Devils 1, New York 0, Niederreiter Injury

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The latest version of the New York Islander Fan Central header features Captain, Mark Streit, in the classic white jersey, along with many players wearing their updated 2011-12 uniform numbers. The Dynasty Section was also given a slight new look with updated images of our legendary champions.

Biggest takeaway from this game is Niederreiter's groin injury, no replay of what happened exists so no point speculating. Also if Niederreiter, Rolston, and Rakhshani out that leaves the right wing short a forward with only Okposo and Parenteau in terms of what qualifies as top three lines, with some experience or potential.

Given the left wings are Moulson, Grabner, Comeau, the centers, Tavares, Bailey, Nielsen and Reasoner, what else can Rolston be considered but a right wing?

DiPietro played entire game and was sharp, aside from two poor turnovers. Streit, Comeau looked best for Islanders. Haley, Staios took a few un-necessary penalties.

Strome's penalty was a five minute, and the kind that could be reviewed.

Islanders with a more veteran lineup were largely outworked, while the Devils team rested most of it's regulars. New York was outnumbered and generated little, a bit more than game against Calgary, but not much. Streit had some outside point shots which Hedberg handled with no rebound.

Nabokov expected to start vs Boston.

Not the kind of game that's going to impress the coaching staff, largely outworked, outnumbered and outskated, in a contest with little intensity.

See twitter feed for the rest.

Islanders website: Cost cutting Msg/Dolan hires someone named, Peter Ruttgaizer, as Msg's only Islanders in game host at this time, while Msg provides the Devils a full staff of game employees that as of last season included Christine Simpson here.

NYIFC Comments:
Cue the silence from Dolan's paid salesman or those who need his credential to make a living in fear of maintaining employment for once again going dirt cheap on New York Islander coverage, while claiming themselves as media reporters?

You know the drill.

Staios Signed By New York/Weekend Games Live Webcast

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Rhett Rakhshani is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury sustained in Calgary.
Trent Hunter signed a one year deal with the Los Angeles Kings.

Islanders website: Report the New York Islanders have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with defenseman Steve Staios updated to include his comments.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously not my first choice, however we'll see how things play out. The loss of Katic, Jurcina for now and the six month injury time frame for MacDonald, do not make this the worst signing.

Islanders twitter feed has tonight's lineup in Newark vs the Devils, which will be live streamed on the Islanders website, and again keeps out many of the clubs tops players.

Here's Friday's 20-man roster headed to New Jersey:

Rick DiPietro starts in goal.

Forwards: Comeau, Reasoner, Niederreiter, Pandolfo, Bailey, Parenteau, Martin, Strome, Wallace, Gillies, Frischmon, Haley

Defensemen: Streit, Staios, Ness, Eaton, Donovan, Mottau
Goaltenders: DiPietro, Poulin

Devils website: Reports Johan Hedberg starts again, which will again be leaving out many of their top players.

Islander Forwards Clear Waivers, Will Play This Weekend?

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Islanders website: Report Trevor Frischmon, Tomas Marcinko, Dylan Reese, Tim Wallace and Ty Wishart are eligible to play for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers this season, but does not eliminate them from making the Islanders roster.

Andrew MacDonald will play against the Devils, per the Islanders twitter feed.

"I think it's wide open," said Islanders Head Coach Jack Capuano. "We have to win hockey games. Just because those guys were sent down on waivers doesn't necessarily mean that (they can't make the Islanders roster). Those guys are going to play this weekend, they're going to be in the lineup."

NYIFC Comments:
Very surprised by Capuano's comments that those players are going to be in the lineup this weekend because that means someone has to sit. At some point the players on the depth chart expected to play opening night, have to get a few games.

I guess not.

Goaltender Work and Lack Of AHL Preseason A Problem

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2011 12:00:00 PM | Comments

Trevor Frischmon, Tomas Marcinko, Tim Wallace, Dylan Reese and Ty Wishart have been placed on waivers. Many had to be placed on waivers to play for Bridgeport, Marcinko is likely headed back to Europe per his contract agreement.

Wishart is a bit of a surprise.
Unconventional for the New York Islanders not to have preseason games scheduled for players, who need to be at Webster Bank Arena or returned to their junior teams.

