New York 2014-15 Season Continues/Trends/Media Coverage

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It's only thirty-odd games.

Not a lot to add from the last entry, the trend for the moment is losing three goal leads after basically outworking their competition for large parts of the game with low shots against which is very important.

We will see new/different trends soon. 

Bottom line is always the same-do not lose games in regulation.

It's going to take north of 95 points to qualify. My guess to finish 8th requires 97 points. 100 points for third seed in division, 105-110 for 1st place.

Halak, Johnson and Poulin all lost three goal leads.

Halak has to stop Ovechkin's soft unscreened knuckball from long distance a lot more than Poulin had a chance on deHaan getting beat on a nice give and go by the Sabres, who's record since Nov 15th has been excellent.

No such thing as an easy game in this league, any team that does not work hard does not win.

The schedule is terrible and only getting worse. Other teams do have it much easier, sometimes you catch Calgary (list team) on a losing streak, sometimes you catch a team playing well.

Given how the Caps have been playing to out-shoot them/outplay them is very impressive on the surface, anyone following had to know the Caps get one goal they would be making a very hard charge.

Do not ask me how the Pens bring in failed or average players from other organization, or a new head coach and continue to win at this level consistently with Blake Comeau, and other serious injuries despite Crosby being out for a while.

I do feel Pittsburgh is built only for regular season success, but over 82 games it works very well. 

The Islanders penalty kill for the moment has been much better. Despite Boychuk's excuse-me shot the power-play has been terrible. The Caps defenders were not even forced to skate in overtime or worn down by the Islanders who were completely stagnant, and this was after the shorthanded goal against Buffalo.

Anders Lee is a very good NHL player right now. 

Tavares seems to be regaining his extra step for the first time all season, with no true first line left wing he has to be able to create some space for himself.

For the moment this organization is as close to healthy as it ever will be.

That will not last long even if it forces Boulton or Strait to waivers who will go unclaimed.

Ask me where Matt Carkner fits here if he's cleared? No idea. What I do know is Donovan, Reinhart, and Pulock's agents will be screaming for roster spots and playing time next season while Boychuk will likely test UFA.

Hickey, Leddy, will want big money. If #55 is interested at all he will want huge money, and there will be a big market for Visnovsky if he's healthy.

Kevin Czuczman did not pick the New York Islanders over sixteen teams to stay in Bridgeport.

There is no top six player available in Bridgeport at this time. I would have swapped out Boulton for Heatley but the league gm's agreed with Garth Snow.

McDonald, Conacher are not the answer.

Ok. More games, more new trends, always a mixed bag. 
Only thing new I can write about the teams local professional media in newspapers (the worst of any franchise in North American sports and only getting worse) in print is this season so far has proven it never had a thing to do with winning or success or fan support.

The New York Islanders are not popular and do not deserve coverage? Funny, but they trend on goggle news and twitter a lot when they play.

No canned food drive for the cash strapped martyrs at the NY Post who cannot afford a daily writer and use AP for home games, it never had a thing to do with standings or any teams payroll, just ask the Devils after the 2012 finals along with the pay-walled NY Times.

Does Brett Cyrgalis have a vindictive streak? I believe so as it seems he's auditioning for Larry Brooks job sooner than later. Of course it's hard to take seriously a person who cannot even get the teams record correct in the newspaper.

Steven Lorenzo, the latest part-timer at Daily News at least can show a little enthusiasm when he's not at Greenberg covering Ranger practice between his mistakes in print.

On those days Arthur Staple decides to work, he is badly outworked by Steve Zipay, and most articles have a negative undercurrent to them despite being at the top of the NHL in wins.

Having Jim Baumbach, Anthony Rieber or a fitness trainer from Washington covering our games is the media equivalent of finally seeing Bart Crashley highlights with the Islanders. 

No, I do not want our writers to be cheerleaders (Knicks have that beat-writer at Newsday+2), but there are some positives that deserve space in print for these teams.

I'm tired of my team being under-rated nationally only because of poor local media coverage, season ticket holders and new fans do not come from a team not getting blanket coverage. 

I'm sorry if Mr Staple is offended by my writing often on twitter why Mr Zipay does a far better job with more depth and positive daily coverage for his team (and the Knicks beat-writer despite the standings), instead of being so sensitive he should look it the mirror and work as hard as Mr Zipay does with the same positive enthusiasm Mr Zipay has for his job or ask editor sports Hank Winnicki for a new assignment.

Our beatwriter from 2000 (John Valenti) did the weather report last 12/31 for Newsday+2.

Our fans deserve better,  and Mr Staple should want to provide that for them. I'm not here asking for charity and Newsday+2 should want to provide that to our fans/and it's customers unless they have other business motives.

No, the other bloggers need followers, business, page-views and networking with other bloggers to link to because many think they are now professional media and selling themselves is their top priority. Mr Staple does his best work there and those folks are very happy to have him because it helps them market themselves, pod-casts. 

Ok, you know the rest, has been written here forever. Only if enough fans got involved (too bad all we had were no chants in August 2011) and stopped worrying about marketing themselves our team and it's fans would be much better served.

That is supposed to be the idea, right? 

What's Next For New York? More Games

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Not a great deal new to be written here.

The work is just getting started for our 12-10 (without overtime/shootouts) New York Islanders.

There will be more wins, losses, and of course injuries as players come/go off IR.

Key is stay away from regulation losses. 

Donovan/Reinhart in his call-up sent a good message moving forward as future replacements for Boychuk and Visnovsky if they cannot be resigned. 

Nothing resembling a top six in Bridgeport at forward available.

The 30th ranked pk is going to have to be fixed with the backup goaltender issue. Halak's been excellent and that will have to continue.

Capuano will keep trying to find someone who clicks on the top line, everyone has gotten a chance but there is no true fit currently in organization.

For this team to continue to progress it's top players have to carry them because it's going to take a lot more than Clutterbuck, Martin goals long-term which is the only reason this team is not working on a five game losing streak, who were outworked by the exhausted Devils.

It's going to take fifteen games over five hundred to qualify or at least 95 points. This is like the west now but with sixteen teams so even more competition.

Columbus, Florida, Buffalo are making their charge, Philadelphia will not go away quietly. Washington is getting their points, the Wings are a very good team, Toronto is red-hot. The Pens keep finding ways to win, the Rangers have a very friendly schedule filled with long breaks and tired teams coming to play them at home.

