winners/Losers so far by my count?
Most of the clubs that stayed out of the mix seem winners.

Detroit is the biggest winner of all getting Hossa for a year where he is under the gun to prove himself and with everything to lose long-term. I admire what he did but it's a huge long-term risk if he is injured.

Edmonton is a winner for now with Cole and Brule but if they do not resign Cole it's a poor move.

I like Atlanta signing Hainsey to go with Enstrom.

Washington to me completely botched the goaltending situation as did Chicago and Colorado, it could work out but Washington made that run with Huet and as good as it looked at the deadline that's how poor it looks now.

I think Pittsburgh lost huge when they went all-in on Hossa and he not only did his Ryan Smyth impersonation but did it for only a one year deal after going to a final.
Imagine if Smyth helped the Isles get to the finals and he left for a one year deal with the club that beat them?

I guess Rob Rossi or Dave Molinary forgot to blame the arena in Pittsburgh.

Do the Pens really think Fedotenko and Satan's struggles were more about the Islanders. They will be more productive with Malkin and Crosby but so was Andy Hilbert. A year ago Fedotenko was dumped by a highly skilled Tampa club with only thirteen goals, Satan may have been injured but the season before that struggled.

Speaking of Tampa did they solve anything yet or just spun their wheels with some very risky contracts on some very average players? Olaf Kolzig does not impress me as a starter, Ryan Malone is hardly a superstar, Prospal? They drafted Stamkos but aside from that I did not like their free agency decisions.

I wonder what Chicago's gm plans to do with all those expensive goaltenders?

The Devils are having a reunion tour up front, did they help their defense in front of Brodeur?

Camp Cablevision's Glen Sather I guess felt was not as close to a cup as the spin doctors felt, the exodus was early and often and in the end it did come down to the money because no one took a discount to return or sign. I think Naslund is going to be in for a shock when he discovers how much the Rangers trap and that his former/current coach would perfer to keep a strategy that allowed the least shots per game in the Eastern Conference last season.

You can bet Mr Dellapina and Mr Brooks will do some serious selling for Shanahan to return so they have more quotable players.

Carolina to me had a terrible start to free agency, have they seen Pitkanen struggle the last couple of years for two other clubs and then they sign two players out of the NHL to contracts who were marginal before they left?

I think Carolina is the biggest loser so far with Toronto and Vancouver but did improve a bit with Steve Bernier. Either Scott Howson in Columbus is very smart or very foolish but Huseluis numbers will replace the player who left.

I guess having Roberto Luongo did not convince Mats Sundin to take twenty million to come play with him so far. I guess that would not have worked if Roberto was still here either but of course Chara, McCabe, Bertuzzi, Jokinen, Spezza/Weiss, and Heatley all would have multiple cups here by now and never would have accepted big money to leave so they could all stay together?


Don't worry folks. Forsberg, Sakic and Smyth will all be on the telephone to Sundin.

The rest of the moves for now equate to a degeee so we'll see what happens. I guess for some clubs getting older players in decline is improving. That has to include the Isles signing Weight but we'll see with Demitra, Shanahan and a lot of similar forwards still needing to be signed.

For now I will speculate and tell you I think our division on paper is a lot weaker and that's good for our club. Scott Burnside continued to work on his Ranger resume with an article on what Jagr meant to the Rangers and the league.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wonder if Alexei Yashin had 90m dollars with of talent important for him, he could not play with them and he refused to take penalty shots and admittedly did not play his hardest at times last season after being essentially dumped from Pittsburgh and Washington if Mr Burnside would be telling us it was not about ego or problems?

Once again, it seems all about the laundry for Mr Burnside.

Islander News Articles 7/4

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Newsday: Mr Logan has an interview with Mark Streit who felt good about the Islanders situation. He is quoted as saying he liked the team, loved the city and it was an easy decision for him and always liked playing at the Coliseum when he came in with Montreal and is excited to be here.

Streit also said he is not really a forward, but did it for Montreal because it was his role but describes himself as a heart-and-soul defenseman who feels he can help the team more as a defenseman with his ability and can play a good role on the powerplay as an offensive defenseman because that's what he does best. He also felt in Guy Caboneau's defensive rotation he was unable to get comfortable playing two positions and that only playing defense will improve his game at both ends of the ice.

In addition the new defender feels one of his strengths is to make the first quick breakout pass, then follow up the play or rush the puck and make a play. That he's a pretty good skater, sees the ice pretty well and loves to play that kind of game with skating and passing and supporting the forwards.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Impressive stuff, I do not think I have seen an interview like that where almost all of it is the player unplugged about his game. Nice job by Mr Logan letting Streit speak to the fans about what his game is all about.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on all the Sound Tigers signings on Thursday with comments from team President Howard Saffan with the discussion centered on Brent Skinner and Kurtis McLean.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My appologies for the mistake on spelling Howard Saffan's name for quite a while.

Many websites had it as Saffin, I did some reseach on this today and apparently have been making an error on this one for a while. I went back and researched his hiring with Bridgeport.

A few more early updates tomorrow but unless a major move does happen involving the Isles that will essentially be it for the weekend.

Updated 9:30am: David Hunt has a few words on the Islandes signing of goaltender Peter Mannino with comments from DU head coach George Gwozdecky.

NY Post: Larry Brooks has Jagr with a few choice words for Mike Milbury as he departs team Cablevision (at least so they claim today).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
You can bet if Yashin had become part of Cablevision on ice the Ranger spindoctors would be protecting him against outside media every chance they could get.

All about the laundry folks, always is.

My thanks to everyone once again for a great week here at NYI Fan Central.

Late Notables

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Just finished up Hockey Night on LI here where Steve did an excellent job with the discussion and a lot of great calls while Ken Rosenblatt of Islanders Outsider was outstanding with his Islander knowledge and insights.