Hate to write it, and it's not just the Islanders based on the released AHL composite schedule, but to not have any preseason games scheduled for Bridgeport, leaves too many players here when veterans needs to get ready, and the prospects need to get ready in Bridgeport, where the Islanders will host a game before the Sound Tigers.

For what it's worth Calgary plays it's final preseason game on Thursday (one more total than New York) so many teams will be sitting around for a good week practicing.

Six more periods Friday and Saturday are not going to be enough for myself to make judgments, I guess a big part of it will be practices.
Canadian Press: Has Islander assistant coach, Dean Chynoweth's comments on the game, giving Nabokov blanket praise.

Nabokov for his part was positive, but this did not make it onto the Islanders website:

"My goal is to be in the net, to get the call and go in and do my job. But sometimes it's out of your control," Nabokov said. "In a perfect world, I would want to play more exhibition games but it's such a short pre-season and they were six goalies here. It's not my call, I'm just going out there and doing my best."

NYIFC Comments:
Nabokov's correct. Is this his look before the season opens or do three goalies go into opening night with only partial preseason games, to say nothing of the very small body of work Koskinen, Poulin and Nilsson will receive on a weekly basis?

Garth Snow is a former goaltender, he knows the need for work better than anyone, but left himself fifteen periods to accommodate six goaltenders. If I'm the coach DiPietro and Montoya need to play full games this weekend.

Even that's not nearly enough, it's a fair point for Nabokov or anyone to raise.

Calgary Herald: Former Flame, Steve Staios talks about camp with the Islanders so far.

Who's In/Out?
Barring injury in the next few days............

I see no real surprises after preseason. Maybe Jurcina's injury means Staios is signed but I would pass, go with Wishart (updated was placed on waivers) or deHaan or explore the market, I suspect Staios will be signed or gone by Friday so he can hook on elsewhere, even if MacDonald sits to open the season.

I would not take a chance on Ness or Donovan this early.

I expect Niederreiter sticks around at least until Rolston is ready. I do not see Pandolfo making the cut with Reasoner, Haley, Gillies. If McNeely dresses and does well it would not shock me if he earned a spot.

Frankly it's time for Kabanov, Strome to return to juniors, Strome with his first professional contract.

Calgary 2, New York 0

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Islanders twitter feed posted Jurcina - strained left groin, Rakhshani, left knee injury. The biggest takeaway from this night.

Beyond that was not a good effort on either side, Calgary appeared to dress more regulars. Islanders seemed reluctant to shoot a few times.

Only thing that was disappointing was Comeau being used out of position, where he fell asleep on Flames shorthanded goal. Staios gambling and losing at the point for the second goal, not a big deal. Dehaan fell once, hit a post.

He also broke up Jokinen's chance, then tried to throw a hit and bounced off him, he was not checked by Jokinen, announcers need to watch plays better.

Nabokov's goaltending solid, his stick-handling was poor. Best moment were watching Donovan's steady play, Strome setting up. DiBenedetto was in on some scrums, Gillies threw a perfect hit early.

Looks like announcing crew used old cue cards with notes on the Islanders.

Where was Theo Fleury to take the penalty shot?

New York At Calgary/Notables:

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Tonight's game will shockingly be televised by Msg from Calgary, which likely means NHL Network feed. More below on this subject.
The Islanders have their lineup out for Calgary game. Nabokov is expected to make his debut. Reasoner/Rahkshani/Kabanov are expected to play. Staios is listed to get his third game in a row against his former team. Gillies has dressed for every game as has Pandolfo.


Donovan-de Haan

Islanders website: released their internet feed preseason schedule.

New York Preseason Games Begin/Notables

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6-3 Boston Final, twitter updates say it all.

Friday's game in Boston will be webcasted on ITV Live per the Islander twitter feed, it does not make clear if it will be an Islander-centric version, or the pickup of the Bruins feed.

ITV is advertising the Saturday game as a live stream webcasted game at the Coliseum against the Devils.

Islanders website: Reported on the group of players who remained in New York with more injury updates.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously Boston will play more of it's veteran squad in it's home preseason opener, after already playing a game. DiPietro & Nilsson will be the goalies, or one will play the entire game with the smart money being on DiPietro getting bulk of work given it's his hometown.

Saturday at home against the Devils, expect to see more of the Islanders opening night lineup.

