Anders Lee Four Year Contract Extension

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Islanders website: Announced Anders Lee has signed a four year contract extension.

“Anders has proven to be an effective goal scorer over his two seasons with the club,” Islanders General Manager Garth Snow said. “We’re thrilled to have another home-grown talent signed long term.”

“I’m extremely excited to finalize this deal and ensure that I’m a New York Islander for the next four seasons,” Lee said. “The organization has been nothing but first class to me from the moment I was drafted. I look forward to competing for the Stanley Cup in each year while playing in front of the best fans in the NHL."

NYIFC Comments: 
Thrilled with this signing, wish it could have been even longer. Perfect combination of hands, size, skill and he's just getting started. This is what Garth Snow does often on his best days.

Garth Snow's Worst Day Of The Season? 7/1

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Here it is the worst day in the calendar year for Garth Snow..........July 1st.

The days of Parenteau, Moulson, Streit are long gone where Snow signed the right players at exactly the right time.

Sure the UFA classes have not been very good for several years, this one is no different. 

Too many Pierre Marc Bouchard, Peter Regin summers since.

I know Snow tried for the top free agents last July 1st, without front-loaded money it was not going to happen, and the over-35 players were not interested.

He could not get a Mike Cammalleri to put with Tavares.

Anders Lee looks like his best alternative for now.

I do not see anyone touching Grabner's five million dollar contract for anything.

Just take a look back at last July 1st-2nd if you have any doubts about Snow's recent struggles in UFA.

Also the failure in Bridgeport goes on Garth Snow. The Sound Tigers have had one first place year since their inaugural season, and far too many well out of contention.

Snow needs to develop at the AHL level but he also needs some players who can win games, those fans have endured some horrible seasons, and it's not improving with Johan Sundstrom, John Persson gone from the AHL for good. 

Folks forget how bad this team was going to be based on last July, it was obvious in preseason they were a 29th place team with no defense until other teams had to unload players to clear cap space.

Without those trades Garth Snow/Jack Capuano are out of a job today. 

I wrote about it long before that final preseason game in Bridgeport, where the Bruins barely let the Islanders register a quality chance, and dismantled them with physical play.

John Tavares is two summers from UFA, you can bet he wants some proven scorers who will get their twenty goals, and give him space on the ice. 

Twenty million for Grabovski, a career center, who came here, not to be a center until the final playoff games, struggling to produce far too often between concussions.

Seventeen million for Kulemin, who played to his career trends, which was not bad, but hardly the answer at first line left wing  or should have been there in game seven, regardless what he did in game six. 

Cory Conacher, who got far too long a look, and did not produce with Tavares or in the AHL until he went to another organization.

Jack Skille claimed off waivers.

T.J Brennan, who was placed on waivers when he got to Chicago, with even Snow passing on reclaiming the player he signed. 

Two years for Chad Johnson, who outplayed Halak in camp, only to regress to the point he could not be trusted in goal, it was a miracle to unload the second year.

Snow does not need home runs this July, and has a lot of his lineup set, but he does need players with a resume or true potential who can really help.

Donovan at his age is a loss, we never got to know if he could help here. Expect the Colin McDonald, Eric Boulton, Tyler Kennedy, Lubomir Visnovsky, Matt Carkner era to end. 

The one on my list with be Jiri Tlusty, who struggled on some injured Canes teams, but has hands/skills and ability lacking among the veterans here, he was traded to Winnipeg at the deadline.

I'm sure some remember how many games he dominated against the Islanders?

No, he's not the answer for Tavares on paper, and I don't see Kirill Petrov the answer either. 

New York Announces Mini Camp Roster/Player Bios/Wang Lighthouse Money Returned

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Mini Camp Bios
The entire 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 draft class are scheduled to participate with the exception of unsigned Lukas Sutter, and traded players. (Pokka, Reinhart)

Scott Mayfield, Kevin Czuczman (qualified 6/29/15 age 24) are not on the list.
Many invites.
Charles Wang got his Lighthouse money back on 6/29/15.

Process was comical as Nassau all afternoon passed everything with virtually no debate on anything.

Wang's resolution came up, cleared room, needed to go executive session, long delay. Finally someone had a letter from the county attorney, and an empty legislature room unanimously approved giving him his money back in less than fifteen seconds without a single word beyond voting. No appearance by Wang, Scott Rechler or Mangano.

New York/Bridgeport Qualifying Offers

Islanders website: Has released the list of players who received a qualifying offer to retain their NHL rights
Kevin Czuczman
Mike Halmo
Anders Lee
Brock Nelson
Kevin Poulin
Johan Sundstrom

Again the players receiving an offer have until 7/15/15 to accept, if they do not the team retains NHL rights as those players are still free to negotiate a deal with the Islanders or sign with another team outside of the NHL. 

Johan Sundstrom's NHL rights still belong to the Islanders despite signing in Europe, same as David Ullstrom, Mikko Koskinen, and some other players.

Kent Simpson, Alexandre Mallet, Jason Clark, John Persson did not receive an offer meaning they are NHL free agents.

New York Notables/Griffin Reinhart's Comments

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The Oil Kings gm, Bob Green, who was quoted here often on Reinhart, felt he struggled in Bridgeport also, but has great faith/praise for Reinhart, and little doubt he will become an excellent NHL player. 

