Tuesday's plan at NYI Fan Central

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I think the blog is in good shape in terms of updates for Tuesday.

I have the NHL crawler set up as a ticker, the free agent tracker links seem to update enough to include the Greentree/Ramholt trade and the Rostislav Olesz signing for six years today. Of course the media section in the lower portion of the blog includes virtually every major site in North America that has a feed or links to them if these sites do not have it covered.

For myself I will do the early Islander updates, if I'm correct UFA begins at noon or midnight? I have some other work to do but also have the NHL network for tomorrow so I should be ready as things happen.

Unless it's a major signing or Islander centric I will let the feeds do the work for me and not post a seperate blog.

At 7pm we will have the live interactive blog for everyone wanting to talk Islanders for as long as it goes. Of course everyone is welcome to participate nor is any registration required.

Hope to speak with everyone on Tuesday.

Other Notables:
Islanders website reported prospects Blake Kessel and Aaron Ness will be part of team USA heading Lake Placid from August 3rd in the United States Junior Development Team Camp with assistant general manager Ryan Jankowski's comments. Prospects Jyri Niemi (Finland) and David Ullstrom (Sweden) will travel to upstate New York with their respective countries.

Josh Bailey (2008, 1st round), Travis Hamonic (2008, 2nd round), Mark Katic (selected in 2007 in the third round), Jared Spurgeon (2008, 6th round) and Corey Trivino (2008, 2nd round) last week were invited to attend the Canadian Junior Development Camp in Ottawa from July 25-29.

Point Blank: Mr Botta has four new updates about free agency today on several players.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That is a blog that should not be ending on 7/7, cannot keep writing that enough.

NYI Fan Central Strategy for UFA

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As of last update the New York Islanders have not annouced they were changing the name of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to Joe Louis Arena, Madison Square Garden, whatever the Pens, Oilers are calling their facilities before we read anymore about old arena's and signing free agents.

Now that I got that out of the way I thought I would make my long list of free agents I would be kicking the tires on if I were Garth Snow with his roster and set some strategy.

Some I will be kicking like an old car before walking away from or make sure I have an unrestricted free agent fax report like they do with vehicles these days. The lemon laws may apply to some of these players also given the odometer.

Unlike last year where a lot of spots had to be filled this time around there are very few spots available. If you want to move Jeff Tambellini so you can sign Mark Recchi why bother putting years into Tambellini and putting out what would amount to empty rhetoric about your prospect developement if you made that kind of move?

If it comes down to a marginal veteran or a prospect, I'm going with the prospect.

That means given the roster spot limitations I'm able to spend big on only one or two franchise free agents who may be able to get more out of Comrie and Guerin and perhaps help the kids along quicker. I'm also looking for someone who can run a powerplay with a shot who can bring along Campoli, Gervais, Hillen, Meyer or whoever else management sees as part of that equasion.

For myself I would only be targeting a big name defender who can score and play in a top two and a free agent scorer or someone young with an upside that stands out you take a shot on. I'm targeting a center who can and will score twenty five plus goals but maybe a wing to spot another forward when necessary.

In other words it's a very short list unless it's a young player with that kind of upside. No, I'm keeing out the restricted free agents because half the league is restricted right now.

HAINSEY, RON, (III)-Eight powerplay goals last year, not because Mr Botta blogged about him, who did that here besides Bergeron?

HAGMAN, NIKLAS, (III)-I know he's a left wing but twenty nine goals and a former teammate of Guerin who does not create many assist but a solid overall game and eight game winning goals is something this roster could use badly.

BLAKE, ROB, (III)-I would absolutely want him around to teach the young players, despite his age and overpay to make it happen for a year or two.

ROLSTON, BRIAN, (III)-Obviously you take a shot at Rolston but do so knowing Jon Sim
may be out of a job or have to find another position unless you want to teach a prospect to play another position (Bergenheim, Comeau) which we saw did not work well for Comeau when he was shifted to right wing.

RYDER, MICHAEL, (III)-If you want to ignore his last season it's a risk you take because of his powerplay numbers, I'm not sure I want to take that risk.

STREIT, MARK, (III)-Thirteen goals (seven pp) and sixty two points you overpay and bring that kind of talent to your defense.

JAGR, JAROMIR, (III)-You give him his thirty million for three plus years and let him get his numbers while the negative attention from the furious Ranger beatwriters sells newspapers and tickets. Lets see him turn that down to play for Ted Nolan with Brendan Witt after all those games the Islanders have beaten the Rangers the last two years.

ROZSIVAL, MICHAL, (III)-If you can get those numbers on your backline you take a chance and overpay, would not be first on my list and a player who was marginal before arriving with Rangers.

REDDEN, WADE, (III)- Not first on my list either, only one season he broke ten powerplay goals and his point totals did not stand out on a very good team, of course you overpay and take a chance if available.

SMITH, JASON, (III)-Notable exception to sign if your looking for a Brendan Witt/Andy Sutton trade but is not going to produce for your powerplay.

VRBATA, RADIM, (III)-I almost expect this will be who Snow will sign but it's not someone you overpay for off a career year or a big time powerplay scorer. He would not make my list but he has to be bookmarked and would be the pick over Huseluis.

HOSSA, MARIAN, (III)-You spend the money and take your chances knowing he's more support player than franchise star.

ORPIK, BROOKS, (III)-Will not do a thing for your powerplay, again you look at spending for him if your moving Witt/Sutton or another defender.

RUUTU, JARKKO, (III)-The perfect player to instigate here among the retread wingers circulating (Avery, Tucker) but what left wing goes for that to happen?

CAMPBELL, BRIAN, (III)-If your looking to improve your powerplay Campbell is not your player, if your looking to move Witt, Sutton or another defender to make a spot for him, you pay him.

PROSPAL, VACLAV, (III)-I thought he played center for Philadelphia, Isles need a productive center but there has to be a limit at what he can be offered. Prospal makes my B list.

SUNDIN, MATS, (III) I know he makes the list of players I want to sign but at age thirty eight how can you overpay him to the degree that it will take to land him? Also for all his numbers Toronto has not done a lot of winning recently which is one reason why a change may be happening in Toronto.

MORRISON, BRENDAN, (III) A center but after the season he just had to you call it a fluke or a player who long-term is ready to be the club's next Josef Vasicek? I would put him at the bottom of my list if at all.

NASLUND, MARKUS, (III) Age an issue but another left wing on a club that needs a center more, of course he makes the list of players to throw money at but again who moves to take his spot?

FEDOROV, SERGEI, (III)-In a word, no. Save that money for an offer sheet to Mike Green which was why I even wrote Fedorov's name and get in a plug for a group II free agent.

Newsday hurting Islanders perception

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Since we have nothing from Newsday to talk about today like all the major hockey centric markets that do not have Yankees-Mets all over the paper I thought NYI Fan Central would have a little fun and see if other teams writers were reporting no one wanted to sign with those clubs as hard as Newsday/Greg Logan has pushed this viewpoint since Garth Snow last summer talked about the lockeroom area after the first day of free agency?

Of course for those who recall the actual article this was one issue with some free agents after the gm was shutout on day one of free agency despite Garth Snow making up for it quickly signing Bill Guerin, Mike Comrie, Andy Sutton, Ruslan Fedotenko, Josef Vasicek, shortly after those comments and Brendan Witt, Mike Sillinger, Tom Poti ect signing the previous year.

Now we have Kristian Huselius not being able to sign within seven minutes as more proof free agents want to come to New York.

What gets lost in all the negativity and spin is going back through team history in unrestricted free agency it's more than fair to write the last two summers have been the clubs best ever compared to the days Mike Stapleton or one of the Ferraro twins were all Mike Milbury could find using his corporate bicycle.