Friday is more a prospect/AHL lineup with vets sprinkled in, so expecting a great dominating result is likely not going to happen, but it's preseason and not to be over analyzed.

Win or lose there will be no post-game at NYIFC.

New Boarding/Hits To Head Rules Show Promise

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Wanted to post this video from earlier in the week.

Shows promise, but a very fine line, that had this blogger asking what differences in what was a penalty vs what was a clean hit? After watching games for over thirty years, many of those hits were very similar in nature. I expect scrutiny and controversy, however feel this is a necessary step and applaud the direction.

Bottom line decisions have to be consistent from the league office, based upon the video result. Explanations have to make sense to everyone based upon what everyone saw vs the rule.

Video has to explain why one thing similar to another is actually different via the new rules. That fraction of a second difference a player can turn wrong, duck, raise an arm, elbow for a high hit or a shot between the numbers is very slight.

I felt this was important for our readers to reference, a huge change for the NHL.

New York Lineup/Injury Updates/Media Notables

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Islanders website: Presented an injury update and who skated as one group of players will travel to Boston to play the Bruins Friday night.

This flew a bit under the radar with me because he was not on precamp list but Tomas Marcinko is in camp with the Islanders. Sorry for not pointing that out here.

NYIFC Comments:
Rolston at his age with a groin tweak is always more notable.

The Bruins website announced it will live stream Friday's game here.
Dolan's media salesman in his Newspaper, Neil Best, did what he does to maintain employment, and ignored Dolan's $ cuts to Islander coverage again or that they have no Kaufman/Carlin replacements two weeks before the opener?

Old news, but always fun watching usual suspects run from the subject, and display their obvious double standard being that they are so quick to call out the New York Islanders for any spending cuts, but not their own employer getting a public tax exemption skimping on coverage?

Brian Compton of last year told me he does not answer or report to Ranger media lifers, Frank Brown and John Dellapina in charge of league media?

Ok, fair enough.

You may wonder why this blog calls out Frank Brown? His past coverage and bias in New York speaks for itself, but for Islander fans needing a refresher course here.

Anyone wonder why everything is a pipeline out of this organization?

As for Mr Compton, why doesn't he call out these double-standards with his space and put the spotlight on disparity in people hired, games assigned, what the ratings damage means when a game is on Msg+2 vs MsgPlus/Msg and why our all New York Islander preseason games are not televised?

That's how teams generate interest and sell more tickets. You think Paul Lancey does not want the team getting more exposure/coverage which generates to more tickets sold? Think Michael Picker, would say please don't show our games, we want to have two for one giveaways for our one home preseason game?

More coverage can also lead to more advertisers, interest in a new or renovated Coliseum, a naming rights deal, it may also lead to the Dolan's having to pay their cable obligations until 2030.

Neil Best can only write what he's told or he's gone faster than Marv Albert or Bob Page.

For those wondering if hockey telecast money is not a huge deal to James Dolan, please don't take my word about it, read it from former Msg President, Michael McCarthy here directly.

4-1-2 First Place Start Meant Nothing Last Year/Mailbag

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Just would like to remind our readers, the 2010-11, New York Islanders started out 4-1-2 in first place, despite Scott Gordon's very justified concerns. The usual media people, who cannot even properly cover the teams on their own beat, as always, came off clueless.

All most see is the scoreboard. If a team bounces in five goals and wins, it's considered a gritty effort.

My point is, like all seasons, as coaches often say, it has to be broken into segments. As long as this group comes out of the preseason healthy, with no painfully obvious weakness (like going five games with no goals at all) it's basically meaningless until we learn more.

Remember Steve Stirling's 7-0 preseason in 03-04, what happened opening night?
The rest is an off-topic mailbag that may be boring to some.

New York Names Streit Captain/Notables

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Islanders website: Announced Mark Streit, as the 13th captain in the organization’s 40-year history on Wednesday.

The full press conference has been posted, featuring Streit, General Manger, Garth Snow, Head Coach, Jack Capuano and owner Charles Wang on several subjects.

NYIFC Comments:
Well earned honor for a respected veteran like Streit, no announcement on assistants. Felt like Snow, Charles Wang and Scott Gordon's press conference from a year ago was yesterday.

Brian Rolston tweaked his groin at practice and will be reevaluated tomorrow per the Islanders twitter feed.

Obviously someone read my suggestion on renovating the Coliseum.