Green had no criticism of the Islanders or Sound Tigers.

All due respect to Johnny Boychuk's brother, he is not a prospect expect despite being the relative of an NHL player on our team, as he says opinions are his own, no problem here.

Ct Post: Micheal Fornabaio gave his thoughts on Reinhart being traded, he covered more than half the games as teams beatwriter and was at daily practices since day one of the franchise.

NYIFC Comments: Has been fully updated to include all drafted prospects from the class of 2015, and through the organization.  

Folks know where I stand on this trade. Everyone should be rooting for Griffin Reinhart regardless, and for the Islanders two selections to become excellent NHL players. The Edmonton media will do what they did for Eric Brewer long ago if Reinhart shows anything, and there will be no Roman Hamrlik on this side as our return will likely be in juniors.

Notre Dame had it's graduation in May Robbie Russo is an UFA. 
As for the defense:
This is a lot of signed defenders, not counting the UFA, and many more who need to be signed in two years.

Math 101:
New York Signed:

Bridgeport Signed
Kyle Burroughs
Jesse Graham
Loic Leduc
Scott Mayfield
Adam Pelech
Ryan Pulock
Kevin Czuczman
Aaron Ness
Marc Nemec
Scooter Vaughn

Jake Bischoff-Junior 2015-16
Petter Hansson-Must be signed by 5/31/19
Ryan Pilon-Must be signed by 5/31/17
Doyle Somerby-Junior 2015-16
Andong Misha Song-Freshman
Devon Toews-Junior
Mitchell Vande Sompel-Must be signed by 5/31/17
Parker Wotherspoon-Must be signed 5/31/17

Andong Misha Song:
My comments on the Andong Misha Song signing is it was in the Chinese papers on 6/20/15 which no one in North America seemed to notice besides myself, and made clear the Islanders had great interest in being the first to sign a Chinese player and make history.

The drafting of this player got world-wide attention (not in NYC) and publicity for the team they could not buy at any price so if he creates more interest, advertisers, and makes the club more money they absolutely should have done it as he develops.

Tons of teams sign family legacy players, you can bet a few late round picks have been for publicity purposes, Song's drafting had millions of people paying attention in another country.

The Islanders and Bruins swapped draft picks over dinner reservations when the draft was in Boston, and it was nine rounds in the late 90's. 

Charles Wang was not at the draft table for the first time (perhaps ever) and is a minority owner in a year, he is not going to see revenue from this pick next season, with Trent Klatt's departure, he will not be part of this moving forward either.

Given the rankings of the players Klatt drafted where he got them he had a very good weekend, and Snow got him the picks.

What does that mean right now? Nothing. Go check 2008,09,10 draft classes for best answers. 

Andong Song Game Highlights With Lawrenceville In 2014-15

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2015 03:17:00 PM |
Lawrenceville Game Highlights
Video of Andong Song playing hockey in 2014-15 for Lawrenceville

New York Selects: Andong Song 6th Rd & Petter Hansson 7th Round

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Andong Song Some will note I posted the article on 6/21 about the Islanders drafting the first Chinese players ever. 

The same media outlet  in China reported he was drafted an hour before the pick? profile


Petter Hansson
Draft Profile CSB: profile

New York Trades 2016 5th Rd Pick To Florida Selects Ryan Pilon

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Ryan Pilon profile

New York Selects: Mitchell Vande Sompel (3rd rd) & Parker Wotherspoon (4th rd)

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Mitchell Vande Sompel Profile:
TSN Profile

Parker Wotherspoon

 Parker Wotherspoon Profile article/player comments 6/25/15

Trent Klatt, Mathew Barzal & Anthony Beauvillier Comments

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Islanders website: Has comments from Trent Klatt, Matthew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier

“It’s much better for the organization to walk out of the draft with the players they want,” Islanders Head Amateur Scout Trent Klatt said. “If you identify somebody you like, why not make the move to get him.”

"We weren't going to do the deal unless Barzal was there," Klatt said. "It was only because he was available that we did the deal. I wouldn't have thought he was even an option at 10 o clock this morning."

“I’m so excited to be an Islander today,” Barzal said. “To go to a team that’s already a Cup contender is pretty crazy. I’ll drop a few spots in the draft any day to go to a team that’s a Cup contender.”

On Anthony Beauvillier: 

“Could he have been there at 33? I don’t know, but why not get a guy you like and walk out with two guys you really wanted,” Klatt said.

“He’s another kid that has skill and hockey sense up the waz-zoo,” Klatt said. “He’s a terrific kid, a terrific character player.”

“I’m very excited. The feelings are incredible,” Beauvillier said with a smile.

NYIFC Comments:  
My comments last night and on twitter make clear what I think. 

The Islanders never interviewed or spoke to Barzal before drafting him here.

Nothing personal against these kids, no doubt they are good prospects, but you do not trade a 4th overall pick after playing only eight NHL games, then replace him with someone you never have a conversation with.

You give Reinhart a roster spot like the five defenders taken after him, and let him grow into a good NHL player, they put a lot of time, effort, and money into Reinhart.

I get Boychuk/Leddy changes things, and they have Pullock but depth goes fast, and this did nothing to improve the current NHL roster.

These kids will take years and be fighting with Dal Colle/Ho-Sang, and others for jobs here.

