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Bring The New York Islanders Home To NYC

No Dolan Arena At Belmont

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For two years I read from Dolan's Newsday employees it's Belmont or NYI move to Quebec. Funny, but our one owner who speaks never said that. We're all grown ups, and if that's the truth (with Dolan cable contract check worth 300 million through 2032 voided) by all means tell us after 480 million for eighty percent of a team, a seventy million payroll for years, and a good fifty million plus to change two managements? Not buying, and how many sports teams own another teams newspaper, and makes such a claim?

Dolan's sports editor, Hank Winnicki, was hardly shy about getting New York Islanders to Hartford.

Does not sound like Belmont or Quebec when you spend that kind of money. Peter Malkin's son could have built a very nice mall elsewhere in a lot of cities without massive losses from a failed sports team in Nassau.

Very little new to add from what was posted two years ago on the side-bar here from the past entries. The truth will be hidden, even though it takes little knowledge to know who funds bleeding red ink in Seattle, Oakview/Leiweke, Irving Azoff, and how many billions have gone to Dolan from Cuomo at the Chase Garden. Anyone with a clue knew there was no chance Dolan was not going to put an arena next to the arena he lost, in a place he considered Ranger territory, and still a place he's called home before 1971. That was made a hundred percent clear in 2013 when Ratner won the Coliseum, and sore-losers wrote they would be watching very closely. Since July 2016, the newspaper of Msg, with Dolan owned News12LI, worked 24/7 to make Barclay's the problem despite a record thirty games over five hundred.

Barclay's is not perfect, there is no hiding that or the 190x83 special dimensions that would fix it for free, many past rinks got. Dolan's building has same issues behind a goal.

Belmont's not NYI home when Dolan's cronies Oakview & Azoff operate arena & supply over 110 acts. And as always Cuomo throws Dolan taxpayer money, another 700 million in June/w groundbreaking done for a new LIRR entrance to the Chase Garden. Newsday/Msg of course covered it like basketball on 7/1 when Nets took over Manhattan, while the rest of the local papers hammered Dolan.

Nassau is not fit to sustain an NHL team. The "bring them home crowd" returned with their best team in generations, and only 13.9k seats to sell twenty one times. It failed miserably as expected starting game two against Pittsburgh, and unlike real markets that sellout seasons in a day with the gift of a team, here they did what they do best, stay home. The downsized Coliseum did not sellout or come close many games, even dead-last, gutted Ottawa post-trade deadline outdrew Nassau in a March home/home. The usual excuses we read for thirty years even for Arbour-Torrey to finish last in attendance returned from the worst fan base in the NHL unless it's opening night or a playoff game.

No one builds a rail road station (that went from 300 million to 100 million in a week with lies about financing at first) a 1/2 mile from an arena, that requires shuttle buses, close to a mile away from Malkin's mall or Wilpon's hotel, it's just a bad plan in every direction, next to an already massively over-burdened highway, someone supplying 24/7 shuttles to get to Malkin's mall? Now that road requires 20-30 million to hold a bus to go with price to renvote Belmont Park road, and flooded parks near schools.

NYI need a new deal with Barclays. They need a home where people are to survive financially, that won't be Belmont. They will be under 10k by the second game, and October in Nassau this fall will leave no doubt as usual, they won't be coming eight miles to the Queens border for NHL games, maybe when Dolan brings down AHL Wolfpack which was his 2013 bid after our owners see the light, and lost enough money. Malkin will likely just keep his mall.

It's not NYI arena, it's just the name used to sell a shovel in the ground for Dolan/cronies until the truth comes out. I don't know what Wilpon's end is in this (when he can't develop a thing in Queens where a NYI arena would be perfect) or why Jon Ledecky is a willing part of this failed plan? As usual Newsday/News12 will be a joke, hiding the truth, with politicians well-aware, the Dolan media can control perceptions of voters, and promote who they want in/out of office, even democrats who don't back their agenda.

The bottom line is if this scam happens, the NYI will go out of business, maybe more new owners drag this to 2032 or end of television contract, but the revenue steams as a 41-day tenant, in a mall will not work to sustain any payroll much less one approaching eighty million, not at this location, not as Dolan's tenant. 

The same people around for thirty years still think owners should pay for everything only in Nassau, which is why nothing works there.

