Visnovsky Talks 9/4 Arbitration Hearing Video

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Sportky: Has another long interview with Lubomir Visnovsky (coaching kids) where a lot is lost in translation but the following was made clear enough:

1. He's not going to America for the arbitration, it will be done by video.

2. Would prefer if the season started normally and it's not a pleasant wait regarding CBA as he discussed 9/15.

Among the quoted comments:

 "Fighting in this case also for the other players. Fight for it to be in the rules of procedure, whether it is entitled under the conditions change player, told myself that I'm going into it with that purpose. Whether I end up in the Islanders or elsewhere, I do not care."

 Slovak defender is ready for any court decision. "Islanders for me is not a problem." Myself I count the fact that I stay there. However One never knows, maybe I will come back to Anaheim. In this case, I ask the club about a list of ten teams, which would have to be replaced. Would then negotiate . might come but that they come over to the defense.'ll see what happens, rather I will overtake. Firstly, I have to wait for the decision of the court. When I came back to Anaheim, maybe I wrote the list in the first place Islanders. shall not prevent the play for the Islanders, my regard to justice, to be clear in the rules."

30 Teams One Day, All With Ownership Financial Losses

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You see a lot of these thirty teams in thirty days previews  that are completely worthless written by people that barely can cover one team but need a paycheck/page-views. 

Given our last entry for New York Islander Fan Central on-ice issues are not a story at this time, so instead this blog is going to do our own 30 teams, about how all of them sooner or later lost money or had financial/ownership issues with most in taxpayer funded facilities.

This blog will not insult our readers by using Forbes/Ozanian estimates with no teams books, instead were going  to let the owners/professional media or those who worked for the teams tell you themselves, including the trained media salesman. Some owners almost never speak.

This blog could go back over decades to look at some teams losses at different periods, including the Harold Ballard Toronto Maple Leafs, George Gillette's financial issues in 2010 as he owned the Montreal Canadiens so every team enters this discussion at some point.

New York Islander Fan Central's message, is yes--you're team too. 

Obviously we will leave out the  New York Islanders. The countless entries back to 1982/2004, 2009 on Cablevison Rangers losses with a 1982 tax exemption/low cost electricity to keep from moving, and the Devils who's losses go back to day one under John McMullen here with Jeff Vanderbeek's team still losing huge money to go with his re-financing issues so no need revisiting that. 

In the comedy department, back in March 2005 Larry Brooks claimed what were the top seven revenue producing teams and posted the numbers here  meaning the 80m payroll Rangers generated only 85.3m in revenue were absolutely losing their 25-40 million plus as they were laying off employees Feb 2004.

1. Anaheim Duck: Henry Samueli 9/23/2012: Orange County Register: How is the team doing financially? – Samueli revealed that they are still losing plenty of money with the figure in the “many millions of dollars.” “In fact, it’s actually in the double digits of millions,” he said. ”[It] is as close as I’ll get to a number. But it’s substantial.”

 2. Boston Bruins: Jeremy Jacobs 2003 AP: Jacobs was quickly asked about the perception that he cares more about milking money from the team than winning. ``Boston makes money, and it will continue to make money. When I say it makes money, it doesn't lose a lot, is a better way to put it.''

Of course the Bruins played to thousands of empty seats post-lockout.

3 Buffalo Sabres: Their financial issues from Rigas/bankruptcy through Tom Golisano  are well documented, even the scoreboard fell.

4. Calgary Flames: Their past seats ticket drives/huge losses are also well documented here.

5. Carolina Hurricanes: Despite Mr Karmanos claiming his team broke even one year, the financial issues are well documented here.
6. Chicago Blackhawks: Chicago Tribune, NY Times documented the Hawks massive financial issues, even winning the Stanley Cup.

7. Colorado Avalanche: Stan Kroenke has owned the Avalanche since 2000. Obviously since he stopped spending, and the days of the big names has ended with the Denver Post commentary in 2010 but nothing on the Avs finances beyond their spending questions.

Of course the Colorado Rockies relocated so there were financial issues.

8.Columbus Blue Jackets: Huge losses well doucmented from local media from a franchise that used to sell out every game.

9. Dallas Stars: Dallas News 2011 claimed team insiders said Stars lost 15m to say nothing of Tom Hicks financial issues with the NY Times calling it " Tens of Millions for years. "

10:  Little Ceasars/Amway Detroit Red Wings: The Wings past playoff attendance issues are common knowledge, but let Jimmy Devellano tell you in 2004 about how the Wings need the playoffs to make any money here to say nothing of the franchise issues when the Islanders owned the Stanley Cup.

11. Edmonton Oilers: Daryl Katz has claimed the Oilers lose money in his short-time as owner here and historically have lost money back to Peter Pocklington's days.

12. Florida Panthers:  Between the ownership changes, the layoffs a few years ago, ten years without playoffs, even though there are not many owners comments it's hard to put this franchise in the profitable category.