I had a great time and croaked my way through the program with a cold and a voice that was shutting down quickly, but one of the final points I raised as we spoke about sitting back for the summer and seeing what happens was about the Islanders perhaps looking at a trade for Dan Boyle who has a NTC in Tampa Bay and speculated that Bruno Gervais and Sean Bergenheim (if he did not file for arbitration by 7/5)could be a player they could look to move considering his previous holdout and Mr Wang's policy vs Mr Gandler.

Apparently while I was on the program Mr Logan over at the Islanders Newsday blog
here got a tip with comments from Mr Boyle's agent, George Bazos who told the St Pete Times his client plans to think things over tonight and make a decision on Friday about whether or not to waive his no-trade clause. Garth Snow did not have comment while Mr Logan did some speculation what it would take from the Islander roster to make such a trade feasible, several teams are in that mix.

Mr Logan also had a few words about the departure of Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As Mr Logan correctly points out Ottawa is Dan Boyle's hometown, and San Jose are viewed as the likely frontrunners. Both clubs lost defenders with big contracts and may decide to use that cap space here to sign someone with a long term deal.

Garth Snow would be correctly kicking the tires if he does in fact have interest.

Here are Thursday's confirmed signings per Tsn:
7:20PM Phoenix Coyotes sign RFA defenceman Matt Jones to a two-year contract.
6:59PM St. Louis Blues re-sign forward Yan Stastny to a two-year contract.
6:47PM Minnesota Wild sign UFA forward Antti Miettinen to a three-year contract.
5:57PM San Jose Sharks sign UFA defenceman Rob Blake to a one-year, $5 million contract.

4:29PM New York Rangers sign UFA forward Markus Naslund to a two-year, $8 million contract and UFA defenceman Dmitri Kalinin to a one-year contract.

3:52PM Colorado Avalanche sign UFA defenceman Daniel Tjarnqvist to a one-year contract.

3:37PM Montreal Canadiens sign UFA forward Georges Laraque to a three-year, $4.5 million contract.

2:28PM Phoenix Coyotes sign UFA defencemen David Hale (2-year, $1.4-million).
1:57PM Pittsburgh Penguins sign UFA forward Ruslan Fedotenko (1-year, $2.5 million).
1:57PM Pittsburgh Penguins sign UFA forward Miroslav Satan (1-year, $3.5 million).

11:00AM Washington Capitals sign UFA forward Keith Aucoin to a two-year contract

McLean, Lee, Fritz, Mannino signed by NY

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2008 02:34:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here

So much for one thread fits all signings today. Obviously Garth Snow and Howard Saffin's staffs are very busy today. All profiles were added to the Sound Tigers section.

Sound Tigers website: Reports the New York Islanders have announced that the club has signed Kurtis McLean, Chris Lee, and Mitch Fritz all to one-year, two-way contracts and also acquired goaltender Peter Mannino to a one-year entry-level deal.

The Bridgeport site has a brief profile of each player.

Kurtis McLean: Is a center who played for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins last season last season after being signed as a free agent playing in their AHL/ECHL system.

Chris Lee: Is a defender who played last season for the Iowa Stars, he played one game with Bridgeport during the 2006-07 season.

Mitchell Fritz: Is a left wing who played for the Hartford Wolfpack last season and is well-traveled in the AHL for his two hundred plus games.

Peter Mannino : Is a twenty four year old who should immediately draw comparisons to former Denver product Wade Dubielewicz after playing for the Pioneers for four straight seasons and graduating this spring leading Denver to a National Championship in 2005, he holds or is part of several team records for goaltending in school history.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fair to say Mr Fornabaio will have a few more blogs today and many of the UFA names listed on the sidebar will be moving on with what looks like a very different Bridgeport club moving forward.

Seems apparent the goaltending depth chart is coming into focus with Danis, Mannino, and MacDonald.

Islanders website: Has more on the signings.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his blog has a few insights on the players Bridgeport signed and will have an article tomorrow.

Satan-Fedotenko to Pens/NYIFC Schedule

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2008 11:31:00 AM | | | | Comment Here
A bit of a step back today in terms of updates.....NOT

I guess I did not expect Bridgeport decided to fill out it's roster today.

Doing a blog reporting other teams resignings including minor league players is a bit counterproductive at this point.

The feeders and crawls will be doing most of the work in that department here with regard to the other twenty nine teams. All the free agent sites with updates are on the sidebar with the two radio shows if they are still doing live NHL signing shows.

Islander notables will have the news/blog updates. Islander and Sound Tiger transactions I will play it as it goes.

Satan/Fedotenko to Pittsburgh were added with comments.

News updates will be added to the blog already posted on today's News articles.

Tonight at 7:30pm I will be appearing as one of the guest on Hockey Night on LI with Alex and Steve who do an excellent show along with Ken Rosenblatt who is a member of the Islanders blog box and does outstanding work with his blog called Islanders Outsider that is also featured on the sidebar here with his latest updates.

After that I will do the early Friday articles but that will be about it for the weekend unless a major announcement/trade involving the New York Islanders take place or Doug Weight has a few words.

If Mr Botta does follow through on his plan to close his blog on 7/7 (which appears to be the case being that he stopped permitting comment) despite NYI Fan Central hope and earlier blog that he reconsiders. I would once again like to thank him for all he has given the New York Islander Franchise for over twenty years and wish him nothing but the best moving forward and hope he keeps following the club in his own way.

Of course he's always welcome to visit here.

Picture coming into focus for New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2008 10:51:00 AM | Comment Here

Anything can still happen with signings/trades but so far it's easy to look ahead at the roster as it stands right now and see the changes for what they are if they go to camp with this group.