The money for the joke railroad station would go a long way toward renovating Barclay's & other than Dolan's paper saying Shea Stadium is not viable (like $58) they spammed to defeat 2011 vote, so their boss could bid in 2013 for Coliseum/HUB, with Ranger AHL team/home preseason games, we have gotten no facts, and mostly outright lies from the same people who told you vote no in 2011. No one at Newsday wrote Coliseum was where NYI belonged in July 2013 when Dolan bid, all you saw Ranger images of their plans to move their brand to the Coliseum site, but made a low-ball bid, even Mangano turned down. And Newsday hammered him.

One fact we have, it's not NYI arena, it's not NYI home, it won't work financially. No NHL team or UFA would sign up for this plan where they are sequestered there, in a place that will be a construction zone for a good five years. If you think Kris LeTang does not represent a good eighty percent of NHL players you are kidding yourselves. No law our players can't live in NYC/near Barclay's and drive to Northwell for practice.

My advice is again lock the doors with Prokhorov, new 49 percent Nets owner, Joe Tasi, who bought Liberty from Dolan, and seems willing to let them play Barclay's in front of terrible crowds. Let's keep our team in NYC so we have a team/future. Those first two years outdrew/tied 22/25 Nassau seasons after 1989 (without Saturday games/Newsday hammering it's competition) & Barclay's drew 14,800 on 2/16/19, with two other strong weekend showings in Feb 2019 while Nassau got 11-12,000 far too often. Ledecky did not hang around DC long after Caps moved, but eventually the Landover fans went to games or stopped following entirely. Barclay's already tied/outdrew Nassau's first two seasons with weekday games.

NYI can work in NYC, we know what has not worked since 1989. Thirty teams want a city arena to survive for a reason, the money will never be in Nassau, not at Coliseum or NYC line which is another joke to act like being fifty feet from NYC is being back home on LI.

I don't think Scott Malkin or Jon Ledecky did their homework on Nassau attendance, past revenue steams, only they know how they worked with Charles Wang, who spent far beyond teams revenue streams. This is a terrible plan, it will not belong to NYI like every other team who got an arena via Pilots (payments in lieu of taxes), it's in a terrible location but I do think their intentions were something in the middle, but a desolate, isolated location like this, and run by Dolan/cronies, is for them, not NYI. And I think it's a lie.

If all this money can be spent, why it can't it be spent in Barclay's or Flushing? A shovel-read area in a sea of concrete, why is Wilpon/Sterling spending a billion at Belmont, when for a full decade they had NYC ruin Willets Points/businesses, to build absolutely nothing to date, and face criticism for how cheap they are running their baseball team in their 600 million dollar, Madoff-funded taxpayer stadium?

LI people walked for good in 1989, no more dynasty? We're done. Everything sports-related died or left Nassau due to fan indifference. If 2018-19 proved anything, it was more of them walked for good after 2014-15.

Twenty years in NYC, and that 14.2k avgerage in 2015-16 from 12/2/15-end of ssn, and 14,800 on 2/16/19 will work just fine, and it will be a lot more in ten-twenty years without distractions or Dolan's media hammering it's competition.

Lets stay home in NYC, time for a real plan that makes revenue work for this team to survive.

New York Notables/Vacation

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When all the players on the header are signed or qualified, it's ok to put it back up. (took down again. They needed to go 3/3 with Lee, Eberle, Nelson, most teams don't have that success re-signing their own players so thrilled on this end, the team will be fine next season, everyone here will keep improving if healthy, a lot of the players will only keep getting better, especially on defense.

Vacation time.

Only updates will be players added to prospect site.
In 2009 wrote was done with updates regarding future of website, ten years later, nothing's changed.

7/1 Lamoriello Press Conference

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Tom Kuhnhackl Re-Signed

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Semyon Varlamov 4-Years/Lehner to Chicago

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Mixed feelings here, and don't see this as some kind of signing Sorokin's friend as barter, that does not happen. Having written that they had other options, of course, eight years with one team is a strong point.

Loyality...7 Years For Lee

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This is who I wanted, the right guy, the way forward. Sure they lost #51/need goalie, but they needed Lee. Given UFA climate, he easily could have walked, and likely for much more money.

7/1 Decision Day For Lee/Free Agents

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I wrote an entry on #14 re-signing but it sits on side-lines until team announces it.

My thoughts are Lee is a leading player who wins championships, he was a huge part of last seasons success, and played defense, and still produced 28 goals. In the past long before decisions were needed it was easy to see the decline in departing players Nielsen, Okposo, Moulson, Parenteau, (especially Tavares/skating/defense) & felt it a mistake to retain them.

