Three Years Is A Long Time, But Not For Dolan/Newsday To Drive Away Fans

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2012 10:21:00 AM |
The Dolan family owns controlling interests in the Knicks, Rangers, Madison Square Garden and Cablevision. Cablevision owns Newsday.

They are in quite a rush to drive away the remaining fans between their political/sports reporting, they have every legal right to do it. 

Three years is a long time, it took Pittsburgh until three months before their Smg lease was up. Edmonton's lease is up in 2014. Anyone see or recall the Tribune Review or Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Edmonton Sun/Journal driving out the local team with most articles like Dolan's paper does?

Gary Bettman recently said there is still time.

I guess if Flyers owner Ed Snider bought the Gazette-Tribune in 2004, plus he owned Penguins local cable rights/had to pay Pens hundreds of millions until 2030 or Orca Bay in Vancouver owned the Edmonton Sun/Journal plus had to pay the Oilers hundreds of millions for television coverage things would be the same.

Seems Dolan controlled Msg, Newsday, Cablevision Rangers are in the biggest rush to create a public circus on the Coliseum, and Charles Wang's hockey team to drive customers, eventually the team away?

Nothing you have not read here before.

Amazing how many still cannot read between the lines almost a full year since Dolan's Newsday put out tons of negative coverage (tepid late fine print endorsement notwithstanding after it was obvious via polling referendum would not pass) to intentionally drive up the turnout that defeated the Coliseum referendum.

If that were a referendum done during August which benefited Cablevision not one negative word would have been written in Dolan's paper, the unions would have quietly carried the vote going away.

Of course none of this has anything to do with legislature/NIFA approvals, but when Randi Marshall was done printing out political contributions, mentioning Wang, I asked her why she did not mention Dolan by name, then she claimed Cablevision's political contributions were in Newsday which of course the Daily News did with Dolan the headline here.

Then Ms Marshall did not appreciate my twitter comments  when I wrote Newsday Editor In Chief Debbie Henley ... senior vice president, Deborah (website design) Krenek would not allow the name of Dolan be printed. 

Ms Marshall knows the truth of what's allowed, perhaps Islander fans still do not understand?

Dolan's name never appears beyond the usual disclaimer in sports coverage, the LI Press was wrong on referendum coverage, but correct about Dolan's Newsday here.

Ever see a news outlet in one area (Newsday/News 12/Msg/Cablevision) virtually entirely owned via monopoly with the vested interest in seeing the local team leave so at the very least a owner getting 11m a year in tax-exemptions at Cablevision owned Msg in Manhattan gains more customers while they put hundreds of millions back in the bank?

It's still comical almost a full year since the referendum not one person wrote those events going to New York City if the Coliseum closes makes money for the owner of Msg, Cablevision, Newsday.

The outlet owned by Pat Dolan that moderater Lea Tyrrell News 12 the big vote last summer was quick to ask if Dolan's Rangers sold out the Coliseum.

Dolan's Newsday has one mission, drive the Islanders entirely out of the New York area, save hundreds of millions in Cable contract money until 2030, regain territorial rights on Long Island.

Nothing happening at the Coliseum is the best news of all for Dolan, who would love to be that " other " bidder for the Coliseum in a deal that finances itself with Isles cable contract money come 2015.

Is Nassau County going to turn down Dolan's financing for a Cablevision Coliseum (maybe a new building outright)  vs closing the facility once the Isles are gone?

Dolan's Hartford Endgame: 
Islander fans have seen this movie before in Hartford.

Dolan moved his AHL franchise in to grab the former NHL teams Whalers fanbase,  Dolan's Msg made an agreement to join with former owner, Harold Baldwin, for the color/re-branding that slapped a Ct label on a team despite Charles Wang's Bridgeport team being in Ct.

Msg kicked Baldwin to the curb June 26th here.

No, I do not see Dolan doing an AHL deal in Brooklyn at this time because of the hostile relationship with the Nets/Markowitz ripping Msg, at least not now.

Too bad Charles Wang does not want his own ECHL affiliate in Brooklyn. 

Dolan's Newsday Endgame:
Dolan's in the entertainment/arena purchasing business. Msg now owns the Los Angeles Forum.

This is a reality Islander fans simply do not wish to acknowledge along with the Isles being Charles Dolan's first choice of local teams to purchase before his son was given operational control of Msg, which bought Newsday. 

