Bridgeport Sound Tigers Should Have Played Brooklyn/Coliseum Games

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2012 10:13:00 PM |
Anyone who has followed the New York Islanders vs Devils preseason folly game in Brooklyn since it was announced in January had to know it would never be played.

On 9/27 the NHL made that official with the remainder of the NHL preseason cancelled.

The question here would be if the Sound Tigers (owned by the Islanders) can quickly schedule two road  games for Bridgeport why did they not simply play the Brooklyn/Nassau Coliseum  Islander preseason games instead?

Charles Wang manages Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, per the Isles sublease he's managing the Nassau Coliseum unless he opted out. 

Bottom line either the officials in Brooklyn would not allow it, meaning they have to refund money for a scheduled event in a brand new facility which makes little sense, the NHL/AHL would not allow their organizations to make such a switch which seems strange when a game has already sold thousands of tickets vs hundreds who will turn out for a regularly/newly (9/18 announced) scheduled AHL preseason game, or the Islanders/Devils were no longer interested without NHL player involvement which again seems strange because many of the same prospects likely would have participated.

Is someone going to tell me the two organizations the Sound Tigers recently schedule as a preseason road games had no interest in going to Brooklyn or the Nassau Coliseum for a far bigger gate? 

Albany Devils had one preseason game scheduled 10/6 and seem to be having their camp in Newark, it would seem strange Lou Lamoriello would be opposed. 

The Dolan's quickly moved an 2012 AHL playoff game to Charles Wang's managed Webster Bank Arena after they eliminated the Sound Tigers, the Knicks are playing at the Coliseum, and in a miracle the Dolan's agreed to send their NHL team to the Coliseum for a game against the Islanders so it's hard to believe something could not have been worked out at the AHL level.

If the Bridgeport Sound Tigers had scheduled home or road preseason games months ago for these days that would be another matter.

If I'm the New York Islanders I bring the twenty eight Sound Tigers invited players to Brooklyn/Nassau Coliseum, do what they did in June with prospect camp game at Iceworks, and play four on four if another AHL team is not interested which seems highly unlikely.

Ask some alumni to play a charity game. 

For some reason none of that is happening. 

This was about an event, never any kind of audition for the Islanders relocation there which is just as big a folly than past preseason games in other locations.  

Brett Yormark's twitter is not talking.

This is one the New York Islander fans deserve an answer about. 
Islanders website: Announced the Sound Tigers roster of players in camp as they checked into Charles Wang's Marriott Hotel next to the Nassau Coliseum

Sound Tigers website: Announced it's training camp schedule which opens 9/28.
NYIFC Announcement:
No more wasting space here carrying news outlets not doing their job covering the New York Islanders in exchange for slower loading pages.

It's charity continuing carrying the needs feed here. has the Sound Tigers news articles/updates, the Ct Post articles/feeds have been there.

The prospect blog has updated all Bridgeport roster numbers, the players now in Bridgeport have had their prospect profiles removed.

New York Notables: Spin Game

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/25/2012 03:57:00 PM |
The spin game is working overtime so a few quick notables.

There is simply no desire to write blog entries here beyond important updates, there will be no filler entries here for the sake of writing.

The prospect blog has the Islander website weekly prospect updates, if NHL players are injured in other leagues, that will be reported somewhere.

A Few Quick Comments:
* Am I a fan of Jim Devellano's cattle comment? Absolutely not, however the rest of his words were spot on, and the most honest analysis you are going to get. Some media have agenda's that are not about the fans, but only themselves. Devellano brought up Ed Snider/Mike Illitch faster than this blog does, he discussed the overhead/costs running an NHL franchise. 

* Funny how when the New York Islanders owned the Stanley Cup from 1980-1983 the NHL did not have lockouts, require revenue sharing because other markets needed to spend so much more because they could not build a winner. In New York hockey was a major sport despite Msg crying poverty threatening relocation to New Jersey/Nassau County. 

In this blogs view the NHL was at the height of it's popularity in the US.  

Today WFAN had Mike Francesa talking Rangers game six. Texas Rangers.  

Now the New York Islanders should receive revenue sharing/extra draft picks because Comcast, NBC Sports Network/Smg/Ed Snider Flyers need to keep front-loading as many contracts as they can write off to gain a competitive while they flip their mistakes to other markets that cannot afford front-loaded deals, however can take those players who have already been paid the biggest parts of their signing bonus money?

