New York Places Halak On Waivers (Cleared 12/31) Snow Comments

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  Islanders website: Snow had some additional comments on Halak/goaltending situation.

NYIFC Comments: 
Halak is the best goaltender in the organization by a mile. Greiss despite his strong play is a career backup, and Berube was risked to waivers for Jonas Enroth, who is also now on another NHL team.

Halak came to New York in August for a clinic in Long Island City, went to the World Cup Of Hockey, and was the tournaments true MVP, who almost carried them to a title, he was dominating.

He came to what was left of Islander training camp (with team Europe backup, Greiss) at that level.

The issue should have been decided at that point with Berube going on waivers to play in Bridgeport, despite Gibson, Williams, McAdam signed there. 

Sorry, but Capuano went well past his not commenting on goaltender mantra vs Wild to throw Halak under the bus. He won the five of six games, and beat Pittsburgh, Rangers, Washington, with solid goaltending  facing 30-40 shots all season on average  in front of a team that cannot play in the third period without giving up goals or a push from the opposition.

Forgive me for laughing but before the Caps win Monday, Halak, sat for thirteen days, he's not going to get to any level sitting.

On the flip side management had every right after Halak's injuries/surgery to give Berube NHL money, and have insurance in case he got hurt again in a career where he has not proven durable or has been traded at times he was starting/winning. Berube knew exactly what he signed up for here (NHL money-one way contract) and could have refused to sign, to go earn AHL money elsewhere.

Sorry, but no good answer here. Berube is not Martin Jones in terms of prospect potential, and needed more work when the Kings risked waivers, and now needs much more at AHL level. Kevin Poulin was claimed by Tampa, but already signed here so it was not like Snow went looking to upgrade his backup goalie spot.

Not sure if another team claims Halak, given his cap-hit, and another year on contract, which means McAdam with his 7-0 start, Williams go back to Missouri, or Chris Gibson leaves when he's finally healthy.

Halak's the New York Islanders best goaltender, the shots against this team is facing is not on the goaltending, and sure Halak struggled vs the Wild, but enough to be placed on waivers after sitting for 13 days (before beating Caps) splitting the net with two other goaltenders? No. 

Fifty Game Preseason/Notables

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Numbers do not lie. Thirteen points out of the playoffs, given road schedule coming late in season, and RW's not available last summer simply make a playoff comeback not realistic.

They are not chasing Boston/Ottawa for 3rd in their division.

That means our fans have to wait until April 2018 for a playoff game at best, which could well be the final season in NY if an opt-out notice is delivered by Prokhorov 1/31/18 so it's a very bitter pill to swallow today.

No, I do not believe Ledecky-Malkin bought this team to move it out of New York or ever move it back to the middle of nowhere in Nassau County, despite a dying media trying to keep them out of NYC. 

The Ledecky-Malkin (max payroll or not) fate as owners with the public will be decided if Snow or Capuano are retained, both have had their chance, fair or not, the expectations were not met or close for the money spent.

They stay the fans will entirely tune them out, same as they have not supported this team full time since 1988.

If they do not understand this they are not the right owners, despite how outstanding Mr Ledecky has been with the fans/alumni, he's at these games cheering, a few folks who sat with him in Florida made clear he was furious when they lost in final seconds. 

Scott Malkin said their reputation were like hockey players in 2014, they bump and crash into things, time to see a little bit of that side, in a sterilized NHL, this does not mean hiring or firing people in December, with everyone working for other teams who have the best resume who could be available later.  

Wang kept Milbury under different circumstances in 2001, he was given a payroll increase,  and his team made three straight playoffs. The first year he lost, he resigned in January 2006, but stayed on through the end of the season. Wang made clear he was clueless finding a replacement or told to hire experience, afraid to trust his instincts with Snow.

Snow's had over a decade, Capuano's had a long run for limited results. 

Ledecky is a former minority NHL owner, between that and his listening tours for the last two plus years, it's time for a completely new direction at the end of this season in the hockey ops department.

Sorry, but I come from a different generation, don't need any analytic or metrics. In my era many teams had a coach/gm in one role, not ten people or big names with no experience.

Yes, I'm talking about Lafontaine, Shanahan, Linden, Davidson, even Yzerman. Enough president's or vice president's of hockey operations or assistant gm's which is a fancy word for a hockey committee made up of people with little experience.

Sadly, I do believe this team is going heavy analytic or money-puck.
Too many players moving around from center or played out of position, the one natural right wing is Clutterbuck for those who want to blame Chimera, Strome or anyone else put on right wing.

Do I think the players tuned out the coach? No, given how aside from three games against Tampa they had a realistic chance to win every other game in the third period, and what they did winning those 5/6 games, getting 11/12 points, and still losing ground on teams in front of them? 

The goaltending has kept them in every game, too many times this team/defense faces 30+ shots, the low maintenance 2-1, 3-2 wins surrendering less than 25 shots do not seem capable from this roster.

With the names on this defense, that's inexcusable. 

Has it been long overdue to find a coach who does not say "for whatever reason" when they always play with games on the line  like they are waiting for the roof to cave in? Yes, and 29 other teams know it going into every third period on a roster now with some Stanley Cup winner who came from teams who were good at closing out games.

Smarter fans also understand what Capuano tells our joke media, and what happens behind closed doors is mostly far different. 

It's also about time some prospects come up and become top players getting league-wide attention for their break through or some veteran UFA to improve here, not regress into oblivion.

The touch here with Moulson, Parenteau, Grabner, Streit, and others has been absent with prospects despite the 25 goals from Lee, Nelson's production, Strome's 50 point year in past.

How come Quine who looked like an NHL player ready to put up 20 goals last April, has regressed? Same for Beauvillier, who's a left wing/center, who prefers center, but plays right wing?

Aside from Okposo's production on right wing (which was very spotty for long stretches) the players who left are not producing much, and were good at losing games in third periods for many years themselves.  

Ladd for what he's paid should swim or sink with Tavares. Lee is finally getting his numbers without being on the top line. Bailey for as well as he has played, simply does not produce enough, and he's been good. 
Moving ahead we have seen several good Islander teams win with no pressure late in seasons, we'll see who steps up on a team that will largely return in 2017-18 given almost everyone is signed beyond Greiss, Berube, Seidenberg + expansion draft losses.

Does it mean a lot if this team plays ten over from here, and finishes strong? No, given so many 34-37-11 seasons where they were great only to start losing again the next year. Ladd/Boychuk will be a year older with Chimera/Clutterbuck.

Let's be clear, there is a reason many teams in this league are out of the playoffs five years or longer once they fall back or some see the playoffs once in a decade.

That cannot happen here anymore. 

New York Resigns Cal Clutterbuck 5 years

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NYIFC Comments: 
Not going to write he took a discount but this is the market, and this is one of Tavares core players so never a bad thing to keep him happy now that his best friend Okposo is gone. I guess he can be scratched from the list of players who do not like playing at Barclay's center. 

For New York Standings Don't Lie, It's Not 2013-14

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Bottom line, it took seventeen games over five hundred in 2014-15, fifteen over in 2015-16 for the 8th seed. I simply do not see the math working despite a modest winning streak off 30+ save wins with no scoring right wings.

Jon Ledecky's Quoted Comments On Hockey Operations

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Sorry folks, we don't waste folks time here with sourced based gossip from a newspaper that owns another NHL team.