If no one wants to sign with the New York Islanders as Newsday pushes on the fans as often as possible after four playoffs in six years of course there must be a lot of team beatwriters printing the same thing about those teams being that many of them have not even approached the Isles marginal success on the ice?

I thought I would take a look.....

Lets start with the Buffalo News because here no doubt John Vogl or Bucky Gleason (if he still updates on a regular basis) somewhere will tell us that after the team lost almost all its star UFA players last summer and missed the playoffs this year the Sabres as a signing destination is about as attractive today as the old Buffalo Aud which is now set for demolition to begin in October 2008?


Carolina Hurricanes beatwriter Luke DeCock in the News observer after an epic collapse where they failed to make the playoffs that here would never have been forgotten come July 1st here must be telling his readers it's highly unlikely anyone would be interested in signing with the Canes?

Sorry, not quite.

How about the Los Angeles Kings, a team that made it's management changes the same summer Charles Wang hired two general managers and Ted Nolan, who already fired Marc Crawford and seem no closer to contention? Surely Eric Stephens or Lisa Dillman will report to it's readers no one will want to sign and be part of a club like that here.

Afraid not.

Ok, so no doubt the Atlanta Thrashers who traded Marian Hossa when they could not apparently resign him, had a terrible season from beginning to end with Bob Hartley's firing who just hired the Isles AHL counterpart to Steve Stirling in John Anderson will not be an attractive destination for free agents as Mike Knobler will report here especially especially after Don Waddell took an even bigger gamble than Garth Snow when he traded for Keith Tkachuk and lost Braydon Coburn?

Nope. Mr Kobler even apologized to his readers for only a few days off from blogging while our newspaper blogger................back on topic.

All right, so in Florida there is absolutely no doubt after Olli Jokinen had to be traded to Phoenix and with years of the prospect movement plan not producing a single playoff spot since the Clinton administration with a general manager/coach tandem who has done a terrible job (Jacques Martin) who just hired an inexperience coach (Peter Deboer) that just bought out Jozef Stumpel beatwriter Brian Biggane
here must be telling his readers signs have been posted for future generations warning fans no one will sign with the Panthers at any point much less come July 1st 2008?

Sorry, not here.

In fact, Mr Biggane reported a few days ago in his blog former Leaf Wade Belak was trying to get Mats Sundin to come down and work on his tan year round here and sign with the Panthers.

All right, so Steve Gorten in the Sun-Sentinel broke the bad news to Panther fans here because Mr Biggane did not have the heart to right?


Our friends in Columbus who signed Michael Peca last summer who have never seen a playoff game and even were criticized a little for drafting Nikita Filatov who just had Adam Foote escape from Columbus quicker than Kurt Russell absolutely would have beat reporters Aaron Portzline, Tom Reed, and columnist Michael Arace telling Blue Jacket fans in the paper/blog here here that there is no chance any major free agents will be signing with Columbus on July 1st, right?

Wrong again.

All right, here's one team for sure, the one that just lost one of it's owners who did his John Spano impersonation and has been a club rumored to leave for several years and had to give away some of it's players to Philadelphia a year ago
here absolutely no doubt John Glennon told his readers given the circumstances unrestricted free agents will not be signing to play for the Nashville Predators any time soon?

No dice.

So there we have it folks, lots of clubs, all with some very tough circumstances on and off the ice and not one of those beatwriters have been pushing on the public the view point no one wants to sign there. In fact, I could not find anything this week where anyone came close to making that point.

Only our friends at Newsday.

It just begs the question what's going on at Newsday with their coverage of the New York Islanders?

Wonder if Mr Wang sent in the check for advertising at Newsday early for all the staffs good job keeping people away?

Updated 10:30am
It looks like I found another beatwriter in North America who will say their club is not an easy sell to free agents here as Ed Willes in the Vancouver Province reports.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course you can bet Mr Willes does not do articles like this as often as Newsday.

Islander News Articles 6/30

Folks I actually found some professional writers in newspapers willing to include the New York Islanders in the mix for some unrestricted free agents.

Star Tribune: Michael Russo reports the Islanders are one of several teams that could have interest in Brian Rolston if Tampa Bay cannot close a deal Monday with him after the Wild traded him for a conditional draft pick.

Boston Globe: Kevin-Paul Dupont reports the Islanders are one of a few clubs who could inflate the market for Senators defenseman Wade Redden with a big contract offer.

Calgary Sun: Report Edmonton traded forward Jarret Stoll and defenceman Matt Greene to the Los Angeles Kings for Lubomir Visnovsky. The Colorado Avalanche have re-signed defencemen John-Michael Liles and Adam Foote.

Bob McKenzie reported on TSN John-Micheal Liles and Adam Foote were both resigned by the Avalanche here.

Tsn.ca: Darren Dreger reports on the top free agent defenseman.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
All quiet on the Newsday front now that they have done all they can to get out their viewpoint players do not want to sign here. Our primary paper sure is not good for business or keeping the fans talking about the Isles unless it's negative news.

We can scratch John-Michael Liles and Ryan Malone off the unrestricted free agent list for New York. Liles was in that second tier of defenders you hope could have been signed with a call from Rick DiPietro and would have helped the powerplay while Malone given Pittsburgh's cup run inflated his price and got too long a contract for me. I would expect Tampa will ink Rolston just as they did Malone (who hardly signed for a discount) but of course the either way the Tampa papers will not be telling the readers the 30th ranked club in the NHL last season no one wants to sign there.

Islander News Articles 6/29

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2008 08:15:00 PM | ||||Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan's late Saturday/early Sunday article claims several sources had Kristian Huselius as the player New York tried to trade for at the deadline last February but a pending agreement on a future contract had to be done within seven minutes which was not enough time for Huselius after Flames GM Darryl Sutter took so long to agree to trade terms despite what Mr Logan writes was an offer above market value then he will expect to see Tuesday.

The Newsday beatwriter also reports Islanders general manager Garth Snow did not comment on Huselius but did have his quote he would not be a major player when free agency begins, however he would try to make his team better if it makes sense in his overall plan which is developing the prospects on his current roster.

Mr Logan also claims an un-named agent with a high-end client among a dozen free agents did not have a single player list the Isles in his top ten destinations with quoted comments because players do not get to see the Island and all the nice places to live from the Marriott they do not wish to sign here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So several sources had this since February and Greg Logan was holding this information about his own team almost until July and still does not have an actual quote from anyone beyond his own speculation Huselius had seven minutes to reach an agreement and up root his family long-term?


For all these source and four months you think Mr Logan would know what was headed to Calgary from New York in such a deal? Maybe that would forced a denial from the general manager and the latest potential Newsday retraction?

I wonder if Greg Logan could have found an unnamed agent to quote who would say his client likes playing here and it's a good place to live maybe starting with Mike Comrie or Rick DiPietro among several players who have signed here?

I guess that would be pushing a positive discussion about our club, cannot have that, especially at this time of year.

Or any time of year in Newsday.

Time for this to filter north to the Candian media so the other agents and pending UFA get the word.

Updated Sunday PM:
Sporting News: Ray Slover in the sporting news apparently has noticed Newsday's recent work covering the club and writes Newsday recently stamped the Isles New York's most inept team but Garth Snow shrugs it off and marches along with a youth movement. Kids' contracts are covered, suspects are weeded out and it's doubtful the Isles will throw big bucks around in a thirty team review going into free agency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It was funny reading the free agent rumors today from clubs practically all over the NHL. Only paper that bothered with a non trade from February and gave out the perception no one wanted to sign in their market was Newsday.

THN.com: The Hockey News Daily Dish reports in it's daily dish of hockey information Greg Logan of New York Newsday writes that the Islanders likely won’t dip into the free agent market because it’s tough to lure players to Long Island.

Winnipeg Free Press: Martin Cash has a few words from Islander prospect David Toews about his training at the Total Hockey Centre.