Simply put this team must continue winning and make a run at twenty games over five hundred. Any fallback and they will become a bubble playoff team. 

Old Dangerous Habits For New York Resurface

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/10/2014 08:07:00 AM | Comments
As I wrote recently over a full NHL season there are 20+ games a team is not going to skate well or be in any position to win. The games against the Blues or Wild were not two of those games.

You have to bank points with a three goal lead. Those were games with points on the table.

That's what playoff teams do. 

What's coming up are games you are not supposed to win.

For years I have written about injuries here, it's the one constant in this organization virtually every single season.

Boychuk, Hamonic, Halak, Cizikas, Visnovsky, Bailey. It cannot be an excuse with the depth here any more.

This team wins against Minnesota in April 2014 with an AHL defense. The Wild came out and were mailing in two points to the New York Islanders.

Chad Johnson was signed for two years to give his team a chance, he's failed badly to date in his role, even if only one goal was on him against Minnesota (4-2) goal.

We all know about the 1st line issues, they have been written about since the summer. There is nothing that can be done to change this without a significant trade that surrenders a lot. Tavares/Okposo will get their points, but there is no one on that left side who can produce.

I do not want to hear about blaming one player from fans, this is about the team. If a player is struggling it's on management to find or callup a replacement.

The rest is just quoted words from players. 

New York Plays Championship Level Hockey, Halak Sets Modern Era Win Record

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/05/2014 06:53:00 AM | Comments
Thrilled for the franchise & congratulations to Jarolsav Halak.

Such a different era/league from when Smitty set the record without overtime & shootouts, but great to see.

As for the rest, at some point they have to find something to get the top players carrying their share of games, but what I watched in Ottawa was perfect & how you win championships as a team. 

Beyond that the last entry still applies, keep learning to win regardless who dresses.

Injuries are a fact of life in this league and especially with this franchise, which has been more the rule than the exception.

It feels like how they won a lot of games down the stretch last season despite all the injuries regardless who dressed. Sure they have had some puck-luck including the cross-bar at the end of the game, last season all of it went against them with leads late, and it decided the season.

St Louis, Minnesota, Chicago, it's only going to get tougher schedule-wise.
Keep banking points, avoid regulation losses.

This season's just getting started. My guess is it takes 15-17 over five hundred just for the eighth seed like many years in the western conference, sixteen teams, eight spots. 

New York Learning To Win Now For Later

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/25/2014 01:21:00 AM | Comments
There is a lot to be happy about, the scoring is balanced, and there are players due for a few goals, everyone is giving them something. 

Later can come any time, next week, month, or in March when this team will have to break out of a slump/losing streak.

That's when we see if this team has learned something here because you can't peak in November or March.

For now some solid positive signs. 

Look at it in five game segments as coaches like Pat Quinn and Al Arbour used to say.

For now this club keeps learning how to win long term as many clubs have in this league, there are reasons we see the same teams in the playoffs every year that go beyond front-loading corporate contracts.

It's something that this organization must become for the players here now, and the ones in the system coming in the future, otherwise it's just one nice November in another forgettable year like many where this team dominated at times after they were well out of contention.

Nothing was learned that carried over to the next season from that success despite the talk from management and the players. 

Now we see if something has been learned? 

Losing games with two goal leads became a habit, now taking over games in the third period has to become the habit.

They still need something to happen for John Tavares, whether it be outside or inside the organization to spark his five on five play because that's what Stanley Cup contenders need.

He's still on his eighty point pace. 

Brock Nelson has looked like a special player and has since day one of this season. Just leave everyone in one position, and let then keep developing. 

Despite Halak's play, there have been too many moments like the first goal against Pittsburgh, beyond that it's coming together for him, and the defense is giving him the low percentage shots against. 

Skills competition wins/losses, keep getting games to overtime and banking points.

Too many of these shootouts are treated like regulation wins/losses by far too many folks.

It's going to take 97 points/15-17 games over likely to even qualify, but that's down the road. 

A lot more to learn but for now this team is learning.

We'll see where it is in twenty days or so here, but for those watching judge it in five game segments of hockey. 

New York Celebrates History/Legends In Eviction Year

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/21/2014 11:11:00 PM | Comments
Folks who have read New York Islander Fan Central know how I feel about our legendary players.

Core of Four weekend, 1980 celebration, all these things were written about. The archives are packed with updates/endless articles including Billy Smith on 7/17/2014 who is the greatest money goalie in NHL history

No goalie won more playoff series in a row, no team won more championships since in professional sports.

There is nothing new I can add for these players or the ones who will be honored moving forward. 

I honestly do not know how you honor players with their jersey's in the rafters who have been celebrated time and again over the years or what the players can say that's different?

They all deserve a final thunderous ovation from our fans.

For everyone honored this is the final time they will be at the current Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in their life times. 

Let's also be clear it's a very ambiguous and uncomfortable circumstance for the organization which was obvious on opening night and on the final year patch.

This team was evicted from Nassau County because it's politicians and most citizens did not care about this team or it's history to support it, that is the undercurrent of these celebrations, and it's justifiably very bitter for everyone, myself included. 

The history for this New York team since 1972 will continue in 2015-16, just as it did for the Giants, Jets, Devils, Caps who all moved locally.  

I keep reading stuff from the teams website and fans trying to pick a greatest player, my answer is simple.

There can be no greatest player. They had the greatest team management in sports history with Bill Torrey and Al Arbour.

They were the ultimate team.

The header to this site has reflected this since day one, it always will. 

Without every single one of them, they do not have that historic team success. From the retired numbers to every member of the core of four/Brent Sutter/Roland Melanson were all most valuable in what was accomplished.

Video October 15 2014: Ratner Talks Coliseum, Confronted By Question Demanding NYI Stay/Replace Coliseum

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No pulling punches or fluff, Bruce Ratner on video taking very hard questions on Islanders, Coliseum with his plans which includes AHL. I would not waste our time otherwise posting it.

One person stands up and on video tells Ratner no one will go to Brooklyn, he should build a new Coliseum and change his mind about relocating, that only forty people bought ticket plans, and in five years team will relocate out of market. 

The video is edited to fourteen minutes by myself for the content hockey fans would be interested in. Around seven minute mark Ratner faces the fan question above.

