New York Islanders Co-Owner: Dewey Shay

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People like me follow these things, the business directory has been slow to change for both the Islanders & Sound Tigers website.

That changed on 7/28/16.

As opposed to guessing I will provide what's been added by the teams websites. 

Scott Malkin is the primary governor of both the NHL/AHL team, and the sale of the Islanders did include the Sound Tigers. Michael Picker retains his role in Bridgeport.

Dewey Shay is a co-owner of both the New York Islanders & Bridgeport Sound Tigers, who has been credited in some books along with Scott Malkin, & Jon Ledecky.

Jay Itzkowitz is the new General Counsel of the New York Islanders.

It Appears Eric Boulton Has Resigned

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That would be Mr Boulton's agents twitter account.

New York Moving Again? Nothing To See Here

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As I wrote on 2/26/16 NY Islanders Attendance Success At Barclay's Threat To NHL Media Balance in NYC. The playoffs did nothing but make the case the Islanders are home to stay in NY at Barclay's, in a neighborhood filled with businesses, eleven train lines, and a railroad next to a modern arena.

Fill the unobstructed seats there 41 times, and more seating will be added, it's that simple.

Reality is NYC is not giving anyone parkland on former Shea Stadium site to a sports team (not NYCFC or New York Islanders or Madoff's pal, Fred Wilpon for his mall) he's broke, even after Citibank's naming rights for their Brooklyn Dodgers shrine, and taxpayer bonds that financed a downsized ballpark with half the seats in fair territory that's been renovated almost every year since it opened.

All the other owners got their taxpayer handouts in NY/NJ for new stadium's/renovated arena's, Mike Bloomberg is gone, the store is closed.  Shelly Silver's pals left in Albany voted 6-3 in May 2016 for Dolan to keep getting his yearly taxpayer exemption. (now 48.6 million)

It's not the Mets property to give to anyone, this folly got too much ink long ago with the Islanders around 2009-2010.

NYC just spent 500 million to put a roof on Ashe Stadium, build more tennis infrastructure, and did not give the New York Islanders a first thought, they don't need another arena to sit empty in an over saturated market over three hundred days a year.

As for the chop shops east of Madoff/Wilpon field, that's a neighborhood of generational businesses, there long before Shea was built, in a swamp with no sewage system or basic infrastructure. In the best of circumstances that's a 25 year project after never ending eminent domain fights/lawsuits because the plan was give a convicted felon in the Bronx a 1.5 billion dollar moat aka Yankee-disney. Madoff/Wilpon the 600 million dolllar stadium with the difference in Willets Point real estate.

Madoff/Wilpon went bust, Mario Cuomo cleaned it up for Wilpon in a settlement. Sterling equities (not Steve Stirling) are not getting three billion from taxpayers for their neighborhood.

One subway line, no businesses, with the LIRR over a half mile walk away (outdoors) in Flushing Meadows Park for a fan base that could not draw 10,000 actual people to the Coliseum most years on weeknights since 1989.

Nothing to see here, not for the length of Barclay's 25 year lease, likely ever. Another writer who needed some page views got some clicks, that's it.

I don't know if Jon Ledecky is handling this properly when incompetent Barry Baum, who was a catastrophe at NY Post covering the Islanders speaks for Barclay's. Ledecky made his points loud/clear about Barclay's a week ago, and also said the team is not leaving it's new home in New York.

What I do know is this fan wants stability, with finality to this rhetoric once and for all. 

7/18/16: Bridgeport Resigns Three

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Video: John Ledecky Town Hall 7/14/16/Sound Tigers Future

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NYIFC Comments: 
Mr Ledecky did an excellent job, and had fun with it. I'm not a fan of hugging the mascot, or giving it face time, but that's me.

Did not see any ducking tough subjects, but if he does not keep his promises on Tavares/Barclay's, it will become his legacy as owner.  He sounded like he was in Brett Yormark's territory many times with a different philosophy.

 "We are committed to New York, we are the New York Islanders."

That makes me very happy, it's what it's been since 1972, even if a lot media will fight it every chance they can.