NY Times: Jeff Z. Klein does the first Islander article in the paper since before the regular season ended on Wade Dubielewicz departure to Russia. Of course he mis reports Ted Nolan and Garth Snow disagreed about the goaltender as this information is from several weeks ago.

Islander Saturday notables

Newsday: Greg Logan does a Saturday blog with comments from Wade Dubielewicz agent Kurt Overhardt about negotiations with the Isles and what's ahead for Dubie in Russia.

Mr Logan is promising a Sunday article article about a failed deal at the February
26th trade deadline last season and a look ahead to the opening of the NHL
free-agent market on Tuesday and the problems Snow faces signing anyone.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
How long has Mr Logan been holding the information about this deal Snow tried to make at the trade deadline from the fans. Was he saving it for release just before July 1st to stir up some more negative fan reaction about the club?

All I know is it took a question from a fan in a chat a week ago for Mr Logan to finally tell us something about Sean Bergenheim's contract negotiations even though he knew all this when he interviewed Marc Gandler a few weeks ago because he said so in his chat begging the question what has he been he waiting for?

I guess it's time for our friends at Newsday to get out that perception all over North America no one wants to sign here just in case a few players and their agents have not read it yet from our primary paper yet.

I hope Mr Logan will report how few spots are actually available on this roster and to try and sign an UFA means a prospect may have to go before likely telling us why no one will want to sign here once again.

Of course what I do not expect to read is players like Zdeno Chara to Boston (among countless examples) if the money is right practically anyone in this league would play anywhere, regardless of what the locker room area looked like or the club on paper.

Lets see Wade Redden or Brian Campbell turn down nine million to play here for the next five years if no other club offered it? My guess is regardless of how small the Islander lockeroom is will no longer matter. Think Jagr would refuse to sign here for that kind of money considering how much the Islanders have beaten the Rangers the last two seasons?

Next time a free agent turns down an offer well above market to sign here will be the first.

Of course it's been a long time since this franchise made an above market offer for a prime unrestricted free agent.

Tsn.ca: Report Tampa Bay traded a fourth round pick to Pittsburgh to negotiate with Gary Roberts and Ryan Malone exclusively until Tuesday.

Updated 8pm:
Tsn.ca: Report the Atlanta Thrashers have placed former Islander Alexei Zhitnik on waivers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Interesting but not completely unexpected given his age and the contract the Islanders signed him to a few years ago. For those who recall this was not Garth Snow's signing after the lockout so I do not expect interest from the Islander general manager.

Islander News Articles/Quick Hits 6/28

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2008 06:06:00 AM | ||Comments
Edmond Sun: Jeff Harrison has a full feature on Islanders draft pick Matt Donovan with his comments about the draft and a few words from his father Larry Donovan, who is the head coach of the University of Oklahoma hockey team.

NY Post: Devils beatwriter Mark Everson in the generic NHL Post blog reports on Shawn Bates buyout, but more importantly reports Alexei Yashin has re-signed to play for Salavat Yulaev in the Russian league.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted the Post track record is not too good on rumors and as of today neither Elite Prospect or European Hockey confirm this. Take that for what's it's worth but it's in line with what Marc Gandler has said all along that Yashin would be off the market before 7/1 and resign in Russia if he could not find an NHL club willing to meet his price.

What else is happening?
Leaf media is all but bullying Bryan McCabe in print to agree to waive his no trade clause so the Islanders can be ripped off for his services in a deal.

Between the denials and confirmations on some player rumors someone should split the difference and have them play at a neutral site. I sure appreciate Jeremy Roenick making things easy on everyone with a quiet resigning.

Isles website put up a media summary of the folks (professional media/otherwise) who approved of their overall draft.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I saw Kevin Allen's blog the other day and it was from 6/21 so even I did not bother posting something that outdated here on him ranking the Isles third for a good draft.

I'm not blaming the Isles, they take such a beating on the p.r front regardless of what they do (starting in Newsday) almost anything that they do forces them to reach out and put together content to tell their part of the story.

One thing I will write is not one of those prospect writers would have given the Isles a good review if they did not think the club had a good draft in their professional opinion.

The media spin doctors like a Stan Fischler you take with a big grain of salt.

And the bottom line is overall they did a good job but they have taken a risk trading down because on paper Filatov and the other forwards were rated higher than Josh Bailey.

Of course in the end Islanders may be the biggest winners or losers of all. Again, ask me in three to five years when we see if they are in New York helping the club win a Stanley Cup.

NHL Friday Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2008 08:33:00 PM | ||||Comments
Canadian Press/several articles: Report on a series of buyouts/waivers and resignings on Friday.

Islander centric beyond Bates a quiet day for the club unless you want to include Eric Nystrom resigning with Calgary and a Todd Bertuzzi buyout in Anaheim.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I am working on a special section for UFA for 7/1 so everyone can link to the major sites reporting free agent signings and who is available. At this time blogger is having a few issues with this feature.

Here is Tsn.ca general list of restricted and unrestricted free agents that does not seem to update but just a reference starting point.

I also added in the NHL.com news feed as a crawler to follow the rumors/signings, not perfect and has some repeats but all of them do.

NHL.com: Adam Kimelman has a recap of the Islanders season with a lot of old comments dating back to the regular season but what seems like a few fresh ones from mixed in. Rick DiPietro, Mike Comrie, Ted Nolan are among several players who give their thoughts on what happened with a look ahead.

Sprinkling in UFA?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2008 11:26:00 AM | |Comments
Have to be honest here folks, I have not been into the rumor or speculation game regarding most of the UFA who will be available come 7/1 because it's the usual suspects being named as the clubs they are going to and considering the tampering rules no club can speak to any potential free agent without permission so as usual there is not much to this.

Also the professional writers on many levels are doing a poor job with the speculation and rumor game.

A lot of fancy, little or no fact.

New York Islanders roster as set up does not allow for such a signing (beyond maybe a first/second line center without a Bailey signing) unless they make trades that involve veterans or prospects.

I cannot see a prospect being moved unless Snow just does not see a roster spot here for that player as in Nokelainen last August.

On the veteran front a trade does not seem likely either given Snow said Guerin will be on the team and Mike Comrie was given a contract extension, sure a Jon Sim could be moved but with two years left on his contract coming off that injury why would another club take that chance until he proves himself productive?

I guess Garth Snow could move a Mike Sillinger but he's coming off a significant injury. If he did sign a UFA center on 7/1 that could put him at a disadvantage when it comes to a trade of a Mike Sillinger.

Of course an Andy Hilbert could go, but even with his subtraction why not give a prospect that job?

For what this is worth an organization that signed rw Joel Rechlicz and gave rw Tim Jackman a two way contract extension does not seem likely to play both in Bridgeport.

Colliton and Nielsen were drafted in 2002/03, Walter has waited a long time for a chance, Tambellini too.

Defense we went through the other day. Six full time defenders are signed who played significant roles last season. Martinek, Campoli, Meyer, Sutton are all signed for more than a year. Witt has a year left, Gervais is restricted and qualified.

You sign a Wade Redden or Brian Campbell someone has to go from that group or last years regular becomes this years scratches.

Point Blank: Mr Botta has a very funny lead in to some of what I have been writing regarding UFA and what will happen regarding the media off the usual Espn Scott Burnside speculation.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Always seems like Mr Burnside updates based on what cities have Espn Zones among his criteria. We all know our version of New York does not fall among his favorites.

Islander News Articles 6/27

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2008 09:33:00 AM | |||||Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan reports in Newsday Islander blog that forward Shawn Bates is expected to be bought out Friday with general manager Garth Snow's comments that even though he is completely healthy a buyout will be done so more young players can get an opportunity.

Note-The print edition has this in the briefs section of the paper. The on-line paper does not carry this information, only the blog.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
If Bates is healthy as the general manager reports, why not try place him on waivers/re-entry waivers? I would guess the general manager did try to include him in a deal or two for virtually anything.