Nor does any astute fan of our team require them.

Mr Ledecky made a handful of appearances during the summer where no video was posted on the Islanders website, same as Devils.  (who both have the same television carrier, and control video content permitted)

Jon Ledecky:
8/5/16 Northwell Health Ice Center: 

I think that on the ice, we have the staff to handle that, so I'm not ever going to be in a position to comment about a trade, but I am going to be in a position to improve the experience for the fans, and to make sure that our players have a world class experience.

There are two things an owner should do:

Spend to the Cap.
Make sure that your legacy player (in this case) John Tavares is an Islander for life.

Those are Mr Ledecky's only public quoted comments on hockey operations beyond his earliest comments they would not meddle in hockey ops because that's what a bad ownership does.

Scott Malkin is this teams primary governor, technically speaking his is the final word.

To expect any owner to comment about his employees in any newspaper would not be appropriate.

Bottom Line: It's Time For Changes

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I expected Mr Ledecky/Malkin to keep their word, and not interfere with the hockey ops, but obviously they cannot like what they see from their President, Alt Gov, General Manager where a decision has to be made about his job status by them.

They spent big money, demanded progress from last season, and clearly are not getting what they paid for with this teams future in New York to be decided by 1/31/18.  

No owner is going to discuss their employees so those demanding comments in part time at best, local newspapers are kidding themselves, this team has no media, and the one full time writer employed by another NHL team's newspaper is a joke who works far less than his counterparts.

Garth Snow considers the local media a joke, I agree with him completely given their low coverage budgets, skipping playoff games, and snark on twitter which happened even during the 101, 100 point seasons.

The UFA market on 7/1 did not have a right wing answer, nor did the very limited trade market last summer, the best RW was Okposo, and playoff teams were not kicking down his door. 

Here's reality:

Without Seidenberg's (+10) puck-luck earlier goals for a defense third in the NHL in scoring, this team may have only two wins.

In their 16/20 games they entered the third period tied or ahead with 8/20 games lost in regulation late or forced to overtime is too much, it has happened for countless years under this coach. 

Capuano when he got his vote of confidence from Snow/players said it's on him for the team not scoring, and has to find the right combinations while the 20 goal/38 million dollar left wing does not play with Tavares, and is even on the 4th line.

In the last seven games they have not scored more than two goals, what he tried failed. 

Fair or not that goes on the coach, and his staff, the system, mindset has to change with the voice, even if it's Weight, Cronin or Thompson for the remainder of this season.  An outside coach getting more term than the gm could put his successor in a bad spot without his coach.

Chimera cannot score at right wing, it's not his position.

Management's admission that Strome should not be a right wing led to him struggling badly back at center, being moved back to right wing, and now he sat against San Jose.

Prince, Quine, cannot be moved around or sit this much and contribute.

Beauvillier who was playing left wing, said he prefers center, is now is getting shifts at right wing which is how you completely ruin a prospect or injure him.

They do not have a single player who can play right wing and produce as a top six player, and with Ladd not on the first line the same can be said for the left side.

Casey Cizikas got an enormous contract for his career production.

They scored a grand total of two goals against Anaheim, one against Peter Budaj in 58 minutes, one against Martin Dell in 59 minutes, those goaltenders did not steal the game. 

Nielsen's lack of even strength offense is not hurting them because he did not score here in his final fifty games.  Okposo was rarely with Tavares last season until the end, and if Parenteau who Toronto let walk after 20 goals hardly cared, his release here should not make this big a difference.

The goaltending has not been the issue when you cannot score, and have this many games close. Berube decided on an NHL salary vs refusing to sign, and risking an AHL paycheck elsewhere last summer.

Bottom line it's time for a change behind the bench for an interim coach, and if necessary Snow to receive his walking papers or he remains in the interim, while the owners look for full time replacements in the summer.

Can't replace a full staff in season nor would one be available who can help.

The schedule will only keep getting worse.

I like Capuano/Snow but it's time for a change in philosophy/perception.

These owners paid for first class, and cannot make the same mistake Charles Wang did with Mike Milbury after his first season where only Butch Goring paid the price because the remaining fans will tune them out permanently.

Garth Snow/Jack Capuano have gotten their chances, a high payroll, a long-tenure, and have tried everything possible, it's time to go interim, and pick a new direction next summer.

Snow Vote Of Confidence In Capuano

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/16/2016 11:00:00 AM | Comments
NYIFC Comments: The problems at right wing look insurmountable to me, and the young forwards (Strome, Lee) in their natural position are struggling with the special teams. The 4th line right wing (Clutterbuck) is the best right wing on the roster, moving career veterans like Chimera to an off-wing has not worked. The one right wing prospect in Bridgeport was benched already in Ho-Sang. We all know the math to make the playoffs, and the division is improved. As beaten down as Tavares looks (same as Clutterbuck) they do not see the coach as the problem, so the gm backed them. 

What's next is they keep playing, 68 games is a lot of hockey, the owners made clear their expectations for their payroll and it's on them at the end of the season. No one cleans house after 16 games.

New York Notables: Show Time or No Time

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Jon Ledecky said what his expectation was for his team this season, and that only a bad owner meddles as he promised no interference with the hockey operation.

So far this is working out like his satisfaction on Barclay's efforts to improve the ice and hire a full time manager, if the players are complaining, it's not 1st class or meets expectations.

If their expectations are not met on the ice a decision will be made on the president, general manager, it will not happen after only 14 games, and should not happen for the remainder of this season as they evaluate behind the scenes without involvement.

If the attendance does not meet anyone's expectations an opt-out notice will happen by 1/30/18 with Quebec waiting so fans better decide to stay home means no more team anywhere in NY.

Attendance is up from last season with so many early week games. 

The gm will decide if the coach stays or an interim will be hired or promoted as things progress this season.

What was written in the previous entry on the problem at RW is not going away, and frankly so far has gone from bad to worse, this problem goes beyond coaching.

The special teams go directly on the coaching staff.

Everyone knew the top forward free agent market on 7/1. Okposo, Ladd, Loui Eriksson.

Dumping Parenteau seems a mistake but let's get real, Toronto dumped him without a second thought after finishing 30th as did many of his past teams after leaving here, he was not even a 1st line right wing here last time beyond a few brief stretches.

Strome played most of last season with Tavares, not Okposo who would disappear for long stretches. Nielsen's intangibles vs his 50 games in a row without a single even strength goal are not a big loss beyond shootouts.

The New York Islanders do not have right wings capable of playing on the first two lines in this organization, no coach fixes that, demoted center Barzal, LW/C Beauvillier here to stay, and RW benched in Bridgeport Ho-Sang does not fix this. Quine is a center, he produced as a winger last season, but it's not an easy transition to play full time at this level in a new position, and be a healthy scratch.

And still with Hamonic out, Pulock out in AHL, the awful special teams, three goalies (Halak/'s agent not happy while Alan Walsh's other client Berube with no starts) and only six defenders on active roster they are 5-7-2 with Seidenberg giving them shocking production (with defense) that has kept them close to five hundred with three killer regulation losses in tied games entering final minutes.

Seidenberg, Boychuk are going to level off in the production department, or go ice cold, this roster is packed with players who can go 20 games or more without goals.