1980 the Flyers had a great team without any of that.

* For a team who's lease ends a year before the Islanders that has not broken ground on anything, the Canadian media sure did jump high to defend the Oilers never leaving, not ranting on their arena like they do the Nassau Coliseum or Phoenix.

Of course the Toronto Maple Leafs do not own the Edmonton Sun/Journal, or pay them to produce the games on the least visible channels. Nor do they owe the Oilers a few hundred million and a vested financial gain in seeing them move elsewhere.

 Note-I took a few twitter shots at Dolan's reporter Randi Marshall that were removed from here but remain on twitter. (slow page loading)

I want to know how much Dolan has to pay the Isles every single year until 2030 in cable contract money, and how much Cablevison/Msg/Newsday saves by the Isles relocating plus value of the territorial rights.

So far Mr Katz's agreement with Edmonton got him some taxpayer funding, now he wants a check like the potential Coyotes owner for managing his new building, unlike Charles Wang's referendum agreement where he is not paid for being their Smg, or getting a permanent tax exemption like the Cablevision Garden. 

Funny, I never saw Charles Wang go to another city with Mike Bossy or Bryan Trottier, holding a press conference. 

Of course in July 2010 this blog was writing about Mr Katz in Edmonton, who has not been an owner for very long with no history of spending as Charles Wang did. Don Laibel, who's been the best Islander centric writer all summer has an upcoming interview with former head coach. Steve Stirling.

Leaderpost: Mike Bossy will appear  at "Champion The Cause: An Evening With Mike Bossy'' in support of the Children's Justice Foundation. The event is to be held Wednesday night at the University of Regina's Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport (CKHS).

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey who flat out guessed or did not know on twitter claimed Scott Gomez refused a trade to the Isles (which was not true refuted by media/player/agent) does not even know Bruno Gervais is on his second team since leaving New York.

Espn: So Mario Lemieux says games in outside markets were about "[Pressure] was felt, and that was the important thing," Lemieux said then. "A lot of things happened throughout the negotiations. Ups and downs. That was just a way for us to put more pressure, and we knew it would work."

Is this the same Mario Lemieux who was ready to quit owning a team after the Isles 9-3 beatdown that was employing Matt Cooke or was he still being paid back as an owner/creditor?

In the recent entry on 30 teams financial losses/30 days last month, an article was referenced from Toronto Star on Caps receiving revenue sharing in 2010. Caps Owner Ted Leonsis responded the next day disputing the writer.

An April 2009 Washington Post article has Caps President Dick Patrick's comments on Caps losses and revenue sharing to be fair to our readers.

Article On Jim Devellano Is the One You Read For the Truth On Lockout

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/21/2012 09:08:00 PM | Has an interview with Jim Devellano about Gary Bettman, Players vs Owners, among many subjects.  

NYIFC Comments:
Simply put, if you read one article for as long as this lockout lasts, this is the one. Devellano, and you can bet if Bill Torrey were interviewed would tell you the same thing.

Devellano's insights on how bitter some media can act for months are consistent with this blog's views, along with the CBA/owners.

Updated Sat: Reports the Red Wings were fined for Mr Devellano's comments

NYIFC Comments:
I knew this was a good article worth an entry here. 

For those wondering the same John Dellapina who's access was removed from the NHL media website in 2005 as a Daily News Ranger salesman against the NHL at that time, now is in charge of NHL media relations.

That has nothing to do with Devellano or any decision to fine the Red Wings, but a little idea of how hypocritical things can be.

NHL Cancels Preseason Through September/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/19/2012 05:50:00 PM | The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012 preseason schedule through Sept. 30.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers: Announced two previously unscheduled preseason games on the road.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously anyone who followed the Islanders preseason since it was announced had to know there would not likely not be any preseason to schedule an NHL game. It will likely be a matter of a few days before the entire preseason is cancelled.

Would it have been nice to follow through on a preseason game using Sound Tigers players in Brooklyn? Takes two teams to make such an agreement along with the arena operator, which may not have been a problem for the Isles, but perhaps the Devils/pick a team, not so much.

Charles Wang operates the facility in Bridgeport, team President, Howard Saffan, to date had not scheduled a game there, but the Sound Tigers camp opens 9/28 in New York.

I understand folks have their view, but reality is the game in Brooklyn had the exact same significance as any preseason game the New York Islanders scheduled over countless years in neutral locations.