13. Los Angeles Kings: The losses are legendary from a doubting fan accountant given access to their books in the 2004 lockout to Tim Leiweke in April.

14. Nashville Predators: Tennessean reports the Predators have lost money despite revenue sharing and local public money which extends back over many years. 

15. Minnesota Wild: Enough entries this summer from Wild owner Craig Leipold's claims of losses with articles going back a few years on a partly funded public arena they want money back from.

16. Ottawa Senators: In May 2010, Sens President Cyril Leeder reported on the Sens losing money for a second straight season here. to say nothing of the franchise past bankruptcy which owner Eugene (Failure Is Not An Option) Melnyk confirmed  here.

17: Comcast/Smg/NBC Sports Network Philadelphia Flyers: Here's Mr Snider in 1994: "It's been a gradual thing. I've been thinking about it as the financial aspects have deteriorated," Snider said. "I can't continue operating at a loss. We're losing millions of dollars right now." Snider said the Flyers had revenues of more than $30 million last season, but had an operating loss of about $3 million.

Snider in 2004: here on more losses despite season his team had.
Snider on Sixers losses in 2011 as he sold team.
Snider in 2008 complaining about his 16m debt service on his arena. 

Snider's salesman do what their told led by Tim Panaccio.

18. Phoenix Coyotes: Enough said.
19. Pittsburgh Penguins: You want the pre 2007 version, the 2000 version, the Mario lottery that saved the franchise before that in front of 10,000 fans?
20. San Jose Sharks: There's Sharks CEO, Greg Jamison (the one trying to purchase the Coyotes) in  2009 along with their well documented fifteen million dollars in losses reported again 8/20/12 by San Jose Mercury News.

21. St Louis Blues: Their financial issues have been well known forever back to Ralson Purina, here is Phil Siddel, Blues Executive VP of Sales/Finance on losses in March 2011 here. 

22. Tampa Bay Lightning: In 2010 Tampa Bay Times here reported on teams financial issues.  Gary Bettman painted a far more positive picture in 2011 under the latest new owner here.

When the late Bill Davidson sold the club after winning a Stanley, The Tampa Times reported about " his people " complaining about losses.

23. Vancouver Canucks: Their losses are legendary back in 2000/late 90's here.
Salesman Tony Gallagher forgets where his franchise came from in 2012 here. when the Canucks were surviving from franchise fees from Minnesota/Columbus and the sale of the Vancouver Grizzlies here.

24. Washington Capitals: Ted Leonsis receives revenue sharing here. and lost money in 2009 according to club President, Dick Patrick, Washington Post. "But that's something we're hoping to change in the future," Patrick said. "The plan is not to lose money, but that's the reality right now."

To say nothing of a generation with empty seats since the team moved from Landover.

25. Winnipeg Jets-They did not relocate to Phoenix because they were profitable in Winnipeg Arena.

Bottom line? Yes--you're team too. 

Projecting Out Going Through the CBA Motions For New York

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On 7/16 New York Islander Fan Central had an entry about it being a time of going through the motions regarding discussion about a 2012-13 season/preseason games, other items.

It's why discussion of the team on the ice players, previews are completely worthless at this time, and why blog entries about it just a lot of words/little substance.

About the other thing of interest to me is that Rick DiPietro did not play for any team during the last lockout beyond US National team. 

8/9/12 NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, continued to go through his CBA motions but finally announces there will be a lockout come 9/15/12 if there is no new CBA.

It's a movie most have all seen before. Fehr presided over the cancellation of a baseball season in progress at the time.  Bettman over a full season NHL lockout.  

CBA Motions Script:
1. Some owners (corporate/others) throw absurd money around in UFA while most claim to lose money, hurting their credibility.
2.Still time for an agreement mantra.
3. NHLPA is willing to play with current agreement because they are making huge money.
4. NHL makes it's first offer where everything is rolled back huge.
5. NHLPA's Donald Fehr would love to put in his baseball revenue system.
6. Lot's of player meetings among themselves, no doubt the owners communicating.
7. NHLPA working on their counter proposal.
8.Now we get to Bettman's deadline to lockout the players.

What's Ahead:
9. Fehr will push his baseball system/revenue sharing plan.
10. Bettman/owners will agree on letting players participate in Olympics as perfunctory concession.
10a. Fehr/NHLPA will agree to conference format as perfunctory concession players liked earlier.
11. The owners will start talking discussing the huge losses they are taking.
12. The NHLPA will start discussing why are they making such offers if losing money, and blast Craig Leipold's doubletalk.
13. More meetings/both sides get in the same room, more discussion, you will keep reading still time.
14. The media's of the teams wanting to spend whatever it takes will market their views, spin for all sides in media will be divided among market lines with the propaganda.
15. Fehr will make his best offer, but it will make only for a system of haves vs have not's.
16. Bettman will have none of it, even if one or two owners want him gone. 