Ruslan Fedotenko's production will be replaced by Jon Sim.

Tambellini, Comeau, Bergenheim will have to be a year better and produce more for that side to give them enough production for that plan to work in 08-09, the player on the fourth line will not get a lot of opportunity.

Miroslav Satan's spot will be taken by Kyle Okposo and it should be given many in his draft class are in the NHL. To sign another right winger means Guerin, Hunter or whoever plays fourth line from a big group of players/prospect already would have to go.

Bill Guerin's not going anywhere at this time, they just signed Weight to help him, Trent Hunter signed a five year contract.

Josef Vasick for better or worse will be replaced by Doug Weight which could mean less production than what we saw a year ago which was not enough. Sure a Colliton, Nielsen, Walter could step up or Sillinger may not be able to continue but that's what it looks like down the middle with Mike Comrie and where Richard Park is used.

It will be interesting to hear from Ted Nolan about the changes made to the roster and what his plan will be to find them icetime.

Hard to not see an Andy Hilbert on the outside looking in at this point whether he is signed or not.

Bottom line if the prospects improve and produce more this could work next season if the veterans produce better than a year ago. It should not be unrealistic to expect more goals from Trent Hunter/Mike Comrie. Sillinger, Guerin, Weight are the wildcards here that have to give this team production.

On the backline Mark Streit will have to produce and take a regular shift. Campoli will have to be a year better on offense with Gervais. If everyone is healthy there will be a tough choice to be made as to who dresses.

Overall this team is not going to stay healthy for eight two games that's not the history of most of these players, everyone is going to get a chance, seems just a question of when.

Skinner signed: 7/4 New York notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2008 10:21:00 AM | | | | | Comment Here

Updated 1:30pm
In the notables department reports here the Pittsburgh Penguins has verbally agreed to deals with forwards Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko with both one-year contracts, with Satan earning $3.5 million next year and Fedotenko $2.5 million.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My thanks to both Satan and Fedotenko for playing hurt and for both being class acts while wearing a New York Islander uniform and best of luck in Pittsburgh when they are not playing our team. Unfortunately neither were able to produce enough with Satan struggling for the better part of two seasons under Ted Nolan.

Still, Satan had some very memorable goals against the Pens on Al Arbour night and the game he got to overtime against the Devils, to be centered by Malkin and Crosby will only help their careers.

Updated 12:30pm:
Newsday: Greg Logan updated the Islanders Newsday blog and corrected an error on how many one-way contract he reported but again notes the few spots on the current roster if any more players are signed.

He also notes the two way qualifying offers to most of the prospects and that Tambellini, Gervais, Walter and Colliton all would have to clear waivers on the way down to the AHL if they were assigned to Bridgeport and that Frans Nielsen was qualified on a two-way contract for 30 more NHL games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Logan edits and updates his blog entries, I would check back to see if he clarifies some of this, including what Nielsen's thirty game qualifer means being that he is one of the oldest prospects.

I was not aware Jeremy Colliton had to clear waivers if he signed a two way contract considering how few games he has played in the NHL but his age could be a factor and he was drafted in 2003. I have read some conflicting information about this.

My guess is Mr Fornabaio will see Mr Logan's blog and fill in some details but a good job to bring us some information on this because it will determine some decisions as to who goes down vs who cannot go without waivers.

Sound Announce the signings of center Mike Iggulden and defenseman Brett Skinner to one-year,
two-way contracts.

Mike Iggulden was profiled yesterday and in the Ct Post today.

Brent Skinner spent last season with the Providence Bruins and posted the best numbers of his career last season scoring seven goals and 40 assists for 47 points. The 25 year-old has played three seasons in the AHL with the Manitoba Moose, Portland Pirates, and Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights totaling 17 goals and 73 assists for 90 points. Prior to his AHL career, Skinner played three seasons with the University of Denver winning two National Championships in 2004 and 2005.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Brent Skinner's profile from is posted here obviously there is seemingly no room on the current New York roster for Skinner or Iggulden unless they force someone out in a trade.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has been keeping a depth chart of players under contract to New York/Bridgeport for next season.

G--Yann Danis, Peter Mannino
D--Jamie Fraser, Jack Hillen, Dustin Kohn, Andrew MacDonald, Mark Wotton (V), Andy Sertich, Brent Skinner, Chris Lee
LW--Sean Bentivoglio, Jesse Joensuu, Jason Pitton, Kurtis McLean, Mitch Fritz
C--Micheal Haley, Tyler Haskins, Rob Hennigar, Tomas Marcinko, Trevor Smith
RW--Mike Iggulden, Tim Jackman (V), Joel Rechlicz

I added everyone to the to the list as of 3:30pm 7/3

I have been updating the sidebar with the roster changes as players come and go, with Drew Fata deleted.

Islander News Articles 7/3

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2008 09:33:00 PM | | | | | | | 1 Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has Garth Snow's comments that he absolutely signed Doug Weight because of his relationship with Bill Guerin and that both have always been good when teamed together with the writers speculation that Weight's bonus incentive could be tied to how many goals he sets up for the captain.

The general manager also thought his team needed an upgrade at center with Mike Comrie, Mike Sillinger, Richard Park and Frans Nielsen. That Richard Park can also play wing and that his lineup needed more offense from the center position to distribute the puck and make their line mates better, and that Weight will help the power play.

In terms of Mike Sillinger not skating until August Snow is quoted as saying this was not really why he signed Weight, but to give the coaches more options and create line chemistry.

Mr Logan speculated on the potential lines and limited openings with too many
one-way contracts with Garth Snow's comments he probably is done shopping for
free-agent help but he will still poke around and make calls with the beatwriter reporting Danis will be the new starting goaltender for Bridgeport.