I will miss Charles Wang's full-time influence but happy he left things in good hands. Mr Ledecky made clear how things will go at Northwell so some topics I write about are resolved.
To be clear my conversations with Ct Post beatwtiter Michael Fornabaio pointed me to a mistake in a past entry. 6/7/15 entry titled: 2/16/11 Bridgeport City Council Documents: "Professional Hockey League" Not AHL/Better June 2015 entry. The Sound Tigers leaving requires an AHL team or better professional league that was not in previous Feb 2011 hearings when Charles Wang took over operating arena.

My apologies for this error, and thanks to Mr Fornabaio, it was not in discussions on matter before approval. I looked at 2/22/11 hearing, saw approval on page five, but did go to page 150+ (below) for what was in agreement that was not discussed on 2/16/11.
Also to be clear it seems Mr Malkin/Ledecky now operate WBA or have taken over the agreement to 2021.

Ok, an image of Gordie Lane with Stanley Cup to make up for it.
And the only New York Islanders owner who won the Stanley Cup Four Straight Times & Saved them from bankruptcy, Mr John Pickett.

Jon Ledecky Speaks To Pat Dolan Newsday Media/NYC Newspapers

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It was a very good start for Jon Ledecky, he made clear team will spend what it takes to win/max payroll,  not interfere with hockey management.

He will be involved in business end heavily/fan experience improvement at Barclay's, wants this to be teams long-term home, and improvements to Barclay's for hockey. Gave a few stories about what he did last two years speaking to fans to correct issues.

Expects to win, progress to continue, long enough without a Stanley Cup.

Also made clear this teams name is New York Islanders, a metropolitan area team, not Brooklyn Islanders.

Likely keeping Sound Tigers at WBA through 2021.

No Coliseum agreement between him-Malkin /Nassau for any Coliseum games, that's Ratner's agreement with Nassau.

Nothing quoted on who owns/operates Sound Tigers.
Dolan's owned/controlled Newsday media and NYC editors did their Brooklyn branding/lease opt out dance to control spin/editors spending money on full time coverage, ignored Dolan with NHL has final say of team playing four regular season games at Coliseum if Ledecky-Malkin want to play any Coliseum games at all.

Mangano was quick to point out NEC is expected to fulfill it's lease obligations. Ratner made clear he would despite 15 percent controlling stake.

Expect AHL Ranger team under NEC management is Prokhorov/Ratner's call if Sound Tigers staying in Ct.

Mayfield/Quine Resign Two Years

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 Las Vegas Review: Reports Garth Snow's special assistant, George McPhee, will be hired 7/13 as Las Vegas new gm.

 NYIFC Comments: 
One-way deal means Mayfield can still go to Bridgeport, but makes full-salary. This was not just accepting his qualifying offer. He's going to have to deal with sitting if the NHL defenders are healthy, and did not get a callup despite may defenders hurt last season. He needs to play here or it's not going to work.

Expect a few players to accept qualifying offers, perhaps Quine looking for a similar deal?

Personally, I think the Islanders dodged a bullet with McPhee given his signings/deals with Caps, and how he reportedly has issues with agents. Ledecky has no fall back he's familiar with now.

So What's Next For New York?

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Jon Ledecky will address some fans on 7/14 at Barclay's, hopefully the person who was there in 2000 and never let Wang speak will not attend.

Scott Malkin is the financial majority owner.

At some point they will bring in their people to fill the roles by Wang's staff, who have to work with Barclay's staff.

Don't expect Ledecky (or Malkin) to tell any media the New York Islanders are New York, same as since 1972, and to drop the branding games, travel issues vs other teams which became a discussion in free agency because the organization did not speak loud enough or often enough to stop it.

The Islander/Sound Tiger websites need some work to update management changes at the very least. With no media, they have to make news with their sites to draw attention unless Snow plans on speaking more in Canada so NY media can parrot him?

Silence never sells tickets, a 100 point playoff team, spending close to the cap is not going to get it done acting small market, it never has.

Deadline for Quine, Strome, Gibson, Mayfield, Petrov to accept RFA qualifying offers is 7/15, 5pm, unless both sides agree to more time which did happen with Kevin Poulin last summer.