Capuano went back to Strome briefly at RW despite management saying he did not belong on wing, then took career LW Chimera and put him with Tavares? Did not work.

Ladd was also moved from his career position to RW, then back to third line on LW, seems no chemistry with Tavares at all.

Beauviller got a game with Tavares at left wing, lineup packed with left wings and centers. 

Bailey got his look at RW, then moved to left wing, then to 4th line RW for now it's Clutterbuck who came here a third liner and was moved to the 4th line off his 15 goals a year ago, it seems the best on-paper alternative.

Capuano seems correctly determined now to keep LW Lee, Center, Nelson & Center Stome in their natural positions. For this team to have any chance they must produce as they have done in the past or the coach will pay with his job because the clock is ticking on this season. So far Lee/Strome have struggled badly, and Nelson after starting good has gone quiet which sometimes last a long time.

Capuano will not survive if that continues, despite legitimate issues on RW. 

Halak is not the reason the team is losing, he's signed for next season so he's going to play until someone takes his contract. Greiss is a pending UFA, Berube is making NHL money with his one-way deal, and will have to prepare like an NHL backup does.

So we sit back and see, no hiding from schedule which will only get worse.
More twitter then expected, coverage on Coliseum total 180 from Dolan's past two plus years going from prosecuting deal daily from business/editorial writers to hyping every single thing announced like deal is done for them to purchase from Prokhorov/Ratner after 1st phase of renovation done or at some future point. 

New York's Problem That's Not Going Away

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Did not expect another entry this soon, but see something different from past years.

They do not have any top six right wings. Management's first choice to replace Parenteau (not a first line right wing) was to use a career bottom six left wing in Chimera.

Then when that did not work it was time to move the player management said should have not have been playing right wing in Ryan Strome, he was back on right wing.

This frankly makes them look like they have no plan or idea what to do.

Lee bounced to right wing last year, and has been moved there early this year, but he's a left wing, and has had his best success with Tavares on the left, the plan has been to make him play like Mark Parrish, despite the fact this kid showed good skating skills when he came here.

Quine is a center, Prince is a left wing or has been used in that spot. Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, not a right wing. Nelson is a center who's played left wing with Tavares but showed little chemistry, he's not a right wing based on rare looks there. 

Can't use the Grabovski plan with veterans much less kids unless you want to get them hurt.

Nice that Bailey scored a beauty at 4-4 to win an overtime game, but career trends do not lie nor was he management's first choice this year.

Beyond that you have Clutterbuck, a right wing with skating/scoring skills, who's been on the 4th line the past two seasons. 

So Mr Ledecky feels the next step should be beyond the second round, how does this team even play five hundred hockey without two top qualified right wingers with the NHL's worst schedule?

Why unload Parenteau under these circumstances where Tavares had one practice with him on a Friday, went to Washington for one preseason game, and then release someone advertised as a top right wing who at least would have helped this issue on the second line.

Sorry, but this problem is not going away, and don't write Ho-Sang if the plan is to make any serious run at a Stanley Cup right now.

New York Roster Announced

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/11/2016 03:58:00 PM | Comments
And now we sit back, give twitter/website a break, and see what happens. The twitter account is now protected, screen caps will work fine here if necessary.

Easy to go back & read past entries/tweets to where things need to be for a playoff spot, as things go up/down with the standings/players.

The plan here has always been to set folks up for the next season at the end of the previous season, and that is now completed both here & prospect site.

Done writing about media coverage & Dolan's for good. It's in the New York Islanders hands to fight for their coverage, you know where I stand on these subjects, folks are free to accept coverage or speak up.

I failed on being silent in the past when this was written here, that will not happen again.

After Bloomberg posted Prokhorov's bond offering statement information the lease details were posted here for everyone, and remain here. Everyone now knows when the lease deadlines are with lease opt/outs, same with Bridgeport, and we have a Coliseum website with a 4/5/17 date for re-opening which will never house an NHL team again.

Parenteau Claimed By New Jersey/Defenders To Bridgeport

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/11/2016 12:10:00 PM | Comments
This puts roster at 23 with only 6 defenders, 14 forwards with Quine, Barzal, Beauvillier, Boulton, Grabovski  on IR. Apparently something up with Halak again, while Shane Prince practiced.

Best of luck to P.A Parenteau. 

New York Places Parenteau On Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/10/2016 12:05:00 PM | Comments
Obviously for this to happen management was not happy with what they saw in camp, despite him only having a few practices, and only Sunday's game with Tavares.

No hiding this goes on Garth Snow for signing him, we'll have to see if he clears waivers. (possible)

Folks who followed him last time here know he was rarely a first line player beyond the powerplay, he was a third line right wing. We'll have to see how this plays out, but clearly management advertised signing him as someone who would help off a twenty goal season, and now they have changed direction days before the opener.

Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, as we have seen with Strome moving a developed center to wing can become a problem which management second guessed their own decision-making moving Strome to right wing.

Quine is a career center, who came up and played wing.

For now we sit back/wait, could be another moving coming from outside. 

New York Season Preview

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/09/2016 04:14:00 AM | Comments
Folks, let's be clear because the one thing that is not done here is entries written with amnesia. All of last season I wrote about how poorly this team played, & were badly outplayed in many games

I saw no path to a team struggling & winning ugly almost never playing home for a month with no days off, and qualifying for the playoffs vs all the teams in division with a reasonable schedule.

Some will recall me posting the March schedules of all the other teams, and doing a comparison.

I believe the schedule is far worse than last year for the New York Islanders.
The amateur bloggers, pod-casters are selling their business/themselves, resume building & rare part-time professional media have to claim they are covering our team, which they don't.

Waste of time, nothing I can write, not written before that's new beyond Mayfield can come up without waivers, the prospects left will likely go back to juniors, and we'll see who goes back to Bridgeport between Pelech/Pulock or both before the injuries hit.

Have already written plenty about outgoing/incoming/developing players. 

I will do a brief entry when teams final roster comes out on Monday-Tuesday. 

Then they will go play games, and we will find out. Could finish anywhere between 1-15, and you can write that about almost every team given many have been rebuilding for years.

Some players will improve, others will regress, there will be the usual share of injuries, and the nine-game road trip in a short-schedule will be a big problem other teams will not face. 

Funny, when the Islanders were having all those second half's of seasons where they had the second best record in East or finishing 17-5-2 on road, Scott Burnside, was not calling for a huge standings improvement.

A lot of this junk, even at the professional level, is about personal connections between media/team officials or flat out selling teams they need to market their newspaper/outlet.

Our team does not have that problem with no home media. Out of 30 NHL teams, they come in 30th every year in that department. 

Mayfield To Waivers, Bernier PTO Over/Cuts

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/06/2016 12:51:00 PM | Comments
So much for the first road header in a year to give Scott Mayfield equal billing with Bellows. UPDATED 10.7.16-MAYFIELD CLEARED WAIVERS..

Bridgeport loaned Lukas Lofquist to the ECHL’s Missouri Mavericks, all invited players were released, which leaves them with 32 players, including unsigned Jon Landry.

NYIFC Comments:
Did not see Mayfield hitting waivers given lack of NHL depth, we'll know in 24 hours.

No NHL experienced depth in Bridgeport if/when they go past Seidenberg/Pelech, who's not waiver eligible or someone they want watching in stands for long.