Newsday: Greg Logan updated the Isles blog with a lot of line speculation which mostly centered around where Ted Nolan would play Jeff Tambellini vs Sean Bergenheim.

Mr Logan also reports because of the Weight signing the Streit feature will be pushed back to Friday's paper.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Obviously the Islanders have some very tough decisions to make with their lines moving forward because there is no initial spot for Andy Hilbert, Ben Walter, Jeremy Colliton, Jack Hillen or Bruno Gervais with a lineup where Comeau, Sim, Tambellini or Bergenheim could be on a fourth line depending on how they play.

It's not as easy as just signing someone unless you move some youth or some veterans are unable to play, at least as long as the veterans up front are healthy. Unless Snow moves some prospects/veterans it's easy to see why he could be done.

Excellent work by Mr Logan top to bottom in this article and the last few days overall. The work reads much better without the rumors and gossip where it's kept strictly to the hockey wherever the discussion goes.

Hate to end this on a down note and of course it's good Newsday's Islander page was finally updated with several excellent Islander blogs (believe it or not even this one) with several others who should be added to the Islanders blog box in my opinion but Steve Zipay said he was going to do this last fall for his readers and did while our fans with only coverage in essentially one paper waited a full season to do this for us even though I mentioned it here on several occasions.

Not about myself or my blog here at all nor would I even care if this blog was listed but whoever decided this at Newsday should have done this for the New York Islander fans months ago. I would not be holding the media accountable as I promised I would here if I did not bring this up because I finally noticed it today, I'm not sure when all these blog/sites were actually added recently.

NY Times: Stu Hackel's blog had comments from Shawn Avery that nothing was really going on with the Islanders but if they were smart they would have made a bid for his services. Another blog was done here on the NHL but ends with a long commentary on the Islanders signing Mark Streit here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Looks like the Rangers and Islanders were the ones who were smart here along with all the other clubs that were not interested in a sideshow.

Note-The Daily News did not write a word about Doug Weight, Dan Martin did one paragraph. Disgraceful.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a few words from the newest Islanders/Sound Tiger in Yann Danis along with comments from coach Jack Capuano and Team President Howard Saffan about both Danis and Mike Iggulden.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio has several updates in the Ct Post blog along with some of his own speculation that Garth Snow could still tinker with the roster.

Weight signed: 7/2 New York transactions/news

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2008 02:20:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here

Updated 8:00pm
Drew Fata has signed with Phoenix per sportsnet.

Updated 6:30pm
Islanders website: Reports the club has come to terms with Doug Weight on a one year contract with Garth Snow's comments that bringing Doug aboard was a priority that he not only brings a wealth of NHL games and experience with him, but he’s the type of player we want our younger players to learn from.

Point Blank: Mr Botta gives his take on Doug Weight and the start New York has had in free agency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For this to work he has to produce as a first or second line center, if not and he's hurt or unproductive it's a bad signing that keeps a roster spot from a player in the organization or from another club. Anaheim made him a healthy scratch at the end of last season, he has to be the player he was a few years ago, not just a mentor or a veteran presence.

That may not be fair on my part to ask but on this team there is no alternative, in terms of numbers this is a step back from what Vasicek gave them as a center. Reports he signed for 1.75m but has bonus clauses that could push his deal to as much 4.3 million.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fair to write Isles are approaching the cap floor or above it. Did anyone not think he was not going to want Guerin-Comrie money if he hits his bonus clauses which I hope are production based.

Newsday: Greg Logan reports on the signing and includes the bonus money that confirms TSN 4.3 million figure and writes he will have more details later on this but speculated Garth Snow added an older pivot in the hopes that he not only will be a solid playmaker for the young wingers but serve as a mentor.

Uppdated 5:35pm
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports the Isles/Sound Tigers have added center Mike Iggulden from the Sharks organization and provides his stats with his stats here.

Mr Fornabaio speculates more signings are coming.

Updated 5:00pm
Newsday: Mr Logan reports on the signing of Yann Danis, a four-year AHL veteran from the Montreal organization who figures to start for the Sound Tigers and speculates prospect Stefan Ridderwall will stay in Europe but remain New York property because of the transfer agreement.

Mr Logan writes he will have a lively interview with Mark Streit for Thursday, who he says he spoke with Wednesday from Zurich with what the beatwriter reports are interesting comments about how he was used the past couple of seasons in Montreal and about why he is looking forward to the opportunity to join the Isles in an expanded role playing strictly as an offensive defenseman.

Updated 4:30pm
Islanders website: Confirms Yann Danis has been signed to a one-year, two-way contract. A former NCAA All-American with Brown University, Danis has a record of 81-67-18 in 176 career AHL games with a 2.78 goals against average and a 908 save percentage.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Credit to Mr Fornabaio for reporting it on his blog. Seems like a replacement for Mike Mole or will get a brief shot to unseat Joey MacDonald.

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey reports back on 6/14 why the Canadians decided not to bring back goaltender Yann Danis.

Newsday: Greg Logan had another blog on Mark Streit, with the upside of what he will bring to the current roster, some of the possible downside and looked at the market for free agents and matched up where Streit stood and felt it was a good signing for the club.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing new in terms of Islander-centric news. With Sundin taking what could amount to days or months once Jagr goes off the market the second tier forwards start to come into play and there are tons of them. Ryan Dixon blogs on the ups and downs Mark Streit will bring to the Islander lineup next season.

Confirmed 7/2 NHL signings/trades

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2008 10:15:00 AM | Comment Here
Wednesday, July 2

9:26PM Columbus Blue Jackets sign UFA winger Kristian Huselius (4-year, $4.75 million).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I know I did not want him here for that kind of money or term.