Nothing bad to write about Bates, he gave all he had and more the entire time he was here. That first year it was an excellent signing where he produced as a second line player with Mark Parrish and Michael Peca and he provided a highlight for the ages in the 2002 playoffs that even included his first career fight. I wish him luck and hope he is healthy enough to continue his career.

Islanders website: Report Bates was placed on waivers with Garth Snow's comments.

Timmis Daily Press: Vincent Man has director of player development Bryan Trottier's comments as he particpated in fourth-annual Mushkegowuk Council Youth Golf Tournament where he was the guest speaker at the tournament's banquet.

Ottawa Citizen: Thulasi Srikanthan has a few words about NHL prospects graduating high school yesterday which include 2007 Islander draft pick Simon Lacroix.

European Hockey.net: Has the list from the CHL import draft which include Islander draft pick Jyri Niemi was again selected by the Saskatoon Blades.

Islanders website: Has second round pick Corey Trivino's comments about why he choose hockey over soccer in a feature.

The real numbers game for Isles

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2008 07:00:00 AM | |Comments
I am starting to see the usual snippets creep into some articles that the Islanders are well below the cap floor with plenty of room to add a big name free agent and that they may have problems signing players for the usual reasons.

Of course most of these articles do not list the correct reason and that's there are almost no available roster spots.

Teams with a lot of prospects/young players are going to have lower payrolls and operate near the floor. Sure we can talk about Vasicek's second line spot being open, we can talk about signing a first line center for big money and moving Comrie down to a second line spot but if you do this what about Walter, Nielsen, Colliton?

To sign a veteran (even a franchise player for eight million) means this team will have to dump another player/prospect to create a spot because the depth chart up front is packed even without Satan, Vasieck and Fedotenko.

You want a first line prime left wing (insert name) pick a left wing to go between Sim, Bergenheim, Tambellini and Comeau because there is simply no room.

You pick a Tambellini to go then our gm is doing exactly what folks used to hate Mike Milbury for.

Not sticking to a plan.

Even on the backline with Campoli-Gervais, Sutton-Witt, Meyer-Martinek and Jack Hillen/Dustin Kohn who do you want to kick off that group to sign a Wade Redden?

Trust me folks, if the fifth and sixth defenders were Drew Fata and Jamie Fraser there would be no question the move would be spend big money and go after a Wade Redden.

If it were a choice between Bates and Hilbert vs a top free agent that again would be different.

It is a numbers game but not the one many think.

Pro Hockey media making too many mistakes

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2008 07:23:00 PM | Comments
For someone who holds the hockey media to high standards and respects the code between professionals and amateurs where I draw the line with referencing content here I have to tell my readers some of these professionals are doing such a poor job it's getting hard to tell the difference.

Some of this stuff from the professionals reads like the National Inquirer. Is there that much competition or pressure for some of those folks to produce information or create rumors on a daily basis?

Today I read the article on Bryan McCabe and I think I read three paragraphs with sources, sources and more sources making all these claims but when it goes to agents and team officials they do nothing but say it's not true.

Larry Brooks at the Post claims the Rangers can negotiate with Sundin, the Canadians and Leafs confirm only Montreal was given such permission. The Daily News could not even get it right on Avery's health and misreported.

Don Waddell was critical of the media before the draft regarding rumors and how things have gotten out of hand.

Newsday has gone a few days with no mistakes between Greg Logan and the headline writers.

Sure would be great if a few of these professional writers would just do a nice boring article on teams prospects so folks can read them and become fans instead of stirring the pot. I seem to remember a few of them helped me become a fan long ago.

No wonder the sport has problems attracting fans, no one is going to look at a player or want to be a fan after reading some of this stuff.

Seems the competition for rumors by some writers is far greater than the competition on the ice.

No, it's not a New York problem but researching hockey information in general it has become one.

Live interactive blog Tuesday 7/1 7pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2008 11:36:00 AM | Comments
Barring any unforeseen circumstances I have scheduled another live interactive blog to talk Islander hockey and UFA on 7/1 at 7pm.

Sorry folks, some problems with doing a poll for a time because blogger had some problems.

I got a few responses and aside from one all felt 7pm was the best time to schedule an interactive blog for the first day of UFA.

Given my schedule 7pm is the best time for me and at least at 7pm we should have some signings to talk about and at the very least at least something from the Islanders on what they are looking to do.

I hope to speak with everyone on Tuesday, it will go as long as folks have something to say but I'm guessing an hour or two and not the increduble marathon we have last week.

Thanks again.

Islander/Sound Tiger News Articles 6/26

Barrie Examiner: Ian Schantz reports signed Islander prospect Tomas Marcinko is expected to go pro this year according to assistant gm Jason Ford.

Windsor Star: Dave Waddell reports Islanders first round selection Josh Bailey was among the 45 players invited by Hockey Canada Wednesday to attend the Canadian national junior team developmental camp which will be held July 25-29 in Ottawa.

York Region News:
Mike Hayakawa and Jim Mason have comments from Islanders second round pick Cory Trivino.

Chatham Daily News: Mark Malone has comments from Islanders fifth round selection Matt Martin about how the Islanders decided to draft him.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on the changes in Bridgeport with Steve Regier's comments that he is disappointed but will move on and try and find another home somewhere else but will not be looking at Europe. He also commentst he enjoyed my time with the Islanders, it was good for him and his development and that they have the right people in place both at the NHL and AHL level.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog that after speaking with Howard Saffin. Micheal Haley, Tyler Haskins and Andy Sertich are all signed. Pascal Morency will be given a tryout invitation. Scott Ford and Colton Fretter are among those who probably won't be back; tryout kid Daine Todd is probably going to college. Peter MacArthur isn't signed but it sounds like he'll be coming to Kiddie Camp. Saffan also mentioned that Drew Fata had been talking about Europe.

Updated 6pm:
NHL.com: John Kreiser in his NHL blog has Islander scout Eric Cairns and his experience at attending the NHL draft.

Islanders website: Reports the club has a league high five players invited to attend the Canadian Junior Development Camp in Ottawa from July 25-29 with Ryan Jankowski's comments.

Josh Bailey (2008, 1st round), Travis Hamonic (2008, 2nd round), Mark Katic (selected in 2007 in the third round), Jared Spurgeon (2008, 6th round) and Corey Trivino (2008, 2nd round) were the players invited.

Point Blank: Mr Botta blogs on Bryan McCabe and the price it would take for the Isles to take back his contract along with his thoughts on the Isles and Leafs draft along with how the media spin out of Canada.

Qualifying offers & Isles notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2008 05:35:00 PM | |||Comments
Islanders website: Reports the club has extended extended qualifying offers to forwards Sean Bergenheim, Jeremy Colliton, Frans Nielsen, Jeff Tambellini and Ben Walter along with defenseman Bruno Gervais. All will become restricted free agent if they are not signed prior to July 1st, 2008.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The Islander, Sound Tiger and Utah rosters are updated. Due to a mistake on my part the pending Islander UFA profiles were all deleted but will stay as such unless they are resigned.

Nothing that was not in Greg Logan's update from early June, including Johnson not expected to be qualified which is really the only big news along with Steve Regier who has been a big part of Bridgeport for a long time. Bridgeport's defense needs to have more drafted prospects than Dustin Kohn.

Islanders website: Also report Garth Snow again on Wednesday was a guest on XM Satellite Radio’s Hockey Today with Scott Laughlin & on Tuesday night, Assistant General Manager Ryan Jankowski was a guest on The Pipeline Show, which airs weekly on the Team 1260 AM in Edmonton. Hosts Dean Millard and Guy Flaming discussed the 2008 Draft with the Isles assistant general manager.