A standing room only crowd filled a ballroom at the Carltun in Eisenhower Park October 15th to hear Developer Bruce Ratner talk about the art of networking, the power of persistence, and the status of the Nassau Coliseum project. Ratner was the featured guest at the WCBS Small Business Breakfast presented by SCNB and hosted by WCBS Morning Business Anchor Joe Connolly from the Wall Street Journal. At the session at the Carltun, Bruce Ratner talked about small businesses being the life blood of local economies. And while he talked about the benefits of “big dreams,” he counseled the crowd on keeping those dreams reasonable. Below is the replay of the entire WCBS Newsradio 880 Small Business Breakfast.

Complete Event on Video (One Hour, Twelve Minutes)

What Have We Learned About 2014-15 NYI? Ho-Sang Traded To Niagara

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/14/2014 10:45:00 AM | Comments
Before addressing that question let's just be clear about one thing regarding the NHL in general.

1. Almost every year all 30 teams win 25-30 games, lose 20-30 unless you are historically good or bad, and even the 1972-73 team had a winning streak and the 9-7 win in Boston.

The New York Islanders had some horrible stretches during their Stanley Cup years when they were not winning fifteen straight games without overtime. 

1a. What you do with the other 30 games decides your season, it's that simple. Our team lost 14 games entering the third period with a two goal lead last season, and still finished 17-5-2 in it's last 24 road games, but won only nine games in regulation at home (none easy) with four more in overtime/shootouts. 

1b. Any team can beat any other team on a given night now more than ever. No such thing as one easy game, and if you need proof the Islanders road record back to last season with an AHL lineup is now 22-8-2.

1c. The back to back regulation loss streak that lasted from Dec 7th 2013 ended in San Jose. 

2. The New York Islanders were not going to allow over three goals all 82 games, they were not going to score five goals every game.

3. Eventually unless the team was a catastrophe they were going to play some low scoring games, and have a decent stretch killing penalties.

4. Eventually the scoring was going to dry up. Those are all normal trends for all teams over a full season.

What was alarming was Halak's play from day one of preseason, and Johnson after his win in Boston. Things leveled out for both, it's supposed to.

My experience watching our team in the past is the first trend, the one with the weak goaltending, poor five on five play and poor penalty kill with the awful home record, and excellent road record.

But with the roster turnover, the age of the core players does suggest the trends could be changing.

We also now know they are capable of winning low scoring games against good teams and killing some penalties.

What is alarming would be John Tavares two even strength goals, and no qualified 1st line left wing talent in the organization to replace Vanek's production which Snow decided he had to address last season.

And I have no doubt unless this team makes the playoffs Garth Snow and Jack Capuano will not be going to the Barclay's Center. A perception change based on the lack of results will be mandated, and completely justified. 

Also I can easily see a team with 95-97 points not qualifying from this conference just as it has been in the Western Conference and the New York Islanders being that team.

Ok, now we sit back for a good long while, and see what happens next.

New York Plays A Perfect Home Game

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/12/2014 05:33:00 AM | Comments

When everything comes together it's a lot of fun to watch.  That was even better then we we saw in April 2013.

All games are not all going to be like that obviously, and no illusions Colorado was struggling but they had a three goal comeback going into this game and the Islanders just outworked them in every area.

Despite the win they still need a first line left wing.

Ok, now we sit back for a while and see what Bailey's likely return and some very tough games bring.

Strome/Cizikas even Lee getting another goal is only going to help them relax.  Halak needed a night like this at home badly.

No sign a week ago they were capable of any of this with so many things simply not working since day one of camp.

Chemistry is a funny thing, it happens sometimes out of nowhere, and it goes away sometimes just as quickly.

But now we know this is a team that can play that way, in a conference that screams it could take 97 points to earn a playoff spot.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/11/2014 08:38:00 AM | Comments
The plaque was dedicated on 5/29/1972.

This Is How New York Must Play

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/08/2014 10:57:00 PM | Comments
It took the entire training camp, preseason, and about thirteen regular season games, there was no sign of any turnaround coming beyond the strong road record since December 2013.

Maybe some chemistry is finally happening with this team.

Still a lot of problems starting with a first line left wing, and Strome producing with many other issues at five on five.

But that is how you need to play to win long-term when your scoring does not win 5-3. Whether it be Boychuck or Tavares out, regardless who dresses.

Every entry I kept writing it 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 games. Even if they lost the skills contest in Los Angeles or did not win against Anaheim or lost in overtime against Arizona 1-0 this is what it takes to be successful.

Injuries are the norm here--many of them.

Bottom line this is how they turned three weeks in April 2013 into a playoff spot.

Now comes the biggest problem of all. The road has not been the problem as they finished 17-5-2 to close last season and always find ways to win on the road.

New York Cannot Hide From Increasing Problems

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/06/2014 02:08:00 PM | Comments
Updated: New York vs Kings That's the kind of defense, penalty kill, skating, and goaltending it takes to win in this league. First time all season.

This is what I have been waiting for.

Even if they lost the skills competition (Nielsen vs Western conference=advantage NYI) that's the kind of work it will take to go with developing/acquiring true first line left wing.

I have little to add since my last entry after the Dallas game, it's played out exactly as expected with reality settling in.

Bottom line this team is simply not good enough without a true first line left wing, and forwards who can win pucks, play better defense, and produce.

And the penalty kill is a disaster.

It's nice the Islanders got a favorable bounce for what is only John Tavares second even strength goal of the season, that Kyle Okposo again used his power move (as in San Jose) to the middle for the man advantage 2-0 goal, and another Tavares powerplay shot from long distance beat a struggling Anaheim goalie to win one game in overtime against an injured team.

More importantly Jaroslav Halak is giving his team better goaltending for the moment.

Still the glaring problems remain as options have been exhausted, the schedule is only going to get harder.

Other teams make a push, the New York Islanders do not push back or show any ability to play a sixty minute game. Our team does not seem capable of any push at their opposition.

Something has to give. It could be the coach eventually but most of this comes down to the construction of this roster by the general manager.

Replacing Vanek's 44 points in 47 games with Conacher/someone not a first line player is beyond coaching.

This team is painfully weak at five on five scoring=player career resume=general manager.

The penalty kill is awful and desperately needs changes=coaching staff.

There are too many players who simply cannot score on this roster or not progressing:  Martin, Cizikas, Conacher, Kulemin, Strome. Clutterbuck has his goal vs Boston=players/coaching.

Career center Grabovski not playing center at 20m dollars=Coaching.

Wanting drafted center Nelson to play his natural position, not wing=Smart coaching.