On one front, make things as negative as possible around the team via former Ranger beatwriter Arthur Staple (despite Tavares/some excellent player stories even better than Dolan's failed Knicks for a decade) so fans stay away (see Aaron Portzline in Columbus Dispatch doing that?)  on the other front make sure Wang is front/center in the Newsday business coverage (despite Wang not wanting to do negotiations in media) via Randi Marshall/Patrick Whittle/staff, who's doing her best Eden Laikin impersonation, who many accused of intentional negative Lighthouse coverage when soliciting opinion.

It works to perfection. Hockey fans blame Wang for being the only owner to not spend via his local counterparts all receiving taxpayer cash in new buildings. Every time Dolan's controversial staff does a feature (at least not the ones in LI Press where employees knock him)  Islander fans resolve never to purchase tickets or are resigned to the team relocating. 

Then of course it's time for a DiPietro feature, not a Tavares feature.

What's Wang Going To Do?
Let's be clear we have no idea of the true Wang-Dolan business relationship, but in the end Wang may want a cable contract/territorial rights buyout from Dolan if there are local vs out of market bids for the team come 2015 or for him to simply remain owner anywhere.

As long as Wang owns the Marriott it's in his best interest to have events at the Coliseum so his hotel makes money, he has one financial reason to retain the Isles at the current location.

Dolan's not going to give him a free hundred million dollars or more unless it's absolutely necessary so Charles Wang is going to do what he must.

Someone local (Nassau/Brooklyn/Queens) come 2014-15 offers Charles Wang the same 180-200m as an out of area bid, Dolan offers an additional 100m for territorial rights, television contract what is Charles Wang supposed to do after losing hundreds of millions in the first place? 

Three Years Is A Long Time:
I have written this many times, filling the seats forces action from the politicians, it makes Dolan's paper tread more carefully with negative coverage or their true agenda is questioned by more mainstream media as LI Press does.

Yes, there are Islander fans out there who believe Wang has some control of Newsday's content. 

Dolan Needs The Rivalry With The Islanders, Revenue They Generate?
I get that a lot from some when I write these entries, which begs the question if Dolan needs the rivalry to generate revenue why does he hide the games, give them no features, refuse to carry preseason or even play the Isles (this year exception) or why has he hidden Isles since virtually day Msg/Fox merged or created Metroguide to hide the 2002 playoffs?

Is that how you generate revenue while producing bottom of the barrel coverage from an outlet that did not even have road playoff coverage for the Devils in the early rounds of the playoffs, then had to share postgame semi-finals coverage with Dolan's Rangers? 

The same outlet that switched Billy Jaffe's contract for the first coach Charles Wang fired, and provided only one full time host while Devils have Daneyko, Placey, Fischler far more often? 

How come there are no optimistic articles about this team despite Arthur Staple in a largely negative chat recently claiming on paper there are only one or two teams better than the Isles in the conference?

It's All This Blog's Conspiracy:
Please stop. The Dolan's record of vindictive/selective media coverage is a mile long. I did not create Newsday or Dolan's reputation on censoring negative media, that list comes from professional outlets or former/current employees at his own paper or Msg.

What's next Alan Hahn, who used to rip Dolan before he bought Newsday, now doing television commentary changed his mind or did not want to go find employment in another market? 

I could literally post a hundred of these links not even counting the teams games taken off television, lawsuits vs the NHL, issues with other papers. Not my thoughts, but again those of professionals  covering James Dolan's teams daily.

NY Post 4/2 (after Lafontaine WSJ Sielski hitjob) on Dolan/Daily News Mort Zuckerman Feud

Nassau County Website had following a few weeks ago on Dolan's coverage from Mangano spokesman, Brian Nevin:

“It’s become obvious that Newsday columnist Joye Brown has some personal grudge or vendetta against Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. We all get that! However, it’s a shame that Newsday is allowing an editorial opinion on the news page without labeling it as such. The fact that Newsday, once one of the top five daily newspapers in the nation, condones this poor practice is disturbing as it lacks transparency by blurring the line between news and opinion.
For me, my family, friends and associates, it appears Newsday is joining the ranks of the Star and the Enquirer. To place a column with Brown’s personal feelings on page 3, next to actual news stories – as a way of tricking the average reader into thinking they are facts – is yellow journalism at its worst. Ethical journalism calls for viewpoints in a separate section from the news because the two are supposed to be separate and apart. Accordingly, I am calling on the publisher of Newsday to end this practice immediately!”