Newsday: Greg Logan updated the Newsday blog on the qualifying offers with his own speculation on rosters spots along with why the club did not claim Kyle Wellwood from the Leafs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What's important here that Mr Logan told us Bergenheim is the only qualified player who could elect salary arbitration among the players qualified.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio notes the moves but on the Bridgeport front Drew Fata, Mike Mole and Steve Regier were not included, making them unrestricted free agents.

Nothing on Masi Marjamaki or Luciano Aquino, I will ask Mr Fornabaio on his blog.
Mr Fornabaio answered on his blog and wrote he did not think a player sent home three times in Marjamaki or Aquino were going to get an automatic raise.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio also confirms this morning's report Wade Dubielewicz signed with Ak Bars in Russia from the clubs website.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I saw the report this morning on Dubie's two year deal this morning but went conservative until elite prospects/european prospects or a credible source confirmed.

All I can do is wish Wade Dubielewicz the best of luck. I only wish he got a chance in the NHL. My speculation is Islander fans have not seen the last of Dubie when his contract ends and he gets another chance to sign here. For what this is worth it is not confirmed Dubie is still able to sign with an NHL club as unlikely as that would appear but we see players leaving Russia all the time in season (including Garth Snow during the lockout) so we'll see how things play out and root for Dubie to dominate.

Tsn.ca: Reports Vancouver claimed Kyle Wellwood.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This means New York had an opportunity to claim him and passed.

Quick review of Isles restricted free agents

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2008 08:19:00 AM | |||Comments
According to my list the New York Islanders have to qualify the following restricted free agents by today.

Anyone qualified automatically receives a percentage raise per CBA as a starting point in negotiations on a new contract with both sides having the option to file for arbitration.

To be qualified does not mean a player is signed. Other teams can sign a rfa after 7/1 with an offer sheet but if a club elects not to match compensation in draft picks can become expensive depending on salary and experience of that player.

# 15 LW-Jeff Tambellini RFA
# 20 LW-Sean Bergenheim RFA
# 51 C-Frans Nielsen RFA
# 2 D-Aaron Johnson RFA
# 8 D-Bruno Gervais RFA

# 21 C-Jeremy Colliton RFA
# 29-C Ben Walter RFA
# 39-LW-Steve Regier RFA
# 44 D-Drew Fata RFA
# 60-G Mike Mole RFA

C: Luciano Aquino 7/210/05 RFA
LW: Masi Marjamaki 5/144/05 RFA

News Sentinel: Blake Sebring had Komets General Manager David Franke back on June 13th speculating Luciano Aquino would like to play in the AHL next season as he discussed his free agents.

In terms of newspaper updates there is nothing availble on Masi Marjamaki at this time

Updated poll results, July 1st chat?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2008 06:08:00 AM | |Comments
I have to give my blog readers a ton of credit here.

In an ocean of negativity surrounding the Islanders in cyberspace they even surprised me with the voting here regarding the Islanders draft and what I think is a record turnout for a short week poll at this blog.

Here are the numbers heading into the final day grading the Isles draft. I gave them a grade of C.

A. 17 (26%)
B. 28 (43%)
C. 8 (12%)
D. 5 (7%)
F. 6 (9%)

In the boom or bust department I'm considering a Tuesday (7/1) live interactive chat like we had for the draft for the first day of UFA and would like to see if others are interested.

We all know by now it's unlikely Garth Snow will make any major signings based on his comments so it could be a quiet day but that could always be just talk on his part.

These are the times I'm targeting for a 7/1 chat (maybe an hour or two) which I may have to change. By early Monday I will make a decision.

Anyway here are the choices:
12pm-When news usually starts trickling in.
3pm-When the big rumors and first signings happen.
7pm-When many signings are completed and the crunch begins with fan pressure.

I'm suggesting 7pm because that is when we will likely have the most to discuss because someone will have been signed or we will have something from the Islanders.

Having written all this once again I would like to remind my readers NYIFC does not do the sensationalism game when it comes to rumors or transactions, in other words if a rumor or signing comes from a professional writer or credible media outlet I will post it here.

If it comes from an amateur blog or some of these sensationalsim rumor sites with amateurs writers looking for scoops all in competition with one another I have no interest in that here for my readers, you deserve better than that.

I have written from day one around here the rule I go by is to be dead last and a hundred percent correct confirming a signing.

That's how things will be done on 7/1 and in the days leading up to it.

The prospect center on the sidebar should now have the links to the profiles of all the Islander drafted in 2008.

Replacing 48 goals, 109 points and a -20 rating

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2008 05:34:00 AM | |Comments
Simply put the big question here is can Garth Snow's prospects replace the scoring of the fourth (Satan) fifth (Vasicek) and sixth (Fedotenko) highest point producers on his roster from a year ago combined with the veterans who are returning from injury who even with those numbers still produced one of the worst offensive clubs in franchise history that was second lowest in league scoring?

Offense POS GP G A Pts +/-
Miroslav Satan RW 80 16 25 41 -11
Josef Vasicek C 81 16 19 35 1
Ruslan Fedotenko LW 67 16 17 33 -9

That's forty eight goals, one hundred nine points and a minus twenty rating.

On top of that there is no denying fowards like Guerin and Sillinger are in decline at this point of their careers in terms of age or potential production combined with injuries. These are players who you have to pace during an NHL season, Ted Nolan once again will not have that luxury.

So who will replace these players if its not in UFA.

On the surface it seems like an easy answer.
Jon Sim is signed for the next two years and will slide into Vasicek's left wing slot, his seventeen goals his last two seasons in Atlanta should provide a comparable alternative to what Fedotenko gave the club if he is not back.

Also Bergenheim, Comeau and Tambellini will have to pick up the slack being a year older.

For Satan's spot it's kind of easy to speculate Kyle Okposo will slide into Satan's role as second line right wing. With Guerin and Hunter slotted at first and third line right wings depending on who is producing that seems an easy one unless a trade or UFA signing is made but the numbers game suggests no.

The line to replace Vasicek's numbers is a long one already and only getting bigger with Josh Bailey who seems to have the best long-term potential to fill that spot but with Park, Hilbert, Bates, Walter, Nielsen and Colliton for openers anything could happen here.

I will write it seems the best place to sign an UFA because there is an opening but then you have to ask what do you do with a Nielsen or a Colliton or a Walter if you want to commit to youth and finally give them a job after years of development?

You want to sign an UFA, that sounds fine but if you do that one of these young players have to go to allow for that or spend another year in the AHL.

Bottom line for this to have any chance at all players like Hunter and Sim have to score goals. Comrie needs a big year, Guerin and Sillinger have to contribute a lot more offense at a point they just may not be able to.

The kids who make this club will have to pull their own offensive weight in Bergenheim, Okposo, Comeau and Tambellini.

Nothing else is going to solve these problems and the chance they take by not signing their current UFA.

Islander News Articles 6/25

Minnesota Daily: Brian Deutsch writes how Islander prospect Aaron Ness will fit on the Gophers this fall is one of the biggest mysteries in college hockey right now, along with the writer including Ness did not have much to say or was happy about not being drafted in the first round Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Should be interesting if Ness follows through on his comment he will come up to the Islanders when they think he is ready. Seems as though Aaron Ness is giving early notice to Don Lucia that the NHL is the priority for him.

Sarnia Observer: Dave Borody reports Jon Sim, former Islander Alan Letang, Justin DiBenedetto, Matt Martin, Sound Tigers Jamie Fraser will participate in the annual Sarnia Sting Golf Tournament for Sunshine, presented by Bell and Labatt, July 24 at Huron Oaks Golf Club.

NY Times: Michael Brick had former Islander Brent Hughes comments about the Austin Ice Bats club he coached twice ceasing operations along with the promotion guaranteed fight night for it's fans.