Lee is the first player who I feel the opposite about, his loss would be huge in every area. Trotz knows winning/character, and that's what Lee is, no-one replaces that.

Think world of Lehner off ice/not #1 goalie, too many soft goals, injuries. Don't want Bobrovsky, never give over thirty goalie big term, too many miles/struggles.

Not my decision, few more hours we'll know, expect Panarin to go elsewhere, three teams in five NHL seasons, a lot of money for only 28 goals for a player who helped Columbus barely finish 8th. Playing in Nassau not good for anyone's post-career.

Unlike last summer, had no doubt without Tavares team would contend. Can Beauvillier, Dal Colle, Bellows or Ladd return healthy, and change that? Doubtful.

Is 2/3 good enough with Nelson-Eberle, it's a great accomplishment few teams pulled off, but Lee was the key player, the one you make a career NYI, if his skating was declining, it would quickly change things for me. Saw no decline, he's going to get 25-40 for a good three years, he'll be a leader, the kind you need to win a cup. I'll root for him wherever he goes, owes us nothing, never made false promises. Would be thrilled just to re-sign him. Have a ton of confidence Koivula can come out, and fill a third center spot, man is a house with hands on skates.

A few more hours, we'll know when we know, and the prime faces in Bridgeport will likely change as in Bernier/Gionta.

New York Notables

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Not much to write, prospect camp continues, Andong Song is past his four years, and is on his second college, so don't think 8/15 applies, and he's UFA but here. Salo is here signed. Soderstrom wants to play here whether it be AHL or ECHL. A goalie is needed if kid from Europe who's signed wants to come.

The clock ticks down on Lee, who does want to be here, & Lou wants to sign him so it's on both sides to get something done. I don't see Panarin or Duchene as more than pipe dreams, who want no part of playing in Nassau, but that's an old story. Lee, who met with the coach is the guy you overpay, he's not Tavares, his skating is good, and he will produce for years.

This may come off harsh, but like Lehner off the ice, but want a #1 goalie, who does not allow soft goals, which has marked his career. Truth is little has changed since a year ago, like Greiss he benefited from the system, and most teams will have no interest in him. Wish him the best, but not here. The soft goals will always be there, a few times he had outbursts against Buffalo media, sitting early, he got hurt twice, and a guarantee was not needed heading to Carolina.

I like Talbot for a year, obviously when the Rangers get rid of last years real #1, who outplayed the eight million dollar ego would be a solid answer.

A replacement is needed for #51, hoping that is Koivula, #28 for #14. #26 for #15 who's likely going to be hurt. Like defense/depth as is, no interest in Leddy trade, unless return really helps. Wilde/Dobson can wait their turn, with Aho, and glut of defenders in Bridgeport. Hutton is a one year signing.

I expect Dolan's Belmont arena will not be approved to help NYI in free agency, at least we have a schedule balanced, but the usual two days off in a month in Feb/twice in March in exchange for two four day October breaks. The LI crew will actually have to go early against west, but they have their max payroll list, in a building that was getting 11,000 in first place in March.

You know I want team in NYC, and willing to give it the time needed to work, where people/corprations are. No one at Newsday wanted them in Nassau when they created the $58 issue in 2011, or when Dolan wanted the Coliseum for himself in 2013, not one article the NYI belonged in Nassau in those days........until Dolan lost, and this revenge scheme to put an arena his cronies Oakview/Azoff will run/operate arena. I'm clueless where Wilpon's getting his money for this when he can't build in Flushing for a decade, and would benefit for this plan being on Shea Stadium site, with rail/road needed.

Prospect site updated.

New York Prospect Camp Roster

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Lamoriello Comments:

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/22/2019 05:41:00 PM | Comment Here

New York Selects: C Felix Bibeau (6th) F Cole Coskey (7th)

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New York has selected Felix Bibeau with the 6th round pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Profile.
Cole Coskey profile.

New York Selects: Reece Newkirk C Portland WHL. (5th)

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/22/2019 04:10:00 PM | Comment Here
Reece Newkirk C Portland WHL profile. Portland Winterhawks draft profile.