Another top five pick gone, it took a miserable season to get that fourth overall pick.

Ok. we move on, let the people claiming the Islanders are winners do their thing, to me this is a big loss.

New York Trades 33/72 On The Clock At 28th Selects...LW Anthony Beauvillier

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2015 10:10:00 PM |
New York On The Clock At 28th Selects.....Anthony Beauvillier

Anthony Beauvillier Profile

New York Trades Griffin Reinhart For Mathew Barzal At 16th/33rd Overall

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New York Trades Griffin Reinhart For 16th/33rd Overall New York selects: Mathew Barzal

Mathew Barzal Profile Has a full interview with Mathew Barzal where the Islanders never spoke to him at the combine or prior to drafting him. 

NYIFC Comments: 
Frankly I'm very disappointed.

4th overall pick for a 16th/33rd. Big tough defenders with Reinhart's resume very tough to acquire, and impossible at his age. You want to put Reinhart, Hamonic, and Boychuk together and hammer away at teams, and anyone who saw Reinhart in the Memorial Cup saw a leader.

It took a horrible season and a lot of losing to get that #4 pick, now he's gone after one year in the organization?  No.

Perhaps it was made clear he needs more time in the AHL, and Reinhart/agent felt it's NHL or a trade so management accommodated him, who knows? 

Sure it's a deep draft, but if you are playing to take the next step now, and Reinhart brings a veteran who dramatically improves the team who's signed for years you make that trade if the plan is to move him.

Edmonton did not give back Eberle (or one of their young scorers) who could have helped Tavares next season, and you can bet #91 is getting tired of wingers who are not first line players. (Conacher, Kulemin)

If you move Reinhart this fast, and take that gamble, you have to address that need. 

They needed a restocking of forward prospects, after Dal Colle/Ho-Sang there was no franchise prospects up front. (especially in Bridgeport) 

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/26/2015 07:20:00 AM | Comments
I intend to write entries during the Islanders draft picks, linking to professional information about the teams selections on Saturday morning, perhaps Friday if something happens. 

No interest in trade gossip, many need it for attention or to earn a paycheck.

We will know when we know, very simple.

When it's over the prospect blog will be updated with the new picks.

Qualifying offers are due 6/30 so we'll see where Kevin Poulin, Kevin Czuczman/others stand. The players have until 7/15 to accept them if they do they are signed, if not, they have to negotiate, sit out or sign in Europe.

Players who choose arbitration will have a contract at some future point.

Those given an offer on 6/30 remain New York Islander property which could include Johan Sundstrom/John Persson (who already signed in Europe) with the many players (Koskinen/Ullstrom) who the team retains NHL rights to. 
The Islanders got another terrible schedule where they get no rest for two months, and a seven game road trip, while the other local team got no road trips longer than three games packed with rest.

Please stop writing it balances out over 82 games, it did not last year, and was a factor in this team wearing down. 

No, our fan base is not entitled to a monopoly on Saturday home games, fans of other teams deserve them too, and it seems the league has carried our franchise for years in this department.

Funny reading our fans who refuse to ever visit Barclay's complain the Islanders schedule interferes with football games, and their trips to New Jersey.
It's fascinating to me we can all look in any NHL media directory, and learn the private e-mail addresses, home/cell numbers of almost every NHL writer/employee. (and in some cases where they live)

But we cannot find out who is allowed to vote for NHL awards or what players they selected on their ballot?

Please do not tell me some of this is not market driven or who has more newspaper writers covering one team (or votes) to say nothing of the one NHL team who's only full-time paper (generous term) is owned by another NHL team giving them token coverage with no columns, aside from the Rangers beatwriter, Steve Zipay.

Sure would be fun to see if Boychuk ever went head to head for the Norris with Staal to see how objective Zipay can be? 

Wonder why Mr Staple?

Summer 2014: Bill Torrey Survived Stroke/Cancer

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Mr Torrey just celebrated his 81st birthday, thankfully he's doing better than he was last summer, and still working with the Panthers.
Apparently he fainted playing golf with his son on Long Island, collapsed, and was diagnosed with a stroke.

He also had spots on his lungs/liver, did chemo, and is now cancer-free, and credited the Cleveland Clinic, and felt sick for several years prior.

“The doctors at Cleveland Clinic saw me through,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate.”

The article goes on to discuss his work with the Panthers, Dale Tallon, who praises him, the new ownership, and quotes Denis Potvin.

Updated: Full New York 2015-16 Schedule

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/24/2015 12:14:00 PM | Comments
Home (and season) opener 10/9 vs Chicago.
There is the start time issue 7pm vs 7:30.

We'll find out all the six games/eight day stretches to go with the seven game road trips, with the least rest over of any nhl team over eighty two games soon enough.

WhyHunger New York Islander Jersey Auction

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/22/2015 03:10:00 AM |
Received this e-mail from one of the company interns a few days ago, this is not something normally posted here but non-profit org for a good cause:

I work for the non-profit organization WhyHunger, a leader in building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

We are fortunate to have celebrity and artist partners who help us generate funds through donated auction items, some of which we think may be of interest.

If you would please consider posting about the item below it would be incredibly helpful to raise awareness of our amazing auction opportunities.

We are auctioning a: NY Islanders Signed 2014-2015 team Jersey This item is closing June 30th at 3:00pm. 