Toronto Sun: Lance Hornsby reports the Isles could have interest in waived forward Kyle Wellwood and that Andrew Raycoft, & Scott Clemmenson were also placed on waivers along with Darcy Tucker being bought out of the final three years of his contract by Toronto as of Wednesday.

Sportsnet.ca: Chris Nichols does a fantasy breakdown of the top picks in the NHL with a profile Islanders selection Josh Bailey.

Los Angeles: Eric Stephens reports on Ducks owner Henry Samueli was suspended indefinitely by the NHL for his role in an alleged stock option scheme but he will remain an the owners and that it will be business as usual for the most part but they won't be involved with the team until an August 18th hearing.

Nashvill Tennessean: Brad Schrade has more on Predators investor William Del Biaggio entering bankruptcy court as he lists his share in the Predators as his top asset showing he owes creditors $88.4 million but that the Nashville-based investors that makes up the other owners, led by former medical waste company owner David Freeman say this will not effect operations.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I always find it kind of sad when Gary Bettman gets the blame for situations like this where people buy sports teams or attempt to purchase teams with no revenue to do so but try anyway and are good at hiding their trail for a while. The Ducks situtation is obviously different from Nashville.

Of course it's easy to get annoyed at Bettman when a con-man like John Spano surfaced and defrauded many but he tried to purchase a lot of teams before the Islanders so they did have plenty of opportunity to investitage him in advance. You can only put so many safeguards into a system in the end.

Also despite some perception Bettman is an elected king with authority beyond anyone else he answers to the others owners and what the decide is what he has to do in most instances.

That's why there are so many Board of Governors meetings.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his blog is already hoping to get some RFA answers for the deadline which is today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is what I expect Greg Logan to be promising for Islander fans in Newsday's blog today.

Espn.com: Scott Burnside has the new Lightning owners along with new coach Barry Melrose and adds if the NHL had more owners like that, and fewer under investigation, the league would be a much more happening place.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
To be fair here Mr Burnside does talk about the potential downside of hiring the now former Espn announcer nor does he hide Melrose past coaching record. Having written that when Charles Wang took those kinds of chances writers like Mr Burnside were not this open-minded with the commentary.

Funny how in this article the new Bolt ownership is also going all out to copy Mr Wang in giving out a huge long-term contract off the bat.

ITV XM Radio Interview with Garth Snow

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/24/2008 06:19:00 PM | ||||Comments
Media Blog: Cory Witt links to "NHL Live" with Don La Greca and EJ Hradek who interview Garth Snow on the 2008 Draft and news surrounding the Islanders on Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The gm said the team is not expected to be players on 7/1 because they do not want to bump a young player from a spot but could " kick the tires " on someone.

Newsday: Greg Logan archived his chat Tuesday and disclosed he spoke to Marc Gandler a few weeks ago regarding Bergenheim and it's likely he will be headed to arbitration but also made comparisions to Trent Hunter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Begging the question if he knew why did everyone have to wait for weeks in some chat where someone had to ask before we found out when he did his Gandler article and knew.

It's getting beyond ridiclous at Newsday between Ranger prospect camp updates, writers doing Avery features while our team receives what amounts to unprofessional rants from guest amateurs with tidbits of information in chats that fans need to pull from the beatwriter.

Get to work Greg Logan.

Official qualified list.
Who is club looking at in free agency.
Any chance anyone who is a pending UFA could be back.

Larry Brooks, John Dellapina, Steve Zipay are keeping their teams fans informed along with newspapers all over US for their clubs. You have to do likewise and obviously the space is available in Newsday.

If not get someone in there who will do it. I also expect to see Mr Logan at Islander camp if the Newsday budget allows for Mr Zipay to be in camp and blog this week.

In previous years Michael Fornabaio had to do all the heavy lifting.

Toronto Star: Bobby Orr has filed a grievance with the NHLPA against Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro for his agent fee because he alleges his player agency handled negotiations with the Islanders in 2006 , but was fired shortly before he signed a 15-year, $67.5 million contract extension. The article claims a source says DiPietro will argue that when he signed it was not a standard players contract.

Mini hits:
So why would the Isles want a forward like Kyle Wellwood when a club like the Leafs who are not exactly packed with prospects put him on waivers?

Why not just give Walter, Nielsen or Colliton a spot, this is why you make trades and develop players for years?

Could Snow be looking offer sheet?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2008 07:31:00 PM | ||Comments
Call this some speculation on my part but why in a draft where many second rounders were considered first round talents did Garth Snow decline his option to take Toronto's pick at sixty on Saturday?

He traded up for Chicago's pick later to go with his other third round selections so obviously he wanted depth from this draft class.

Sure the Islander general manager may have decided to put another second rounder in the prospect bank for the 2009 draft which also includes his own pick and the one he will likely have from Boston when Nokelainen hits his games played incentive next season.

That's at least three and a great start looking ahead.

And of course Toronto could be a lottery team next year and that second rounder instead of being a pick at the end of the second round Saturday could be a pick at the beginning of the second round next summer.

The Isles gm also did have more picks than any other club in this draft.

Having written all that with the talent pool that deep Saturday why not use the pick this year when next summer that pick may be worth a lot less?

Only thing that makes sense beyond what I have written is he's getting ready to drop an offer sheet and will use that second rounder as part of the compensation depending on the contract.

Makes sense to me based on some of the pending restricted free agents without huge contracts and would require a second as part of the draft pick compensation.

I guess we will see but something to consider.

Early Evening Monday Isles Update

Islanders website: Website/Publications Coordinator Jason Lockhart looks at the Sarnia connection with Isles OHL area scout Tim MacLean, 2008 picks Justin DiBenedetto, Matt Martin along with comments from 2007Islander selection Mark Katic.

SI.com: Adam Muir in the NHL draft winners and losers article has the Islanders in the honorable mention department for making hay with potential first-rounders Corey Trivino, Aaron Ness, Jyri Niemi and Kirill Petrov on Saturday.

Toronto was hit was a loser tag because they gave up draft picks in a skill draft for a defensive-defenseman in the top five?

THN.com: Brian Costello of THN also was very critical of Cliff Fletcher for giving up prospect depth.

Montreal Gazette: Has Mark Renaud, father of former Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud comments regarding the Islanders selecting Josh Bailey along with the Spitfires' centre statement he dedicated his selection in Renaud's honour.

Colmbus Dispatch: Michael Arace reports Jacket fans are not too happy with the overall draft, that Filatov was another third-liner and another mercurial Russian dangler combined with asking who's drafting Russians. For the sake of balance he includes Filatov looks a lot like Zherdev -- but without the baggage, and with an apparently clear path to North America.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess we shall see. Means nothing until they hit the ice at this level and then we get a good idea as time passes.

Quick hit:
Espn/several outlets report Barry Melrose will be officially announced as new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday.

Ray Emery of the Senators has been bought out after clearing waivers. Washington Capitals Ben Clymer, Carolina Hurricanes, Jeff Hamilton (former Islander) and David Tanabe have been placed on waivers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Carolina seemingly has the former Islander-Sound Tiger on waivers every other week.

NYI Fan Central Blog Notables:
New York Islander Fan Central does not acknowledge amateur/guest fan writers as acredited professional writers regardless of their content in the main news section of this blog which is why something written on the club in Newsday late monday was not included here.

For what the Isles pay Newsday for advertising they deserve a professional writer at the very least.

A little surprised on the poll for the Islanders draft given the reaction on Friday. I gave the Isles overall a C.

Moved Draft center just above prospect center, will be adding in profiles of the
2008 draft class to prospect section as made available.

I think I did all I could do to get my message out here on the Islanders playing in the outdoor game and have now removed the links to contact Mayor Bloomberg, anyone
wants the link again please contract me privately.

I'm considering another live interactive blog for July 1st given the big success of the draft chats both days last weekend. I need to decide on a time where its possible but it's possible nothing could happen regarding our team.

Of course suggestions regarding that would be helpful.