Bottom line it's up to each of you to read between the lines. 

What's Ahead For New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/26/2012 03:03:00 AM |
Anything can happen as this weeks events have proven, it may have already happened a month ago. 

Unless Lubomir Visnovsky decides to tell his hometown media he's reporting to the Isles, but will still have his arbitration hearing anyway, that may drag all the way past the CBA expiration date.

Garth Snow is not going to speak about an arbitration between a player, and another NHL team. If you are looking for comment from a team it would have to come from Bob Murray in Anaheim, who may not even want to be bothered with an arbitration hearing, simply agreeing to take back Visnovsky, or moving him to a team on his list.  

Having written that the mediocre group of UFA's are still out there, all of them carry age/salary, health or production questions.  Moving forward another offer sheet could happen, history suggests (even now) that offer sheets are matched.  No doubt someone has to trade for Roberto Luongo because Vancouver does not wish to pay him while Anaheim can tell Bobby Ryan keep quiet or stay home/play in the KHL for the next three years.

Teams that do not front-load or pay over 35 contracts will not be signing anyone in this mediocre group unless it's someone who takes a significant discount with the NHLPA watching.

The prospects here may be better alternatives than  some of what's available on the market, they could be better than Boyes, Carkner, Boulton or it could go the other way.

Matt Carkner was scratched twenty games in Ottawa last year when he was healthy. 

Bridgeport filling out it's depth chart with no ECHL affiliate is notable, and worth following which now includes Nathan McIver. 

I do not see a great deal of significant player movement until there is a CBA agreement, only Charles Wang/Garth Snow how that plays out with any deadline for Matt Martin.

Yes if Adam Larsson can play in the NHL as a fourth overall pick, Calvin deHaan should, so could Matt Donovan, Aaron Ness, Ty Wishart.

That also includes fourth overall pick, Griffin Reinhart.

If prospects Troy Mattila/Corey Trivino have graduated their deadline to sign is August 15th. 

Reality is come 9/15 there is a reasonable chance the NHL will lockout the players again. NHL players (some sooner because of limited employment) may have to pick a league/team in Europe.

Visnovsky's 7/24 Interview, Possible Sept Hearing, Details

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2012 05:07:00 AM | : Posted another long interview with Lubomir Visnovsky, many repeat comments  but some new details. 

Among Quoted Comments/Rough Translation:
* Hearing could take place in September, but wants it earlier. 
* Is informed by mail on CBA negotiations.
* Could decide to play for Islanders.
* This is about principal, not Islanders. 
* Appreciates the Isles interest, would be disappointed if he hurt them. 
* Would like to have Satan here. 
* Snow discussed signing him to an extension now, but would want to wait until end of season, speak with family, also health could be issue.
* Snow discussed him/Streit could make seventh best pp, first. 
* Feels if Kings could win Stanley Cup why not Islanders because he's a positive person.
* Could decide if no CBA settlement after first two months to have his final contract year voided.

Everyone can read/translate for themselves, this is a 7/24 update posted at 9am. 

Isles Had To Be Muted That Visnovsky Filed For Arbitration In June

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2012 02:33:00 AM |
The New York Islanders had to remain muted, what happens moving forward is not in their control at this time. 

This is not a New York Islander issue, they have known since June when Visnovsky filed  arbitration it comes down to Anaheim/NHL vs Visnovsky/NHLPA.
The Isles are sidelined beyond convincing him to come, if his claim is based on principal that does not matter.

No doubt Garth Snow has one plan with Visnovsky, one without, for now they are in a holding pattern. 

It was never the Islanders place to make Visnovsky's arbitration filing public knowledge which would not be a wise choice or help their standing with the player or agent.

That's why there is a professional hockey media, which Lubomir Visnovsky may have finally (perhaps un- knowingly)  broke his own arbitration story via his local papers which woke up the slumbering North American media.

There is a chance Visnovsky thought it was already reported, he questioned himself on Satan which is where the Isles will have issue Monday with Visnovsky talking about another players private negotiations.

The NHL for their part, made public their player arbitration schedule, Visnovsky does not appear on the list. Why?

Does this become a CBA negotiating issue that goes past September 15th? Visnovsky sold this as a problem that applies only to his circumstances.