As for the Nassau Coliseum only Smg, Nassau County, Charles Wang (perhaps Scott Rechler) know if the Islanders are still managing the facility via 2009 sublease which means as games are cancelled, events can be booked.

Smg brought in a general manager to book events in Feb 2012, that was something Charles Wang did via the terms of the sublease.

Problem there (regardless of who is booking events) by November four other buildings (including the Izod Center/Devils former home) will be looking for business. The Prudential Center lost Nets home games to Brooklyn, who have one prime tenant.

Charles Wang completed his purchase of the Marriott on 12/21/2005, after NHL hockey resumed so this lockout hurts NHL business at his hotel.

As for Edmonton, who's lease expires a year before the Isles, Owner Darryl Katz, apparently wants much more than Charles Wang agreed to with the referendum who's already getting huge taxpayer money here.

Be nice if the writer knew where the NHL's oldest facility resided.

New York Notables: What Next?

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/17/2012 03:25:00 PM |
Folks, anyone who had not seen this coming for two years or longer simply has not been paying attention.

It was coming the day of the first front-loaded contract.

It's not sustainable for the NHL to have those kinds of contracts running over ten years, massive signing bonus money, a league where many players have no movement/no trade clauses, a free agent system where a player can hit the open market at age twenty five or twenty six.

A salary cap so high most teams cannot sustain a payroll without going to the corporations that own them for cash calls?

Revenue from Flyers owner Ed Snider's NBC Sports Network, the Thrashers relocation fee's, or Charles Wang Neulion just is not the kind of revenue that makes this the NFL to go with some absurd ticket price increases as the extra one billion since 2005-06.

I have written it many times, revenue is not profit. A franchise spends one hundred million to generate eighty five million, it's still losing fifteen million dollars.

Baseball owners want their revenue sharing check, NFL has too much revenue so no lockout plus football has a responsible free agent/franchise player system.

Basketball had to take it's lumps again last fall again, even Dolan would not pay the future luxury taxes on Jeremy Lin.

Hockey is not on this level.

Donald Fehr will have no problem with another season long lockout. This is the man that negotiated a system in baseball where the poorest teams get a big check to play at a huge competitive disadvantage.

Fehr's job is to make money for the players, he did it in baseball, it's not his job to promote competitive spending balance among owners anywhere.

Many of Bettman's owners to the last day spent for their long-term advantage, they have earned little sympathy, and will lose this media game.

The players who signed their front-loaded contracts got their signing bonus money up front. Christian Ehrhoff, James Wisniewski, Brad Richards have already been paid a big part of their long-term deals in anticipation of this day.
Projecting Things Out:
Anyone who followed the last year must have been asking why such a casual pace in negotiating? There was no urgency until too late.

Ultimately I have no doubt Donald Fehr/Gary Bettman will sit out another full season, there seem to be too many financial issues to make any other choice possible for most owners.

I hope not.

This cannot be a sport of what corporation owning a team can write off the most red-ink to out spend their counterparts into an imbalanced system, where Craig Leipold goes from crying poverty in April, to spending 200m in contracts simply to compete in the UFA market.

The players were entitled to every penny they could get, they did not make those offers to themselves.

What was Nashvlle's ownership supposed to do? Not match the offer sheet, losing another key player?

Once again the usual owners have to be protected from themselves.
Up Next For New York Players:
The sidebar has the links for the growing list of players signing in Europe, less will have that opportunity, however Streit, Visnovsky already have.

That list will likely expand to include Nabokov, Nielsen, Grabner.

If Visnovsky wants to stay in the KHL all season, he's under no obligation to report, if a new CBA means this year drops from contracts he's a free agent.

The North American players will have it a little tougher, plus if someone get's hurt, they are suspended (without pay) by their NHL team until they are medically cleared to play.

That means a player needs new insurance that covers some massive contracts if they want to play during a lockout.

Mr Crosby may have a problem with those issues because he sustains a concussion that ends his career in non sanctioned games, the Penguins do not owe him for the remainder of his contract.

As much as I wrote about DiPietro needing games desperately, he plays it's at his own risk unless he acquires insurance to cover the remainder of his contract.
Media Circus:
Montreal Gazette Pat Hickey wrote on twitter Sunday, Scott Gomez, refused to waive his no trade clause to join the Islanders at the trade deadline. He did this despite the Gazette's, Dave Stubb, with Gomez agent Ian Pulver in LaPresse on 3/21 writing Gomez was never approached with any trade here.