Seven drafted or career centers/four spots.
#91, 51, 12, 84, 53, 29, 18=Management.

Lack of size/physical scoring wingers=General manger. 

Jack Capuano has no first line left wing who can produce, and down to Kulemin, who's not the answer in terms of career production, he's given everyone else a look which is all the coach can do. 

Ryan Strome has not improved at all in the corners, is very easy to knock off the puck, and does not use his speed/skill often enough. He has a few nice assists early but is mostly a non-factor in games with no sign of showing any progression.

Anders Lee needs one set spot=coaching.

What should work better? Defense if the goaltending is there. The defense is at full strength but this is a five man equation, and the forwards/centers are not physically strong to where as a group they win pucks.

Hope I'm wrong, but nothing I have seen (beyond defense contributing in offensive zone) has been encouraging and no, Johnny Boychuk/Nick Leddy are not 1/2 defenders or players expected to score beyond their career numbers.

No folks, a coaching change does not make kids or third line forwards, first line players or make them grow up faster.

No incoming coach fixes these issues.

Without Team Defense, Penalty Kill, Goaltending, Fast Start Means Nothing

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/27/2014 09:15:00 AM | Comments
Yes, I would happily accept the teams current record based on the October schedule any way they could get there.

Having written this no one should be happy with this teams defense,  five on five play or penalty killing. No one should be satisfied with soft goals finding Halak in almost every game or the first goal Johnson allowed against Dallas.

It does matter, anyone who feels people should just be happy will understand very soon unless things change dramatically. 

I wonder if they would have a single win without lucking into the Boychuk/Leddy forced salary dumps who are hardly top two defenders? This was not some act of brilliance from Snow.

Yes, the scoring from the defense is a huge factor in the teams record, the one true positive improvement, but the career resume's of those players say it's not built to last beyond Nick Leddy's potential. 

The best upcoming teams always learn to become better as a season progresses, so far on defense as a team they has not progressed at all with spotty goaltending.

Honestly I saw this team play better team defense last April, scrambling to fill out a lineup card with AHL players. Anders Nilsson/Nabokov were not under this much pressure, some games they won we only saw them allow 20-25 shots without sustained pressure against. 

It's a very small group of forwards, which explains why three of the more physical forwards in Martin, Cizikas, and Clutterbuck are seeing so many extra minutes not to score. 

Bottom line until they learn to win 3-2 (not the game in Boston they were under attack and Johnson stole the last five minutes) or 2-1, 1-0 as they did in April 2013 with low shot totals against, this is not how you become a successful team long term.

It's not how you make the playoffs and win.

A year ago everyone was writing about the Islanders thirty percent power-play. Guess what? It's not the 1980's and teams cannot sustain that any longer.

When the scoring dries up, the 5-3 wins become 3-1 losses which is why we have seen so many average or fair at best Octobers become season ending Novembers.

It's not a good five on five team so far, that rarely sustains a forecheck in the other teams zone. 

This team has no first line left wing, and nothing remaining to trade for one. This roster is always injured like few in the NHL, and every single coach is telling his players hit Tavares all night, double team him if necessary, just don't let him beat us.

What I do know is beating a tired Dallas team that got lazy, took shortcuts, started gambling to risk odd man rushes, with many shots that went through their goalie is not how you sustain anything.

It was like beating the Coyotes last October 6-2, where they broke the game open in the third period.

That 20-6-2 road record in last 28 games with no back to back regulation losses since Dec 7th 2013, is about to be tested. Before that they lost eleven games in a row on the road.

Unless they become a team that can play defense, keep pressure off goaltenders and kill penalties, this fast start will be only a memory. 

Ledecky-Malkin Press Conference Video

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2014 04:30:00 PM | |||Comments

New York Islanders 2014-15: A Flawed Mediocre Team That Works Hard

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2014 07:58:00 AM | Comments
A small sampling only six games, however this is what I see on all fronts.

No pulling punches.

Many similarities to October 2013, where the club could only score on the Matt Moulson-led powerplay, but were frankly terrible at five on five, a team when pressured collapses in their own defensive zone, and could not keep the puck out of their own net, with the opposition getting three goals every game.

For this group to have any chance this team must play defense and allow goals as it did in April 2013. 

And this is a very small team. Snow did nothing in that area bringing in smaller forwards, who take big hits. 

Of course Greg Cronin replaces Brent Thompson, and the penalty kill looks just as it did a year ago at it's worst.

Halak is even more mistake prone than Nabokov with a lot of holes in his game, he's also faster laterally. To write his play has been spotty would be generous.

The only true surprise is a defense scoring miles above their career resumes, which is overdue to catch up with them same as the 2013-14 October powerplay did come November.

Those excuse-me shots going in from a twenty three point defender in Boychuk cannot be expected to find the net. 

Jack Capuano seems to love extending time for a fourth line that simply eats minutes and produces nothing whether it's Clutterbuck or Colin McDonald.

His team is mostly working hard or doing the best they seem capable of doing.  The San Jose game was the only thing close to a full sixty-minute effort, and that took winning a skills competition.

Nielsen's back to being the non-scorer he's been the majority of his career on a team with Kulemin, who is no scorer, then you bring in Conacher, who aside from a home opener tap-in has produced what again?

Write what you want about Vanek but losing his 44 points in 47 games is huge for Tavares/Okposo.

Strome's getting his point a game but does little at five on five to be noticed over sixty minutes, Nelson's done well with point shots hitting him, he cannot be a no-show player.

For this to have any hope of working these players must produce five on five goals.

Without Bailey this team is win less at home.

When Tavares and Okposo are not scoring, who can be counted on to produce?

This team is again proving it's not capable of sustaining any sustained forecheck on offense most games.

The usual words from management to Tavares down the line, about being ready to win now, improved performance seem like only words.

I did not see it before the season, do not see it now. It's going to take a major surprise to avoid a free fall with the schedule they have as players are getting hurt here to their career trends.

Nick Leddy's skating alone is a huge upgrade, and he can score.

No folks, after Anders Lee there is no-one to call up.

They are out of offensive prospect depth and Snow is out of draft picks to trade for a few years.

The waiver wire is not bringing them a first line, twenty goal forward.

And of course the NHL's worst fan base is only good for showing up to the home opener and never on weeknights unless the game is at Msg.

11,000 announced that's really like 6,000 with 3,000 of that kids under sixteen as the tickets cannot be given away despite the increased payroll.