New York Selects 2nd Round: D Samuel Bolduc

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/22/2019 01:59:00 PM | Comment Here
Samuel Bolduc.
Samuel Bolduc, Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, QMJHL Mid-term: 87 Final: 42 (+45) A massive jump considering he goes from a projected fourth- or fifth-rounder to a likely third-round pick. Bolduc moves well for a big man (6-foot-4, 211 pounds). He has an old school, defensive defenceman mentality. While he has been able to put up decent numbers in the CHL, he projects more as a complementary player. He passes like a pro, uses his size to defend the cycle well, has good body position and a good stick.

I'm a best player available person, and defer to staff on picks. Having written that Robin Salo is signed, David Quenneville signed, so is Aho, and kids waiting for years in Bridgeport, with a huge log-jam of young players here signed for years who are all good defenders.

New York Selects: RW Simon Holmstrom

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Eliteprospcts profile. HV71 website.
Was projected 48th due to several injuries, but healthy at end of season, unlike NYI to go this far off board, but their scouting staff has done well.

New York On The Clock: 2019 NHLDraft

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2019 07:41:00 PM | Comment Here

Other than basics, little to add beyond Lamoriello usually does not make big splash trades Snow did.

Less is more after last season, fill the forward prospect pool, or best available, come home with five picks. Dal Colle, Ho-Sang, Bellows, Koivula, all the defensive prospects here for years need an NHL job, some sooner than later.

Lamoriello On Several Subjects/Qualifying Offers

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2019 03:58:00 AM | Comment Here

Ok, so we know why the team has a new assistant coach, who was qualified. Interesting #51-47 were not part of his two free agents to re-sign with Lee/Lehner. Prospect site updated with qualifying offers, Ho-Sang/Dal Colle, require waivers now. We'll see what Friday brings.

Happy for Lehner, but feel they need #1 goalie, too many soft goals, and a few odd moments speaking between knocking Buffalo, making playoff guarantee's, injury problems. He's been a known player for a long time, he does let up many soft goals, we got one great year out of both goalies, in one system where everyone bought in, but it's time to upgrade that spot.

They need Lee, losing him is far worse than Tavares, his skating/defense are not a question, his loss will be a massive hit, no one coming in UFA to replace his character/abilities/leadership, he's the guy you make a career NYI.

Barry Trotz Wins Jack Adams

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2019 09:33:00 PM | Comment Here
No one deserved it more.

Lehner Masterson

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2019 09:13:00 PM | | Comment Here
Robin Lehner has won the Masterson Trophy.

Eberle Five Year Extension 5.5

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/14/2019 11:22:00 AM | Comment Here
Eberle interview on audio.

5.5 is a good number, it's likely front-loaded/lockout protected, would not have gone much higher than six, another satisfied customer. They needed a right wing.

Want Lee signed.

Arnaud Durandeau ELC, Fritz Two Year Extension

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/31/2019 04:41:00 PM | | | Comment Here

This would leave 2015 7th pk, D Petter Hansson, unsigned past deadline.

New York: Off The Ice....

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/27/2019 07:00:00 PM | Comment Here

This entry will be very short. Featured entries with dates back to 2016-17 remain on the sidebar, what's been written here & on twitter, is still the way I see things.

If Malkin-Ledecky want to tell the public it's Belmont or Quebec, as Dolan's Newsday propaganda people for two years love to claim, please tell us......along with how you are walking away from all the cable money through 2032, which is still around 300 million dollars?

Let's hope we have a nice October-November Coliseum weeknight schedule to convince everyone who had any doubt (if 25 years of empty seats in Nassau from 1989-2015 were not enough) by the announced 11-12,000 crowds last season Nassau/Belmont is not where you put an arena for an NHL team, when thirty teams need or are screaming for a city-based arena.

We know the New York Islanders are pawns here, and this is NOT being built for them, the 41-day tenant. This is only to get a shovel in the ground as revenge for 2013, eight miles from an arena Dolan lost, along with the HUB he wanted to develop.

The player header is getting a break until the roster is decided, the historical site has the classic header/tons of images. I expect to update on draft day/prior as always.

Lehner? No, too many soft goals/outbursts/talking/injuries. Need a true #1, system made both goalies, a few similar goalies more durable out there. Sure, he'll get the Masterson/not Vezina.

Lee? Pay the man, give him the years, see no skating issues, great leader/character player, will get 20-40 if he's healthy for years.