It is getting that bad with some media, just flat out lie or make it up.

Someone to report on Matt Martin's signing at Dolan's paper? Cannot be bothered.

Randi Marshall/Robert Brodsky feature on loss of Isles games/revenue, plus comptroller George Maragos comment..... "It won't be the end of the world if the county doesn't have a hockey team."

Debbie Kranek, Debbie Henley, Hank Winnicki, thrilled. Add image of Isles losing in overtime on the road against Cablevision's team...print.

Surprised it did not get the cover.

Cannot blame them for Maragos if he's quoted.

Looks good next to support article for Dolan's friend, Sheldon (No West Side Stadium/special Msg treatment) Silver, unlike the late tepid referendum endorsement hidden in the fine print when it was obvious it would not pass this is real support.

Apparently Wade Redden who's contract almost meant the AHL would need a lockout, will not be forced to play in the AHL as long as he can remain on an NHL roster during a lockout to save five million dollars.

Seems the same media (or failed former media relations coordinators) reacting to DiPietro being taken off injured reserve on 8/1 forgot to notice.

Sorry folks someone has to write it.

New York Resigns Matt Martin To Four Year Extension

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2012 12:20:00 PM |
Islanders website: Reported the club came to terms with Matt Martin on a four year extension before the lockout began.

NYIFC Comments:
Checked last night up until around 10pm, great to see a deal done for the longer term. Will be interesting to see if there is any chance he returns to Bridgeport to continue playing.

Both Matt Martin/Travis Hamonic were selected in the 2008 draft, both have similar games played in NHL 135/153, however Matt Martin is twenty three, as opposed to Hamonic age twenty two.

Islanders Website: Also had a release for the fans as the lockout officially has begun.

New York Players Clear NHL Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2012 01:19:00 PM |
SoundTigers website: Report Sean Backman, Colin McDonald and Matt Watkins and defensemen Nathan McIver and Ty Wishart have all cleared waivers and have been assigned to the Islanders' American Hockey League affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

NYIFC Comments:
Francois Beauchemin was placed on waivers by Montreal Canadiens and claimed by Columbus 9/15/2004.

Unlikely under today's circumstances, however it's not impossible for the New York Islanders to put in a waiver claim on a player they would like, the final standings still determining order of claims.

Of course this could lead to some friction with another organization.

Matt Martin:
As for Matt Martin, the teams training camp opening date of 9/21 could still mean a season ending lockout for him regardless of a 9/16 NHL lockout based on team policy.

Matt Martin was qualified, he did not accept his ten percent raise per the current CBA.

It's uncharted waters for management, however New York Islander internal team policy is not CBA related in any way.

To the best of my knowledge a lockout means no business can be announced, even a Matt Martin contract signing later this week starting 9/16 midnight.

As of Sunday the only ones hurt to this point will be the prospects, who would have been part of the NHL teams pre-camp, likely participating in some early preseason games.

Now they hang around waiting for AHL camps to open on 9/28, at a point cuts would have been made.

The real date the damage begins would be the opening for NHL team camps which for New York is still six days away.

Donald Fehr appears to be 0-1 based on Quebec labor board.

New York Makes Roster Changes Pending Lockout

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2012 11:36:00 AM |
Islanders website: Announces it's AHL player list which includes Ryan Strome/Griffin Reinhart returned to juniors.

The players assigned to the Sound Tigers include Marc Cantin, Casey Cizikas, Jason Clark, Calvin de Haan, Brandon DeFazio, Matt Donovan, Mike Halmo, Travis Hamonic, Kirill Kabanov, Jon Landry, Brock Nelson, Aaron Ness, Nino Niederreiter, Anders Nilsson, John Persson, Kevin Poulin, Blair Riley, Johan Sundstrom and David Ullstrom.

The Sound Tigers will begin training camp on Sept. 28

Sean Backman, Ty Wishart, Matt Watkins, Nathan McIver and Colin McDonald have all been placed on waivers.

NYIFC Comments:
This leave Matt Martin a contract, who turned down his qualifying offer. Only both sides know if a lockout means his season ends regardless per Charles Wang's rule of players being signed by the official date of Islander camp opening on 9/21.

Of course the question remains does Nino Niederreiter wish to play in the AHL.

Lubomir Visnovsky Officially A New York Islander

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2012 03:42:00 PM | |
Islnders website& USA Today: Reports the arbitrator has upheld the trade between the New York Islanders/Anaheim Ducks.