Sure Wang and his new owners cannot wait to get out of the Barclay's deal to back to a renovated Coliseum to play in front of this many unsold seats on Ticketmaster vs Toronto for people who will not go under any circumstances since 1989?

What excuse is going to be used this time, since 1989 I have read them all.

My thoughts are Wang ask Dolan to black out any home game unless ticket sales are over 10,000 two days in advance, and sell the +2 road games to WOR (whatever ch9 is these days) so more people can see them.

If it were my team that number would be 14,000.

This is how people started attending games in the seventies before home games were televised. If I could not attend I listened on the radio. My loss.

Of course Boychuck wants to play his career in front of thousands of empty seats and will resign.  Tavares and Okposo are likely counting the days to UFA.

 That's why this team is far worse at home than on the road.
The Long Island Fan Base Proves Again Since 1989 It's Not Capable Of Supporting An NHL Team Even With No Obstructed Seats, A Higher Payroll, & Low Ticket Prices. 
With Bruce Ratner selling Barclay's why does he want to renovate the Coliseum again?  Expect to see that folly ending soon which he can pull out of at any time, and is close to a year behind on all Coliseum promises and has not kept his word about the time line of submitting his plans. 

Meanwhile Kate Murray approval is coming on time?

And of course you have the Islanders Plainview operations defiantly doing their Long Island Mantra to the bitter end, and Mr Yormark (via Chicago's Tom O'Grady) is doing the Brooklyn Mantra all pulling in different directions who cannot figure out this is a New York team which even teams in New Jersey understand to sell more tickets.

Is it really that hard to figure this out here? 

Is there footage of the gang of four becoming minority owners, a press conference is really needed 10/22 for this?

Charles Wang is the majority owner, beyond being interested in his comments and if Mr Ledecky's former gm (George McPhee) is lurking as Snow's successor, what is there to really see?

If Ledecky and Malikin ever were to purchase the Barclay's center as majority owners they would own the iron-clad agreement which means the team can be moved like Atlanta.

Folks asked what I think, there it is. 

What's Next For New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/08/2014 11:57:00 PM | Comments
Our team begins to play hockey games, we see what works or fails to work, that's always a mixed bag.

Best thing for the extended future is sit back, watch, and see how things play out. My plan is to enjoy the last 42 game regular season at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to the fullest regardless of results.

Far more than expected has been written here to set everyone up for this season as best as I could.

The off-ice peripheral things will also play themselves out one way or another.

Lukas Sutter signed an AHL contract with Bridgeport. Colton Gillies is final remaining decision-Note made the final roster.

New York Announces 23 Man Roster

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/07/2014 02:44:00 PM | |||Comments
Islanders website: Released it's 23-man roster.

“Obviously the biggest reason I picked Aaron is his approach to the game,” Sound Tigers Head Coach Brent Thompson said. “His daily practice habits, his off-ice habits and the way he carries himself on and off the ice show what a great representation of the Islanders organization and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers he is. The biggest thing for him is his work ethic – he comes to work every day and is a true professional.”

“It’s really exciting,” Ness said. “You look at all the names before and it’s a pretty big honor. I know all the guys here, including myself, are excited to get going and get the season started here.”

NYIFC Comments: 
Anders Lee and his agent have fair reason to be very unhappy today, however you don't want him sitting in the stands or playing on the fourth line and yes a strong case can be made he belongs based on last season vs the other left wingers.

When the players on IR are ready to return there will be more changes.

Matt Donovan had to clear waivers which would have been unlikely.

An Improved Playoff Chance For New York But Reality Check Is Team Still Lacking Badly On Paper/Updated Transactions

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/06/2014 03:06:00 PM | |||||Comments
Folks, I do not write entries to make folks unhappy. Not the idea at all nor do I see an Islander uniform and think a player is better now because they wear it.

Boychuk/Leddy gave their ITV interviews, the defense is obviously improved, but let's be clear these were not #1-2 defenders.

I have no doubt what opens the season will be changed often, but for today it's not enough. 

Reality check is what looked like the teams best offensive defender on Friday, who was on their top powerplay unit who was signed 7/1 cleared NHL waivers today. (not even Garth Snow wanted him back)

From Moulson to Vanek to Conacher is not an improvement on paper today, not even close to taking the next step. We all know Snow tried for Vanek, Moulson and Iginla last summer.

No, it's not 2009 in Moulson's first year here, or Tavares rookie year the expectations are higher.

Now a seven goal left wing last season in Cory Conacher, is on his 4th NHL team at age 24, who was on par with Jack Skille entering camp and sent packing by Ted Nolan seemingly has a spot next to John Tavares coming off a knee injury.

Can he be the answer? Yes.
Should he be in that spot? Under no circumstances.

To me that's lacking badly on paper and the equivalent to Mark Streit retuning from a year out, and being given Steve Staios as his defensive partner.

Tavares needs a twenty goal left wing, who can get him the puck. Not the other way around.

Anders Lee who is also 24, and outscored Conacher last year for now will likely not be there which screams why should Conacher be there regardless of one good preseason period vs Boston?

Am I writing Lee should be handed that spot? No. 

Bailey who had 38 points, who just turned twenty five and obviously has the higher potential pick,  was Tavares playoff left wing is also not in that spot for now either.

Bailey's changed positions often and like Blake Comeau it has not helped him.

Bottom line is this not how you take a step forward. 

Grabovski who's a career center for now is getting twenty million dollars to play left wing.

Brock Nelson can and should play his natural center position but again if someone who was just bought out is getting thirty million dollars common sense says he should the position where he's had his best success?

Sure Grabovski is going to say the correct things, Bailey said what position he played did not matter to him a year ago either, but it did. 

Again, I'm not writing these things to make folks unhappy. Sure, lines will change a lot and Grabner needs a spot if he returns which likely means Ryan Strome better rent for now.  (guess he could not play with Tavares vs Conacher)

We'll see.