Bernier has no 2-way deal waiting at this time so he's out of organization entirely at the moment.

Obviously for now they are not done with Gionta, or the three goalie system.

The players in juniors will get some more practices or a final game in Washington. Ho-Sang, Dal Colle will make their AHL debuts.

New York Notables: Yormark Media Announcement 10/5/16

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/05/2016 01:14:00 AM | Comments
Islanders website release: Yormark, Ledecky, WFAN comments....more details on radio network.

Not a lot to write, can't see any scenario Snow risk a player on waivers (not even Berube) & with 14 forwards on one-way contracts (Quine-Prince) the forwards are set for this year unless there is a trade.

Pelech does not have to clear waivers, Mayfield does so expect him to stay with Seidenberg. There will be plenty of injuries on defense to go with that nine game road-trip.  Do not see Pulock's shot sent down, but Reinhart still waiting for his turn.

Seems Lee is still on right wing from last season, so he may be Okposo's first line replacement sooner than later.

Not many spots in Bridgeport, if Gionta or Bernier want an AHL 2-way deal I can see that but more productive players still out there, and likely heading to waivers. 
Worst print/tv media for any professional sports team doing what they do best, not spending money to give our team coverage, was never about record, spending, or where arena was before Barclay's.

Dolan wll low-ball NYI (and Devils) at every chance on television. Mr Burke like everyone else does not work for NYI, he works for Dolan's MSG. Miracle our fans got a youtube screen for a live webcast Monday with the teams only true media employees (Chris King/Greg Picker) doing internet/radio call.

How many times will Brendan Burke have to call the New York Islanders, Brooklyn to satisfy his boss, Andrea Geenberg, who is Dolan's media gm for their network?  Like Rose, will he be calling Pat Dolan's Newsday to tell Neil Best our team should change it's name?

Nine minutes before the game it was posted on the Islanders website our fans would get to see a webcast & for most of the first period it did not work at all. The Flyers provided a stream from a loading dock for the first game with no in-game audio.

It's hard to take Jon Ledecky's comments seriously about replacing glass boards when so many of our fans are shutout from seeing this teams games anywhere or they are presented in this manner.

In 2016 it's completely unacceptable for another teams telecast in the New York Islanders home arena in NYC, or Bridgeport. Our team should receive what CSN gives Caps, Comcast gives Flyers, and Dolan gives his teams to market/sell tickets or they should use their website, and express their displeasure. 

Sure Jon Ledecky/Scott Malkin/Charles Wang/Dewey Shay have a choice with television coverage. Dolan can keep his 300 million through 2031, and not allow any game or stream anywhere or when lease opt notice is given the owners can find a real television partner if team moves out of NY entirely in 2018-19/2019-20.

Meanwhile the Dolan's network is giving our fans season tickets, have prime branding at Barclay's and Northwell and  their network on television while our prospects practice?  Last I checked there are no ads for Islander tickets on Ranger board in Manhattan or in Greenberg, our owners do not have a season ticket giveaway for Ranger fans?

Long way from that $50,000 dispute for the Metro Ice Challenge--but not really. 

Yes, read Mr Yormark's tweet on media coverage announcement 10/5, respect his efforts. Seriously if teams radio games on WFAN or another outlet where other teams get priority, where will most of the games really be broadcasted? Answered above.

We'll see. Wang got them on ESPN before Yankees/Nets got Devils on WFAN, which sent Dolan's teams to ESPN, and Wang's Islanders to Bloomberg, and Hofstra, with an endless radio network.

Dolan can always just put all his +2 games on WPIX to grow NY base, but we know he will never permit that. 

10/3/16: New York vs New Jersey Live Streamed

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/03/2016 06:57:00 PM | Comments
Islanders twitter announced 6:51pm for 7pm game. 

Bridgeport Training Camp Roster Released

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2016 05:55:00 PM | Comments
Many of these players are not signed by organization, and given the depth signed, with big cuts coming after Wednesday, do not expect many to make it to preseason.

New York Islander Fan Central Notable

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/01/2016 06:55:00 AM | Comments
Updated: Removed Sound Tigers twitter, too slow loading both twitter feeds. Only at

newyorkislanderfancentralprospects is by far the most complete website to feature New York Islander prospects anywhere in cyberspace only using professional media with updated player contract information. 

Tweeks to both websites for a better look/access.

New York Signs Dennis Seidenberg

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2016 06:43:00 PM | |Comments
NYIFC Comments: 
Scott Mayfield has to clear waivers, and has a one-way deal. Adam Pelech can go to Bridgeport.

When you start thinking beyond Mayfield-Pelech, who was the next defensive call-up? The history here is a lot more than two defenders hurt at once during a season nor was Zidlicky/Strait replaced.  

Almost always players 35 bought out, rarely surface better on another team. For a defense build on puck moving, Seidenberg will not be an improvement on Brian Strait when he played well, however his cup experience/physical play will help.

We have seen the track record here with these signings whether it be Eaton, Staios, Mottau, let's see if Seidenberg plays in a role suited to his game at age 35.

For now Seidenberg remains on team Europe in the finals of the World Cup of hockey, with Jaroslav Halak starting, and Greiss on roster. 

New York 1st Roster Cuts Of Many

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/28/2016 04:52:00 PM | Comments
Islanders website updated with players who were returned to juniors.

Note-As always official transactions will not be posted here until confirmed  by league, teams, player, agent or a professional newspaper.

Parker Wotherspoon  was the only signed player returned to juniors.

9/26/16 New York vs Philadelphia Live Webcast

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/26/2016 07:11:00 PM | Comments
Flyers feed, not home team.

New York Training Camp Roster

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/23/2016 02:34:00 PM | Comments

* 2016-17 New York Islanders Training Camp Roster.

Complete camp roster released.

New York Notables: Sticks & Pucks Begin

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/23/2016 09:15:00 AM | ||Comments

*Could go either way in standings.

*Roster discussion.

*Lease negotiations undercurrent after 2016-17 concludes will be close to surface.  

*No holding back on lack of video/ITV/media.

*New York Islander Fan Central Update.

I don't have a lot to write on the current roster beyond many have amnesia on where Parenteau usually played here last time beyond power-plays. (third line) Alan Quine played very well and signed a two year-one way contract, and will be in the lineup, so will Shane Prince. They have enough centers playing wing with or without Grabovski, and who knows if Ho-Sang/Dal Colle get a call from Bridgeport or push someone out of a job? 

Expect injuries, that's always a given here. 

Barzal is not going to win a spot here based on a year ago, there are too many drafted centers under contract with Strome, Nelson & Quine natural centers with Cizikas. 

Halak looks great at the folly tournament, but far too much work for a player who missed 16 weeks with surgery, and has two years left on his contract. If I were Garth Snow I would not be thrilled with their coach, Ralph Kruger, who could have started Greiss (who needs work) against Canada in a game where they were going to advance win or lose.

For those wondering Halak is getting very close to the amount of games Berube started last season if Europe does go to the finals. 

If Berube's claimed so be it. The fact he needed to go on waivers a year ago, only screams he needs waivers again even more now after a year with less work then the Kings gave him.