NY Islanders Jersey signed by 2014-2015 team & support @whyhunger in the fight against hunger and poverty|||

Prospect Mini Camp 7/7 At Twin Rinks

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2015 05:47:00 PM |
That would be the Ferraro brothers Twin Rinks in bankruptcy from my recent entry that is remaining open as Nassau County looks for a qualified buyer with experience before an auction.

#isles @TwinRinksLI @NYIslanders Would hardly be a surprise if Wang-Mangano are negotiating to buy lease out of bankruptcy from Ferraro's.
For what it's worth the Islanders website has never had a single release of anything at Twin Rinks since it's opening to the best of my knowledge/research. 

The prospect game is at Barclay's on July 8th, that is usually the final event of camp which runs about a week so the 7/7 starting date is a bit questionable.

Would seem a bit odd to hold camp at Iceworks & Twin Rinks, but I guess anything is possible. The openings at forward in Bridgeport suggest a lot of invites, many which could be local prospects.

One year the prospect camp game was at Iceworks which holds about 250 people.

Islanders website did announce Matt Martin's August youth hockey camp at Twin Rinks 6/19/15, that could have been scheduled long in advance, and is on Martin's personal website which says his camps are all over North America.

Mr Martin has hosted events at Iceworks, and Cantiague Park with kids in 2011, among his many generous endeavors.

New York 2015-16 Preseason Schedule/Spano Ten Years

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/18/2015 02:24:00 PM | Comments
Sept 21 at Flyers-Allentown PA
Sept 21 Flyers-Barclay's Center
Sept 23 Devils-Barclay's Center
Sept. 25 at Devils-Prudential Center
Sept 25 at Flyers-Wells Fargo Center
Sept 26 at Carolina-Halifax
Sept 28 Capitals-Barclay's Center
Oct 4 Capitals-Verizon Center

Boston released it's preseason schedule, above is likely the full set of games.

Recent history for what it's worth has the Islanders taking a break for about a week toward the end of preseason, if they have played three home games in the past it happened well over a decade ago. 

Nashville who played the Islanders last preseason has also yet to announce it's schedule. 

Greg Parks/Nelson Doubleday RIP

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/17/2015 05:26:00 PM | |

Team 30th In Fan Support Cannot Play Barclay's/Coliseum Excuse

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/15/2015 07:24:00 PM | Comments
Is it going to be worse at the Barclay's Center?

That's almost impossible, and going back to Charles Wang's comments when he was trying to win a referendum to stay in Nassau that forty percent of his season ticket holders did not come from Nassau/Suffolk only reinforces this view. (the audio from his interviews in 2011/12 does not lie)

I love our fans who claim they are out now, will never attend a game at Barclay's, it's not my team anymore, and will do everything to boycott them home. (after they boycotted them away since 1989)

For myself I must have encountered most of those Nassau/Suffolk 7,000 full/part time season holders on social media, and I have a question for them?

Bring them home to the Nassau Coliseum for what? To keep playing in front of empty seats because they finally started showing up for half of one season at best like in 2002 with alumni there for practically every weekend game?

I posted my entries on empty seats despite playoff teams 7/2/14 & have done similar entries 7/3/13 and many other times in the archives.
5/31/11: Why Are We Here Now? Blame Yourselves.
7/30/13: New York Must Get Out Of 30th In Attendance Or Lose Team Forever

Below is the ticketmaster map on game days in October, November last season, despite winning, trades for top players, and having John Tavares in an MVP season, no it does not include stub-hub.

That's been the map most games since 1989 unless it's opening night, a playoff game or another teams fan base comes in big numbers, including Quebec.

Our fans are louder at Msg and Newark as opposed to the Nassau Coliseum when we play those teams.

The Ranger fans were out in big numbers for 2/3 Coliseum games (not snow storm game) same with Habs fans for their final Coliseum game, & Devils/Bruins/Flyers/pick a teams fans at one point or another since 1989.

And we all know the announced attendance vs true turnout is far different.

No, the Islanders are not Billy Joel, they do not sell out in five minutes, the Islanders website had tickets to release for final Coliseum games/playoff games on game day, they were available for a full year like the outdoor game.  

I got of tired/disappointed posting the early season maps below, plus getting some twitter responses with the same excuses or complaining with a few personal attacks. Like I wrote above, I must have interacted with most of the season ticket base from Long Island.

One final time, if you love this team, show up, support the New York Islanders like other fan bases who have never won a thing do. (Columbus/Nashville)

Nassau Coliseum/Barclay's Center, who cares? New York is New York.

Is someone going to claim the obstructed views at the Coliseum was the excuse early last year or every year even after 2013 playoffs? 

On game day around 1pm, the rest of the available tickets are made available, the Ottawa game was an announced 13,888.

30th in avg attendance over the last six years, and most years since 1989. Even Phoenix/Arizona had more fans in the seats during that time which their media pointed out this weekend. 

Our fans/Islanders website under Barclay's control seem to want to re-brand themselves, despite it being made clear the name/logo is not changing via Mr Wang.

Referring to this franchise as Brooklyn is nothing but an insult to a franchise that has had one name since 1972.

New York Islanders.