Sunday Islander/NHL notables

Islanders website: Report New York drafted five of the International Scouting Services' top 30 prospects which have analysis of Josh Bailey, Kirill Petrov, Corey Trivino, David Towes & Aaron Ness.

Moose Jaw Time Herald:
Reports Travis Hamonic is the first Moose Jaw Warrio to be picked by the four-time Stanley Cup champion Islanders since Masi Marijmaki.

Pioneer Press: John Shipley has Garth Snow, Don Lucia's comments about the situation regarding Kyle Okposo from December with Aaron Ness's comments as it applies to his future if he should decide to leave the Gophers sooner than later.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not to come off like an Islander homer here but Don Lucia took a shot at the Islanders the day Okposo announced he would not be returning to school after the WJC. Snow defended Okposo as is he supposed to and now we hope things work out better with Aaron Ness for both sides. Obviously if the Isles did have a major problem with the Gophers program they would not be selecting from their prospect pool which speaks to what Garth Snow thinks of Mr Lucia's program.

Lets just hope Don Lucia uses Aaron Ness where he should be playing but by this prospects own words in the article he is already looking ahead to the NHL and if the Islanders want to sign him he has the right to leave according to the rules.

Edmonton Journal: Jim Matheson has a few words about the reaction from Tyler Ennis who was drafted by Buffalo in round one about his friend Jared Spurgeon being drafted by New York in the sixth round and how they have been playing hockey together since childhood. Tyler Spurgeon plays on the Oilers farm team.

Point Blank: Mr Botta gave his take on the draft picks, the clubs strategy along with telling the fans he spoke to Garth Snow Saturday as he had some advice for the Isles on how the media should have been done surrounding the picks.

In a quick recap of the weekends trades involving players:
Florida traded C Olli Jokinen to Phoenix for D Keith Ballard, D Nick Boynton and Ottawa’s second-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (49th overall, previously acquired).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Olli would have been here forever at 2m per year with five cup rings by now if we kept him. Second team he unofficially had to be traded from or requested out of as he now plays for his fourth club and when his contract ends will be moving on to a fifth when he refuses to sign in Phoenix. What did Florida win again in that Islander trade besides a rebuild that never ends? I guess all those defenseman could mean Redden is not signing with Jacques Martin?

Columbus traded Colorado’s first-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (19th overall, previously acquired) and the Blue Jackets’ third-round pick in 2008 (67th overall) to Philadelphia for C R.J. Umberger and the Flyers’ fourth-round pick in 2008 (118th overall).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Flyers free up cash for Jeff Carter and Eminger, Ken Hitchcock gets a former player for a pick that another club gave them. Not a bad deal for Howson to get R.J Hamburglar.

Calgary traded LW Alex Tanguay and its fifth-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (138th overall) to Montreal for the Canadiens’ first-round pick in 2008 (25th overall) and second-round pick in 2009.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Alex Tanguay, moves to a new conference with a lot of mileage on him. I would rather have had the picks in this quality draft if I were Montreal.

From the I'm too lazy to post the link department, the comedy club at the
NY Post that forgot day two of the NHL draft:

Larry Brooks did his usual Cablevision Rangers are the league's American Flagship Franchise dance (after John Dellapina) and that Cablevision out of Msg control would leave New York without a hockey team as he did the impossible and actually took James Dolan's side over Gary Bettman.

Mr Brooks also claimed the Rangers lead American teams in revenue generated but of course fails to mention the same overhead it cost to generate that revenue had his favorite team 25m in the red according to his own New York Post before the lockout as it keeps raising ticket prices.

This was the low-end number folks with reports claiming they a league high forty million at the time.
Old link no longer works:
Courtesy of Islanders-SoundTigers mailing list:


September 17, 2004 -- The owners of the perennially money-losing
Rangers hockey team are going to plug up a big red-ink hole with the
National Hockey League shutdown of the season.

The Rangers haven't made the playoffs in seven years or any profits
in years.

In fact, industry sources say the team loses between $25 million and
$30 million a year with its highly paid players and steep overhead in
Madison Square Garden arena.

With the team now on ice, owner Cablevision, controlled by media
mogul Chuck Dolan, won't have to write that many big checks for
hockey players.

It'll lose revenue, of course, from the 41 home games at the Garden,
but analysts say the typical $45 per seat for Ranger games is hardly
a drop in the bucket in Cablevision's fortunes.
For those who will respond and correctly point out this is not 2004 and we have a new cba according to this article a month ago Msg's sports teams lost 19m for the first quarter of 2008:

Newsday no longer has this link available:

Money continues to burn hole in Garden's pockets

Ken Berger
9:13 PM EDT, May 10, 2008

So James Dolan must be thrilled with the early returns on his investment in Walsh. Attaboy, Donnie, you got your guy. The Knicks always get their guy. The problem has been that they keep getting the wrong ones.

When you add up the money given to these coaches and GMs -- not to mention the $11.5-million settlement to Anucha Browne Sanders and the hundreds of millions in bad player contracts doled out by Thomas and his predecessors -- it is not hard to fathom why MSG Sports (aka Cablevision's toy department) is bleeding red ink. According to the quarterly earnings statement furnished this week by the Garden's parent company, MSG and its sports teams lost a staggering $19.7 million in the first quarter.
NYI Fan Central Comments:

Wonder if the Ranger lawsuits are included in that number between the one they settled on and the one they already lost to Gary Bettman?

Flagship American franchises for leagues are not completely ignored in their own town come playoff time nor do they go without any back pages during the regular season/playoffs or lose out by a three to one ratio for out of town basketball
games in their own market when they play head to head against another sport.

Flagship American franchise for a sport do not finish 24th and 36th for a Stanley Cup Final involving real American hockey marquee markets that consistently draw impressive ratings along with Buffalo and Minnesota.

Cablevision on ice had their stage without Knicks, Nets, Islanders or Tiger Woods after they eliminated New Jersey and had problems even competing with poker repeats in New York and did marginal at best nationally even with nothing but Crosby as the opposition. The media barely gave it any additional coverage.

Even the Islanders got Newsday back pages last season. Rangers did not see a full back page all winter again for an actual game, even Brian Leetch retirement night did not generate a full backpage over big market baseball rumors and the Giants super bowl.

As for Mr Brooks, wake me when Gary Bettman pulls the same stunts James Dolan has on New York City, Jets, Giants, Yankees, Mets, Islanders, and Devils and the general public with how many clubs he pulled off the air over the years?

You could sell a lot more actual tickets for James Dolan's expulsion hearing than the attendance Cablevison for Ranger home games when that day arrives.

Cheer up Mr Brooks, New York will still have a hockey team for you to cover if Dolan is removed and refuses to let the Rangers play in his basketball arena, keeping the naming rights, uniform and territorial rights.

That would be America's Flagship Hockey Dynasty and arguably hockey's greatest
all-time dynasty.

The New York Islanders.

Winners & Losers? Ask me in 3-5 years

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/22/2008 01:23:00 PM | Comments
I guess it's all part of the experience and natural to start declaring winners and losers of a draft the next day or a few days after and no doubt we will start seeing articles along those lines with the few released already and sure I will post them for you.

Islanders website is posting XM radio highlights and that did not even list the person commenting while at Hockey News via TSN they listed the Isles as losers for their first round which I posted Saturday.

Most of it is a little silly at this time and means absolulutely nothing until a few years pass (in most cases) and then we really discover who won or lost.

I would be less than honest not to admit the draw of not selecting a Filatov was
disappointing Friday but can mean absolutely nothing as soon as everyone starts playing hockey games this fall.

You can also make a great argument the Islanders passed on players who have greater franchise player potential than the one they selected ninth overall.

You can also make a great argument it was not worth a few extra second rounders in a great draft to take themselves out of a mix for players with franchise potential.