7:49 pm, David Spina Phoenix (Re-signing)
N/A Length of contract: TBD

7:45 pm, Al Montoya Phoenix (Re-signing)
N/A Length of contract: TBD

7:24 pm, David Nesbitt Phoenix
N/A Length of contract: TBD

7:20 pm, Drew Fata Phoenix
N/A Length of contract: TBD

6:05PM Philadelphia Flyers re-sign defenceman Randy Jones (2-years, undisclosed) and forward Riley Cote (3-years, undisclosed).

5:16PM Dallas Stars sign RFA forward B.J. Crombeen (1-year, undisclosed).

5:16PM Dallas Stars sign RFA forward B.J. Crombeen (1-year, undisclosed).

5:01PM Colorado Avalanche re-sign RFA forward Wojtek Wolski (2-years, undisclosed).

4:58PM Pittsburgh Penguins sign UFA defenceman Brooks Orpik to a six-year, $22.5 million contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think that closes out the major names on the backline.

4:41PM Minnesota Wild re-sign RFA defenceman Kurtis Foster (undisclosed).

Columbus Dispatch: Beatwriter Aaron Portzline reports in the teams blog the BlueJackers traded Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Fritsche to the Rangers for Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's either goodbye Jagr or goodbye Shanahan. Zherdev is a good young forward but was a contract headache a few years ago and apparently will not be staying in Columbus with Fliatov which is kind of strange unless he was a bigger headache than he was worth for Scott Howson and Ken Hitchcock. Tyutin helps Columbus on the backline which sets the stage for a big Orpik offer. Confirms trade on it's homepage.

3:38PM Atlanta Thrashers sign UFA defenceman Ron Hainsey to a five-year, $22.5 million contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A bit more than the Isles paid Streit for a younger and more well-rounded defender, good signing for Don Waddell.

3:03PM Ottawa Senators sign UFA Forward Jarkko Ruutu to a three-year, $3.9 million contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Another disturber just left the division, good for Islanders.

Nolan Baumgartner & Alexandre Bolduc resigned with Vancouver.(terms undisclosed)

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Either Pittsburgh is saving money for Malkin/Orpik (cbc reports Malkin just resigned) or they intent to overpay someone to play wing with Crosby and Malik.

Note-Malkin's new contract does not start until his current one expires next summer.

2:33PM Ottawa Senators sign UFA Forward Shean Donovan to a two-year contract.

1:52PM Boston Bruins sign RFA Forward Petteri Nokelainen. (Undisclosed)

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nokelainen was reportedly resigned for two years a few days ago, sometimes these signings and the paperwork have a different time frame to when they become listed.

Randy Jones resigning was on Flyers website yesterday but could posted on Tsn in a day or two.

1:22PM Dallas Stars sign UFA Forward Sean Avery to a four-year, $15.5 million contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The circus has left town, peace and quiet has returned to camp Cablevision. Will be funny reading the Ranger spin doctors now write how big a problem he was.

1:00PM Calgary Flames sign UFA defenceman Jim Vandermeer (undisclosed) and UFA forward Curtis Glencross. (undisclosed)

12:45PM Vancouver Canucks sign UFA goaltender Curtis Sanford. (Undisclosed)

12:35PM Detroit Red Wings sign UFA forward Marian Hossa to a one-year contract worth $7.4 million.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Very impressive for a player to take a chance on an injury here that could cost him tens of millions to maybe win for a year in Detroit. Pittsburgh made the finals but now will start losing the trade for Hossa unless they sign Jagr or trade for a player of equal ability.

11:04 am, Josef Melichar Carolina
$1 million Length of contract: 1 year

10:41 am, Tyler Sloan Washington (Re-signing)
N/A Length of contract: TBD

10:34 am, Graham Mink Washington (Re-signing)
N/A Length of contract: TBD

10:30 am, Janne Niskala Tampa Bay
N/A Length of contract: 1 year

9:24am Vancouver Canucks Ryan Johnson
Avg. yearly value: $1.15 million Length of contract: 2 years

9:18PM Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign RFA forward Ryan Craig to a two-year deal.

Early Notables for Wednesday

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2008 08:39:00 AM | | Comment Here

First of all my thanks once again to everyone who visited last night's interactive blog which ran for close to three hours which was a lot of fun as we lucked into the time the Isles announced Mark Streit's signing.

Great job by everyone who participated, we will have another one at some point in the future.

Special thanks to Paul Kukla from the NHL and his site who also featured our chat on their website yesterday morning.

Also special thanks to Alex and Steve from Hockey Night on LI who invited me on the program this coming Thursday (7/3) Night at 7:30pm to discuss the New York Islanders and free agency here.

We get right back at it again today, check back often for updates.

I did take down some of the crawlers that went from signings to media articles, we have those in the media section. If things pick up I may put it back in for a while.

One site that appeared to be using only credible newspaper writers for rumors mixed in some of their own gossip from fan sources so that site will no longer be used here.

Sorry for the error.

I kept up the free agency tracker pages so everyone can keep checking as news filters in on signings deals. Fan 960 out of Calgary did a fantastic job on the radio side yesterday, I moved that link into the trade tracker for those who want to listen in and see if they are following signings today here.

Same format as yesterday, one blog for other clubs, one special blog for news and transactions by New York.

One line from the media calling the defenseman the Leafs signed Goldfinger (from James Bond series) had me in tears this morning I was laughing so hard.

Islander News Articles 7/2

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2008 10:49:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here

Newsday: Greg Logan reports Garth Snow signed the 30-year-old power-play specialist in Mark Streit who tied for third among the league's defensemen last season with 62 points, including 13 goals (seven on the power play) and 49 assists.