Christopher Gibson knows the goaltending math, he could be pushed out of the starters job in Bridgeport, no doubt he looked around after he did not accept his qualifying offer, he should not be happy nor should Williams who mostly played for Bridgeport last year.

What I can write is the last two years it took 17-15 games over five hundred to qualify for the playoffs, you have to be a very good team to get in. 

The worst team in the NHL usually wins around 30 games. 
Ok, so the team that has prospect games/media day mostly on snap chat, that has not released any video of Mr Ledecky's appearances besides amateur video/audio from fans (while the owner is desperately asking for customers to purchase tickets) opens camp at Northwell. 

So now it's so bad Dolan's Msg is giving away New York Islander season tickets in a contest, with their ads, and Msg channel on Northwell screens for all our prospects to see?

Are the New York Islanders sponsoring a season ticket giveaway for Ranger fans at Chase Garden, are the Islanders advertised on hockey boards inside their rink in Manhattan & Greenberg? 

Personally I loved Neulion's ITV days back to 2006 where we got daily interviews, pregame, postgame, all on the Islanders website (like other NHL teams) produced by the team, not the canned crumbs slowly moved from Msg network website to the Islanders website last season or audio only which I gave a pass on last season only because of the teams first year at Barclay's, and purchase of Northwell with the teams offices still inside the Coliseum.

Sorry if it bothers folks (not really) but the things available in 2006 Wang paid for should be a given in 2016. 

The prospect game in June was advertised as being live streamed on the Islanders website, same as it was at Barclay's a year earlier. On game day, fans asked what happened with no response from the Islanders to the customers. 

Time is up on my patience regarding this subject.

No one should be happy Al Arbour's 8/29/16 full memorial service quietly was posted on the Islanders website on 9/8/16 when it should have been live. Absolutely it was was wonderful the owners did that for the Arbour family. 

Going to that canned MLB website format for all the teams looks awful, they slapped it on last January, now every team is stuck with this template. No, that has nothing to do with the Islanders, the league decided that.

Neulion was far superior, and not because Wang was chairman until June 2016 with his wife in that role now.

You get the impression Dolan will not even allow streaming live video from the teams new practice facility which the Islanders are now contractually obligated to hold practices at through 2026 for Wang to receive Lighthouse escrow money from Nassau.

Mr Ledecky, simply put, every chance this team can be seen live on it's website is an opportunity to sell more tickets as a New York team like the other the eleven other teams in NY/NJ not marketed by Mr Yormark.

If you (primary governor Malkin ) want any hope (unlikely) of Mr Prokhorov keeping your team as a tenant where he pays you 53 million/increasing, the team has to be seen so folks want to go to games so everyone can make more money. 

That does not happen with no daily ITV, snapchat, and not being seen/covered. We all know Pat Dolan's Newsday writer Staple will be as negative as possible, and provide the bare minimum while Zipay will outwork him badly selling their team. 

We all know those other fan bloggers who are selling themselves or some podcast want a career/business so their resume comes first which means they don't criticize the Islanders, and especially the Garden/Dolan's, who own the professional writers chapter. 

None of this is a criticism of the employees who never stop writing on the Islanders website, some retained from before Barclay's taking over business operations (the second time) who write for both the Islanders & Nets, and do a great job for our fans.
New York Islander Fan Central will continue for the 2016-17 season. What can be written is I do not wish to take every winning streak or losing streak and write about the parade in June, or everyone's being fired or traded any longer. It's boring/predictable. 

Not sure how often I will write or use twitter beyond it will be less but I seem to post this disclaimer every year.

Claude Loiselle Named Hockey Operations Consultant

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/20/2016 02:48:00 PM | Comments
 “Claude brings decades of management and player evaluation experience to the Islanders and we’re excited to add him to our team,” Islanders President and General Manager Garth Snow said.

New York Resigns Ryan Strome

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/20/2016 10:29:00 AM | Comments

New York Rookie Camp Roster Released

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/16/2016 07:38:00 AM | Comments
Islanders website: Released the rookie camp roster, which opens 9/16 at Northwell.

New York Television Schedule Released

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/15/2016 11:41:00 AM | Comments

Complete Al Arbour Memorial Service Video

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/13/2016 09:18:00 AM | Comments

9/12: New York Moving Forward Into 2016-17

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/12/2016 08:15:00 AM | Comments
We all know the lease details now, and what will be decided by January 2018, there is no new arena in NY that will be ready in three years and both Mr Prokhorov/Malkin have not made any public comments.

I have listened to every word Jon Ledecky said at Barclays, Northwell at both team events on audio. 

There will be no Tavares contract without a new lease next summer, but that's in the future also.

So for now we move forward with 2016-17,  the clock is ticking on Strome, a lot of top players at a folly tournament in high pressure games far too early, that has no value could bring a serious injury.

Islander camp will open without it's head coach, both goaltenders, Tavares, and many important players.

Others will fight for jobs, expecting some surprises/perhaps a trade or two because they have no veterans on defense in reserve. The top six on defense are an improvement over many past years. 

On paper, as always, it could go either way putting it between 2nd-15th in a conference packed with good teams that mostly are all improving.  I see a New York Islander team that struggled so badly last season even in most wins, it's hard to know if the league did figure them out, but they still managed to win, unlike Calgary.

Garth Snow's best decisions recently seem to be the players who turned him down heading into UFA. Nielsen will be missed killing penalties/shootouts, but five on five goals? No.

I think they dodged a bullet on Nielsen at seven years. Fifty games between five on five goals last season is too much, and Strome, Nelson should be playing their natural drafted/developed spot at center.

Is Okposo better than Ladd? I think so, but Ladd never had Tavares in Winnipeg.  Hardly a fan of players changing wings or not in their natural position but we saw Capuano move Lee to right wing.

Parenteau was rarely a 1st line right wing the last time he was here, he played on the powerplay or the third line.

Six goalies, two teams. Could care less who is happy/unhappy, go win the job.
Northwell has three rinks, Halak has two years left on his contract, and has dominated this division.

Berube may get more preseason games than he did starts last season with only six, last year the Kings put him on waivers to get work.

The NHL"s worst local media will have little, but Snow's going to give Dolan's media the crumbs they give the team in coverage or far less than a 101-100 point team deserve.

Steven Gionta's agent said he's coming to camp on a PTO over other teams because he felt there was a job to be won here.

What folks should be hoping for is Dal Colle/Ho-Sang win a job before Barzal or another prospect, if not the two older prospects will go to Bridgeport.

9/6/16: New York Islander Fan Central Notable On Bloomberg Lease/Opt Out

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/06/2016 04:30:00 PM | Comments is an amateur website that will never break a single news story.

Articles only with direct quotes from professional media are what's linked here for reference.

The information on Mr Prokhorov refinancing his Barclay's arena debt which contained the Islanders lease agreement, opt out negotiation dates with 8/8/16 Convention Sports & Leisure's future revenue simulations/projections on Islanders attendance belong entirely to Martin Braun of Bloomberg on 8/9 who provided me the link to Mr Prokhorov's submitted information when I asked on 8/25/16.

All questions should be referred to the Mr Braun at Bloomberg, that's where the proper credit/thanks belong.

An amateur blogger at Yahoo, who is not professional media, writing my comments completely out of context (without my knowledge) to craft an incorrect narrative also proves why that site is not where you go for professional media information. 