I have read Mr Yormark's articles on his background back before joining the Nets in 2005, how a blogger introduced him to Brooklyn (who rips Atlantic Yards/Ratner non-stop & does it with supporting documented professional media information properly) and the countless millions Mr Yormark has made in corporate advertising deals for his clients over the years.

Mr Yormark believes in what he does. 

I know Yormark's history marketing the Nets in New Jersey since he was hired in 2005, telling fans take bags off their heads (with images) reversible jersey's for opposing players/free tax return offers.

He works for a man who loves Brooklyn with hometown roots, so no doubt he markets as his bosses tell him. 

Despite the Nets numbers, he's done a poor job on a historic level, as I have written before here no one tells millions of customers this is not a New York team, and alienates millions of potential fans.

What makes me some kind of expert when the Nets had over 10,000 season seats sold when they began at the Barclay Center, they had virtually no fans since they left the Coliseum/ABA beyond the two years they went to the NBA finals? 

Never claimed to be, however I can read/see Mr Yormark's professional counterparts (experts) market their New York/New Jersey teams exactly the opposite of the Nets. 

I have never heard one cheer for the Nets at Msg for a team if branded correctly would have 10,000 on their season ticket waiting list (with the existing 10,000 season tickets) and a few hundred million more in advertising revenue with a media covering them like the Knicks, and Msg half filled with cheering New York Nets fans. 

Instead the Nets playoffs were less popular than the Islanders in the NYC media which is almost impossible given the sports demographics, and the Net getting the eighth seed was met with scorn/ridicule from the Knicks media salesman which is all you need to know about how bad Mr Yormark's strategy is with a Chicago firm (Tom O'Grady/Gameplan Creative) doing the Islanders PR.

A former Nets player (Kerry Kittles) from NJ era said what I have about about not using NY branding for the team during the playoffs NY Post 4/25/15: 
 “It really is under the radar,” a former Net who knew the frustration of being ignored, Kerry Kittles, said of the series. “I don’t know that they ever marketed the team the right way. They marketed ‘Brooklyn. ”

From the same story. 

 Check out Friday’s New York papers. One paper had 18 sports stories displayed on its website, another put up 17. Not one story was about the Nets. In one tabloid, the Nets placed 12th, in another 13th, in terms of topic and placement.

NY Times: In April 2006 Kittles praised Yormark, and seemed to understand the eventual Brooklyn branding.

The Post did not send the Knicks beatwriter, Marc Berman, to the Nets playoffs, he sent him back to his former beat covering the Islanders in the 1990's. (his family were 30 year season ticket holders by his past comments as beatwriter)

Bottom line this is the last call, our fans show up for 41 games or at some point you will lose this teams branding, the new majority owners owe us/and this teams history nothing.

Brett Yormark wants 10,000 Islander season ticket holders, if he has to follow his blueprint with the Nets to get there he will unless our fans convince him otherwise because it worked for him, even if it was wrong. 

For me, this is any other season, New York is New York whether it be Barclay's or Coliseum, same as Devils/Caps fans did to far less fanfare.

For some Ranger media this is like Trottier coaching their team, they will never accept it, and do everything to convince you this is not a New York team while they tell you the NJ football teams represent Manhattan.

Those were some of the same people who kept writing how much the Rangers need to play the New York Islanders in the playoffs for this sport to get any real attention in this town when they are not telling you  how dead Msg is for playoff games?

Yes, they are hypothetical and James Dolan's Ranger salesman Steve Zipay is hardly shy, this is our home paper that dropped blogs, chats, and columns. We have a beatwriter in Arthur Staple who does impromptu twitter chats on planes, who interviews fan bloggers who will ignore Newsday's coverage issues because they are selling themselves, and Staple helps them.

Mr Staple does not like questions about why our team only has features on our players from other teams beatwriters when they go on the road, and why he so badly outworked vs his counterparts in every social media platform?

But that's been written about often, perhaps again? 

I found many more of these for those wondering, most of them were posted by others. 

Reality is this not a major hockey market, too many other sports that are far more popular here during the NHL regular season. 

New York Islander Fans can now change everything and save their iconic brand, past Wang's departure.

Wang & Snow In Bridgeport 6/13/15

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/13/2015 02:59:00 PM | ||Comments
NYIFC Comments:
Fascinating/shocked to see this on Bridgeport Mayor, Bill Finch's twitter, RT by Sound Tigers today.

I was wondering why Garth Snow was not in Missouri? 

It does not give the impression of a man about to move the Sound Tigers to Nassau for another professional league per its lease agreement? No, the Sound Tigers need about ten forwards to complete a lineup, and finish last again. 

My long experience at doing this means an announcement is coming, or someone's going to do something that blindsides the other (especially the fans) in the near future which contradicts that image.

For a lame duck majority owner entering his final season Charles Wang has been very active. I don't think Bridgeport gave him any real estate for a man who's never gotten an acre for owning any sports team, despite spending hundreds of millions on players or renovating facilities he does not own.

Wang's sole agreement with the city of Bridgeport is to manage Webster Bank Arena until 2021, there is no Sound Tigers lease with Bridgeport, and there has never been one as was documented here this week.

Ratner, Ledecky, Malkin? 
I made a promise to my readers years ago that I would be dead last, and a hundred percent correct in posting information here regarding signings at this website.