The cap screams no more signings unless contracts are moved to pay for them. 

Mikhail Prokhorov is apparently having his financial issues in Russia, his finances collapse, so does his ownership of Barclays/majority stake in Coliseum.

Altice selling the majority of Newsday to Pat Dolan is very bad news for the New York Islanders, who already have the worst professional media coverage of any North American sports team.

Ratner wanting 6.2 million in tax breaks for retail surrounding the Coliseum is front page news?

There is a difference between James Dolan vs Pat Dolan, and Charles Dolan actually made his first quote in over a decade.

We don't know what that difference will be, maybe Pat Dolan likes the Islanders?

Nothing but mixed signals on Wang owning the Sound Tigers solely but either way his WBA agreement only provides for a professional league team through 2021. Other AHL teams are announcing their plans for 2017-18. It took a few years for our brutal media to even figure out Wang would retain a 15 percent stake. He owns Northwell/Iceworks, and operates WBA through 2021.

For Wang to receive Lighthouse escrow money the Islanders must practice full time at Northwell with the agreement beginning on 9/1/16. Locker rooms need to be constructed for an NHL team with team offices.
This will likely be the final dynasty header created for this website.

I had 2016 images of Bob Bourne, John Tonelli, but decided Al Arbour's funeral service would be off-limits.

Gillies, Nystrom, Bossy, Trottier, Smitty all were at Barclay's, most are there often.

Ken Morrow still works for team so his image from the draft in Buffalo was used.

Anders Kallur's image was used from this week as opposed to the core of the four or his scouting years.

Lorne Henning still works in the NHL, but decided to use his image in an Islander pregame recently, so be it if his cup image is black/white.

I wanted Bill Torrey represented, and felt this was perfect despite him being at Barclay's for playoffs.

Denis Potvin was at Barclay's, but his Coliseum closing images were best representation.

Duane Sutter represented the tribute to 1980 team in 2006.  Tonelli, the core of the four.

Gord Lane did not have any images with the cup.

The 1980 logo is a perfect touch.

Snow Interview 7/7/16

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NYIFC Comments: Better than previous interview, interesting comments on Strome playing center, nothing on three goalenders, Grabovski.

Bridgeport Signs Jones, Winquist, Berisha, Juha

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NYIFC Comments: Aside from not spelling spots properly (sports?) seems I had a fair read on this one earlier in the day. Good sign for those expecting business as usual. Juha was in prospect camp. Connor Jones (Kellen's brother) was in Bridgeport last season, he is currently an UFA but given his agent's tweet, this seems done resigning. Only one player came from Missouri last season. Luke Juha, signed an ATO on 3/24 last season but never played for Bridgeport.

Berube Resigned

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NYIFC Comments: For Berube to play in AHL, he must clear waivers. Halak is expected to be ready to play by August according to his agent off 16 weeks of a combined no surgery/surgery. Christopher Gibson is in the same spot in Bridgeport with his qualified RFA status.

On Paper New York Improved, Does Tavares Agree?

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For folks who read this site, you know I was very negative about the teams chances going into many seasons. I do not feel that way at this time at all. 

I personally like the players lost, but the NHL is a business and about winning.
No doubt Stamkos partly stayed because his core was retained, Snow decided to retain Nielsen, who ultimately decided on another team while the other UFA had no real negotiation. Tavares just lost a big part of his core so does he feel loyal now that those players are gone, and especially Nielsen opting for change, while Okposo felt close to a cup in Buffalo? 

Personally for me Snow dodged another Vanek-like bullet with Nielsen turning him down. If you keep him for powerplay production, that's a mistake. I felt for years he did not belong on the powerplay, even when he was producing more at 5/5. 

Nielsen went from 12/28/15 to 4/22/16 without a single even strength goal. (not counting one vs Washington with Islanders goalie pulled)  He scored twice in March (both vs Rangers PP/EN) over 16 games.

He was +1 on season, -5 against Tampa with seven total 5/5 goals during the regular season. Most of his points came via powerplay. (two shorthanded, four ENG)

I looked long/hard at the goals Nielsen scored, you be the judge:
Meanwhile drafted center #5 overall, Ryan Strome, again mostly played right wing. I believe Strome can match Nielsen's 5/5 numbers playing center considering he already had one fifty point season.