Garth Snow is quoted that Streit solves his power play and was a player targeted early on, that he will be a solid contributor on the blue line and obviously play a significant role on the power play but his play will determine whether he is top four spot or not. The general manager also thinks Streit is getting better as a great puck mover with speed who is good at making that tape-to-tape pass coming out of the defensive zone with gifted ability on the power play that will add a different element to the team and that he's excited to be an Islander.

With regard to Doug Weight speculation and other free agents again Garth Snow said if we bring in too many players, it will take away ice time from our younger players, and I he does not want to do that but if something makes sense, we'll do it.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A lot like Martinek moving the puck quickly but not in the same league as Martinek on defense. No doubt he will help the powerplay.

Not only did a big name player sign here but they got the player below market value, unlike the team with the older arena in the area.

I guess it's time for the media folks writing no one will sign here need a new act because that one has been put to bed for good tonight.

When I did my breakdown of defenders I wanted Streit, of course I'm thrilled.

Point Blank: Mr Botta seems to think Garth Snow is not done for the night if he did not do the ITV interview.

Mr Botta had a final blog last night about some of the moves with some Islander speculation looking ahead here.

NY Post: Dan Martin had a few short paragraphs and part of Garth Snow's statement on the Streit signing.

Daily News went AP only on the signing.

NY Times with three people covering hockey yesterday put the Islanders signing of Mark Streit into one sentence on a Dave Caldwell Devils/NHL centric article that did not include quotes from the club.

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey writes he was glad to
Mark Streit cash in with his five-year, $20.5-million deal from New York but felt they overpaid for the power-play specialist, but he did not think they'll be as disappointed as the Oilers paying Sheldon Souray $5.4 million a season.

Edmonton Journal: Jim Matheson in an article on overpaying players notes Mark Streit who had 62 points last year, got a staggering $5 million a year, even though he's basically a power-play specialist in today's NHL and that Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau would play him on the fourth line in large part, rather than have him take a regular shift on the blue-line.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fair enough but that's not what he signed for each year.

Calgary Herald/CP: Has Mark Streit's comments from the Isles website along with Garth Snow.

Globe & Mail: Eric Duhatschek reports on all the crazy money thrown around yesterday with Chicago gm Dale Tallon's comments who signed Brian Campbell.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Article lists all the deals and trades made yesterday with the dollars.

Swiss Report Mark Streit had to choose between ten different contract offers and his signing makes him the second highest earning Swiss sportsman after world tennis champion Roger Federer. Pierre LeBrun in an article praising agents for getting the clients big money yesterday notes Pat Brisson patiently waited all day long before getting the biggest contract of Mark Streit's life -- $20.5 million over five years from the New York Islanders and asks has anyone see him play in his own zone last year?

Star-Tribune: Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild are interested in Kristian Huselius with agent Don Meehan's comments that they will speak again on Wednesday.

Ottawa Sun: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators were looking at Mark Streit as well as Daily News Ranger salesman John Dellapina here.

Globe & Mail: Grant Robertson has an article with comments from Charles Wang about Jump TV as he is about to take over as he spoke about owning the Islanders and how he saw only attended two games before purchasing the club as well as a quick Mike Milbury story.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted a week ago the owner of myspace tried to buy into this merger and was rejected. Some very interesting hockey stories never reported in Newsday about Mr Wang's Islander tenure that almost qualifies as a must read for Islander fans about the owner and how he does things.

Updated 3:00pm What's a July day without Scott Burnside telling Islander fans the club cannot attract top free agents to the Nassau Coliseum even though they just signed the 10th rated one in this summers class below market value. Mr Burnside gave his grades on the first day signings and gave the club he feels has no business being anywhere but at the bottom of the conference a B for signing Streit.

NYI Fan Central Live Interactive Blog 7pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2008 04:57:00 PM | | Comment Here
I will keep updating the NHL threads and the Isles thread if something breaks but this will be our official blog for the chat which will go live at 7pm.

New York signs D Mark Streit

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2008 04:32:00 PM | | Comment Here

Newsday: Greg Logan reports in Newsday's blog a lot of speculation on the players signed already with the focus on Ron Hainsey and Doug Weight for New York but no comments from the club one way or another as he writes about some of the moves already made around the league vs what each move could mean looking ahead.

Updated 8:00pm
BULLETIN: Isles sign Mark Streit
The Islanders just landed their power-play quarterback. Former Montreal defenseman Mark Streit, 31, just agreed to a five-year deal. Streit totaled 13 goals, 49 assists and 62 points last season.

Newsday: Greg Logan has another blog on the Mark Streit signing with contract details.

Islanders website: Has a full update with comments from Garth Snow and Mark Streit on the signing.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Flat out steal for Garth Snow at those years and that price considering what other defenders got. Upgrades the powerplay and the offense from the point huge.

Isles paid below market value for a franchise defender.
So much for the condition of the Coliseum.
Or the reports no one will sign here.
Or they would have to pay huge to sign anyone.

They signed a franchise defender tonight for below market value.
Myths busted tonight.

Best UFA signing in club history.

Hats off to Garth Snow.

Point Blank: Mr Botta has a blog about the clubs signing of Mark Streit where he gives them full credit for the signing.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wonder why he thinks Islander fans would be complaining about this signing?

For those curious:
TSN POLL Results (as of this blog update)
Which defenceman will provide the best value for his new contract?

Brian Campbell: 8-years, $56.8 million - 30%
Wade Redden: 6-years, $39 million - 21%
Mark Streit: 5-years, $20.5 million - 48%

Billy Jaffe was on Msg and loved the signing.
NYI Fan Cenntral Comments:
That NYI Voices blog could use an update.

7/1 Free Agency/Completed Deals

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2008 12:11:00 PM | Comment Here
Ok, here we go.

Signings/trades many moves determine what general managers feel they can sign which players.

Will keep updating here as moves filter in.