Jack Skille Claimed Off Waivers, Sound Tiger/Stockton Changes

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/05/2014 02:04:00 PM | Comments
Jack Skille has been claimed off waivers by Columbus.
Poulin, Ness all others have cleared waivers.
Bridgeport has three goaltenders even with Trudeau sent to Stockton.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers announced their complete camp roster which opens Monday with who has been assigned to Stockton, and who has been released.
The following players have been assigned by the New York Islanders to Sound Tigers camp, which continues Monday, Oct. 6 in Bridgeport:
Sebastian Collberg
Brett Gallant
Mike Halmo
David Leggio
Scott Mayfield
Kael Mouillierat
Andrey Pedan
Adam Pelech
John Persson
Kevin Poulin
Alan Quine
Kent Simpson
Johan Sundstrom
Harry Zolnierczyk
Those 14 players join the following 11 already in Sound Tigers camp:
Justin Courtnall
Colton Gillies
Jesse Graham
Chris Langkow
Loic Leduc
Mark Nemec
Andrew Rowe
Tyler Shattock
CJ Stretch
Lukas Sutter
Scooter Vaughan
The following players have been reassigned by the Sound Tigers to the Stockton Thunder:
Mike Pereira
Adam Phillips
Keith Seabrook
Peter Sivak
Philippe Trudeau
The following players have been released from their American Hockey League Tryouts:
Jessey Astles
Shawn Boutin
Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Hegarty
Andy Iles
Jack MacLellan
Tyler Maxwell    
Shane Owen
Bennet Schneider
Brad Stebner
Alex Vasiliev

Snow Fighting For His Future Goes All In Acquires Boychuk, Leddy/Ho-Sang ELC/Roster Cuts

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/04/2014 03:36:00 PM | ||||||Comments
I did write it's never been a busier time.


NYIFC Comments:
Obviously it's win now or go home for Garth Snow who's successor will not have many draft picks. Snow traded with teams who had to trade and used the system to his advantage.

Brennan gone after signing him in July and no doubt he has every right to be very angry with his agent.

Pokka gone, with a slew of draft picks, the price for one likely rental was not cheap.

Without a doubt Snow improved his 2014-15 defense today. I know Friday was preseason but his team looked completely lost and were dominated and that included Tavares and Okposo. 

New York keeps Nick Leddy because he's an RFA. Boychuk has a year to learn to love it here or moves at the trade deadline.

Anders Nilsson's rights gone. 

Ho-Sang got his ELC early.

Chemistry does not happen on paper, it's going to take some time, but the idea of hoping deHaan stayed healthy with Visnovsky or were going to step back into the top four at their best is just not the history here. These injuries always linger. 

Is Snow done? He has more players to move to get under the limit. Maybe he goes in for a first line left wing?

Hopefully our new players want to be part of this. 

Despite Deceptive Preseason Record NYI Not Good Enough/Busiest Time Off Ice/Barroway Drops Lawsuit

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/03/2014 11:33:00 AM | Comments
I honestly cannot recall a time when this many things have been happening at once.

Well, the injury bug has bitten our team again, it seems a given virtually every year.

The count is up to five players with the injuries no doubt lingering when the players return. Hopefully they escape Bridgeport healthy.
 Boston has another game on Saturday.

A sold out Webster Bank Arena filled with Bruins fans should produce a Nassau Coliseum effort where the team comes out energized from opposing fan support in their own affiliate as opposed to empty seats in Uniondale taking energy from the team.

Anyone expecting Calvin deHaan to step in off his latest injury and immediately be a top defender, or Visnovsky at this point in their careers? Really?

Go look at the October schedule, this defense has to be at it's absolute best, and so does the offense/special teams. It's not even close.

The NYI have had a few nice surprises surface on defense, some who were helping the team win with all the injuries at the end of 2013-14 in Scott Mayfield.

Matt Donovan despite getting picked in Boston, or having one bounce in off of him had some great shots at the net in the third period, but his mistakes are very noticeable.

Reinhart had his best game against Devils, but has struggled with a big step up as he should.

Is this really enough to become a playoff team now? No, and again not with this October/November schedule.

Healthy or not the same goes for Ryan Pulock.

Scott Mayfield looks like he did last season at the end, he does not get beaten and is cool under pressure. Same for Kevin Czuczman. Has Ness really hurt himself in these games?

Either Snow trades for a replacement defender at a high cost who's struggling elsewhere or he gives one or two of these kids a chance. Do I think it's enough? No, they have no scoring on the back end right now even if the defense holds.

Anyone's who has watched/listened to preseason sees the Islanders also need a good part of a game to start skating, once they do they gain some confidence or score a goal they look fine.

I'm not sure what's going to happen next Tuesday.

Frankly Strome has not done enough at five on five, neither has Lee.

Are they more talented than the players brought in? Absolutely. But do you want them playing on lower lines? Absolutely not.

Final preseason game and Brock Nelson seemingly get's the final cameo with Tavares/Okposo.

Any real answer emerge from that question? Not close.

Was there some reason Dal Colle/Ho-Sang could not play another preseason game before departing and a real look here on the top two lines?
Note-Both will play in Bridgeport against Bruins.
Barroway withdraw his lawsuit vs Charles Wang on Friday.
I guess Gary Bettman/BOG had their plan all set which was why we saw an Islander ownership vote for a sale not finalized.

Now we know why Mr Barroway did not sue the NHL with Wang.
He wants a team.

Funny but now Andrew Barroway needs Charles Wang's vote to approve him if he closes a sale, and you don't sue an organization you want to join.

Wang-Barroway in court was pushed back to 12/16/14 this week, that's now gone for good.

Next week we may see some feel good press conferences from potential new owners/while some very unhappy players depart, and their agents speak for them.

Hopefully it will not be scripted. Speak you're mind for better or worse. 

It's going to be incredibly busy. 

After that some hockey games, most against the top teams in this league, the kind of stretch that will get a coach/gm fired under new ownership to send a perception change message that will likely happen unless this team makes a serious run at a Stanley Cup this year.

It could happen regardless.

I do not see Garth Snow here when this team opens at Barclay's win or lose.

Despite great negotiations, identifying talents like Streit, Molson, Grabner, Parenteau, earning respect among players/agents and the ridiculous amount of injuries he's paid to win and overcome the Nassau County revenue steams that gave him fewer spending options.

It that fair? Not at all, but fair or not he's had eight years and has not won.

No, Clutterbuck for Niederreiter will never be a good trade.
No, Moulson/Vanek/1st round pick for Collberg will never be a good trade.

And it is about name recognition/perception.

Half the team President's are no more qualified than Snow was in 2006, but they were top players which brings them media bias/support/respect Snow will never have for a team with the worst media anywhere.

That's why Brett Hull can become a half gm in Dallas, and fail with no big attention. Its why John Davidson can be a team president, the media having his back because he was a color commentator.

By that logic Jiggs McDonald can be a great team president/general manager, and maybe he could have. 