Despite appearing correct about Petrov's eventual signing, I wrote he signed on 6/1/15 off reading professional newspaper information in Russian which included the terms of his contract.

That was not correct at the time and I wish to apologize to my readers.

My intentions were honest, same as with reading team officials discuss Sundstrom was signing with Frolunda the next day, and why it was posted here before the release.

Mangano Public-Private Failure: Ferraro Bros Twin Ice Rink Files For Bankruptcy

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/12/2015 12:31:00 AM | Comments
Yes, that's the one, which opened a year ago, and received taxpayer money in Eisenhower Park.
Mike Milbury's corporate bicycle will not save the Ferraro brothers from bankruptcy.

Another public/private partnership success story by Ed Mangano, with the usual non-sense from Kevan Abrahams. 

The rink in my Islanders Iceworks/practice facility history posting.

I feel terrible for Chris & Peter Ferraro. 

NYIFC Comments:
This was the place I wanted the Islanders to do a deal with if they were determined to continue practicing in Nassau.

Someone want to tell me why Mangano did not mention this to Charles Wang, instead of going for a bankruptcy auction, and Wang/partners renovating Cantiague Park again?

That's how Wang bought Iceworks lease, in a bankruptcy sale/auction.

This site is in Eisenhower Park, next to the Coliseum with two NHL sized rinks & an outdoor rink that is virtually brand new. I don't see Dolan bidding, but you never know? 

And for those wondering about the fifty million dollar price, please keep in mind the entire Coliseum renovation is only ninety million dollars.
Please stop comparing Nassau with Glendale/Arizona, they are amateurs compared with Nassau/TOH.

No one does incompetence like Nassau County/TOH...... 

Glendale paid for a modern arena.
Glendale voted to give it's team 15 million dollars a year before inventing a reason to get out of the deal.

Scott Rechler/Charles Wang (like his predecessors) got  Nassau County who thinks the tenant/team should build Nassau an arena and continue to be a tenant.

That was after spending millions renovating a building from day one the team did not own.

 If Coyote management was watching as I was in 2013 how badly the mayor/city council was against doing that deal despite the approval, the very next day in 2013 they should have had every lawyer going over every word in that agreement to make sure they never gave the city one single reason/loophole to cancel their lease.

In this case, the city reached a separation agreement with former City Attorney Craig Tindall in April 2013 but continued to pay him his salary for six months and relied on him as a consultant. The Coyotes hired Tindall on Aug. 20, about seven weeks after Glendale approved the Coyotes deal.

Is it non-sense? Sure, but the Coyotes are on the outside with a 225m cancelled lease now and have to fight this. That's another Ed Snider Flyers managed facility, the Coyotes brought them in to run the arena.

The NHL has no power here, they cannot fight for the team vs a local government, they can complain but that's it. Andrew Barroway does not deserve this after he helped out the league.

New York Announces Missouri Mavericks New ECHL Affiliate...Sundstrom To Frolunda

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/11/2015 03:01:00 PM | |||||Comments Has 38 minutes where owner Lamar Hunt makes clear several teams were in the mix, and why the Islanders were selected. Kerry Gwidyr also is interviewed with Eric Cairns, Ken Morrow.

Assistant to gm, Garth Snow, Kerry Gwidyr, said Kenny Morrow would be there full time, a possible change to his role since the 1990's? Morrow spoke, Eric Cairns, Sean Donellan were at the live streamed press conference and both sides exchanged jersey's

NYIFC Comments: 
I looked for weeks, and did on 6/10/15 as well. Was hoping for a place that could be moved to Bridgeport because the ECHL is a professional league.

Will add all appropriate links to the prospect blog for the new affiliate.

2/16/11 Bridgeport City Council Documents: "Professional Hockey League" Not AHL/Better

Howard Saffan knows 1000x better than myself.

He did all the negotiations for six months in 2010-11 leading to Charles Wang becoming manager of Webster Bank Arena that hosts Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey.

I'm aware of Mr Saffan's comments to the Ct Post in February 2015 as to how he reads the lease that it's AHL or better, and beatwriter Michael Fornabaio's views/articles on this subject.

However the document changes unanimously approved by the Bridgeport City Council on 2/16/2011 only say "Professional Hockey League."

Because I had a mailing list everything is documented back to Roe Boe's agreement with Bridgeport from day one so there is a lot to digest over the years but not impossible to follow.

Going Back To Roy Boe/2001...........The Short Version: 
Let's go all the way back to Roy Boe in 2001 so everyone understands the original agreement from 2001-2021 has never been a lease for any hockey team with the city of Bridgeport.

As everyone knows the ballpark came first, Bridgeport wanted the AHL, in stepped the late Roy Boe.

Centerplate was re-branded from a company called Volume Services Of America or (VSA) at that time from Boe's original agreement, kind of what Smg has been for the Nassau Coliseum.

They managed  the new arena, provided food services, booked events, and this 2021 date people are calling the Sound Tigers lease is simply this from 2001.

Roe Boe's Sound Tigers lease was only with VSA/Centerplate. 

The Sound Tigers lease was with VSA/Centerplate.
We all know the history, the Islanders signed a five year affiliation agreement to provide prospects  for Roy Boe's new AHL team at the new building called Harbor Yard managed by VSA/Centerplate.

