New York On The Ice: Contenders or Not?

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If someone told me Bailey was a top five player, Lee was on his way to forty goals, Eberle, Ladd were scoring & Tavares was getting his numbers, plus Barzal was dominating, I would write they would be close to 15 over, well on their way to a playoff spot.

Instead they are the 2nd wildcard team, in a division where all eight teams could make the playoffs. So here's the big question.

Given goals/chances allowed even before deHaan's injury, just don't see it happening if was honestly asked on this day, something has to click on defense that has rarely happened this season.

12/25/17 Audio: New York Islander Fan Central On All Topics Part II

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12/23/17: Audio: New York Islander Fan Central On All Topics Part I

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New York Islander Fan Central On All Topics 12/21/17. Left some things out, could have done another hour.

Chris (Dolan changed my name to Christopher) Botta was the source material for the Metro Ice Challenge money, pregame elimination, ITV blackout of internet game, before he got amnesia & needed a job & was hired by Dolan from July 2014-Aug 2016 after he started trashing the Islanders for his resume.

I have put up those screen caps plenty of times on those subjects.
Did my best.
Happy Holidays.

NYI Fans Require Facts On Cuomo-Dolan Ponzi Scheme Arena

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I'm an honest person who has always written the truth.

The fix was in. Dolan said jump, Cuomo said how much money you want, and his revenge arena facts/finances/Elmont be damned. It's Dolan's arena.

Our team will be pawns there, as soon as it's proven the attendance cannot support the revenue needed the drumbeat will begin to get them out so Dolan can bring down the Wolfpack.

Newsday is just getting started in the revenge business with their paid media turning to the Coliseum where they lost, and resented it every day since.

Our fans are somehow clueless Dolan offered less money there for a smaller renovation.

Facts? Their media people want no part of that unless it's to stop something Dolan does not want, it's not 2011 where they killed the arena vote, their jobs are at stake.

Please tell me with a straight face if Dolan was running the Coliseum today, and won in 2013, Ledecky would not have been laughed out of Cuomo's office, with Newsday pounding home why does LI need another arena, we have Dolan's AHL team in his Nassau Coliseum.

Cuomo Awards Dolan His Belmont Taxpayer Revenge Arena...NYI 41 Day Tenants

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Most owners are overjoyed to tell you it's their arena, but it's a private matter when it's really not the NYI arena beyond 41 days as Dolan's tenant.
Very sad day, but this is payback from day one of Dolan losing the Coliseum to Ratner. I'm surprised Ledecky was not ordered to wear a Fisherman jersey by Cuomo-Dolan.

The minute it appeared in Dolan's echo-chamber in the summer of 2016, it was likely decided back then in Albany.

No way was Dolan happy with thousands of new cheering NYI fans in NYC, and Ratner renovating the building he lost at home on Long Island, he did not spend 600 million for a money-losing newspaper to permit this to stand. His tax exemption plus money to renovate Penn Station was not enough for him, he owns Cuomo like he owned Shelly Silver.

Dolan was getting his revenge arena eight miles from the one he lost from Cuomo's taxpayers, our team was never given any public reason they could not have their own NYC arena like everyone else, despite their superior attendance at Barclay's to Nassau most seasons without Sat/weekend games.

Ledecky was just a gullible pawn, who clearly did no homework, same as when Nassau gave the Flyers/Smg the Coliseum lease to take all the Islanders revenue, but this deal never goes away, and he lied saying he hoped to be at Barclay's for many years to come nor did he spend 60 million on Northwell. Wang bought the facility for nine million, and renovated it.

Dolan operates this Belmont Ponzi-scheme arena, he is the final say, and we'll likely never know what price the Islanders paid, which from here begins with all territorial rights to NY forfeit, signing away the outdoor game home rights in Queens, plus television contract money from 2031 deal, along with some attendance based out clauses so Dolan can bring down the Wolfpack which was his 2013 plan with Ranger preseason games/practices when this fails.

Now we see if Prokhorov wants to force the NYI to stay at Barclay's through 2040 under their current deal by not opting out by 1/31/18, which forces our owners to change their public stance, and opt out themselves, meaning they lose 53.5 million next season, and have no arena to play in come October.

Dolan will not be offering them his arena, and Barclay's will likely not be offering the Coliseum after getting behind an arena that hurts Barclay's & Coliseum. Dolan's newspaper will sell 2015 founded Oakview as some kind of legitimate company when it's only a cover name for taxpayer money Albany gives Dolan which has never built one arena.

Ledecky keeps his mouth shut, while Malkin hides in Europe.

Let's see if Tavares is given an offer he can refuse to go sign with the Rangers also as part of the price of all this, we sure did see plenty of those articles from Dolan's salesman telling us NYI offered most money, but they picked the Rangers.

They always left out the massive front-loaded contracts which those players needed before they had to be bought out as fast as you can write Drury, Gomez, Richards. No one wanted to take the risk DiPietro/Yashin did before front-loading.

deHaan Injury Hurts NYI Playoff Chances Unless Snow Acts

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29th in goals allowed, and now they lose their 3rd best defender to another shoulder injury that seemed well behind him in his past, his body grew out since then, and he was durable.

The scoring is going to dry up, they have to win low-scoring games, one bad week can put this team last in the conference given the usual domination by teams in this division, and the Devils absolutely not going away.

deHaan is a left defender, who likely just lost huge in his upcoming UFA.

So now the options are clear if another defender does not go down which is likely given Boychuk's history, and Hickey having his issues.

The Cuomo-Dolan Echo-Chamber Selling Ponzi-Scheme Arena Via Taxpayers Where NYI Are 41-Day Tenants

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I thought it was time to post Dolan's echo-chamber. The people who have to push Dolan's scam through as quickly as possible, despite no financial details, or a community meeting advertised to answer questions where none were given.