Eberle? He's not getting more than six anywhere, who's replacing him as RW on top lines if Wahlstrom/Ho-Sang are not ready? Finished great in first round, he'll be fine, he wants a raise, has to be a small one but would give it to him, was clutch against west all season, he wants seven, no thanks.

Filppula? You are spending all this money (above) you are going to need some bargains, who better? Sorry Trotz, you want more scoring but players here need raises who bought into the system.

Nelson Re-Signed Six Years

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/23/2019 12:13:00 PM | Comment Here

Nelson comments:

New York On The Ice: Best Season In Generations

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/16/2019 05:48:00 AM | Comment Here

The title says it all, they were that good at their best.

To go from the most goals/shots/penalty kill against a year ago to this almost understates how well this team, with a schedule since late Feb that was terrible played, it was the singular reason they did not hold first place.

Everyone bought in from day one, the character targeted so often in the past drafts lived up to their expectations. Someone found a way every game, it did not matter who.

Mayfield, Pelech contracts are downright steals. Toews was exactly as advertised which anyone who followed Bridgeport knew. Pulock's offense dropped, but his speed/skill moving puck carried team. Boychuk, until the end looked reborn/the system protected him, Leddy's speed/skill moving puck carried team also.

Forwards brought in/helped layer defense, stabilized penalty kill, and system gave goalies many 20-25 shot against games. The fourth line that used to be at best an even shift, got twenty out of Cizikas, Martin got his share, and Clutterbuck struggled but got a few. That line set the tempo, and won a lot of games outright.

For me the 2018-19 New York Islanders checked every box you have seen me write about here since 2007/earlier, almost to perfection.

Avoid regulation losing streaks...check...Build up record, get to eight over, then ten, twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty..check..check..check. Keep shots against down..massive check. Eighty two games, and no regulation losing streaks longer than two games...Unreal, and all 82 games were high pressure games/so many must keep pace games as Carolina, Montreal, Columbus, even Flyers until late just would not go away. 

Expected improvement, as soon as Trotz was hired, and playoff contention. Nothing like least goals/shots allowed.

They got two goalies coming off terrible years, and protected them very well. Lehner/Greiss deserve every accolade plus Jennings, and Vezina consideration.

We know the powerplay struggled badly, but on paper it was not far off from many other teams.

Had no doubt they could beat Pens if they caught them at the right time, they did. Game three was textbook, as NY got stronger, Pens were chasing them the entire third period.

The calls against Carolina spoke for themselves. I'm still bitter, and feel NY could easily be playing. NHL has had a poor playoff, with many horrendous calls, three calls played a big part in ending NYI season. Full marks to Carolina.

Lou Lamoriello can blame himself for the deadline, but it's not fair. Tavares lack of a return is a big factor, he finished higher than Toronto, who kicked him upstairs, and took two players/Pierre Greco from them.

Barry Trotz lived up to all my expectations, and more. He deserves Jack Adams by a mile, his press conferences were must see television, we all learned things, so did players.

It was the best season in generations (despite 101,100 point seasons recently), they deserved better, but all eight teams in this conference could have won the cup that qualified with Montreal.

I'm very proud, but this is a fan who still expects Stanley Cups every year.

5/6/19: Lamoriello-Trotz Comments

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/06/2019 07:34:00 PM | Comment Here

New York Eliminated

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/03/2019 09:36:00 PM | Comment Here

What do you want me to write?

Felt officiating decided first two games, and handed Canes the 2-1 goal in game three. But past that Aho made a great play to pick puck out of mid-air, and center it for the 3-2 goal, and we got the first big sign of trouble, what was expected. 14-2 Canes in shots, and closed out game easily.

Then, with Carolina getting healthy we all saw what I wrote about before the series, and why I felt Carolina could win in five, their speed/skill did to NY, what they did to Washington in Carolina, and what they did for months, just not losing, making it hell for NY to clinch a spot. Then they put up a never say die series with Caps where they just would not go away, even down in game seven in the third period. Look at that 4-1 goal, elevated pass, redirected out of mid-air, great play by Canes. Too bad Pelech put in 1-1 goal, but their skill forced that.

It was a bad match-up for NYI, my entries reflected my concern.

NY did what they could in the third down 4-1, could not break through, then a breakdown 5-1. Nelson made it 5-2 at the end.

The injuries/officiating helped Canes win at least 2/3 early games, game four after the first period, it was basically over. Their speed/skill was too much, the hole too deep, it was time for Carolina to show what they have done for months, and they did.