The bottom line is the Islanders knew all this in June, their hands/comments are tied until a hearing is scheduled which does not involve them.

Monday's news was only a surprise to the public, and obviously the worst professional media for an NHL team in North America.

You know where I stand on Dolan's beatwriter, Arthur Staple.
StapeNewsday Just got off the phone w/ #Isles D Lubomir Visnovsky. Ready to come to camp and play. "This is my first choice, to play for the Islanders."  6/24/2012

Six days later (perhaps sooner by 6/30) he filed a grievance.  Staple was too lazy to even acknowledge that day Visnovsky's KHL offer/or that he gave his interviews after being traded. Now he will hide behind Isles had problems attracting players card, not his poor reporting.

What Happens Ultimately?
1. Visnovsky wins his arbitration, his rights go back to Anaheim, the Isles get back their 2013 second round draft pick, they can keep him/move him to a team on his list or he can go play in the KHL/retire.

1a. Visnovsky wins his arbitration on principal and decides to report to the Islanders anyway. 

2.  Visnovsky losses his arbitration, he reports to the Isles, or can sign in the KHL while his contract is tolled or retire.

3. Visnovsky decides to sign in the KHL prior to arbitration regardless.
4. Visnovsky decides to join the Isles prior to arbitration regardless.
5. A hearing date lags to the point Visnovsky has to take a KHL offer. 

Projecting Out Visnovsky, Staple Outworked Again

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/23/2012 12:04:00 PM |
Projecting Out Visnovsky....What's Next?
1. If the Isles retain his rights in a possible hearing, Visnovsky can report or again accept his KHL offer meaning they receive no compensation so the Isles can win his NHL rights to toll (worst case scenario) but lose the second round pick. 

2. If an arbitrator rules for Visnovsky, his rights go back to Anaheim, the Isles do get back their draft choice.

3. Let's also be clear the NHL approved this trade based on the specific language in Visnovsky's contract, it was up to them to inform the Ducks/Isles in June Visnovsky had the right to reject the trade.

They failed if an arbitrator rules otherwise, not the general managers on either side. 

Uneducated Translated Projection:
Only Visnovsky can speak for himself, however I blogged these articles in June with his hometown quoted comments right after the NHL draft.

Visnovsky said in June he will likely return to the NHL because that's the premier league, he said in the quoted comments Sunday after the June exchange (trade to Islanders) he would probably abode there (report) regardless of arbitration and may not even wait for a decision. 

Those were his quotes.

This blog's uneducated projection based on those comments is he will accept the trade to the Islanders regardless of any potential arbitration hearing. Whether he ultimately signs in the KHL is another matter.

I believe he simply wants his contract option clarified. I'm not sure Visnovsky fully understands the implications of where this is going nor is it an Islanders issue, or did he fully understand what mentioning Satan being contacted could have created here.

Correct or not, that is how I see this playing out. 

Whether he also understands this or not, Lubomir Visnovsky is quickly becoming more trouble than he's worth. 

Staple Outworked Again:

Folks, this is just more proof that's Dolan's media is asleep at the wheel or more interested in selling a negative culture above all. When Msg is rejected often by free agents, they don't play that game in Dolan's paper saying no one seems to want to play there. 

The usual suspects beyond Staple will all come out and create a circus also for their own interest or agenda, that's what they need for themselvesThere seems to be an enthusiasm for some reporting players do not wish to play here which proved incorrect with Nabokov/many resigned players.

Do not be so quick to take anything Arthur Staple reports as gospel, the papers of record covering this story are in Europe, not Cablevison owned Newsday.

This is the second time Arthur Staple was outworked by the hometown media covering Visnovsky, last time he completely ignored the KHL contract offer Visnovsky had in his very sloppy/weak twitter update after the draft, Staple did not even correctly report Visnovsky was interviewed after his trade. 

Visnovsky May Elect Arbitration To Void Islanders Trade, Satan Contacted

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/23/2012 07:13:00 AM | | & &  Is reporting a clause for the fifth year in Lubomir Visnovsky's Edmonton to Anaheim contract may allow his agent, Neil Sheehy, to contest via NHLPA arbitration his trade to the New York Islanders because he would have a limited NTC which would void his trade to the Islanders, sending him back to Anaheim.  