The days of 2011/2013 where we got numbers before decisions are long over for Dolan's echo-chamber, it's get Dolan his revenge arena.......facts & truth be damned, media jobs are at stake, who cares that's it's eight miles from the other 16,000 seat arena fans would not go to after 1989 most nights?

Dolan's media is putting on the pressure to get Cuomo's ESD, to make a decision before Prokhorov's 1/30/18 deadline and no doubt Wilpon wants his money where for no given reason our team cannot have a NYC arena that displaces his plans in Flushing where no infrastructure money would be required, and no community would be displaced.

If Prokhorov does not opt out  (36 million is a drop in the bucket he will get back when he sells Barclay's to stop all this)  it forces NYI to stay at Barclay's through 2040.  Ledecky would have to change his public stance they are staying at Barclay's, costing them 53.5 million next season with no place to go next October, and no business operations.

Prokhorov will not let them in any of his buildings if they want to be a willing tenant of Dolan undercutting his two facilities.

But let's look at the list from my long experience creating the echo-chamber. I will leave out LI fans who have been boycotting since 1989 & are very gullible & sadly NY fans who were warming up to NYC even without Sat games the first two years, outdrawing 16/25 Coliseum seasons at gate plus tying six others despite strong push to hurt those numbers this season which should influence Tavares, Bailey, and free agents more than anything.

Confirmed: NYI Tenant In Dolan's Revenge Arena Taxpayer Belmont Scam

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Some Excellent/Good/Bad: Lot's Of Hockey Left

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Bottom line there has been some excellent, good, not so good, with the Barclay's decision due by 1/30/18, and the clock ticking louder on #91.

Everyone doing great here is under-rated thanks to Dolan's media hiding them. (Leddy-Tavares-Bailey-Lee-Eberle. (who said it vs Edmonton)

Our team barely receives a pregame/20 minute post-game, and some of our fans want them to become our landlord?

But on the ice.....

NY Still Finding Themselves...Or Mediocre Team?

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Yes, it's very early, we are getting plenty of ups/downs besides not losing in regulation at Barclay's.

The one alarming trend is the powerplay & allowing almost as many goals as they score, they changed coaches to struggle this badly?

New York Beats Avs: Barzal Drive For 5/Aho Trick

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A Few Choice Words For Brian Compton:

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A few folks informed me Brian Compton's audio blog on Friday took some shots obviously at myself/this website.
"We played a little piece the audio at the top, which is really just to take a shot at somebody."
           "No, no, no, no, no...............I'm ok."

"All I'm doing there, is because someone brought it up to me because I don't follow that clown."

"He's out to smear me, and anybody who covers this team."

"I don't make stuff up, you don't get to where I am in this business by making stuff up, even if I did make it up, Kimber or someone else from the Islanders would have told me in five seconds, hey where did you get that figure, take that down or change it, or whatever. It's been there for weeks, and the reason it's been there it's because, Jon Ledecky, says it, and you saw the proof at the top of the show."
Fact-Twin Rinks aka Northwell was purchased in a bankruptcy sale for about 8-9 million in 2015.

Ledecky said 60 million. Compton did not bother doing any research for a month or correct that so when the article came out saying they spent 3 million on renovations, I posted Compton's 60 million dollar earlier comment from Ledecky, and wrote he was clueless. 
For those who visited this site around 7am on Sat, Nov 4th, I wrote an entry titled: An Open Apology to Brian Compton, shocked, thinking I had written he was a clown. 

I wrote about three paragraphs with a personal apology, explaining there is no excuse for my writing something that inappropriate ever regardless whether we agree or disagree, what my site & twitter feed has always been about, apologizing to everyone.

And I decided to edit the tweet I wrote from a few days ago.

Funny thing happened doing that.
I never wrote he was a clown, simply that he was clueless.
So I wasted a few important minutes of my time trying to figure out what's going on here.

Now I have a few comments of my own.................

10/31 Northwell Tour/Notables

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When does 60 million equal three million for a building that cost 50 million to construct in 2013 that was purchased for nine million in a bankruptcy sale by Charles Wang?
NYIFC Comments: Mr Ledecky seems to believe there is more revenue to be made in Cuomo- Dolan's Belmont taxpayer arena as his tenant, then in NYC, which is the equivalent of suggesting the Caps could have made more revenue staying in Landover when Ledecky was part of an ownership group that moved into a new arena in downtown DC.

Also the two years at Barclay's (with virtually no Sat games/football Sunday games, Dolan media killing arena to drive fans away) still outdrew all but three Coliseum seasons in the 21st century. How much guaranteed money is Dolan giving them to be his 41-day tenant in the middle of nowhere because it will never come from fans purchasing tickets 41 times at big boy prices.

Barclay's can shut all this down by not opting out in January, locking the team into it's 25 year lease, which would mean no arena in-between Barclay's/Coliseum.

Malkin-Ledecky want their 53.5 million less expenses next season, any notion this is honoring a contract for them next season is incorrect. They can opt out in January, and if Prokhorov also does the lease ends at the conclusion of this season.

New York Islander Fan Central Notable

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Just wanted folks to know the historical section has been repaired. There will be more upgrades to that section moving forward, but everything that used to be here is there with far more content.

Ledecky Goes All-In To Be Dolan's 41-Day Tennant

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Our ownership was directly quoted today, and sadly proved they are not knowledgeable.
So much for the 5th ring being the focus or Jeff Wilpon quoted as saying the NYI owners have "several good options."

Is this the same Jon Ledecky, who said he hopes to be at Barclay's for "several years to come" last July/August as again Barclay's, who did "everything asked of them" according to Ledecky (without Sat games) outdrew 16/25 Coliseum years since 1989, and tied six others? 

Jon Ledecky is completely clueless, and frankly contradicted himself.

New York Radio Coverage

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New York Final Roster/Tavares

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New York Islander Fan Central Notable...