Having written all that you can also go the other way and write if you want management to finally stick to a plan and build with prospects what did you expect them to do with the youth movement they have in place with left wing Bergenheim, left wing Comeau, left wing Tambellini and left wing Joensuu among others?

I know Howie Rose and even Billy Jaffe keep repeating the Islanders finally have to have a youth movement and pick a direction. I'm not trying to awake anyone from their slmuber here but it's been happening for a while now if you have not noticed between Campoli, Gervais and many of the forwards I just listed.

What left wing did you want to kick off the team from our youth movement for Filatov to play left wing here next season or the year after? Tambellini because of his games played now must clear waivers to go back to the AHL.

I asked this a few times over the weekend and the reaction most gave was get rid of Tambellini or silence which makes those folks just as guilt as Mike Milbury for dumping youth too soon and not sticking to a plan. They already have three right wings if Okposo is here with Figren expected to play in Europe.

Does anyone want to dump Tambellini before we find out after three years of time and money invested in him? If he goes to another club and puts up fifty points and can score what would everyone write then?

Meanwhile there is a spot for Bailey at a center who takes Vasicek's spot next to Okposo this fall if he can earn it at the moment. That could change by July 1st and may not happen regardless.

As as a counterpoint about pick from above in a draft like this last one you cannot have enough quality picks in the first two rounds.

Regarding Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski I do not think they should care one bit what Mike Milbury, Neil Smith or Bill Torrey did at the draft table. At this point if you do that you should compare Snow with Bill Torrey drafting Dave Chykowski and Scott Sissons because that's how old some of this has become.

It's completely worthless in 2008.

I know that's how fans measure this. I suggest folks get past it because anyone who drafts with that philosophy does not belong in the gm chair or a scouting department for any professional sports team. In that case Isles should just do an on-line poll, and let the fans make the picks from the articles we read so virtually no one complains.

Regarding this draft I do not know how this draft class will work out for the Islanders. Some of these players have some great potential, a few were not listed in central scouting and we all know Petrov's contract vs potential which sounds nice but until he plays here is just words.

Winners or losers? On paper they lost day one, on paper they had a very good day two.

On paper means nothing, if that were the case teams would not play games.

On paper coming out of the lockout Carolina was picked fourteenth and won the cup. On paper Boston was picked dead last in the conference and made the playoffs.

Winners or losers for real? Ask me in three-five years unless someone jumps into the NHL and dominates next season. Were still figuring out if Blake Comeau and Sean Bergenheim can be impact players and they were drafted in 2002 and 2003, so were Jeremy Colliton and Frans Nielsen.

Late Saturday Islanders Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2008 08:12:00 PM | ||||||Comments

Updated 11:15pm:
Newsday: Mr Logan's article has Garth Snow's comments along with Ryan Jankowski as to why they targeted Joshua Bailey as opposed to Nikita Filatov along with how the prospect pool was built up with the thirteen selections.

Newsday: Mr Logan's profiles of the tweleve selections the Islanders took on Saturday.

Newsday : Mr Logan's late blog on the draft centers around Kirill Petrov with the 73rd overall pick, what reaction was when Snow selected him along with reviews and comments on the other Islander selections as well as more insight into the trades including Toronto gm Cliff Fletcher's take.

Mr Logan writes he will be posting another blog in a few days explaining what the club saw in top pick Josh Bailey and on Sunday he will write his analysis of Snow’s trade-down strategy along with thumbnail sketches of Saturday's selections.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Part of that could be above article as it's edited to include draft picks, excellent work top to bottom and more than fair to point out consequences if Bailey does not exceed Filatov or the other selctions Isles passed on.

Islanders no doubt will keep updating along with ITV updates. Larry Brooks of the Post went to Ottawa and did an Islander centric article but seemingly knows little on prospects based on his reporting so expect the usual Sunday bash the Isles-fest if any content at all.

The Oklahoman:Robert Przybylo reports Islanders draft pick Matt Donovan was just sitting on the couch and watching everything and that the Islanders are a good fit for him, but the truth is any team is. He would have been excited no matter where he ended up as he will be attending the clubs July minicamp.

Gophers website: Has a profile on Minnesota defender Aaron Ness, last season’s Minnesota state high school Player of the Year and an incoming recruit at the University of Minnesota.

National Post: Reports New York had a league high thirteen selections Saturday.

THN.com: Ryan Kennedy reports Kirill Petrov seems a lock to stay in Russia for several years and New York also provided the first big surprise of the afternoon by tabbing Matt Donovan out of Cedar Rapids in the USHL in the fourth round because he was not listed at all by central scouting.

Espn.com: Scott Burnside had Garth Snow's comments on drafting based upon lineage that he does not read much into it, with regard to David Toews, the younger brother of Chicago star Jonathan Toews because he is a professional athlete and his brothers weren't very good athletes. Mr Burnside adds David Toews is expected to play at his older brother's alma mater, the University of North Dakota, this season and although he put up big numbers at Shattuck (181 points in two years) he isn't expected to be the offensive force his brother was and is.

Espn.com: Gare Joyce writes on the Islanders selecting Josuha Bailey that the Islanders always zig when everyone else is zagging, that Bailey is more in the 12-20 range than top 10, heads were scratched after Isles traded down twice to get him.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Jeff Gordon reports from central scouting that Cory Trivino has the ability to see the ice well and to move the puck, needs to get stronger , but isn’t always winning the puck. He’s got a goal-scoring touch and he’s good on face-offs with good skating ability, not necessarily high-end skating, but good.

Islanders website: Linked to Mike G. Morreale's pre draft article with Kirill Petrov's comments that he really wants to play in the NHL and only in the NHL, with his agents comments he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make his client's wishes come true despite a three year agreement remaining with his Russian club.

Saskatoon Phoenix: Cory Wolfe has a pre-draft update on Jyri Niemi (pronounced nee-EM-ee) with his agents updating us on his minor surgery on his left hip when he returned to Finland in April, that he resumed skating this month and is currently helping out at a hockey school and is expected to be in top form by July.

Edmonton Journal: Reported back on June 1st that Jared Spurgeon who the club selected at 156th might be a late round draft pick in June because he's diminutive but there's a good chance the defenceman will be one of the 44 players invited to Canada's world junior summer camp in Ottawa on July 25. Al Murray, Hockey Canada chief scout said Spurgeon partnered with Jared Cowen, a likely top-six pick in the 2009 draft, on the Spokane blue line and did a lot of covering up for Cowen.

Elite Prospect.com: Profiles Islanders fourth round prospect David Ullström.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker has Islander selection Matt Martin's comments going into Friday's draft that his agent felt there was a good chance he would be selected, he spoke to ten-twelve clubs and hopefully it would work out as he hoped for the best.

Usa Today.com: Kyle Woodlief in his pre-draft review of goaltenders felt that Islander selection Kevin Poulin at 148th started the season as a sure-fire first-rounder based on his great physical gifts and performance last year but he was a perplexing mystery to scouts all season alternating between the occasional utterly dominant vs many nights when it appeared he couldn't stop a beach ball. He has great size (6-2/208) and superb athleticism with flexibility. His movements are fast and crisp and he's big enough to cover the top corners in the butterfly. But he's shown a propensity to lose his angles, has a very shaky catching hand and his mental toughness has become a real question mark.

NHL.com: Adam Kimelman had a full profile of Islanders selection Jyri Niemi back on June 18th with his comments.

NHL.com: Mike Morreale has a full feature of Islander draft selection Travis Hamonic back on June 16th with NHL's Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire's comments along with B.J. MacDonald.

Updated Sunday 10am:
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his Sound Tigers blog has his analysis of the Islanders 2008 draft and how long it could take some of these players to even make it to Bridgeport.

Still working on something for Justin DiBenedetto from the Sarnia Sting, some
hat-trick games and a lot of past updates.

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