New York Islander Fan Central | 8/31/2016 08:08:00 AM | Comments
What's more important than a lease extension for this franchise to keep them in New York?

Sorry, but not a 5th ring if this franchise relocates in 2-3 years.

Not John Tavares resigning. 

There is no other arena waiting in New York for this franchise with revenue streams to support an NHL team in three years available. 

Mr Ledecky also cannot approach John Tavares or his agent next summer about a new contract without a lease extension agreement first.  

We don't need sources, gossip, or speculation, Mr Prokhorov's offering statement remove all questions, we now have specific deadlines to negotiate a lease extension, and the terms of the current lease.

Nothing but respect for Jon Ledecky's efforts, commitment to winning a Stanley Cup now, and absolutely believe all his intentions are a hundred percent sincere to keep this franchise in New York & resign John Tavares.

This team again has a top payroll, despite poor fan support early in season (as in 2014-15) with Tavares, and making the playoffs.  Barclay's cannot have enough open houses or ways to fill seats on weeknights, Mr Ledecky, Gillies, Yormark cannot make enough phone calls to entice new fans.

Reality also is this team can sellout every single game, but if Mikhail Prokhorov does not want to pay them after 2018 or wants them out of Barclay's Center, they have to relocate.

We have no idea where Mr Prokhorov stands, 53.5 million dollars yearly is a lot of money for 41 events, if he sells Barclay's in the future, a potential Islanders lease extension likely makes it harder for him to sell or costs him money.

I put up the links and all updates to Prokhorov's offering statement, Ledecky's comments on 8/29/16. They will remain here at top of page until camp begins, then be moved down the page a little, but they must remain posted.

I completely understand Mr Ledecky-Mr Malkin are child-hood friends who communicate daily. Having written this Scott Malkin is the primary governor of this franchise, that's what the league announced, and what's on the teams website. They will stand together & relocate the franchise together if necessary.

Will shift things back to hockey but the uncertainty about this teams future has never been more dire, regardless of Bridgeport, Northwell, Webster Bank Arena, Iceworks, or the 2031 cable contract. 

 Ledecky: “Barclay's is going to be our home for years to come.“ When asked beyond four years...“The last time I looked I’m not the predictor of the future, right now, I’m focused on one thing and that’s getting the fifth ring for our fan base. That’s the most important thing.” 8/29/16

Nothing is more important than this franchise having a permanent NY home.......NOTHING.
Good faith negotiations can commence at the conclusion of this season? How about Mr Malkin, Prokhorov, Ledecky lock the doors now, and announce a real-iron clad lease?

There is no Islanders leverage here, it's Barclay's or out of town for this franchise. 

8/29/16: Al Arbour Celebrated By NY Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/29/2016 06:58:00 PM | Comments
Islanders website & Newsday & NY Post sent writers, with Arbour family, ownership, alumni, current players. Islanders website 8/30/16
NYIFC Comments: 

Nothing I can add to what was written last summer here which still feels like yesterday. I had a few comments on twitter about Mr Ledecky's quotes about Barclay's.

The organization did a fantastic job for Al Arbour, and his family the last few days.  

Prokhorov's 8/6/16 Offering Statement Confirms New York Islanders Out Clauses, Lease Agreement

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/26/2016 06:53:00 AM | |||Comments
 Prokhorov offering statement pdf files August 2016

I asked to see the offering statement, so we have no guesswork, gossip, rumors or speculation. This is Mr Prokhorov's paperwork submitted to refinance his arena debt on Barclay's Center.

Martin Braun of Bloomberg, provided me a link to the pdf files. They cannot be posted here, but Mr Prokhorov provided all details of the Islanders out clauses, lease agreement, revenue so folks can read for themselves.

Click on the link Mr Braun provided, go to official statement tab, click on pdf file for 8/23/16.

Also included is the Convention Sports & Leisure Review of many projected facilities, but again references the Islanders lease out clauses, and had model/projections of the teams attendance, revenue, that's more projection/analysis than fact.

Page 76, 77, 79, 99 answer all questions.

Convention Sports & Leisure begins it's analysis on page 119, page 127 has historical analysis of Islanders. Page 182, 185 has a simulation of the Islanders general paid attendance moving forward.

This is a 200 page pdf document. 

Long story short the New York Islanders can leave Barclay's after the 2017-18 season, Barclay's/Prokhorov can kick them out after 2018-19.

* After 2016-17 season both sides can initiate good faith discussions regarding modifications of financial arrangements in NYI license agreement until 1/1/18.

* If no agreement by 1/1/18 either party can deliver an opt out notice by 1/30/18 which would terminate the agreement at the conclusion of the 2018-19 season or the 4th year of the lease.

* If either party decides to send that opt out notice, the Islanders have the right to terminate the agreement after the 2017-18 season, and leave Barclay's. 

*The Islanders receive 53.5 million per year with a 1.5 percent increase per year. Barclay's receives all revenue. The Islanders pay 2 million/cover operating expenses which came to 6.5 million, and receive ticket revenue for playoffs.

Specifics are provided in the paperwork.
NYIFC Comments:
Bottom line the 25 year lease is a fact, but hardly iron-clad as Wang proclaimed in October 2012.

There is no arena in NY for this team to move to so those thinking the NY Islanders have any leverage are not dealing in reality.

The media push (partly from Dolan's media outlets who have hundreds of millions to gain by the team leaving NY entirely) will increase to get them out of Barclays, the fan push from the Long Island only crowd boycotting games since 1989 will drive them to another market entirely with Prokhorov not wanting the Islanders in any facility he owns regardless of how things play out in Bridgeport. 

That means the team moves out of New York because there is no NY arena to play in.  NYC will not force Dolan to let them play in his privately owned taxpayer exempt building to retain his expiring operating permit. 

Or both sides could reach a lease extension & are happy with the current terms. Yormark, Ledecky have made clear they have worked well together, and said the right things, but we'll know what they really think by January 2018.

We have no idea where Prokhorov-Malkin stand who are the final word to any agreement.

My observation is Mr Ledecky or Scott Malik (primary Governor) cannot make any promise that Barclay's is the permanent home because Prokhorov has to agree to that. 

Obviously Ledecky-Malkin purchased a NYC franchise with revenue streams to support a team in that market, it will take time to increase a base with a media hiding them in print/television unlike the 1970's but that NY Islander team barely avoided bankruptcy with games on free television, and a dedicated print media with improving fan support.

Bill Torrey/John Pickett were told then by Bill Shea put team in bankruptcy, both disagreed because of the growing fan support that is no longer there this time to show up 41 times.

It's also fair to write Ledecky-Malkin will not be getting a taxpayer funded NHL arena anywhere in the NYC area, nor is the fan base or revenue at the Coliseum to support an NHL franchise.

Nassau County for three years has left the Cosmos hanging while offering a 400 million dollar soccer stadium privately funded so there will again be no taxpayer money coming for an NHL arena or fan support for an NHL franchise to operate in Nassau regardless what happens.

We'll see but the only hope is the fan support increases to make this worth while for both sides to accommodate the other at Barclay's as it did in the 1970's with no media this time.

In other words Ledecky is begging for fan support from a base that has not sold out 41 games since 1988 in any arena. 