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One tweet for this website, another for twitter followers. And finally, John Shannon, told us where NYI owners Malkin-Ledecky were on 9/28, and that this was Dolan's RFP bid for his revenge arena in Belmont, while at Newsday, Dolan's paid employees did what they had to do to stay employed, our owners (who would only be a 41-day tenant) said nothing.

Bridgeport Training Camp Roster

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Four players cleared waivers. Casey Bailey, Ben Holmstrom received tryouts with Bridgeport. The prospect site will only track players signed to NHL-level contracts.

New York Roster Trimmed To 31........

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Bellows Leaves NY With 3-Year ELC

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New York Notables

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Very little to write, bottom line we'll see, and that can be applied to the most things.

Tavares contract,  Barclay's January decision, along with Cuomo/Dolan Belmont ponzi-scheme arena.

Newsday, News12 selling their employers narrative/agenda as they did in 2011 to defeat the vote, and to rip the current Coliseum because Mangano picked Ratner over Dolan in 2013 because he demands taxpayer money to support all of his bids. 

We will see if we have bright owners who bought a NYC team, and over time will understand NYC after two years of endless negativity (fueled by Dolan's media) has produced superior attendance to being the hidden team in Nassau 16 times since 1989-90, tied Barclay's 13,000+ six other years.

And that's without Saturday games at Barclay's & many Sun afternoon games during the NFL season.

Over time I have zero doubt Barclay's or inside NYC will continue to improve, as the fan base grows, while the Dolan's do all in their power to hide the team on their media outlets.  29 teams play inside a city, the other two (Ottawa/Arizona) made clear they want to move into a city.

We'll see if our owners will be as gullible as many fans, move into a Dolan revenge arena, and when the usual 8,000 show up starting game 2, this lease will allow Malkin-Ledecky to sell/funnel the team to Dolan's ponzi-scheme in Seattle.

Dolan's television gm, Andrea Greenberg, will be hiding 16 games on +2. (including the final four regular season games) Devils (14+2 games) will get eight prime Msg games, NYI were doubled from one game to two.

Neil Best can't write this in Dolan's paper or about the preseason games, Ms Greenberg, tells the Islanders their games cannot be shown on the internet from any provider or even another teams feed.

Mr Best will tell us how low ratings are with his usual enthusiasm, not the damage 16 hidden games does to those ratings which was considered 35-50 percent but that was from 1998 or year one James Dolan got full control of NYI-telecast & pulled games off television entirely.

Staple will do his usual poor job, with far less coverage than Hank Winnicki allows for Dolan's teams, and the theme will be negative. The bloggers will look out for themselves, not the truth. 

We will see if Doug Weight has anything new with no real experience as a head coach, beyond being Capuano's assistant for years, and Snow's asst gm since 2014.

Making the playoffs is never easy, they have a tough schedule to start.
As always there will be good surprises/regression from some players.
And this team has some good young players/prospects with 20+ goal forwards in Ladd, Lee, Eberle, Chimera, Tavares, Nelson.

There will always be injuries, Quine/Prince to start, but this is a year on normal rest, without Olympics, or WC games.

I cannot promise any entries beyond this, only that this website will be here all season.

New York Preseason Schedule: Television/Internet

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The Flyers rookie game vs Islanders at Wells Fargo will be on their website 9/13 for those interested. Perhaps the 10/1 game in Philadelphia is added on the internet later.

The 9/20 game at Barclay's vs Flyers last season was their stream done from a loading dock that was not watchable or choppy the entire game.

Indifferent On Tavares Staying Or Going

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/09/2017 09:51:00 PM | Comments
Sorry. Would be happy if John Tavares resigned, but hardly the end of the world if he moved on.

Between the young players they have now, the picks for Hamonic & return in a possible trade at some point, this franchise will be fine on the ice with more money to work with to keep Lee, who's streaks seem to carry this franchise.

Tavares is never going to be a dynamic skater. When he slows down in four years, he's going to be very easy to cover, and that's if he's not hurt. Sure he has magic hands & play-making skills.

I was most impressed how he killed penalties last season when the chance came. 

Wrote #91 would sign in camp, and still see it playing out that way. 

His biggest loss is how he carries himself off the ice. This is how you want a leader to act, a person you want in your organization for life.

Still, players who sign these kinds of deals rarely pan out if ever. Stamkos has been sick or hurt for two prime years, there is no guarantee he will ever be the player he was after years of UFA hype before he signed in the final days.

Parise/Suter each got a hundred million from Minnesota, they have never been cup contenders or even a consistent playoff team in a weak conference.

The list of these failed signings is a mile long.

Anyway this is where I stand on this subject. 29 teams need to play in a city, the other two teams (Ottawa/Arizona) made clear they want to move to one to survive.

There are good signs it can work in New York City but will take long past Tavares contract, same as Washington, who did not have their rival own their coverage, bid for their former home, and control the entire spin about his contract which is why he's never going to talk until it's decided.

For me Tavares also has to want to play in New York City to resign him, this franchise needs NYC corporate revenue to pay for this signing.

New York Rookie Camp Roster

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Dolan's use their media against gullible NYI fans to sell Cuomo/Dolan taxpayer ponzi-scheme arena

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/19/2017 10:56:00 AM | Comments
Not a fan of these entries, my preference would be to only write about hockey.
Are NYI fans still really this gullible?

Some sure are...............

Imagine if our teams games got all this print/tv coverage, instead of one beat-writer who always does the bare minimum?

Sure would not have hurt the attendance.

Dolan state of the art journalism which in this case is a non-stop machine to create their own narrative.

It's not my agenda.
Our fans are entitled to some honesty.

I will let them prove my point with their own words. 

130+ other sports team don't have their rival run their primary newspaper behind a paywall since 2008 with biased print coverage, a television contract through 2031 (costing Dolan hundreds of millions) that hides almost 1/4 games on a channel no one can find, bid for the Coliseum in 2013 to put a Ranger AHL team there in 2013 with preseason games & now want to be our teams new landlord in his Belmont arena, among what has gone on back to 1998 when games were pulled off television without explanation.