Neil Sheehy, Visnovsky's agent, said he and his client accepted the decision.

"This was a CBA issue between the NHL and the NHLPA," he said. "The language wasn't clear, it's clear now. The arbitrator made it clear. I fully accept it and Lubo does as well, there are no issues. The arbitrator has spoken."

NYIFC Comments:
Visnovsky can retire, he can opt to play in the KHL if there is no lockout, he cannot play in his home country unless there is a lockout.

The New York Islanders own his NHL rights for the next calendar year whether he likes it or not, in the unlikely event there is a CBA agreement, he is obligated to report.

Anaheim officially has the New York Islanders second round pick in the 2013 NHL entry draft. Reports on the guidelines announced by the KHL which will limit the job opportunities for current NHL players.

NYIFC Comments:
Perhaps I got that one wrong, however there was no KHL in 04-05, this is an established league now that recently has tried to put a stop to the Radulov-like moves by players despite no on-paper agreement.

Boston Globe: Reports Bruins gm, Peter Chiarelli, has told them the NHL has granted its clubs an expanded waivers period meaning once a player clear waivers, they will be free to report to the club's AHL affiliate, and dress for AHL games.

Providence training camp opens 9/28, meaning the Sound Tigers likely will go along the same lines. Also reports the NHL/NHLPA exchanged offers Wednesday.

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2012 03:36:00 AM |
9/12/2012 10am (Europe time) Another Visnovsky interview, he does not know the results of his hearing yet.

I sent Visnovsky arbitrator, George Nicolau an e-mail asking if he can provide a date for his decision, his past work with the NHLPA could be a small factor, however both sides agreed, the resume inside/outside of sports is a mile long.

We know where Visnovsky stands per his words/agent. He wins he goes back to Anaheim, where he would apparently like to stay if management wants him. He loses he reports to the Isles happy per agent, Neil Sheehy.

Personally I'm indifferent leaning toward perhaps wanting back the second round pick more.

A thirty six year old player, coming off a six goal/twenty seven point season is simply not worth this much trouble.
Updating my recent entry on how things project out now that we have reached past the 9/10 critical point, I did not see Donald Fehr playing the Quebec labor board card, but it just shows how bad things are if that's where he feels compelled to go instead of back to the bargaining table for a sport where franchise players receive a hundred million dollars (or more) front-loaded at this time, getting contracts over ten years where many of those contracts are not designed for the player to be active that long.

Fehr was part of a negotiation that cancelled it's season that was underway, and winning a system in baseball so broken it's not competitive for many teams beyond the check they receive from other corporate teams to this very day.

You can bet it's a big part of his playbook, nor will he accept what will be seen as losing.

Gary Bettman may well have to convince the corporate owners, no more front-loading, no more contracts above five years, he will have resistance from some but not the majority, he will not accept a losing deal.

The players will be unplugged more and more, the media is running along party/market lines with their spin/propaganda.

So far about the only thing I misjudged are the owners speaking out but it's early, plus if Bettman has major fines for them speaking that's a different twist from 2004-05.

Bottom line the owners deserve their criticism for spending hypocrisy, but what choice did Buffalo, Columbus, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Nashville and others have in joining the front-loaded club with most teams having to put out contracts over a hundred million or lose their franchise talent?

Buffalo a few years ago saw their team dismantled to front-loaded contracts in free agency, new owners (like Wang long ago) have their one initial wave of big spending which Terry Pegula did, and already is getting his Lighthouse Pegulaville after one year.

Those teams have no business front-loading, owners with a billion dollars will never get back revenue equal to a hundred million dollar contract for one player, plus that short term front-loaded payment could cripple a non-corporate ownership like Nashville, who has to match or lose their franchise defender to Ed Snider's Comcast/SMG/NBC Sports Network Flyers.

This league has no business having a market where Christian Ehrhoff/James Wisniewski are getting close to forty million dollars with most of their contracts front-loaded, or close to a hundred players receiving NTC/NVC in their contracts.

Yes, the players are entitled to get every dollar they can.

Charles Wang, like Montreal/Toronto never joined the front-loaded club, it would be folly for Wang to do so given unlike many of those above franchises that were handed new or modern taxpayer funded facilities in most cases, and still lose money.