Boe ran out of money by 2004, the Islanders sued the Sound Tigers, Wang bought Boe out becoming Sound Tigers owner, and having VSA/Centerplate as his Smg-like landlord in Bridgeport.

Wang moved a Sound Tigers game to the Coliseum for free admission in March 2005. 

Never found a thing on a Sound Tiger lease extension with VSA/Centerplate to take us to 2011.  

Remember the Sound Tigers playoff games shifted to the Coliseum in 2009? Saffan ripped a VSA/Centerplate employee, showed Fornabaio the lease  and made clear they can have Sesame Street 365 days if they want?

Saffan later apologized, Fornabaio blamed the Sound Tigers because they knew months earlier. 

If you want go back to March 30th 2009 for peripheral backstory. 

How Did Wang Get Rights To Newly Branded Webster Bank Arena In 2011?
On 1/6/2011 a naming rights deal for 3.5 million was announced which changed the arena name from Harbor Yard to Webster Bank Arena to 2021.

VSA/Centerplate by 2010-11 was losing big money, wanted out of fully managing the facility until 2021, Bridgeport City Council/Mayor was worried about the arena going dark like past teams who left, the city council did not want the workers currently at the building to lose their jobs.

Howard Saffan, Mayor Bill Finch worked well on many things around Bridgeport, and were in negotiations for months. I'm well aware of the 2012 Webster Bank Marquee issues, but wish to stay on point.

2/16/11 Bridgeport City Council Meeting/Minutes (five pages)   

Wang/Saffan stepped in to take over from VSA/Centerplate but wanted changes in the agreement in red:

Approval came at the same meeting on 2/16/2011.

Then What Happened?
There were later meetings with approval from Mayor Finch, but mostly a formality, the above discussions asked for some renovating to the facility which was done since several times. (Howard Saffan joked about it at the 2011 press conference)

 Ct Post 4/29/11 & Sound Tigers website had earlier announcement and this is where things have been since despite Ratner's 2013 comments.

VSA/Centerplate stayed in a reduced role, but Wang took over the 2001-2021 agreement all the way back to Roy Boe that was signed from 2001. (above)

VSA/Centerplate under Wang was re-branded again to Harbor Yard Sports and Entertainment in 2011.

I left that out because it makes things more confusing but that's the name since.

Unless verbal promises & handshake agreements were made not in those documents the Bridgeport Sound Tigers do not have a lease until 2021, and never had one with the city of Bridgeport since their inception.

In fact the only lease the Sound Tigers have ever had was with VSA/Centerplate which Wang took over in 2011 (now called  Harbor Yard Sports and Entertainment) which today only has the words "Professional Hockey League" where American Hockey League or AHL used to appear in VSA/Centerplate's 2001 agreement with the city of Bridgeport.

That's what was changed in those 2011 documents.

Sound Tigers lease? AHL team?

The way the amended agreement reads it could be any professional hockey league.

My knowledge of the Sound Tigers since day one remembers the teams, and leagues in that area that folded or moved.

My reading of those documents by the council clearly acknowledge that history.

Bridgeport city council  wanted any kind of professional hockey to be played, not a dark building which by 2011 already needed some renovating.  

Like I wrote Howard Saffan knows 1000x better than myself, he said AHL or better, however he is out.

Michael Picker who was in Bridgeport when Wang bought out Roy Boe is in at Bridgeport.

6/8/15 Ct Post presents a WalletHub survey that Sound Tigers hockey is not even ranked in terms of being a hockey hotbed. 

Somehow the Hartford Wolfpack are ranked, despite a lower attendance than the Sound Tigers, and who's Ranger branding had been rejected by the Whale fans since day one in 1997.

As written here many times, a Wolfpack playoff game was moved to Webster Bank Arena under Wang's control, some playoff games this year were moved again.

Weeknight playoff games in Hartford produced announced crowds between 2-3,000.

Wang-Mangano Deal To Move Practice Facilities/Business Offices To Cantiague Park

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/05/2015 06:00:00 PM | ||Comments
Islanders Announce Ten Year Deal To Practice At Cantiague Park

Depending on what you read this move from Syosset to Hicksville will take place in season as in practices begin there for the team on 12/31/15 with renovations complete by February 2016. 

NYIFC Comments: What can I add beyond what was written here yesterday? I hope the soon to be majority owners were consulted. This was the Islander former facility from 1979-1992.

Mangano was there with Michael Grabner to open the pro shop in September 2012 or six weeks before the move to Barclays was announced.

Cantiague Park Ice Rink was gutted from the Islander dynasty days and fully documented in the summer of 2010, it reopened for 2010-11 with a banner for Ed Mangano.

Not what fans will wish to see when the team returns to it's former practice facility 1979-1992 from the dynasty years.

This becomes Jon Ledecky, and Scott Malkin's home for business operations for nine years.

Lighthouse project money in escrow? Wonder if Charles Wang got this deal from Mangano so they can keep what they owe him to say nothing about the sublease with Smg which has lumped the Islanders in occasionally with back money owed?

We'll see what this means for Iceworks lease with the team or any connection to a future practice home for Bridgeport?

Litigation over escrow amount from the Lighthouse.....Scott Rechler?

9/4/13: New York/Bridgeport Will Practice At Charles Wang's IceWorks Past 2015

For The New York Islanders Business, The Real Shift In Power Begins Now

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2015 08:30:00 AM | Comments
Plainview New York vs Metrotech Center New York.