What's next the Dolan's who could not fork over 50k for the Islanders beating the Rangers over the Metro Ice Challenge a decade ago now want to give our team an arena in the middle of nowhere just to get them out of NYC because they are the teams friends?

Why can't some people simply be honest & admit a company that lives off taxpayers/politicians like Andew Cuomo & Shelly Silver have an agenda to drive their competition out of NY entirely to regain territorial rights, and put hundreds of millions in cable television money back in their bank. 

Someone has to present an honest narrative about our team & what's going on so I write what need's to be written.

The word Dolan is off limits for Randi Marshall, Robert Brodsky, Jim Baumbach, Hank Winnicki.

Staple, no doubt got an e-mail from sports editor Winnicki for this one:
What metric does this fall under again?

Factual evidence is very good.

I have written about Islanders poor attendance in Nassau for years, and again will write if the fan support was there I would submit an NHL team can succeed there. Clearly it cannot as every NHL team needs to play inside in a major city to make enough revenue to survive, with the real estate projects like Edmonton, Detroit got with huge taxpayer money.

Dolan wanted both in 2013 which is one reason why he lost the Coliseum bid.

Has Dolan ever paid for anything without taxpayer money? Wang in 2011 got zero development rights to HUB.

We saw this game from Dolan's paid media in 2011 with the $58.00 tax hammered home to defeat a referendum so Dolan could bid for the Coliseum in 2013 with Newsday writers not even allowed to mention his name.

Randi Marshall hates being challenged, she runs from her past articles.

I could have produced a dozen more like this. 

In 2017 she's on Pat Dolan's editorial board & selling the Dolan/Cuomo narrative at Belmont & Penn Station, the same day.

Marshall was on the Empire State Development list to visit Belmont site with potential bidders.
Marshall has no clue how this is being financed, but can't wait to move it forward, unlike 2011.
Peter Luukko (correct spelling) who worked for Flyers, Panthers.
We have seen it from Dolan's employees since he lost his bid to Ratner in 2013 to prosecute the NEC lease while Dolan's pocket's are filled by Andrew Cuomo refusing to revoke Dolan's tax exemption in Manhattan on the Chase Garden, as Cuomo works to renovate Penn Station (via taxpayers) & keep Dolan's operating permit extended in perpetuity with his tax exemption.

And we see it almost daily from Dolan's media spin-machine to influence gullible Islander fans or those who want to go back to failed Long Island with lower attendance than Barclay's. (without Sat games)

We saw this scam in 2011, 2013, we see it again, it's not honest. This is to get Dolan his revenge arena or force out NEC/Prokhorov or run out the clock at Barclay's.

The NYI have never received a dime from the taxpayers. Msg has received one since 1982 that now comes to about fifty million dollars a year straight from the taxpayers.

But here they go again:
As usual they leave out Dolan/NHL approval would have been necessary from 2013 because they can't mention Dolan in the family newspaper.

And now it's time to sell a joke narrative one preseason game on a Sunday afternoon in September erases decades of fans staying home win or lose to get Dolan his Belmont arena to be the Islanders landlord via Cuomo/taxpayers.

All hands on deck, including Brian Compton, who's Ranger media bosses at (John Dellapina, Frank Brown) can replace him with many out of work hockey writers.
Baumbach of Arbour's 740th win should not count fame, and Rangers commute to Greenberg is in the other direction is not as bad,  rewarding loyalty for Dolan taking him back after quitting Newsday in April 2010 for the Journal.
 Baumbach did not last one article in 2010 at Journal.

The part where Tavares talked about making it work at Barclay's did not make Dolan's paper or Compton's article, but was in the NY Post of all places.

Meanwhile Dolan may sue the Clippers owner for putting a new arena next to the one the taxpayers helped renovate for him in 2013, and blame the mayor. Things like this are off-limits for Marshall, Brodsky, Baumbach, Winnicki which is the only arena Dolan renovated (without Albany) as we wait and see what happens with his RFP win in Seattle where taxpayer money is needed. 

For now this game will continue, perhaps Dolan can get Nassau to revoke NEC lease which means this Belmont RFP goes away. 

Meanwhile they continue to prosecute their 2013 loss.

Mangano not picking Dolan's Hub vision in 2013 leads to articles like this, and there are plenty of people who like to build their resumes seeing their work in a newspaper.

The question is why are our fans so gullible to believe these people & not call them out on their agenda?

Are these bloggers & pod-casters interested in the truth or their resume?

It's not because our fans sold out 35 games every year at the Coliseum at big boy prices, no one moves to a proven failed location in the middle of nowhere to be a tenant of their rival. 

Newsday went through 4 publishers in six years since the 2008 paywall went up, they stopped employing one.

As LI Press wrote in 2012, 2010, not much has changed besides going from James Dolan to Pat Dolan, Altice looked at the losses and sold back a majority stake in Newsday/News12 within 2 weeks after Cablevision was sold to Altice in 2016.

Patrick Dolan still goes with James Dolan's team.

Newsday Media day-to-day operations would continue to be led by Ed Bushey.
Senior vice president/general manager, and Debby Krenek, senior vice president/digital and editorial director.

These are the people who get their marching orders from the Dolan's, and tell Marshall, Baumbach, Brodsky, Winnicki, Staple what to write/not to write.

Deborah Henley is still an editor for the Dolan's as of 2017.

Andrea Greenberg has been at Msg hiding Islander games on +2 for a few years as general manager, cutting post-games down to one interview. Plenty of disposable people like Botta, Cerney who were quietly sent out the door who know it's hard finding work without a reference from Dolan.

And as always plenty of biased Ranger media who want no part of the NYI in NYC, like Rick Carpinello who found a job working for Dolan after Journal News dumped his column. 