It's also time to leave the 6'3, 24 year old, 20-26 goal, 40+ point Brock Nelson at his natural drafted position of center. Can't have any more Clutterbuck trades for players with this potential which is why as Niederreiter approaches 30 goal, 1st line potential, #15 cannot do that as he approaches UFA.

Like Matt Martin but Prince, Quine, and a lot of players with scoring ability help there. The hit totals will not be replaced, same as Nielsen's shootout ability. 

Can Ladd match Okposo when he was on the top line at his best, or be as invisible as Okposo at his worst?

What I absolutely do know is if you have a good defense/strong goaltender, you have a good team, and five/six defenders are in/entering their best years. The days of waiting for Hamonic/deHaan to develop are over.

In years when Mark Streit returned after a season out and was given Steve Staios, or Hamonic-MacDonald became the #1 pairing to replace Streit that was big trouble.

Is Snow going to move Halak who dominated the division the last two seasons for one goalie who's a career backup a year from UFA, and another who started only six games?

No idea what Ladd, Chimera, Parenteau will produce but fair to write they are going to score more here than Conacher, Bouchard, Regin, Skille, with Tavares.

Obviously if there is a market for Grabovski (doubtful) it has to be explored, same with Kulemin/Bailey, plus the drafted forwards are going to get a look in camp, plus Dal Colle/Ho-Sang will be in Bridgeport at worst.

Bottom line, it's a long summer, we'll see. I would not mind this team opening the season. Only management knows what they see, and what Tavares feels about some big parts of the core departing?

New York Resigns PA Parenteau

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NYIFC Comments: For those with long memories, he was mostly a 3rd line right winger here, who occasionally played 5-5 with Tavares.

He has not been the answer for Colorado, Montreal, Toronto, and declined from his earlier 16 million dollar contract when he left. What will be improved now at this stage of his career?

Not to make folks unhappy, and 20 goals is 20 goals, so we'll see.

It's not like they resigned Cory Conacher, Jack Skille or Pierre Marc-Bouchard to play left wing with Tavares. What's he going to do, outscore Brad Richards on a sixty million dollar contract again?

A lot of players coming off 20 goals/40 points, signed for more money than Parenteau on show-me deals. 

Ladd, Chimera, Prince In, Okposo, Nielsen, Martin, Strait Gone...

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Not my best job today, sorry, but did what I could.

Islanders needing four hours to release their signing did not help.

Long summer, and a lot of players here already, there will be tweaking/jobs to win.

Andrew Ladd/Chimera Sign With New York

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Confirmed 7 year contract. 5.5 million cap hit. 38.5 million.
Islanders website: Ladd/Snow comments.

Okposo to Buffalo, 7 years, 42 million.
Matt Martin has signed with Toronto, 4 years, 2.5 million.   Brian Strait, 1 year, 600k, Winnipeg.

Ledecky Management Statement

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NYIFC Comment: 
What can be written on Charles Wang again here? For the more astute folks he leaves with a good legacy.

He owns the Sound Tigers in full, operates WBA through 2021, Iceworks, and has an agreement with Nassau County for the Islanders to practice at his fully owned Northwell Health through 2026, and conduct team events beginning 9/1/16 if he wants to retain his LH escrow money.

Ratner's agreement calls for an AHL team to play in the Nassau Coliseum, if not Wang's Sound Tigers, that's a problem for the new majority owners if the Rangers AHL team plays in a renovated Coliseum.

As for Jon Ledecky, he was not introduced as the majority owner, Scott Malkin's finances will drive this franchise with some realistic expectations, and the usual absurd things some of our fans want. 

My guess is like all owners here the fan support determines the direction. Since 1989, a 41 game commitment from our fans simply is beyond what they will do to support their team.

Their opening day likely brings the likely loss of three well-liked core players the fans identify with, one who is a player John Tavares wanted resigned, who's points at wing lead all UFA.

There are good reasons to retain these players, and good reasons to move on. 

We now know Mr Ledecky endorses this coach & general manager.