We also know by the end of 2017-18/2018-19  Quebec will want an NHL franchise in that empty building with fans ready to purchase 15,000 five year plans immediately at top dollar prices as Tavares hits free agency with a franchise in July 2018 that may no longer have any NY facility to call home with no choice but to relocate.

So will the NHL who are getting more revenue in Winnipeg vs Atlanta, but it's not their decision where the Islanders play inside their territory or what lease agreement they sign.

Malkin-Ledecky will have a better idea soon if the fans will show up besides opening night and playoff games. 

No new building is coming, we know the history, the Coliseum since 1980's has not been a viable revenue option nor is the poor fan support win or lose.

When Wang said it was Barclay's or out of town he was correct, this is the final arena option in this market.

And after what Detroit and Edmonton were handed by the taxpayers for new facilities, it's comical for anyone to think owners who just spent 485 million for 85 percent of a team, are going to pay for an arena also, and provide fans a cap max payroll for people buying seats under ten dollars on stubhub for a gate between 10-12,000 for many games. 

All parties knew what they signed up for when they bought the team & this lease, and also knew the logistics of playing at Barclay's with the poor attendance history at Nassau. 

Mr Ledecky on the surface is trying to promote stability, and desperately engage the fans to support the team, and correctly is selling New York/Barclay's Center, it was also comical to see him telling us how great the seats are at Barclay's so he sounds like a man trying to make this work because there is no other option for them to retain the team here. 

I think this is the final chance for this teams fans to show up, and it may not even matter in the end if Prokhorov would prefer more concerts, a dark arena more often, and to save his 53 million payment.

Tavares will not resign next summer unless this team's future home is secured, that will give us a good idea where things really stand as those good faith discussions begin with Barclay's. 

Blues Working Agreement with New York ECHL Missouri Affiliate

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/23/2016 02:21:00 PM |
St Louis Blues website: Announces working agreement with Islanders ECHL affiliate in Missouri

“Under this working agreement we have the ability to collaborate with the Blues across multiple levels. It’s also exciting for our organization and our fans to add another NHL team to our brand,” said Mavericks General Manager Brent Thiessen.

“The New York Islanders remain our primary NHL affiliate and the Missouri Mavericks owe a lot of last year’s success on the ice to this relationship. For that we are very grateful. Our primary focus, as a development league and team, is to further the growth of the New York Islanders’ prospects they assign us and work with them on a daily basis to achieve that goal,” added Thiessen.

NYIFC Comments: 
A two year agreement was signed, given the proximity to St Louis, and the Islanders/many ECHL teams turnover with affiliations, expect this to be the clubs final year in Missouri. Given the goaltending situation there are six signed goaltenders for three teams.

This does allow the Islanders current majority owners to give Nassau the option of an ECHL affiliation next season, given their comments it seems they will honor their WBA operating lease in Bridgeport through 2021 if they want anything to do with a renovated Coliseum but this could take away customers from Barclay's for NHL games.

Ledecky: "Barclay's Is Home"

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/23/2016 12:31:00 AM | Comments
You can skip first six minutes before brief  NY Islander content. Barclay's Center is home.

New York Resigns Christopher Gibson

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/15/2016 02:27:00 PM | Comments

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/10/2016 09:21:00 AM | Comments
Mostly a quiet time, the usual football from the usual suspects regarding the usual arena nonsense.

And of course the Long Island fans/some Msg media getting amnesia about how good things were at Barclay's after 12/2 through the playoffs, are selling going back a place that could not sellout 41 games under any circumstances since 1989 now with 1972 revenue streams.

My honest guess is if both sides stick with things in ten years this teams fan base becomes huge in NYC, even with Dolan's media doing everything possible to paint a false narrative they are not a NY team since 1972 while they spam NY for NJ teams they have television rights to.

How many owners have to say this team is called New York? 

Bottom line if Bloomberg, Kosman, Dolan's puppets at Newsday/News12 (who likely still would love the Coliseum & their television contract money through 2031 back in their pockets, and may well be contacted to put the Wolfpack in the Coliseum) want credibility produce documents, quotes from those involved or give the source game a rest because all this garbage is click bait for their resumes, nothing else.

Dolan's outlets won't go near their 2013 bid for the Nassau Coliseum or the conflict of interest from the same people who worked very hard in 2011 to influence a no vote for weeks until it was clear a vote would fail by making the referendum a circus. 

Josh Kosman, who's been clueless for years and published a false rumor 23 days before the Islanders went to Barclay's in 2012 cannot even properly write the Coliseum renovation is 130 million (another 130 million for the surrounding plaza) or spell Prokhorov's name correctly before dropping his usual late night gossip,  by a paper who endorses the Dolan's tax exemption permanently, but made clear to vote no in 2011?

Too bad they can spring for a legit 82 game beat writer. 

Surely these outlets can all publish Dolan's documents on the television contracts with the Islanders, Devils, Sabres, along with their tax exemption agreement since 1982 or the expiring operating permit along with Joe Percoco's investigation who's another Dolan draft pick from Albany, who was hired on the Sheldon Silver plan, and in the middle of the Dolan-Cuomo Penn Station renovation here as the tax exemptions continue.

Bloomberg, who has joined the hunt claims they have offering statements on the Islanders lease negotiation dates, and official opt-out date.

Ok. Publish these offering statements, very simple. 

The lease was signed in October 2012, and viewed by all the Islanders old/new majority owners (and their attorney's) with Prokhorov, who bought the arena rights from Ratner.
Not much on the team yet. Someone has to explain to me why if the Kings picked Jonas Enroth over J.F Berube a year ago to where he was placed on waivers so he could start in the AHL, why anything has changed after only starting six games last season in New York besides the need for him to start immediately somewhere from day one. 

If Gibson accepted his qualifying offer or he resigned it was not reported. Send Berube with his one-way contract down and let him start with an NHL paycheck, if he's claimed, so be it.

Kevin Poulin agreed to his deal a year ago around now, general managers are creatures of habit, so if nothing is done with Gibson yet, this could be the time. Not seeing any signed goalies in Missouri so there is a spot for McAdam or Williams.

Halak is signed/working with kids in Long Island City wearing full equipment with two years left on his contract, he's dominated division when healthy. Greiss and him split the work, both will likely not remain healthy.

Last I checked the depth chart screams this roster needs a replacement for Brian Streit, they will go at least 3-4 deep  on defense over 82 games which they do not have in Bridgeport.

And something has to get done with Strome.

Like the players they lost, but let's get real.

Anyone can score one five on five goal like Nielsen did from 12/28/15 to 4/22/16 and be a +1 on the season who was -5 against Tampa, especially in an organization full of drafted centers playing wing.
Some important things will be posted here, others on twitter.

New York Islanders Celebrating Al Arbour 8/29/16

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/01/2016 12:58:00 PM |
 The Arbour family will attend the ceremony, as well as numerous Islanders player alumni, Hall of Fame former General Manager Bill Torrey, former NHL coach and 14-time Stanley Cup Champion Scotty Bowman, Hall of Fame member Jim Devellano, Islanders current Head Coach Jack Capuano and current team captain John Tavares. Islanders former play-by-play voice and Hockey Hall of Fame member, Jiggs McDonald will serve as the master of ceremony. 

This event is to mark the one year anniversary of Mr Arbour's passing on 8/28/15. 