Newspapers have been biased back to the founding fathers last I checked.

Having written that I have never seen a sports teams fans, and bloggers be this gullible about what's going on. 

New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/14/2017 06:36:00 AM | Comments
Mostly a quiet time.

Somerby is an UFA on 8/15. Snow can stock his pool with a few similar players now.

Went as deep as I care to go on Sound Tigers. Ledecky must respond this week (8/14) & we will get more of an idea of how our owners do business. (along with Bridgeport government)

So Saffan expects 250,000 customers a year there, paying $60.00 average ticket prices?
Color me very skeptical.

Cuomo/Dolan Belmont Taxpayer Ponzi-Scheme RFP Arena likely sits in Dolan media blackout mode, their narrative is set, same as 2011 that defeated the vote.

Maybe a few cheap shots or deflection articles about Coliseum, Prokhorov, Ratner or some politicians using the bring the team home campaign dance in a Dolan outlet with some writers/bloggers who need resume building.

We are going to find out what our new owners can actually get done.

We'll see if Mr Malkin-Ledecky want to use their names to be pawns as a 41 day tenant as every other NHL team (especially Arizona/Ottawa/Kanata)  recognize their teams must play inside a major city to survive, not spend 485 million to go back to a place it failed miserably with less fans at the games in a place that hosted Saturday night games.

Would get interesting if Malkin-Ledecky were trotted out as RFP winner, then Barclay's decided not to opt out of any leases & fix up the building, and our owners did the smart business move & stayed.

Don Monti was named Master Developer at the Coliseum site, you remember the maps I drew here who had what, he walked away.

RFP winners walk away all the time. Ratner walked from Barclay's/Nets, and has only a 15 percent stake in the Coliseum project. This Coliseum agreement was 260 million in a 130/130 split. 165 million was overspent on arena.

We can expect a new County Executive come November.

AEG/Barclay's vs Dolan's Oakview (who's never spent real money not from taxpayers and is the only money with no real arena building background) could backfire on them based on Seattle, his issues with the Clippers building next to his LA Forum,  & now trying to place an arena between the Barclay's & Coliseum?

Between Penn Station downstairs, Moynihan Station, and Dolan's tax exemption upstairs, not even Andrew Cuomo's,  Empire State Development can throw much more taxpayer money at Dolan who just spend over 500 million on phase one while the MTA is neglected downstairs.

By the end of January the distractions will be over regarding an arena.

I'm not a hundred percent on Tavares but expect he will be signed in camp as long as he's promised the team will stay in New York.

Our fans drive these owners out & stay home, everyone could opt out in January & this team is gone forever by May 2018. 

Bridgeport Update 8/10/17/Corrections

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/11/2017 05:35:00 PM | Comments
The headline here would be I'm incorrect about Live Nation/Dolan connection in my previous entry, given they already book events at Webster Bank Arena, so when wrong it goes at top of this page so my readers have honesty.

The mayor is not happy with the arena's performance regardless of who books it.

Also more clarified is this field covering is more a canvas overhang, not an enclosed roof like was done at USTA in Flushing for the 2 week tournament, and why baseball cannot still be played there.

Still, Mr Ledecky, feels these changes are competition to the arena's business operations, and a possible lease violation which could lead to a lawsuit for an agreement that only runs through 2021, with this new amphitheater not ready until 2019.

This would seem a trivial matter if Ledecky wanted to move the team in four years or sooner so a fair bet is Ledecky wants to stay in Bridgeport past 2021.

Trouble in Bridgeport: Ledecky Quoted Comments

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March 2015 entry on this subject which includes Saffan's comment as an Islanders employee on lease in Bridgeport & city council documents. 

In June 2015 I reviewed the entire history with documents back to day one.
(see below) professional hockey league clause was incorrect on my part in this entry.
Ct Post: Reports Mayor Joe Ganim’s plans to turn the city ballpark into an amphitheater for music acts  would represent competition barred in the Tigers contract with City Hall.

The project would be constructed and operated by partners ex-Sound Tigers owner Howard Saffan, a developer from Weston, and mammoth concert promoter Live Nation.

 “I therefore urge you to reconsider this course of action,” Ledecky wrote. “For if the city accepts the proposal, the Sound Tigers will be forced to exercise all of their rights under the operating agreement.”

Ledecky, in his letter Wednesday, revealed that the Sound Tigers met with Saffan, Live Nation and representatives from the Ganim administration “to discuss the (amphitheater) proposal and its effect on the continued financial viability of the arena.”

Ledecky claimed the Tigers had been given until the week of Aug. 14 “to address in writing whether and under what circumstances the Sound Tigers could accept the ballpark conversion.”

He called the city's decision to announce a deal with Saffan and Live Nation this week “perplexing."

NYIFC Comments: 
In an 8/9 interview by telephone (see twitter) Saffan makes clear somehow this 15 million dollar public-private deal will put some kind of roof on the ballpark, making it an indoor facility which would take events from the arena which is in operation year-round, hence Ledecky's reaction.

Live Nation also works for Dolan's Chase Garden so if their Belmont Ponzi-Scheme arena is built the tenant NY Islanders could be stuck with Live Nation.

Saffan was the teams president, never the owner, he booked the arena, he worked for the Islanders for over a decade, in Bridgeport, and previously the Coliseum.

And Saffan was the one making clear Bridgeport cannot move to the Coliseum in 2013 at Ratner's press conference to the point it got ugly because the contract in Bridgeport requires the Islanders to supply an AHL team or better through 2021. 

John Ledecky quoted somewhere?

Based on this one article very odd development given it claims the concert season in an amphitheater would run from May to October which would alter only a few Oct/April Sound Tiger games unless they made a deep playoff run which has happened once or twice before Roy Boe sold the team to Wang around 2003-04.

The baseball stadium's tenant, the 20-year Bluefish announced 2017 will be their final season.