Ok, once the song and dances end with incoming owners, and they say the right things, we see who's checks clear, who grows tired of losing money or changes their mind in the next two years? Is Wang prepared to throw Snow out the door for a perception change win or lose as he becomes a minority owner?

He's going to have no choice or lose his new partners/and their resources. 

Playoffs or not Wang hurt himself keeping Milbury. Don't count on that kind of loyalty again.

On top of that there is the Nets growing ownership circus which effects the Coliseum plans with Ratner, who's well behind on his promises made a year ago, plus he's selling his stake in the Nets.

Anyone want to guess where all this leaves that iron-clad lease?

Funny but for me if the Bruins, Sabres, Wings many past teams can play in smaller rinks why can't the NYI make the rink 191 x 83  like Boston Garden and make all those obstructed view seats unobstructed at Barclay's?

Our team had to play in those buildings 25 plus years against those dimensions at a disadvantage to win Stanley Cups.

Plus Wang no longer owns the Marriott and not one major paper reported on it.

And Dolan's media people are chirping about buying the Devils former home and moving in the Wolfpack, finally something not our problem. Pass the popcorn. 

Like I wrote, cannot recall a busier time.

Unfinalized Sale Of New York Islanders Approved By NHL

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2014 07:16:00 PM | Comments

NYIFC Comments: The title is that ambiguous because it's the truth. Wang/Barroway was pushed back to 12/16/14 per court with no venue decided yet (announced today) so that could drag well into 2015. If Mr Barroway is awarded ownership of the team by a court, Ledecky-Malkin is not a legal sale and the league looks worse than Spano because they know this is currently a legal matter. All future press conferences/sale announcements in the possible near future mean absolutely nothing until Barroway vs Wang decided legally. Bettman/BOG should have waited until the question of who owns the team is officially decided by a court.

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/30/2014 10:40:00 AM | Comments
The usual day to day injuries which are keeping players who on paper were regular defenders (Visnovsky, deHaan, Carkner) on a thin unit already are happening already.

What's going to happen if Hamonic get's one of his frequent concussions in the three games against Boston/New Jersey this week?

A lot of defenders on the prospect list, no answers.

And is anyone expecting Calvin deHaan or Lubomir Visnovsky not to struggle after all this time off without playing? (the same players who finished last season injured with Grabner off two concussions?)

This time the 2014-15 October schedule can frankly can end a season, and easily get a coach fired with a 3-7/2-8 start) before they go to the West coast in November this time.

The 2013-14 schedule was far easier as the club limped to five hundred that first month.

Up front the thirty million dollar center they signed (Grabovski) who's played nine career games as a winger has been skating as a winger at times because the coach wants Brock Nelson to play center or to put him with Tavares/Okposo.

No one gives a player thirty million dollars (after being bought out) to change positions.

Bottom line if you want Nelson to be a center (which is fine) don't sign Grabovski because those alternatives include Nelson/Nielsen/Strome becoming wingers with Cizikas or someone is traded.

Find a winger who will take thirty million dollars?  If you can't find one don't spend the money.

Tavares-four years.
Grabovski-five years.
Nelson-several years before UFA.
Nielsen-two years.
Strome-several years before UFA.
Cizikas-several years before UFA.
Part time drafted center Josh Bailey-four years before UFA.
My advice is do not put a lot of stock in all ATO/PTO contracts or players placed on waivers.

Many Stockton players are now here also.

Being sent to Bridgeport until next week means being sent to a different part of Iceworks with Brent Thompson. A recall means going to a different part of the rink.

And these players are not skating in any games because none are scheduled. Some have been here for about three weeks and have played one game at best.

After the three games Snow/Capuano will make the real changes, and there will be a good three/four days of practices/chemistry with whoever is healthy. 

New York Makes First Roster Cuts

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/29/2014 12:13:00 PM | Comments
Most of the players cut or released from their PTO are signed with Bridgeport for 2014-15.

Gallant accepted his qualifying offer 7/14/14

Michael Dal Colle Signs ELC With New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2014 11:39:00 AM | Comments

NYIFC Comments: I had a series of tweets on first round signings by NYI back to 2003 recently. Obviously Dal Colle signing in this time frame is management's trend. Brock Nelson (college) and Calvin deHaan (CHL) were not signed during their first NHL training camp. Ho-Sang's comparative to deHaan suggest he's signed at the end of this season. Alan Quine was also signed out of camp a year ago so Lukas Sutter/other 2014 picks could be signed.

J.P Parise Stage 4 Lung Cancer

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2014 06:59:00 AM | Comments

Pioneer Press has comments from the Islander legend as he's fighting lung cancer, a man who never smoked after 1973.

NYIFC Comments: 
Thoughts and prayers are with J.P Parise and his family, who's battled many health issues over the years.

Charles Wang Sells Long Island Marriott For 66 million

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2014 06:12:00 PM | ||Comments
Long Island Business News Reported 9/25/14 that the hotel was sold for 66.2 million.
Rechler sold his half-interest in the property to Wang at the end of 2009 after the pair’s Lighthouse mega-plan to redevelop the Coliseum’s 77-acre parking lot fizzled. RXR still gets $566,000 a year for the hotel’s ground lease, one of 18 ground leases the company bought from Nassau County for $37.5 million in 2011.
Wang’s firm, CBW Hotel, had been making interest-only loan payments on the Marriott’s mortgage until February 2013, when the payments stopped. The loan’s special servicer, C-III Asset Management, started the foreclosure process July 29, according to documents from Trepp, a Manhattan-based commercial mortgage analyst, which also confirmed the sale price to Starwood.
Earlier this month, the hotel’s new owner assumed the tax breaks that the Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency had given to Wang and Rechler that expire in 2016. In exchange, Starwood pledged to retain the hotel’s 260 full-time and 72 part-time employees for the next two years, according to IDA documents.
NYIFC Comments: Part of owning the hotel included the walk of champions abatement. The hotel remaining open during Ratner's possible renovations could be an issue for them. Who's to say how this effects how the Islanders/Sound Tigers do business with the hotel or if using it was part of the purchase price. An AHL home team would likely make heavy use of the facility.

Interesting how the foreclosure made big headlines, not the sale? Either way Charles Wang is out of the hotel business at a loss from the 90 million purchase price in 2005. The hockey business is part of this article and the hotel was operating at a profit the last three years under Wang according to the documentation.  The value of the property itself declined for the lack of a development.