Bottom line is Charles Wang interested? Smart money says give him full control of Coliseum events, in exchange for 14m in rent and eighty nine percent of revenue, the answer is yes because he was willing to agree to that.

He was also willing to do a renovation for the Lighthouse Project.

Reality is the financing plan agreed to for the referendum, does pay off a renovation over time, whether it be Nassau or another private developer.

Given Mr Wang's history, he is not going to speak or distract the hockey season with arena issues and that's a great thing. Shockingly, the referendum has not clouded camp as I expected for sure it would.

Rob Carlin has also left Msg, no word on any replacement for him or Deb Placey, while Dolan's television people are in Albany to show a road preseason game for the house team.

New York Notables

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A few notables.

Mark Streit, or John Tavares, will likely be named Captain on Wednesday. Given press conference questions during signing on Tavares being named captain, I would bet all on Streit.

Horrible the loss of Mark Katic, this was a player who showed me a great deal with his skating and skill last year. This could well mean the end of his chance here.

I would absolutely go into the season with Wishart/deHaan. Of course, I expect many more defenders will be needed given the history.

Rhett Rahkshani's concussion is a huge deal, same for Mitchell Theoret. Reasoner not practicing yet not a concern with Ullstrom, Strome here for now. Indifferent on Pandolfo.

Completely expected holding back on Andrew MacDonald. I remember the six month articles last season.


New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2011 06:31:00 PM | ||Comments
Islanders website: Reported Josh Bailey signed a two year contract extension very early Friday morning.

Art Bidlevskii has been returned to his junior team early.

Matt Moulson is being sued for a June 2010 car accident above his insurance premium.

Sorry folks, due to family circumstances, there will be no NYIFC updates regardless in the immediate future.

Thank You For Understanding.

John Tavares Signs A Six Year Extension

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2011 01:48:00 PM | |Comments

Islanders website: Reported John Tavares signed a six year contract extension at a press conference.

“Over the past two years, John has shown a strong commitment to the Islanders organization and the Long Island community through his efforts both on and off the ice,” said General Manager Garth Snow. “He is a key component to the core of players we’ve decided to build this team around and we couldn’t be happier to ensure that he will be a New York Islander for years to come.”

“I’m thrilled to show the organization and loyal Islanders fans that I want nothing more than to win on Long Island,” Tavares said. “Charles and Garth have both shown a tremendous amount of loyalty towards me, and I look forward to honoring this long-term commitment. This is an exciting team to be a part of right now. We have a group that I feel will contend every year for a championship and I’m privileged to be a part of the Islanders’ future.”

NYIFC Comments:
Press conference ran for about fourteen minutes. Only Tavares, Snow taking questions, he was not named captain. Tavares was a bit nervous, but to be expected.

No questions were asked about Josh Bailey before they broke off for separate media scrums.

Obviously a great day for John Tavares and the New York Islanders.

New York Notables/Press Conference Thursday

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2011 04:21:00 PM | |||||Comments

Islanders website: Announced Thursday's press conference will be live steamed at 1pm.

Islanders twitter feed announced there will be a 1pm Thursday press conference with General Manager, Garth Snow and John Tavares.

NYIFC Comments:
Contract, Captaincy or both? Obviously by Tavares recent comments, he has an interest in being named captain.

Despite what will likely be great news on Tavares, what's needed even more is an announcement on Josh Bailey.

Regardless of Bailey's comments he has a decision to make.

It could well come down to accept the qualifying offer or do not play. Hopefully it's more about trying to agree on something longer.

Still Big Questions On New York Youth Movement

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2011 06:32:00 AM | Comments

Trent Hunter: Has been invited to tryout for the Los Angles Kings. Bryan Trottier is involved with a group interested in purchasing the St Louis Blues here.
In February of 2010, New York Islander Fan Central, had a blog entry titled
NEW YORK YOUTH MOVEMENT A FAILURE, where we examined the teams past prospects.

In April 2010 that was followed up by an entry titled: State of New York Islander Prospects, which detailed the status of each prospect in the system.

Here we are in September of 2011, it's more than fair to write, despite some top prospects showing some promise, and other quality names in the system, the prospect base is still not there on many levels which is extending past Mike Milbury's tenure, with the teams highest drafted defender from 2001-2008, Dustin Kohn, signing with a team in Sweden this week.