Obviously both sides have issues with the arena but the Sound Tigers have a binding lease to the point.

A few years ago I worked long/hard to go through the documents. Michael Fornabaio, showed me the key document on AHL team or better clause (vs professional hockey league language change Wang wanted & was approved) which for months I was wrong about based on negotiations from 2011 when Wang bought agreement, and where the meeting documents were.

At the time I documented the history back to Roy Boe/day one.

Jon Ledecky/Scott Malkin own/operate the arena as part of the sale of the Islanders, a competing amphitheater being a problem for them is not good news if their plans are beyond 2021.

Gionta Resigned

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Do Ledecky-Malkin really want to be a 41-day tenant in Dolan arena via Cuomo taxpayer ponzi scheme?

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485 million to be a 41-day tenant in the Rangers owners Barclay's/Coliseum-revenge building back in invisible Nassau, next to one congested highway, and a bunch of trees vs a city with millions of potential new fans, 12 subway lines, and a local walk-up that includes many Nets fans, and corporations.

In a building that already produced higher attendance than most Coliseum seasons.

The answer to the title of this post is I have no idea what, Scott Malkin, who seems to be mostly in Europe knows about his first sports franchise or it's attendance-revenue history in Nassau County?

A lot of these owners usually come from Gary Bettman & NHL, after Barroway threatened his lawsuit, the league moved fast to work a viable solution.

John Pickett saw what was happening, and after paying to save team lost interest. Howard Milstein put up with this for a few months before refusing to spend.

Charles Wang told you his story of why he bought the team after seeing two games vs Rangers, and leaving early. County executive, Tom Gulotta, made clear even then whoever buys the Islanders must pay for a new Coliseum themselves which is crazy considering a tenant does not do that. 

Wang (with Scott Rechler/then Mangano) kept trying for 12 years, and was vilified for not giving the fans a max payroll & 1973 ticket prices, as he paid to renovate Nassau's building, and Smg played slumlord, no lease was condemned. 

Scott Malkin spoke once in 2014 at the Coliseum, I did not understand much of what he said.

Only Charles Wang knows if he talked to them about this at all or they sat down with the teams books, who made clear he would have moved to Barclay's by 2013-14 if allowed.

Jon Ledecky between his tenure in Washington & his two year listening tour hiding among the fans had to have some notion of the many, many years of empty seats/poor revenue in Nassau, and not just the second half of 2013-14.

Or did he?

Perhaps Mr Ledecky/Scott Malkin, fell victim to the drumbeat of Long Island fans at Northwell telling him move the team back to 7,000 fans in Nassau or the Dolan media spin in his media knocking Barclay's to get them out of NYC before it's clear they belong in NYC, with more fans, and a far better revenue stream. 

Or it's been the Dolan's plan via Cuomo since last summer when the push began in the family newspaper to get them out to Belmont, with Flushing always getting some negative push-back from their media because it's still too close to NYC.

Obviously everyone had a good laugh at the six game Coliseum plan, or the owners asked for Ratner/Prokhorov and Bettman/Dolan correctly told them no because the rule is one home to a customer per territory. 

Who knows? Scott Malkin & Jon Ledecky had to approve the Buffalo Sabres playing a home game inside the NYI territorial rights in Queens so Dolan does not lose his yearly tax exemption on the Chase Garden by hosting a game outside his building or was this approval baked into Cuomo-Dolan RFP?

16/25 years the two years at 13,000 + fans at  Barclay's with few Saturday games/Sun football game days, early season Mon-Wed. produced better attendance then Nassau Coliseum. Six Coliseum years were on par with 13,000 number, three had better numbers than Barclay's with one being 2001-02 with Milstein rock-bottom ticket prices, another being the final season packed with Sat, Alumni giveaway nights. Did Malkin/Ledecky even look at these horrible numbers in Nassau County?

The Dolan's media (who cannot even mention his name) are bragging about arena plans being done, and the worlds fastest RFP process seems all set to trot out Scott Malkin & John Ledecky in late September as winners of Cuomo/ Dolan revenge arena for 2013, likely with a new Tavares contract as part of the celebration of returning to obscurity.

Why would our owners want to be a willing part of this or Tavares?

Mr Malkin, Mr Ledecky, stay in NYC at Barclay's or ask for a NYC site without any Dolan involvement. It's working far better than Nassau has most years.

Who cares about some obstructed seats that rarely were filled in Nassau? Yormark promised new pipes for the ice, ask for a little remodeling downstairs and stay at Barclay's. It's working now, and in a decade you'll sell enough tickets (and critical corporate money) to where Barclay's will want to renovate themselves whether it be Prokhorov or someone else.

Either that of by game 2 on a Tuesday in Dolan's Belmont arena in front of 7,000 fans (or less) reality is going to hit home you made a fatal mistake as big as John Pickett made to give Smg all the teams revenue for some Coliseum luxury boxes in a building that looks like a SD telecast on Dolan's +2 filled with Knicks and Ranger ads.

And if Dolan does eventually renovate Key Arena in Seattle, and operates this Belmont white elephant via Cuomo/taxpayers, he will funnel them to Seattle & his other arena.

Expect a Dolan media blackout on Cuomo/Dolan-owned Belmont taxpayer ponzi scheme arena

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Sure Dolan is only a minority investor/adviser, and it's the Islanders arena. LOL

Expect a ton of silence now from Dolan's paid media.

Their narrative has been set, the fans have bought in as usual.

Some fans even told me Ledecky is building an arena,  and paying for it? Who was the last sports owner who did that anywhere? LOL

They must be the people who think Katz built that Light house Project in Edmonton out of pocket, & Illitch-town in Detroit came entirely from his pockets before he passed away?

It's really been this way since last summer when Dolan's media push began for a Belmont arena, with Flushing being sold as something far less viable despite our owners buying a NYC team for 485 million dollars.