Note-Scott Malkin's name is in some articles where Starwood is mentioned, but not with any stake or affiliation with the company. Bruce Ratner & Current Msg CEO Tad Smith also have past fringe associations with this company.

New York's First Goal/Win In New York City

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2014 08:44:00 AM | Comments
Sorry folks, I know 3-1 record, but aside from some individual performances (Nelson, Johnson) I'm not seeing anyone step up here and force management to give them a spot. (credit to Pulock on his goal/Reinhart shot that led to a goal Wednesday)

They were dramatically outplayed against a team full of mediocre tryout players the final two periods on Friday, with a lot of defensive turnovers and some of our top offensive players skating in their third games in five days. Our team also had it's best defender Hamonic dressed.

The NYC media made it's cameo to take their obligatory shots at the Barclay's Center. Mr Yormark was honest about seating.

Thirteen days. A lot of time to find answers. If Garth Snow gave Grabovski thirty million dollars to change positions something is very wrong here in teams management. He's played every game of his career at center but nine of them, that's where he should play.

New York Notables

Not much to write about hockey, double-header preseason games with a team getting on a plane that same morning are almost unheard of much less playing one of those games that afternoon.

The dominating double-header sweep of Ottawa on 9/29/13 ultimately proved nothing to close the 2013-14 preseason. Nice to win games, and no doubt Jack Skille finding an open net thanks to Cizikas, Colleberg, Nelson, Bailey, and Grabovski getting some goals sure do not hurt their confidence. 

I'm warming up to the idea of Josh Bailey (who was the playoff left wing with Tavares/Boyes) becoming the first line left wing but it has to be the final position change, who knows if it's a showcase or a one game thing? 

Blake Comeau was a nice kid who kept changing positions for Scott Gordon, he became a perimeter player who could not score. A year ago Bailey said he's fine playing anywhere, and that he could make the switch to the right wing. I wrote back then it's on him.

Bergenheim was asked to change positions he flat out said no.

History says you keep changing someone's position all you end up with is a confused player.
So where does John Tavares not play the Nassau Coliseum or Barclay's center because the core players making the club will be placed together toward the end of the preseason?

Likely both, but if I'm coaching the Barclay's center ice is not where I want Tavares playing coming off a serious knee injury. 

There are about twenty players who did not travel Monday, who no doubt would like to dress for a game.  (Matt Martin)

After Friday there are three off days. 
Bridgeport has not announced an AHL preseason game.
Peter Karmanos seems to agree with Charles Wang's way of selling, and is looking into a sale of the Hurricanes. His comments about Forbes not being credible were of course spot-on as to the value of franchises considering a member of their board is part of the group giving Wang substantially more.


I read Wang's legal response to Barroway. So on one hand Barroway writes in his complaint he felt he had an agreement 3/10/14 but in another letter much later he acknowledges Wang does not have to sell him the team?

These are all Mr Barroway's own written words contradicting himself.
So Bruce Ratner said in January 2014 he was submitting his zoning plan to the TOH shortly, and now he's waiting until the end of the year, knowing he said he needs IDA financing to do this project? 

Is he expecting Murray approval in less than seven months for anything?

Knowing Kate Murray's history, will she stall this long enough to force Ratner to walk away from the project which he could do at any time? If Murray wants Dolan's Msg plan, and his Newspaper creates a referendum-like circus to stall things that is exactly what will happen.

And Dolan/Msg did a fantastic job with the Los Angeles Forum.

Ratner a year ago put on a dazzling show for the legislature and got a 19-0 vote. He needed over a year to submit plans for a building permit for a bowling alley, restaurants that are only a small footprint around the Coliseum that should not be an issue in Murray's 2010 zoning?

He must have a clue about Kate Murray's history, why did he not have his plans ready for submission on the first day he could submit them so he could ride that support to easy zoning approval?

This is the man who is somehow going to get the NHL/Dolan in that order approve the New York Islanders having two home NHL facilities for regular season games, and somehow get Wang/successors to break the lease in Bridgeport?

Howard Saffan said his Sound Tigers claims were irresponsible at the time.  I have seen these long periods of silence/delays forever and not once has something worked out whether it be the Coliseum or the ownerships. It falls apart.

I don't know. Ratner's on Bloomberg News this week doing his video's talking football, finance. His pre-assembled housing units literally attached to Barclay's center is not only shutdown with lawsuits, but perhaps structurally flawed while it sits ten stories high?

The 2014-15 Season Begins For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/17/2014 05:14:00 PM | Comments
For better or worse it begins 9/18/14.

The first season since 2011-12 that will run on a normal schedule. There will be fewer exhausted teams playing backup goaltenders against the New York Islanders.

And of course our team will have more rest which means less five games in eight day stretches on the road where this team has been above par overall.

The best interviews are always in small town local papers, John Tavares made his thoughts clear on the team/himself.
It's not rocket science for Jack Capuano/coaches, the team gather's Thursday, by Sunday they get on a plane, then start playing games on Monday (twice) Wednesday, Friday.
Some players will stand out, others will not. Decisions will be made quickly. Some changes to accommodate roster limits must happen with players on one-way contracts. 
Feel free to throw it back at me Dolan allowed a live telecast from Barclay's. Of course a partnership that shows one preseason game in about twenty years (and only one) to me is not something anyone should be thankful for. Of course the television schedule by Msg reflects the truth.
Let's see how many games Mike Bossy actually does, who replaced Ken Daneyko.
Ok, now we start getting answers. My preference is we don't have those minor injuries that final week of camp that linger into January.

Minnesota Wild Co-Owner Phil Falcone May Also Purchase Stake in Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2014 03:08:00 AM | Comments
Note-Considering Josh Kosman's pathetic record on our teams business I debated even posting this here but he is a co-owner of an NHL team.  Falcone brings some baggage with his resume, not nearly as much as Craig Leipold as a taxpayer sponsored NHL owner.

Hopefully there are far more credible newspapers out of Minnesota to confirm any of this information. 

New York Islander Informal Skate Updates/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/05/2014 02:06:00 PM | Comments
Regardless of what's announced (Trades/Ownership/Coliseum/Barclay's/Lawsuits/Preseason/Media/Whatever) it's time for a long break and to let the hockey/peripheral subjects play themselves out on/off the ice.

More than enough subjects have been addressed both here/twitter.

Eyes/ears open/keyboard closed.

Thank You.