Charles Wang's Neulion invested 160m to secure future Olympic rights recently here.
James Dolan's Islander assigned beatwriter in their joke of a newspaper has not written one Islander player article since late July, but needs a vacation to where the laughingstock Post has more quotes unless it's Randi Marshall stirring the pot on arena developments to drive away as many people as possible.

If there is a deadline for Matt Martin to sign by Friday or his season is over? No one knows? Updates on players skating locally? Sorry, the Isles are not Cablevision's team.

Most other NHL papers are updating the players skating locally.

Last I looked hiring a full time beat writer or spin against the Knicks new competition cost money, that means Dolan's heavy hitter, Mark Herrmann, will surface often to remind everyone Dolan's basketball team runs this town.
Funny, last I looked the NHL says there is plenty of time for the Islanders to come to an arena agreement as in three years (just like Pittsburgh) which goes beyond the term of Ed Mangano.

Even more funny Nassau County out of the Kate Murray/Frederick P. Clark Associates of Westchester playbook, has Mangano again going Westchester over anything that would generate local business for a law firm?

I guess only Wang/Rechler had to hire local for their project as a requirement plus Armand D'Amato.

Does Ed Mangano wish to tell the public my administration is bringing in another team to replace the New York Islanders if they do not make a commitment to stay by x date, which would be an all time first for professional sports in the modern era, and a new low for Nassau County?

The same Manhattan media that had nothing but double-standards on the referendum while other local teams got taxpayer money will have no problem with it.

Bottom line Charles Wang does not have to say one word or announce anything until his leases expires in 2015, his control of the Marriott site gives him permanent stake on that property with the connecting Coliseum abatement regardless what Mangano or his successor decides.

Could be right or wrong here, but here goes on who becomes replacement Master Developer for Charles Wang/Scott Rechler at the Nassau Hub.

When the RFQ/Master Developer is announced whatever Hofstra President, Stuart Rabionwicz wants will be selected.

Rabinowicz is co-chair of Democrat Andrew Cuomo's funding committee, who all have huge ties to Sterling equities aka Fred Wilpon, who helped settle their Madoff lawsuit issues.

Former Governor, Mario Cuomo, was pictured celebrating with Fred Wilpon at the time in the street after the settlement.

If Syosset developer Ed Blumenfeld, of the Blumenfeld Development Group has any future chance (not now supposedly) of Sterling Equities aka Mets involvement vs anyone enthusiastic about the New York Islanders (not a popular thing in terms of Nassau/TOH) that's the way I see things breaking ultimately.

Rabinowicz clearly was very enthusiastic about the Blumenfeld/Sterling Equities/Mets (University Town proposal) in 2005 to the point he sent Tom Suozzi a letter this blog referenced, he has made clear he wants things built at the HUB site that would benefit his university.

The Sterling Equities/Mets have their own Lighthouse plan in Flushing right now so Blumenfeld by himself may not be as attractive a current proposal.

Where did Ed Mangano have his campaign fundraiser on 7/24/12? At the Citi Field hospitality suite of Saul Katz, one of the New York Mets owners.

Rabinowicz had his three day Met's 50th anniversary tribute in April, Isles got nothing from Hofstra for their 40th.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but expect Ed Blumenfeld to be named Master Developer of the Nassau Hub site when it's ultimately announced unless he's really not qualified by himself.

This is Rabinowicz chance to get what he wanted in 2005.

The Isles opened a the pro shop, and thought for sure the person in the image was Ed Mangano, but kind of thought, no chance because the teams website would have written that in the update.

Turns out that was Ed Mangano here at his first Islander-event since the referendum defeat.

Color me shocked, now he's got to attend some games.

New York Islanders Visit to Ground Zero 11/1/2001

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/11/2012 10:11:00 AM |

The New York Islanders visited ground zero 11/1/2012.

Garth Snow returned to the team yesterday after being with his
family, mourning the loss last week of his older brother, Len, to

Islanders-Sound Tiger archives has many of the comments/articles in original wording from 9/11/2001 at the time the New York Islanders were opening their first training camp with Alexei Yashin, Michael Peca, Peter Laviolette at Lake Placid.

Griffin Reinhart Will Wear #4 For New York.

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/08/2012 10:41:00 PM | |
Edmonton Sun: Reports Islander top draft pick, Griffin Reinhart, was given uniform #4 (which he also wore for prospect camp game) had a very funny response when asked about another #4, who played for New York in Jean Potvin.