Cuomo can wave his campaign contribution magic wand tomorrow, and make the Shea site open for an Islanders arena without Dolan.

Now that Dolan/Cuomo got their RFP, and it's been marketed by them as the NYI bid, complete with Dolan's media discussing his (NYI) arena renderings, you will read very little on this RFP at all.

Front page articles against a Belmont RFP,  George Marlin opinion pieces, Other bidders. Financial experts....sorry gang, it's not 2011 & this is to get Dolan his arena, and the Islanders out of NYC for openers, it's revenge for losing the Coliseum in 2013.

It's not 2011 where the Dolan's wanted to defeat a referendum so they could bid in 2013, and pounded home the $58.00 narrative daily until it stuck.

This will be the 2011 referendum without the Dolan media push to stop it, what Charles Wang/Ed Mangano intended for a quiet referendum vote in August for a new Islanders arena.

Everyone is officially on vacation from this subject unless it's to sell Dolan/Cuomo/Percoco,  Penn Station taxpayer funded project in their media. Maybe a few bring the Islanders home to the Rangers new arena pom pom waiving articles from them, with some shots at Barclay's, but that's it. 

You will read absolutely nothing about financing, costs, leases, Cuomo campaign contributions from Dolan, Msg taxpayer exemptions,  Joe Percoco or anything from the 2011 playbook before that tepid late endorsement after it was clear the vote would not pass.

Whenever it goes near Dolan you will simply see their shell Oak View company mentioned in passing with, Irving Azoff, Tim Leiweke, who have no money as some peripheral investor/advisers when it fact this will be Dolan's arena from Cuomo's Empire State Development Corp & taxpayers. 

Newsday/News12 are not even allowed to tell the public the Dolan family (now under Pat Dolan) still have a controlling interest in Newsday/News12, they do what they are told or find new jobs.

Dolan's media is not going to say/write anything, same as Chase Garden's taxpayer exemption for their renovation is hidden, and you never see any paperwork PFD files on deals made by Dolan or the Garden because it's off-limits unlike everything involving the NYI or Prokhorov/Ratner Coliseum must be made a circus.

No, not even Dolan can be blamed for that circus two weeks ago at the Coliseum, but their media can get anyone voted out of office. 

This is the same Dolan-controlled paper that prosecuted the Islanders deal with Cantiague Park on the front-page for a practice facility a few years ago, and is still playing Coliseum watchdog because they lost the bid. 

The Islanders owners will be trotted out as the RFP winners when it reality it will be Dolan's arena, and the NYI will be tenants for 41 days if they are a willing part of it.

I have little doubt the announcement will also happen amid a Tavares extension in late September so fans even concentrate less on the financing and who really won the bid. 

I also have little doubt this super fast less than 2 months RFP process was decided a year ago for Cuomo to give Dolan a revenge arena against Mangano/Ratner Coliseum.

Down the road if this scheme happens, and an arena is built you will not see one word on Dolan owing the new arena filled with his events, it will look like an Msg+2 SD Islander telecast filled with Knicks and Ranger ads or what Dolan's plan was for the Coliseum in 2013 with their MSG-zone.

By then you will read between the lines, and figure out it's Dolan's arena unless 7,000 are there by game two & Dolan funnels them to the Seattle arena, the media there does not seem shy to jump on every change to that deal.

My advice, go read up on Dolan's bid in Seattle and the financing, from their media, who are not in Dolan's pocket.

I'm planning some words on Scott Malkin & Jon Ledecky next week. 

de Haan Avoids Arbitration Resigns

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Updated: deHaan comments:

NYIFC Comments: 
This is not a good circumstance. deHaan will hit UFA next summer, and likely be testing the market given this outcome.

If he has a good season, he will receive a big raise from another team, if the Islanders struggle, expect a trade.

He had a lot of good things to say about this team given his interview.

Quick Notable On Cuomo/Dolan's Ponzi Scheme To Be NYI Belmont Landlord

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One of the Dolan's many government affairs people who own Cuomo's checkbook told their newspaper this sham RFP is coming out to get Dolan another arena.

Between the Joe Percoco, Dolan, Cuomo scandal, this RFP, and Penn Station, some cap max campaign contribution checks will be heading from Dolan/friends to Albany.

The Dolan's cheerleaders in media have to do their dance now, and it will not be to sell you the $58 charge to the taxpayers that defeated the 2011 referendum or the drumbeat on how bad Ratner's Coliseum is despite spending more than Dolan offered in 2013. 

This time the false narrative sales scheme is to make it seem it's the Islanders arena, the coming home party, his paid media as always will keep Dolan's name out of it, our fans are always good at being played for suckers, and not reading between the lines.

And those suckers still want 1970 ticket prices, a max payroll,  their 3-4 days a year for tailgates.

Some of them act like the Nassau politicians thinking the current Coliseum can simply be renovated again for an NHL team or it works financially as is, it's not reality.

Charles Wang was completely vindicated, so was Howard Milsten, and John Pickett.

It will not be the New York Islanders arena, they will be a hidden 41 day tenant. How fast will Dolan kick them out when 7,000 fans show on weeknights for the first three months because you can bet there will be tons of attendance-based out clauses.

The Dolan media unlike Barclay's will not publish anything involving Dolan because this Oak View scam company is Dolan, music-man Irving Azoff, who has no money, Tim Leiweke, who plays the Yormark role for several arena's, and does consulting, but has no ability to finance an arena.

It is true this Oak View arena alliance has all the top facilities on their list, but in reality, it's like the Long Island Association where they only shuffle some overflow events, no one spends actual money to build arena's for anyone when all they do is compete with one another, and most of this alliance (especially James Dolan) does everything via his tax exemption, tax credits or through the taxpayers.

Wake me when the Islanders owners tell us they paid 485 million to become Dolan's 41 day tenant in the middle of nowhere again in a building Andrew Cuomo will give to him via taxpayers to make up for losing his 2013 Nassau Coliseum bid for an Msg Ranger fan zone with AHL team.