NY gave up no goals for 60 minutes of game one, the call against Lee was a joke, game two they allowed 18 shots, Towes did not kick the puck on goal.

More in the coming days, end of an excellent season. There was a lot to proud of here, but it should not have ended here, with officiating playing a major role. I'm bitter about how the officiating decided two games outright, and handed Carolina a big goal in game three where a player grabbed the puck, and carried it with a closed hand.

We'll see if Lamoriello decides to return, he has nothing left to prove, and did a fantastic job. Trotz should win the Jack Adams easily.

Trotz 5/2 Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/02/2019 03:41:00 PM | Comment Here

Carolina Up 3-0

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/01/2019 09:52:00 PM | Comment Here

Getting Late Early. NY down 2-0.

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/28/2019 06:51:00 PM | Comment Here

Much better than expected, easily could have been 2-0 lead, but no calls/bad breaks. You allow no goals in sixty minutes, then 18 shots in game two, you have to be up 2-0. No hiding from what must happen in game three. Mrazek injured may be a break/but their other goalie got every break or made saves when team was not hitting post or empty net. Has not been Carolina skill/fest/never say die team expected that I felt would win in five.

But here it is Carolina up 2-0.

Trotz 4/27 Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/27/2019 07:13:00 PM |

Trotz 4/26 Update....

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/26/2019 01:05:00 PM |

Wrote my view on the series, really hope it comes out wrong, and Canes are tired/banged up or just happy to be here. First game will give us a good idea, but no hiding going down there, and likely needing to beat young speed/skill, and likely will take no soft goals by Lehner or Greiss.

New York vs Carolina. Be Very Afraid..

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/25/2019 12:01:00 AM | Comment Here

Happy for Barry Trotz, Washington needed his defense/teaching/staff against that team, they had inexperience behind bench, but players got their way. Enjoy the summer off.

What do I think about Carolina, they are a never say die team, that made qualifying a nightmare for the New York Islanders, and have young speed/skill that just does not quit. Any other team felt NYI had a great chance, this kind of team presents challenges that likely are beyond their abilities. NY has coaching experience, rest which makes game one a must, and home ice. Mrazek does not allow soft goals Lehner does.

I watched that series, and saw how Carolina kept pushing back, got one game in Washington to overtime, then came home, and over-whelmed Caps.

Almost never do movie references here but in Rocky II when it was said the man just kept coming after you, we don't need that kind of man in our lives. Now we got it, very skeptical NYI can beat them all the way, and you almost never see me project out games this way.

New York Schedule/Tavares Eliminated

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/24/2019 03:05:00 AM | Comment Here

Ok, we have a schedule, question is who/where. Carolina is the faster/more scary team with a never say die approach that should be familiar because they made qualifying hell for NYI, and would just not go away with a load of young talent/skill. Washington's got the experience/the Stanley Cup (we got coach) but we also have the one shutout down there, and the one in the garbage game for them to close the season.

I don't know, rules say in a series where home team wins every game, they usually win game 7, Carolina had their overtime game in Washington and lost, but you still have to play the game.

Gut tells me Carolina more dangerous/younger team with ton of chemistry vs Washington's mileage, but you also want home ice in NYC. We have no idea what NYI team we will see in round two, but they played 82 games, and never lost more than two in regulation, even with 7/10 day breaks.

Wanted arrogant Leafs, and their media out with Tavares, this one was personal after he not only walked but left NYI with no return because of his lies for two years. Thrilled it happened, and he only had one goal against a goalie.

Unbiased person who wrote entries here last season, spring, June/July had major questions about his skating, defense, impact on games in third period when he had to be the best player. Saw same thing on 3-1 goal that turned game, he lost puck, tried a poke check, slowed down and quit on Kuraly, you can see him coasting when the goal was scored, far behind. This was the movie I saw last season.

Gone Leafs Gone....no sympathy for their media arrogance & disrespect for Lamoriello/NYI beating them out in regular season & playoffs.

And color me stunned at sales for Barclay's second round games selling so well, they won't sell outside Metro area for a franchise that drew 11,000 for Ottawa in first place in Nassau.

Some talks with Joe Tsai of Nets, a little NYC branding, and a renovation of some seats & I'm good where they are for twenty years at Barclay's where corporate money is with a city full of NYI fans already.