New York Islander Fan Central Will Remain On-Line Through Oct 2013

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/08/2012 12:22:00 AM |
The decision has been made to continue making New York Islander Fan Central viewable for it's readers through 10/10/2013, along with the non-domain

It was not an easy decision for many professional/personal reasons.

Just to give folks an idea of how outdated Google/blogger is with domain renewal the receipt the last two years read the blog was renewed through 2010.

It's kind of like the Professional Hockey Writers Association website in how outdated it functions.
Blogger has undergone some recent changes (not happy with) since our summer redesign (thrilled with) that frankly make this site less workable at times. (other blogs have same issue)

No, despite the free Wordpress no frills generic page for this site created recently, this is the home page for New York Islander Fan Central.

Also for those few who stumbled on a 2010 created but never used Facebook page for this NYI Fan Central site, it's been permanently deleted.

The thought behind that at the time was to simply make it an extension of entries here that went to a feeder/rss/atom that automatically updated. I noticed some e-mails of a few who wanted to join recently and finally remembered the username/password to delete the page.

Sorry if that inconvenienced anyone.
In the early years 2007-08 era, I contacted Google asking why if so many fan blogs were included in their news feed why not New York Islander Fan Central?

Never something I really cared/thought much about since.
In the last few weeks, I was contacted by a Google rep out of nowhere who was very courteous, their rep wanted to make this site part of their news feed for New York Islanders as a leading source. My initial response was positive, I explained the internal issue above (page loading/layout buttons) which the rep offered to forward.

On 9/6, I found this blog in their news section doing a Islander news search. My reaction seeing this place listed with so many other fan sites changed how I thought about this subject in 2007-08 given what's included as a substitute for professional news today.

New York Islander Fan Central is not a news source, not a professional media site.

It does not belong in a news search of professional media outlets but obviously Google burned that bridge long ago with regard to NHL hockey even though this site only uses professional news outlets, regardless it requires more work to find them.

As for this place the only thing that can be done here is do what's been the rule since day one.

Show professionalism in how content is presented to visitors.
The policy for several years is this has been a no advertising site, that's how it will remain. It has always been a non-profit blog.
As to future content/entries/twitter/sulia/whatever, I can only promise what I always do, that every update could be the last which is not trying to be arrogant, simply honest.

Every year this blog promises less, but does much more so folks are not disappointed, there are enough past entries entries on this.

The reality is at this time I simply have no desire to blog or twitter after every game any longer regardless of the scoreboard or if the Isles go 82-0/16-0 to win the Stanley Cup or go 0-82.

After twelve years between Islanders-Sound Tigers pre 2000-2006/New York Islander Fan Central 2007-present, I simply find many subjects repetitive, stale, or boring, even if what happens is new/needs to be written about.

I could change names/dates, leave the content, same thing.

Something that motivates me to write like recently researching thirty owners/one day was fun to write about here. I feel it's important to write about things when they are not fair or even for every team.

As always, I simply wished to let folks know where I stand which has never been CBA related/arena related or standings related.

Never has been or will be.

Bottom line New York Islander Fan Central will be viewable to everyone until at least 10/10/2013 with over twelve years of updates in one forum or another.

Thank You Very Much.

Visnovsky Arbitration Updates/Comments 9/5-9/6

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/06/2012 04:38:00 AM | |

Updated 9/6 5am.
Visnovsky says if he wins his arbitration he would support remaining in Anaheim if circumstances are right. Has Lubomir Visnovsky's comments on his hearing/future with video. (rough translation)

"I waited by the phone at home, or do not call me. Was silent. Phoned me only agent who claimed that it looks promising. Apparently the 51% I'll win. To appease me (laughs). As it turned out, I have to know in September 15 I'm a little nervous. More than a decision in this matter but I am wondering if the lockout overseas. every indication that the NHL will not start on time. least a week or two, maybe a month it will probably stretch. remains to be seen what will then be a party yet still allow. "

If Visnovsky with your complaint to arbitration succeeds, he can not imagine a return to the Ducks team.

"I'm thinking that I should remain in anahata live because there is beautiful. Whether you would like to play for the Ducks, depends mainly on the attitude of general manager and coach. I need to feel confident. They want me at the club."