9:58PM Boston sign forward Michael Ryder to a 3-year deal worth $12 million

9:50PM Rangers re-signed goaltender Steve Valiquette (undisclosed)

8:06PM New York Islanders sign defenceman Mark Streit to a five-year contract worth $20.5 million

7:59PM Minnesota sign forward Craig Weller to a two-year contract worth $600,000 a season

7:44PM Tampa Bay Lightning sign forward David Koci to a one-year, two-way deal worth $525,000 in the NHL, $100,000 in the minors

7:37PM Rangers sign UFA defenceman Wade Redden to a six-year contract worth $39 million

7:18PM New Jersey Devils sign UFA forward Bobby Holik to a one-year contract worth $2.5 million

6:42PM Toronto Maple Leafs sign UFA forward Niklas Hagman to a four-year contract worth $12 million

6:42PM Rangers re-sign UFA defenceman Michael Rozsiva to a four-year deal
worth $20 million

New Jersey resigned Barry Tallackson & David Clarkson

6:34PM Vancouver Canucks sign UFA forward Darcy Hordichuk to a two-year deal

6:33PM Philadelphia Flyers sign UFA forward Nate Raduns to a one-year

6:32PM Philadelphia Flyers sign UFA forward Glen Metropolit to a two-year deal

6:24PM New Jersey signs UFA forward Brian Rolston to a four year deal worth $20-million

6:15PM New York Rangers sign UFA forward Patrick Rissmiller to an undisclosed deal

6:06PM Philadelphia signs UFA defenceman Ossi Vaananen to a one year deal worth

6:01PM Columbus signs UFA defenceman Mike Commodore to a 5 year deal worth $18.75-million

5:40PM Chicago signs UFA defenceman Brian Campbell to an 8 year deal worth $56.8-million

5:04PM Buffalo signs UFA goaltender Patrick Lalime to a 2 year deal worth $2-million

4:27PM Ottawa signs UFA goaltender Alex Auld to a 2 year deal worth $1-million

4:14PM Tampa Bay signs UFA goaltender Olaf Kolzig to a 1 year deal worth $1.5-million (plus bonuses)

4:02PM Colorado signs UFA forward Darcy Tucker to a 2 year deal worth $4.5-million

3:49PM Vancouver signs RFA forward David Backes to an offer sheet, 3 years
$7.5-million. St. Louis has seven days to match or accept a 2nd round draft pick as compensation.

3:43PM Chicago signs UFA goaltender Cristobal Huet (undisclosed)

3:41PM Florida signs UFA forward Cory Stillman to a 3 year deal worth $10.6-million
3:40PM NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed)

3:40PM Pittsburgh signs UFA forward Eric Godard to a 3 year deal (undisclosed)

3:38PM Tampa Bay signs UFA forward Adam Hall to a 3 year deal worth $1.8-million

3:24PM Toronto signs UFA goaltender Curtis Joseph to a 1 year deal worth $700,000

3:24PM Toronto signs UFA defenceman Jeff Finger to a 4 year deal worth $3.5-million a season

Note-Who the heck is Jeff Finger? I guess this means McCabe will be forced to stay home given their blueline?

3:09PM Phoenix signs UFA forward Todd Fedoruk to a 3 year deal (undisclosed)

3:07PM Detroit signs UFA G Ty Conklin to a 1 year deal worth $750,000

3:07PM Montreal re-signs RFA forward Andrei Kostitsyn to a 3 year deal worth
$3.25-million a season

3:03PM Colorado signs UFA G Andrew Raycroft to a 1 year deal worth $800,000

2:53PM Washington signs UFA G Jose Theodore to a 2 year deal (undisclosed)

2:50PM Phoenix signs UFA D Kurt Sauer to a 4 year deal (undisclosed)

2:02PM Pittsburgh Penguins re-sign UFA D Mark Eaton to a 2 year deal worth $2-million

1:58PM Minnesota Wild sign UFA forward Andrew Brunette (undisclosed)

1:33PM Vancouver signs RFA forward Kyle Wellwood to a 1 year deal worth $997,500.

12:55PM Boston signs UFA forward Blake Wheeler to an entry-level contract.

12:42 pm Radim Vrbata signs with Tampa Bay Avg. yearly value:
$3 million Length of contract: TBD

Carolina resigned Anton Babchuk after playing in Europe.

12:07 PM Curtis Joseph signs a deal with the Leafs.

12:04PM Anaheim re-sign forward Corey Perry to a five-year deal worth $26.625-million which will average $5.325-million a year.

11:58AM Pittsburgh Penguins sign forward Pascal Dupuis to a three-year deal which will average $1.4-million per year.

11:58AM Detroit Red Wings and veteran defenseman Brad Stuart have agreed to terms on a 4 year contract that averages 3.75 per year.

11:35AM New Jersey re-signs forwards Jay Pandolfo (undisclosed) David Calrkson (undisclosed) and Barry Tallackson (undisclosed). Declines option on forward Sergei Brylin.

10:21AM New Jersey agrees to terms with defenceman Bryce Salvador to a four-year deal worth $11.6 million (average of $2.9 million per season).

8:45AM Washington re-signs defenceman Mike Green to a four-year deal worth $21 million (average of $5.25 million per season).
Trades: -- The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired Patrik Hersley and left wing Ned Lukacevic from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for defenseman Denis Gauthier and their second round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, the teams announced Tuesday.
Nashville trades defenceman Marek Zidlicky to Minnesota for prospect Ryan Jones from Miami of Ohio and a second round pick.
The Oilers have traded left winger Raffi Torres to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for 21-year-old centre Gilbert Brule, and sent defenceman Joni Pitkanen to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Erik Cole.
The Calgary Flames have acquired restricted free agent forward Rene Bourque from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a future second-round draft pick.