Uncharted Waters For New York/Notables

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We all know what happened last time NY swept a team, we got a way to go for that, but what happened against Pens was special. That team is outstanding, and despite their ability to win 8/10 or lose 8/10 all season, NY got them out before things turned, and they did it in a way champions did, they gave Pens nothing. Murray had to be good or it would have been worse. Eberle was dominating, so was Nelson, and team defense.
What you aspire to is the team hitting it's best game in the playoffs, that's what happening with no real pressure on one player to carry them, with a defense that got stronger after game one. Anyone who watched this team all season knew what they had in Pulock, Pelech, Mayfield, and now Toews who may have saved last season, these guys are only getting better at this age, everyone bought in.

It's been special, still not sold on Lehner full time because 82 games were played & two goalies were well protected by the system, and won Jennings together. Happy for Lehner off-ice, but this is an on-ice game.

Yes, had shades of Tavares-Capuano when a player grabbed the white board from Gomez, and drew up a play, a red-flag for me. For Lamoriello/Trotz, second round is expected, for older generation same, for many we know recent playoff history.

Not sure what's ahead. Carolina since December has been outstanding & did nothing but find ways to win, and seem to have an extra gear or three, and having fun. They are loaded with offense, and Waddell adding Niederreiter was a great move, & deHaan is playing again which is great news. That win here in January was memorable to me, they answered their questions in goal. I do think they are a tougher out than Washington, who escaped a game with an overtime win, and held on in game one.

Home is home. I want them in NYC for good because that's where the money/people are. Dolan's media wants Belmont for themselves, and will find tons of LI fans to push what they are selling for themselves. Their spin-doctors will come in and make it THE story-line because the hockey is a side-bar for them. They are not here to make our team more popular in NYC where we need to be for financial survival which the poor attendance in Nassau proved did not work.

On the ice this team has needed a break desperately since late February, hopefully it brings them what we saw in game three, 25 shots against, that's how they got here when they were allowing 20-25 shots. It went up fast as they played every other day and lived on road or played six in ten too often.

Like match-up against Caps who will be tired but with home ice, do not like facing Canes, who's early shot disparity finally paid off. And what Columbus did was no fluke at all, they got that break on coast when they were dead, Vancouver started a backup so they had the easiest game, then another break, and earned that spot over Montreal. That 4-0 win against NY is what they are doing now, and Tampa could not throw the switch, and just play at that level in must win games. Yes, want Tavares out with arrogant Leafs regardless, who have given Lamoriello/NY no credit for finishing ahead of them. It's a wonderful story, but they won't touch it up there because it makes Toronto look awful, and he cost NYI talent that may make the difference for years. Gillies was right on that.

Will do a better job here moving forward, the first round format did not work for me, even going dark on twitter did not help much avoiding social media, will come up with something in the middle & not make twitter account private for the rest of the season.

Really want a big playoff run in Bridgeport starting Friday, it's time for them up there, the people deserve the Calder Cup.

The team owes a reason why no Nystrom award after promising one in the first round, unless something up with Bob Nystrom personally, given his son's comments, don't see it that way, he was not happy so team promised award during playoffs, did not happen.

New York Sweep... Part II/Notables

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The better team won, and did it in a way that was stunning, but not unexpected for a team with more points, that did not lose four straight all season.

Put together the twitter comments/left out media items for the most part.

Social media avoidance did not work given it's connected to all professional media, so moving forward will go back to what was done here all season.

New York Sweeps Pittsburgh !!!

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Much more tomorrow, some twitter comments posted.

New York Notables

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Ultimately the better team will likely win, games are won on ice, not social media. Time to sit back & enjoy the playoffs for both NY/Bridgeport. The plan is watch series, then when it's over write about it. If NYI advance will do the same thing for each round.

What I can write is based on both teams seasons. NY again on the same schedule with no breaks, playing every other day has to become the team they were when they were getting days off, allowing 20-25 shots, either that or we have to hope for the Penguins team that goes from first to last, with an ability to struggle badly on defense, and allow bad goals. The other version of Pens that can become unbeatable, could make it very tough on NY to go with Lehner's playoff inexperience/soft goals where they may well need a 1-0, 2-1 win.
The same will be done on twitter, which is now private as in the past.

4/8 Lou Lamoriello Audio

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New York Wins 3-0 vs Caps/Rd One Home Ice vs Pens/Wins Jennings/Bridgeport Cliches Playoff Spot....