The prospect picture beyond Mike Milbury, is starting to come into focus.

New York 7, Boston 2..Katic Dislocated Shoulder

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A lot of twitter updates on tonight's game at NYIFC.

Good news/bad news.

The bad news is Mark Katic dislocated his shoulder early, and it looks like a long-term injury. Katic, has had a history of shoulder issues here not only with Bridgeport but in Sarnia.

Mitchell Theoret, also left in third period.

The good news is a dominating win over Boston, totally different game tonight. Three fights in first five seconds, but New York was skating very well, sharp and simply were the better team.

New York Lose Rookie Game/Rakhshani/Notables

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New York lost it's opening rookie game to Boston 8-5 Monday night, it was a 3-3 game entering the third, before Boston made it 6-3 very quickly.

Islanders website: Jack Capuano/Calvin deHaan comment on loss, also ITV video from head coach here along with Strome, Niederreiter and Kabanov.

Rhett Rakhshani sustained a concussion in the first period, he had a concussion in January and missed five games (during his callup) so something to watch very closely.

Training Camp 2011 Opens For New York Rookies

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/10/2011 07:00:00 PM | ||||Comments

Islanders website: annouced both rookie games against Boston, Monday/Tuesday will be live streamed.

NYIFC Comments:
Vs Msg putting bringing their broadcast team to the prospects tournament and putting prospect games on live television. Nothing like having a partnership.

Islanders website: announced Saturday 9/10/11 that Brett Gallant and Benn Olson have agreed to professional tryout deals for training camp, while Art Bidlevskii has signed an amateur tryout contract. The club also announced that Kevin Poulin has been removed from injured reserve.

Islanders website: launched a site for rookie training camp which began Saturday with several daily updates.

Capuano, Strome, Niederreiter have ITV interviews.

NYIFC added this link to sidebar.

Patroit-News: Has an interview with new Sound Tigers Head Coach, Brent Thompson. Outlets: KHL team Lokomotiv announced Saturday the team will not participate in the Kontinental Hockey League during the 2011-12 season.

Tri-City Herald: reports a left wing named Adam Hughesman, of the Tri-City Americans is attending training camp on an invite and left Friday. confirmed this information.

Islanders twitter feed: Reported camp invite, Adam Hughesman, did not clear his physical and returned to junior.

Philly Sports Daily: has former Islander draft pick, Blake Kessel in Flyers camp on an invite.

Nothing reported on Shane Sims, Brian Day or Dustin Kohn.

New York Notables

Obviously a very tough time for all hockey fans, reflecting on so many recent tragedies that also extend to events of 9/11.

Having written that hockey continues, some great news to start. Former Islander and Sound Tigers, Head Coach, Steve Stirling has returned to the ice for the Senators after his heart attack in June here.

Islanders website: reported Josh Bailey was in New York working out and made clear he wants to be a New York Islander, and expects a new contract to happen.

NYIFC Comments:
Ultimately this comes down to what Bailey's agent advises him and if the player wants to accept the Islanders offer and his agents advice. Says something so far again another quiet negotiation out of the media for Garth Snow.

That also extends to John Tavares comments about wanting to resign here. Curious he commented on captaincy, but only he knows how question was phrased. No matter how he answers that becomes a story.

KHL Team Plane Crash

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/07/2011 03:30:00 PM | ||||Comments

Bloomberg News: Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, a team that is part of the 24-team Kontinental Hockey League, has a list of the players who were killed in a team airline crash, which includes former New York Islander, assistant coach, Brad McCrimmon, former players Josef Vasicek and Alexander Karpovtsev.

Islanders website: Released a statement. has comments from former Islander Alexei Yashin/Evgeny Nabokov.

NYIFC Comments:
Condolences to the people/families of those who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy. To the best of my knowledge, no current/former prospects of the Islander organization are on the reported list of those who perished.

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/05/2011 04:44:00 PM | ||||||Comments

Nothing ground-breaking for this time, the good news is prospect camp opens Friday/Saturday. New York prospects play Boston's prospects at the Coliseum in eight days.

With that New York Notables.


New York Islander Fan Central | 9/01/2011 02:06:00 PM | Comments

A quiet period, so the correct time to get business out of the way.

The plan is for New York Islander Fan Central, to renew it's domain for the next calendar year.

Having written this, major changes are coming.