Islander News Articles 7/1

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2008 04:07:00 AM | | | | Comment Here
First off my thanks at the NHL for moving the start of free agency to 12pm as opposed to midnight.

Newsday: Greg Logan has Garth Snow's comments that he just does not want to bring in older players that would force some young players to Bridgeport and that he wants to give the young players an opportunity to come into training camp and earn their spot. The gm also said if some of the young players perform at the level they finished at last season, it won't be an issue but that he has to strike a balance between veterans and young players. He also was quoted that many clubs in this league win with a young roster and does not buy it will be a season of losing and learning.

The gm was asked about offer sheets to group II players but said it's not something he's looking at but will never say never.

Mr Logan for his part speculated about a dozen or so players and added although Garth Snow might bid on a high-end goal scorer such as Marian Hossa it would be a long shot to sign him, but he might add an experienced veteran who could mentor young kids who will be playing to take some pressure off them. He also notes an opening at center and mentions Doug Weight because he played with Bill Guerin in Edmonton.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I hope like the draft no one expected Garth Snow to tell us his exact plan. We will see if he is interested in bidding on any unrestricted free agents today and in the days ahead by his actions but it seems he needs one player up front and one on the backline unless he expects his current roster to replace the forty goals that seem to be departing in Satan, Fedotenko and Vasicek up front to go with Berard and even Bergeron who was moved at the deadline.

As for Mr Logan he did a lot of speculation on players after reminding us who left last July 1st (when the Isles decided not to resign them) and had a few names I did not have on my list and some good ones. He did correctly ask Snow if his comments about prospects mean a season of losing and learning which the general manager did not buy but could turn out that way and has to be written.

Mark Everson reported on the Devils, Larry Brooks reported on the Rangers like he draws a second salary from Cablevision. New York Islanders did not have one word written about them going into the first day of free agency. The Daily News was it's usual Islander no-show with coverage. It is hysterical reading Mr Brooks defend Jagr for the same things he used to bash Alexei Yashin for, even after Jagr admitted he picked his spots last season.

Good news is Mr Brooks was so busy playing rotisserie Rangers he did not have space to bash the Isles. Although it does beg the question why did the Post interview Snow before the draft and not before free agency?

Point Blank: Mr Botta writes in his blog the Islanders will sign Doug Weight within the next two weeks and makes a case for why he should be added to the team. He also has another blog about why the club should make a run at UFA Brian Campbell.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not much else to add if Mr Botta says the club will sign Doug Weight within two weeks and writes it as if it's a done deal.

I'm not a big fan of the move at all because he did not have a good season last year and is the kind of player who needs talent around him to generate his numbers at this point in his career. Contrary to Mr Botta's perspective he just does not seem like the correct center to ride shotgun for Mike Comrie next season if your plan is to work in prospects or go with franchise talents to replace veterans.

If your going to sign Weight it begs the question why not just give Vasicek another contract extension because he is younger and outproduced him a year ago?

Brian Campbell I gave my comments on yesterday, not much else to add other than Mr Botta is going all out as usual and whether I agree or disagree with the blogs I sure appreciate the hard work and effort. Bob McKenzie reports because the current cba is only four years until the NHLPA decides whether to extend it for two more years it will be tougher for teams to include bonus money in contract offers because it would have to count against this years salary cap.

Kukla's Corner: Paul Kukla's site from the NHL has a list of all outlets to watch/listen to free agency coverage on Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I picked out the two free radio/webcast outlets and put them on the sidebar for everyone to access. Many of these other outlets require pay subscriptions (XM) or to this point have not provided a live feed like Tsn who will only be on television for a limited time because of Wimbledon.

My thanks to the folks over at Kukla's Korner who were kind enough to add tonight's live chat here to their list of hockey-related events. Anyone who is having a live blog (I know Tony Stabile at is having one around 12pm or 1pm feel free to contract them and ask it be included and as always Tony will do a great job.

NHL Network here is scheduled to show XM radio from 12-2pm, with Tsn's free agency show scheduled from 5-6pm & 7-8pm.

Note-If anyone has anything free for folks to access on live radio/webcast please respond and tell me so everyone has some access.

Boston Globe: Kevin-Paul Dupont reports former Islander Petteri Nokelainen, agreed to terms with the Bruins on a two-year contract that will pay him an average of $850,000 per season according to a league source.

Courier Post: Chuck Gormley speculates among a bunch of players listed the Flyers could have an interest in Bryan Berard.

Times & Transcript: Neil Hodge reports the Russian Federation is threatening some of its best young players if they come to North America and don't make the NHL next season, they will be suspended from playing for Russian national teams for four years with Nikita Filatov's quoted comments in an article that mentions Islander pick Kirill Petrov but also has a few words on this from former Islander assistant coach, Danny Flynn.

Journal News: Rick Carpiniello in a sports uppdate takes a little shot at Garth Snow asking that somebody tell Islanders GM Garth Snow that the object of the NHL draft isn't to see how long you can go without making a pick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Journal News with writers like Andrew Gross used to give the Isles the same amount of coverage the News and Post do now. Mr Carpiniello always was good for a few cheapshots at the Isles and always seemed a big time Ranger homer.

CBS Sportsline: Wes Goldstein apparently has done a lot of his reading in Newsday as he reports the Nassau Coliseum is why free agents will not take the Islanders money in a thirty team review heading into free agency where this is the only NHL club that had this written about them.

Medford Local/Transcript: Christopher Hurley has a few comments from former Medford High hockey coach Charlie Driscoll, who coached Bates while with the Mustangs on his being bought out by the Islanders.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a blog update and is promising more for Tuesday.

I wanted to add a poll for today but blogger has been having problems with this feature.