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NYIFC Comments:
Filppula returns & has two goals, they earned 2nd seed with a nightmare schedule, almost never resting. Remarkable season to just keep earning points after years of writing how the key is avoiding regulation losing streaks....they did, never losing three straight in 82 games & still every game it felt like they had to win to match teams with them or chasing them in the standings. And here they are with the most remarkable turn around in a century for goals allowed, winning the William Jennings Trophy. This team bought in & everyone played their role to where someone was going to do something to help win. I knew they would be a better team & in the playoff mix as soon as they got Barry Trotz, that some players would take steps forward never seen before here, did not expect to lead NHL in least goals allowed. Remarkable accomplishment & to play almost every other day on almost no rest, and secure second was outstanding.

Ok, we got a playoff series with home ice vs Pens, and now we got Bridgeport in the playoffs.

It's New York vs Pittsburgh or Carolina. Home Ice TBD

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2019 10:23:00 PM | Comment Here

They needed the win in regulation or overtime & faced a prospect who struggled badly & needed Saturday with nothing to play for so everyone possible could rest. The powerplay did nothing but go out & gave up a 3-1 immediately. Pens lose, Canes win, NY faces Carolina with home ice.

For New York Numbers Don't Lie

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Starting with good news, Columbus off radar.

Either NY or Caps win division.

Bad news is Florida has been red-hot, they always go down there & it's a high-scoring game with high shots against, it's going to take something special to win there vs Luongo.

If NY wins/desperate Habs beat Caps in regulation, NY plays for division on Sat or clinch second seed/home ice.

Lose to Florida, it's 2-3-4 seed. Expect Carolina to beat Devils & Flyers, Canes would win ROW.

Goal differential between NY, Caps, Pens has NY a few behind or difference in one win, too close.

Personally, Canes have been best team for a while, head to head could be the toughest NYI match-up whether that be as a 1-2-3-4 seed.

Mason Jobst Two Year-Two Way ELC

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Some clarification, this player is 25, so he can go UFA in two years after his 2-way deal expires.

Back To Work NY Final Numbers/Seeding/Lehner/Tavares/Gillies

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As always, expect nothing to be easy or little scoreboard help, that's not been the trend in this conference vs west where a spot would have been clinched long ago as things turn to seeding.

We'll likely have a good idea when NY takes the ice against red-hot Florida. Sure it's easy to point to games like Detroit/Leafs or a few other games where points were lost, but here's reality.

Nassau Failed, and not just at the gate with few real sellouts/excuses for 11,000 at games, let's see some weeknight games in October-November, and give Barclay's Saturday games.

Robin Lehner is a nice man, sympathetic/rooting for him completely off-ice, but this is an on-ice result business.  Like what we see all around NHL the team needs a true #1 who can play 55-60 games, or what many top goalies do. Not a fan of his comments about Sabres or their media, he went there twice earlier, and had many nice things to say, this was just a distraction not needed which for me as a fan is somewhat of a red flag.  My honest impression of both goalies were their historic success was a by-product of a team buying into a system, no doubt it's been remarkable/special.

Ok, now they finally get a 2 day break, the road to the Stanley Cup goes through Barclay's which produced the better record/31 over since going there, but that's well down the road still. Those twelve points did not come from Nassau. Trotz was not thrilled with Nassau fans over booing.

Obviously, I stand with Gillies, who know's where this team would be with a good return for Tavares if he had been up-front/expressed doubts about staying.

Fritz 6-8 Weeks/Lamoriello/Trotz/Updated Numbers

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x - New York Is IN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs !!!

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For today we forget the race ahead, and acknowledge a heck of an accomplishment. NY earned this in a conference filled with excellent teams. Everyone should be proud on this day.

More Work To Be Done For NY....But

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The needle moved forward, with everything going against them.

Updated 3/30 before games: As for magic numbers-Montreal 2. (remember 2006-07 NYI faced a bad scenario & beat out Leafs/Habs) Worst case ROW/tied Columbus 4. Carolina 5. Pens 7. Caps need 5 to beat out NYI.

Other teams did not get one two day break from 3/1-4/2, and not first time 7 other teams in this division had it much easier in terms of rest.
One two day break from 3/1-4/2. Rangers just got 3 off days at home. 11 Ranger games this ssn at home playing teams who had a game the night before & traveled. 16/22 points.
DEC 2017. Seven teams with several breaks of 2-3-4 days off. Not NYI. Why?