X Factor/Critical Moment:
This rhetoric is going to bring us to around 9/10 because Gary Bettman in the end is the agent of the owners, it comes down to the corporate owners wanting to spend/lose whatever it takes (minority) vs those franchises who cannot operate under this cba spending close to sixty million dollars, or able to throw front-loaded deals, or want a system where every top player makes at least thirty million with a NTC/NVC. (majority)

I would guess the way that plays out is the majority rules, will Ed Snider with his NBC Sportsnetwork go sit in the corner or again endorsement a lockout or throw around his Comcast/SMG weight.

Cablevision will be thrilled, more time to renovate until the signature tenant Knicks begin.

Charles Wang will likely save money during a lockout, no doubt he wants some revenue sharing given his money has helped support Phoenix as the league ran it.

Either way my projections of going through the motions lead us to the players locked out come 9/15 unless something very surprising happens.

Do not count on that happening. 

New York Notables, Trivino, Satan Update

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A very quiet time for the NHL/New York Islanders in general as the CBA dance continues which will only get serious come early September in ownership circles.

For those wondering this blog only is interested in Corey Trivino regarding hockey matters. As of early 8/8/12 Boston Herald reported BU spokesman Colin Riley said Trivino is no longer enrolled at the school meaning he did not graduating voiding his 8/15 graduating deadline.  

The Boston Globe  reported, Trivino, a Canadian Citizen was expelled from school. A student visa that allowed him to stay in the United States while he studied is no longer valid, and he will live at home in the Toronto area until he reports to training camp.

His attorney/agents made clear he intends to sign an NHL contract within the next month whether it be with the Islanders or another NHL organization.

NYIFC Comments:
Per the cba this means at some point he had to give the Isles notice he intended to turn professional per the Wheeler rule meaning the Isles had thirty days to negotiate a contract or he is an UFA which could have happened this week or at some earlier point.

Still this likely means the Isles just wasted a second round pick with no return. Has a new interview with Miroslav Satan where he makes clear he could remain in Slovakia, or play in the KHL with nothing difinitive regarding Lubomir Visnovsky's claim about the Isles negotiating with him but he does discuss a possible lockout. 

sport.aktuality: Had Satan's comments 8/8 Islanders are a possibility with his son enrolled in school here.
Detractors in hockey is whispered that it is excluded or an alternative that would have ultimately anchored in Ney York Islanders. So which is it?
"Yes, there is such a possibility, but now the team seriously considered. The threatened lockout overseas, so this option is currently not consider too. "

NYIFC Comments:
Satan did not play in the NHL last season, he is entitled to sign wherever he wishes, what Visnovsky said really does not tell us what Satan or the Isles are absolutely interested nor have the Isles had any restrictions in making him offers in many recent year as he has trained here. 

If a hearing date is announced for Visnovsky, we'll finally get an answer which if a CBA issue could drag on for months. There is no law Anaheim's gm, Bob Murray, has to even show up, he could simply decide to keep him or trade him to a team on his allowed list while Garth Snow get's back his draft pick.

New York Signs Griffin Reinhart To Three Year Contract

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Islanders website: Reports Griffin Reinhart Agrees to Terms on three-year ELC.

NYIFC Comments:
There goes Charles Wang again not signing the top players Garth Snow drafts.  For those scoring at home the standard ELC is the same for every single top prospect.

Charles Wang's Neulion Wins Olympic Rights, 2011 Lease Changes?

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Charles Wang owned Neulion has won the contract with China Central Television (CCTV) to provide video streaming services for the 2014 Winter and 2116 Summer Olympics in China, the company says in a video interview for 160m.

Hockey is discussed at length.

NYIFC Comments: 
Obviously Charles Wang will spend his money when the right deal comes along for his business interest.
Some interesting items reported by the Long Island Business News on Wednesday.

Mangano's spokesman said that the choice of a Master Developer for the HUB site would likely be made this month which is incredibly quick given in 2005 this took several months, and was set back a full year from when Tom Suozzi/Wang made their 2004 agreement, which Al D'Amato/friends forced Suozzi, to make it an open RFP which Wang/Rechler eventually won against some of the same names now.

More interesting is this:
Wang’s newest lease for the Coliseum signed last year gives him a say in what eventually gets built around the rest of the property. The Hub’s master developer will have to build a tiered parking to make up for any of the 6,500 parking spots lost, and Wang can reject any plan he deems would “adversely affect the use and operation” of his Long Island Marriott hotel and the Coliseum.

NYIFC Comments: 
David Winzelberg's work is usually very solid or I would not have posted this.

To the best of everything reported last June's signed agreement called for a thirty year extension of the Isles lease to 2045 (without Smg) which never happened because the referendum was defeated which begs the question what lease signed last summer means anything now unless some of what was agreed to is still binding?

Yes there is the original 2015 lease, plus the 2009 sub-lease signed which Wang can opt out of, perhaps that gives him some rights as to what's constructed on the property. 

Obviously Wang can do what he wishes come 2015 which begs the question what lease signed last summer is enforceable now?