The shift in power this time begins for real.

A lot of things just happened quietly, but make no mistake it's the end of an era.

Remember a few years ago in July 2013, Yormark/Barclay's was taking over most of the Islanders business operations?

And then by 3/30/2014 after only eight months the business operations were shifted back to Long Island, and I questioned the relationship among other things?

This was also the exact same date in 2014 here the rumors started coming out that Mr Yormark made his deal with Chicago's Game Plan Creative, Tom O'Grady, to market the New York Islanders at the Barclay's Center.

It's impossible to know how much turnover will happen again when Charles Wang shifts to minority owner or how many of the people with him for years will be working with Bridgeport or moving on to his other business interests which include Neulion?

Neulion operates out of Plainview, and has landed a remarkable number of sports leagues.
Wang in June 2013 landed all Barclay's streaming events rights for Neulion here besides Nets games.

Neulion is showing the Calder Cup (AHL) Finals free on-line this year.  

Charles Wang as a hockey owner in terms of business operations is not someone who changes the people at his side which reflects loyalty, (this is a man who brought in Bob Thornton's son. (who's father/mother sued him) Dan Marshall has been back these multi-layered kids programs out of Iceworks I have been writing about recently which I'm sure is boring to many but caught my attention about the teams overall business.

However Mr Wang's time is ending in terms of running an NHL team, that begins behind the scenes long before next summer.

We can do a lot of worthless speculation on where things go with Iceworks vs Mangano's plans for the Islanders perhaps relocating the teams offices out of Plainview, vs the possible refurbished practice facility in their former Cantiague Park home which brings the team 0.02 miles closer to the Barclay's center.

We have zero clue where the current/new owners sit with that or even Mr Ratner given his work ahead at the Coliseum, and promise/contractual obligation of an AHL team/anchor tenant. 

I do think Michael Picker running the Sound Tigers, and WBA is somewhat part of the trickle down to Bridgeport but mostly because a job became available in a place Charles Wang manages/operates.

It goes without writing it Mr Picker is an excellent executive. Charles Wang has been very fortunate to have him. I remember Picker showing up 2/14/12 at the Nassau Legislature completely unexpected still trying to get a deal done to keep the team in Nassau, he did everything possible making clear nothing had changed for the Islanders despite the referendum loss, and they still wanted to do a deal.

Here was the entry on 2/14/12:

A lot of  people lost their jobs yesterday in this organization:
Kristina Hjertkvist now former Marketing Coordinator:

And the prospects game at Barclays proceeds:
Times are changing, it's barely begun.

Updated: Howard Saffan Out (Michael Picker In) As Sound Tigers President & Running Webster Bank Arena/Jared Gomes Signed

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/03/2015 01:43:00 PM | ||
Updated 6/3 5:19pm: 6/3/15: Ct Post: Howard Saffan is out as Sound Tigers' team president, and at running Webster Bank Arena, which is managed by Charles Wang.

Ct Post blog: Mr Fornabaio said Howard Saffan also went to a meeting with the Islanders after the season, no comment was given from the organization.

NYIFC Comments: Big loss for the New York Islanders, and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers organizations. Mr Saffan did an outstanding job despite the on-ice results which is about Garth Snow, and the hockey staff who sign the players. Saffan is also not a person who pulls his punches, if there were issues, he would flat out say it.

Kirill Petvov Signs With New York/Victor Crus-Rydberg Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/01/2015 06:24:00 AM | || via Has reported the New York Islanders have signed Kirill Petrov to a one year ELC at 850k. 

From what I read, could not tell if a one-way or two way contract. 

Petrov was the Islanders 3rd round pick in the 2008 entry draft who could not come to terms with Ak Bars

Career Stats Ak Bars
NYIFC Comments:
Our long national nightmare is over or about to begin. A one year deal suggest nothing is guaranteed, and if he does not make the team would go through waivers and play his one season in Bridgeport if he decided to report there.

Even by KHL standards, the numbers are hardly dominating. 

Obviously Ak Bars decided to move on after having him under contract for years.
At 25, and his size, we'll see.

Someone on the current NHL/AHL roster just lost a job. 
Long story short, likely got it wrong on Victor Crus Rydberg needing to be signed by 5/31/15. Apparently because he was drafted as a European player by the Islanders, despite going directly to the OHL, his signing window is four years in the new cba aka Linus Soderstrom, not two.

Rydberg signed in SEL on 5/5/15.
His correct NHL signing deadline should be 5/31/17 for the same reason Soderstrom is 5/31/18.
*********************************** Expands on Johan Sundstrom's comments that he wants to remain with the Islanders but wants an answer this week. (likely Wednesday) 

NYIFC Comments:
The only answer Garth Snow is required to give must be by 6/29/15 to qualify Sundstrom, retaining his NHL rights. Sundstrom is free to sign in Europe even if qualified at any time.

If Sundstrom is expecting an NHL guaranteed contract based on his statistical season/injuries, I expect he will not be resigned. If wants a commitment from Snow he'll be qualified, that is one the organization should give to him for 2015-16.

The question is does Sundstrom want to ride buses in the AHL for another season?

If Sundstrom accepts a qualifying offer he will be back with the organization for 2015-16.