New York Islanders Co-Owner: Dewey Shay

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/28/2016 08:03:00 PM | |Comments
People like me follow these things, the business directory has been slow to change for both the Islanders & Sound Tigers website.

That changed on 7/28/16.

As opposed to guessing I will provide what's been added by the teams websites. 

Scott Malkin is the primary governor of both the NHL/AHL team, and the sale of the Islanders did include the Sound Tigers. Michael Picker retains his role in Bridgeport.

Dewey Shay is a co-owner of both the New York Islanders & Bridgeport Sound Tigers, who has been credited in some books along with Scott Malkin, & Jon Ledecky.

Jay Itzkowitz is the new General Counsel of the New York Islanders.

It Appears Eric Boulton Has Resigned

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/22/2016 02:27:00 PM |
That would be Mr Boulton's agents twitter account.

New York Moving Again? Nothing To See Here

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/22/2016 12:41:00 PM | Comments

As I wrote on 2/26/16 NY Islanders Attendance Success At Barclay's Threat To NHL Media Balance in NYC. The playoffs did nothing but make the case the Islanders are home to stay in NY at Barclay's, in a neighborhood filled with businesses, eleven train lines, and a railroad next to a modern arena.

Fill the unobstructed seats there 41 times, and more seating will be added, it's that simple.

Reality is NYC is not giving anyone parkland on former Shea Stadium site to a sports team (not NYCFC or New York Islanders or Madoff's pal, Fred Wilpon for his mall) he's broke, even after Citibank's naming rights for their Brooklyn Dodgers shrine, and taxpayer bonds that financed a downsized ballpark with half the seats in fair territory that's been renovated almost every year since it opened.

All the other owners got their taxpayer handouts in NY/NJ for new stadium's/renovated arena's, Mike Bloomberg is gone, the store is closed.  Shelly Silver's pals left in Albany voted 6-3 in May 2016 for Dolan to keep getting his yearly taxpayer exemption. (now 48.6 million)

It's not the Mets property to give to anyone, this folly got too much ink long ago with the Islanders around 2009-2010.

NYC just spent 500 million to put a roof on Ashe Stadium, build more tennis infrastructure, and did not give the New York Islanders a first thought, they don't need another arena to sit empty in an over saturated market over three hundred days a year.

As for the chop shops east of Madoff/Wilpon field, that's a neighborhood of generational businesses, there long before Shea was built, in a swamp with no sewage system or basic infrastructure. In the best of circumstances that's a 25 year project after never ending eminent domain fights/lawsuits because the plan was give a convicted felon in the Bronx a 1.5 billion dollar moat aka Yankee-disney. Madoff/Wilpon the 600 million dolllar stadium with the difference in Willets Point real estate.

Madoff/Wilpon went bust, Mario Cuomo cleaned it up for Wilpon in a settlement. Sterling equities (not Steve Stirling) are not getting three billion from taxpayers for their neighborhood.

One subway line, no businesses, with the LIRR over a half mile walk away (outdoors) in Flushing Meadows Park for a fan base that could not draw 10,000 actual people to the Coliseum most years on weeknights since 1989.

Nothing to see here, not for the length of Barclay's 25 year lease, likely ever. Another writer who needed some page views got some clicks, that's it.

I don't know if Jon Ledecky is handling this properly when incompetent Barry Baum, who was a catastrophe at NY Post covering the Islanders speaks for Barclay's. Ledecky made his points loud/clear about Barclay's a week ago, and also said the team is not leaving it's new home in New York.

What I do know is this fan wants stability, with finality to this rhetoric once and for all. 

7/18/16: Bridgeport Resigns Three

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2016 11:40:00 PM | ||

Video: John Ledecky Town Hall 7/14/16/Sound Tigers Future

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/15/2016 02:55:00 PM | |Comments

NYIFC Comments: 
Mr Ledecky did an excellent job, and had fun with it. I'm not a fan of hugging the mascot, or giving it face time, but that's me.

Did not see any ducking tough subjects, but if he does not keep his promises on Tavares/Barclay's, it will become his legacy as owner.  He sounded like he was in Brett Yormark's territory many times with a different philosophy.

 "We are committed to New York, we are the New York Islanders."

That makes me very happy, it's what it's been since 1972, even if a lot media will fight it every chance they can.

I will miss Charles Wang's full-time influence but happy he left things in good hands. Mr Ledecky made clear how things will go at Northwell so some topics I write about are resolved.
To be clear my conversations with Ct Post beatwtiter Michael Fornabaio pointed me to a mistake in a past entry. 6/7/15 entry titled: 2/16/11 Bridgeport City Council Documents: "Professional Hockey League" Not AHL/Better June 2015 entry. The Sound Tigers leaving requires an AHL team or better professional league that was not in previous Feb 2011 hearings when Charles Wang took over operating arena.

My apologies for this error, and thanks to Mr Fornabaio, it was not in discussions on matter before approval. I looked at 2/22/11 hearing, saw approval on page five, but did go to page 150+ (below) for what was in agreement that was not discussed on 2/16/11.
Also to be clear it seems Mr Malkin/Ledecky now operate WBA or have taken over the agreement to 2021.

Ok, an image of Gordie Lane with Stanley Cup to make up for it.
And the only New York Islanders owner who won the Stanley Cup Four Straight Times & Saved them from bankruptcy, Mr John Pickett.

Jon Ledecky Speaks To Pat Dolan Newsday Media/NYC Newspapers

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It was a very good start for Jon Ledecky, he made clear team will spend what it takes to win/max payroll,  not interfere with hockey management.

He will be involved in business end heavily/fan experience improvement at Barclay's, wants this to be teams long-term home, and improvements to Barclay's for hockey. Gave a few stories about what he did last two years speaking to fans to correct issues.

Expects to win, progress to continue, long enough without a Stanley Cup.

Also made clear this teams name is New York Islanders, a metropolitan area team, not Brooklyn Islanders.

Likely keeping Sound Tigers at WBA through 2021.

No Coliseum agreement between him-Malkin /Nassau for any Coliseum games, that's Ratner's agreement with Nassau.

Nothing quoted on who owns/operates Sound Tigers.
Dolan's owned/controlled Newsday media and NYC editors did their Brooklyn branding/lease opt out dance to control spin/editors spending money on full time coverage, ignored Dolan with NHL has final say of team playing four regular season games at Coliseum if Ledecky-Malkin want to play any Coliseum games at all.

Mangano was quick to point out NEC is expected to fulfill it's lease obligations. Ratner made clear he would despite 15 percent controlling stake.

Expect AHL Ranger team under NEC management is Prokhorov/Ratner's call if Sound Tigers staying in Ct.

Mayfield/Quine Resign Two Years

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 Las Vegas Review: Reports Garth Snow's special assistant, George McPhee, will be hired 7/13 as Las Vegas new gm.

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One-way deal means Mayfield can still go to Bridgeport, but makes full-salary. This was not just accepting his qualifying offer. He's going to have to deal with sitting if the NHL defenders are healthy, and did not get a callup despite may defenders hurt last season. He needs to play here or it's not going to work.

Expect a few players to accept qualifying offers, perhaps Quine looking for a similar deal?

Personally, I think the Islanders dodged a bullet with McPhee given his signings/deals with Caps, and how he reportedly has issues with agents. Ledecky has no fall back he's familiar with now.