NYIFC Comments:
In this article Visnovsky made clear enough if he wins, he is simply not going to report to the Islanders on principal.
************************************************ Islanders captain, Mark Streit, discusses his plans if a lockout, and makes clear as an UFA next summer wants to sign with a playoff team.
In the extremely odd department, the laughingstock NY Post (which does not cover New York Islander Hockey) had a blog entry with comments from Lubomir Visnovsky's agent, Neil Sheehy  9/5 with details of the arbitration, hearing processs with a decision likely announced before the cba expires on 9/15 which is in the hands of George Nicolau.

 “The argument from both sides is the same,” Visnovsky’s agent, Neil Sheehy, told The Post on Wednesday. “The argument from the league was that the CBA is very clear, and the case for the NHLPA is that the CBA is very clear.”

“To me, it’s really 50/50,” said Sheehy, who was a witness at the hearing. “It’s something that has to be interpreted.”

Even more comical the Post turned that 9/5 blog entry into a 9/6 article.
NYIFC Comments:
Of course the only important news is Visnovsky obviously was not seriously injured recently which would have made for a very interesting/different hearing if he sustained a career ending injury.

Obviously Ducks gm, Bob Murray, put up an argument for the trade when he simply could have given in, and taken back the player.

One way or another this will finally be resolved soon. Only Visnovsky know's what he will ultimately do, it's not like he was forced to put on an Islander jersey and go workout.

It seems since the draft when Snow spoke with the Post,  Brett Cyrgalis, has been allowed at very odd times to come up with updates, even rebutting the Columbus Dispatch on draft day trade rumors.

It's not like Cyrgalis informed the public on the day of the hearing.

In The Comedy Department:
Dolan's assigned Islander beatwriter, Arthur Staple, apparently was too busy with vacation (after a summer off) to bother with an update at Cablevision's newspaper nor did sports editor, Hank Winnicki, bother assigning a writer to the story, but a new Mets beatwriter was announced here.

The Newsday staff (not Randi Marshall)  was too busy very carefully wording the departure release of the third Msg President in nine years, where most of the other papers were not shy bringing up James Dolan. 

Isles failed former media relations coordinator (not shy about keeping people updated about former Isles President, Chris Dey's resume) of course did not go near it.

He only supposedly writes about sports business now? 

NYIFC Comments:
Of course if Pat Hickey wants to replace Red Fisher and keep corporate owner Molson happy with his work (advertising dollar relationship with the Gazette) what he cannot do is write Montreal is a franchise that has not front-loaded contracts along with Toronto under Brian Burke.

Therefore they have had about the same success in UFA as the New York Islanders, and many other clubs that have not front-loaded. 

Cannot be because they play at the horrid Montreal Forum any longer.

New York Notables, Satan Signs In Europe, NHLPA Facts Vs Fiction

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Most New York Islander Fan Central updates at this time can be best followed on twitter/sulia, or the new app created.

Miroslav Satan resigned in Europe for the entire 2012-13 season today, he will not be signing in North America.
For those on Visnovsky hearing watch, his primary paper linked to many times this summer will likely have his quoted comments on a decision, despite the video hearing 9/4 between again Neil Sheehy, Anaheim gm, Bob Murray, and the arbitrator.
Based on Corey Trivino's hearing date 8/8, if he decided to turn professional and sign with an NHL team the 30 day exclusive signing window for the Islanders would still apply for a few days.

Like 2006 pick, Troy Mattila he will be removed from the prospect blog by 9/10/12.

Brenden Kichton will reportedly will be going to Sound Tigers training camp per his recent comments, and may sign an AHL contract to stay.
NHLPA Website 9/4: Release their own facts vs myth's based upon their version of the league's offers.

NYIFC Comments:
As always there are two sides.  

Seems beyond the market based partisan media rhetoric, things projected out here a few weeks ago are running even slower than our 9/10 critical point for owners to get serious.

A league with a 57m cap, front-loaded contracts, hundred million dollar deals over ten years with all top players receiving NTC/NMC seems a non-starter for a competitive business beyond corporations willing to write off millions in red-ink.

Soon the owners/players will be commenting a lot more.
Only the Islanders and Matt Martin's agent know if his 2012-13 clock runs out whether camp opens on time or not.

Nino Niederreiter is under no obligation to play for Bridgeport as a locked out NHL player, he could well play in Europe.
As for NYIFC there is no interest here in daily CBA negotiation updates, what New York Islander player will sign where if a lockout goes for an extended period of time or the entire season or projecting about a team that on paper where even if an agreement were announced today that cannot be discussed with any accuracy until days before a season would open.

To do so at this point would be a waste of everyone's time.