No one knows what our owners think or if they are smart hockey people who kept Garth Snow which can't be helping ticket sales? My guess is they know enough to speak through the NHL which no doubt is what Bettman wants including getting a relocated team to Quebec with 15,000 full season tickets at top dollar prices waiting for them.

This could also be a stall game by Dolan/Cuomo to run out the clock, and force a move depending on what happens in January 2018 with the Islanders lease. 

NYC media wants them relocated out of NY, and if Prokhorov were to sell the Coliseum or Barclay's to Dolan, he would kick the Islanders out of NY entirely, move in his AHL team, and put his 2031 cable money back in his bank account, giving his AHL  team far better coverage than the Islanders receive with those + 2 games.

In that instance this RFP would go away entirely. 

Is Scott Malkin really willing to move his team to play again in front 7,000 for half a season in Nassau County when there are viable NYC options/renovations with millions of potential customers, in a building they were drawing better attendance than most Coliseum seasons without Sat games?

And that's with all the negative articles designed to chase the NY Islanders out of NYC since day one in 2012 from what is likely now a majority of the season ticket holders.
We all know what Dolan's trained media will do, exactly what they did to defeat the 2011 referendum, and then to become NEC/Ratner Coliseum watchdogs because they were very bad losers in 2013.

Randi Marshall worked long and hard in the Dolan's newspaper  to sell $58.00 narrative to defeat the 2011 referendum so her employer (Dolan) could bid in 2013 for the Nassau Coliseum himself. She does this or losses her job. 
I could post more of these from sports editor, Hank Winnicki, and others who receive Dolan money to promote their point of view but why bother?

Newspapers sell what the ownership tells them to, and the Dolan family bought back Newsday/News12 to sell what helps them make money.

In this case they will play up an Islanders return and play the fans as suckers for what we be another arena from Dolan from Cuomo via taxpayers because Dolan never pays for an arena or a renovation or even his AHL staff unless the taxpayers or tax credit foot a part of the bill.

Hopefully the Islander owners (and some fans) see through this ponzi-scheme, and have Andrew Cuomo make a deal for a NYC arena in Flushing,or a renovation of Barclay's Center where millions of fans are.

David Dinkins tennis center just got 500 million for new stadium's/upgrades, and a roof, for 2-week tennis tournament on that same Parkland near Shea Stadium's sea of concrete.  Cuomo could release that land for an arena any time he wants, but we all know Wilpon owned Mario Cuomo, and was outside his Madoff hearing celebrating in the street.

Saul Katz of real estate fame, waiting to build with Wilpon/Mario Cuomo celebrating the settlement from being associated with Bernie Madoff. 

Folks, school is out. I want to enjoy this hockey season, it's time for others to step up, this has gone on forever.  My guess is our owners will explore all options, even the worst ones.

I also think this ownership stays in NYC or this team leaves NY entirely, it's their only chance at selling out the 30+ games necessary to stay in business which will never happen in Nassau County.

Connor Jones Resigned

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Note-This leaves dehaan among teams RFA qualified in June, who will have a contract around the time of his 8/2 arbitration or likely before because most of these no longer go that far.

Holmstrom, Gionta among UFA from last season.

Somerby among college prospects, who likely goes elsewhere after his 8/15 deadline.

Yannick Turcotte Invited To NYI Training Camp

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New York Resigns Pelech 4 years

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NYIFC Comments: 
Simply put to give Pelech 4 years is fine, but that means he has to play in the teams top six, he cannot sit like he has in the past.

His primary spot is left defense, he did slide to the right on occasion.


Gibson Resigned/Accepts QO

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NYIFC Comments: 
Gibson was injured most of last season, but the goaltender from Tampa trade + McAdam having a very strong finish should not mean a ticket back to the ECHL.

NYI Worst Kept Secret: Kelly Buchberger Hired

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Dunham Out As Goalie Coach/Fred Brathwaite In...

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No idea if Jaro Halak's personal goalie coach, Marc Champagne, is still part of organization.

New York City Arena Only For NYI....No Dolan/Cuomo Belmont Ponzi Scheme.....Never Nassau

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Tell them the truth Monday. No Nassau, No Dolan, NYC is our home. Barclay's or New York City only for our team. Enough crowds under 10,000 that look like 5,000  in Nassau.

The NHL does not work in Nassau County.

We want a New York City home for our team like everyone else got from the taxpayers.
It's our turn.


Has James Dolan ever paid any money beyond getting it from taxpayers for anything?  His Chase Garden tax exemption from Cuomo, his Coliseum bid in 2013 & now our old Smg friends who run XL in Hartford through 2023 !

Sebastian Aho Leaves SHL Contract..7/5 Confirmed Signs With New York

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New York Trades For Kristers Gudlevskis/Sign Seth Helgeson/LaFranchise Signed

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Expect A Quiet 7/1 For New York

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Folks, the money has been spent, or is earmarked for Tavares if he can be resigned. If Lee keep's scoring like this he's getting close to fifty million dollars from someone so it's time to start saving up.

And if Bailey continues his breakout & hits 60-70 points, with his UFA pending, they have to find a way to pay him.

The UFA class is weak (again) and the roster is filled with NHL contracts.
Quine, Prince.
Dal Colle, Barzal.
Towes/Vande Sompel/ect.
Not as simple as putting Quine or Prince on waivers, they could well be claimed, and need a steady spot here to show what they can do.

Yes, I get it's 7/1 & the fans want new toys or like to do their Milbury impersonations but it does not work that way, and the trades needed require important roster players likely leaving for underachieving, expensive rentals mostly with big baggage.

In two years when what you traded for leaves in UFA, and the players here now are part of those deals, and producing for their new teams, what's left?

That is the formula for becoming one of those long-term/non-playoff teams.

New York Qualifying Offers/Mini Camp Roster

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