Visnovsky for his part is again not making a commitment either way, and could report regardless, but did disclose Garth Snow was negotiating with former Islander, Miroslav Satan at some point. 

"In Anaheim, they think that clause trejd with my consent in exchange for leaving Edmonton fell into what they claim to lead the NHL. Another view is not gambling association NHLPA, and the wonder of the arbitration court proceedings. While it is not clear whether I win it, but I talked about it with my agent Neil Sheehy. he says to arbitration, we could learn who is right. Chances are, it balanced. it is up to me, as I choose. I would be the first hockey player with such a problematic point of agreement that could be turned to the arbitral tribunal. If the dispute eventually succeed, I would once again become a player in Anaheim. But after the June exchange, I would probably abode there, and obviously, I really wrote a list of ten of clubs, which would I wanted to play and where would I be able to send. There wonder if I will go ahead or not wait for it, "he told Sport newspaper Lubomir Visnovsky, who is the new season prepared in Bratislava.

If the experienced defender decided to stay at NY Islanders, in season 2012/2013 might not be the only Slovaks in the report "islanders". Club general manager Garth Snow is lanári striker Miroslav Satan, who has the Islanders played in the past. "Garth Snow phoned me once that it was negotiating with Miroslav Satan. Maybe I should not notify the media too, but told me to break it to come back to Long Island, where he played in the past," he told Sport Ľ. 

HC Slovan website has Miroslav Satan's stats (61gp, 31 goals, 74 points) who played with Zigmund Palffy (90 points) in 2011-12.

NYIFC Comments: 
Bottom line the trade could be voided if an arbitrator rules in Visnovsky's favor landing him back in Anaheim (if he elects arbitration/wins/decides to return to Anaheim) as the Isles would get back their second round draft pick. It all comes down to the language of his contract/extent of the teams his contract allowed his rights to be traded to. 

The comments speak for themselves, but overall this is becoming simply not worth territory it for the New York Islanders because if  Visnovsky is willing to have his agent elect arbitration at all obviously he does not really want to be here.

If you reference New York Islander Fan Central, please refer to the title of this entry because that's the only story at this time, the papers referenced reported the story with Visnovsky's quoted comments.

Let's also be clear, Visnovsky did not say he does not wish to be here, he may elect arbitration or not, he could report or not.

Please do not twist quoted comments into something different.

If Visnovsky ultimately wishes to have his rights back with Anaheim forcing a trade to a team on his list or perhaps not report anywhere, it's time to get back the second rounder, and give his spot to someone else.

Miroslav Satan is on Long Island for a charity tournament as reported on WFAN this morning, only Snow/Visnovsky know when Satan was contacted which could have been  at any time this summer which will likely not make Snow a happy camper learning Visnovsky made that public.  

One thing I can write is this is why Dolan's Newsday reporter, Arthur Staple's work needs to be questioned, he did a poor/sloppy job with information he reported contacting Visnovsky after the trade. 

NHL Financial System & Media Broken

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/19/2012 03:36:00 PM |
The expression you get what you pay for applies on all fronts for this day, it's almost gotten to the point if it's worth being a fan of the NHL any longer.

I now understand why John Pickett felt the way he did when it was no longer fun for him to own the New York Islanders.

If the New York Islanders did this with Shea Weber (who should sign for every dollar he can make) I would be just as disgusted. Weber belongs with his home grown team.

The teams that draft, develop properly are punished because other franchises are simply not as good so a corporation makes an offer to break another corporation? 

This is not free agency or how it was designed to work.  We saw this joke long ago when Cablevision pulled this with Joe Sakic, but now it's new/improved.

Is the NHL becoming that permanently broken system known as MLB?

The usual owners needing to be saved from themselves, with more joining the club. Ed Snider of Comcast/NBC/ Smg tells Paul Holmgren he wants another new toy, he does what he's told or Bob Clarke is returning as gm.

How long before Illitch, Pegula, Dolan, Leipold, do this to the next top restricted free agent?

What's next an NHL owner must have a corporation with more than ten billion in assets willing to write off  massive red ink on several front-loaded contracts or that market is not sustainable? Do we have five or ten franchises like the Pittsburgh Pirates, who make a profit by spending as little as possible in a new facility? 
I'm glad  the Islanders now protected themselves by signing Tavares, Okposo, Grabner last summer, but the day is coming where they cannot keep these players or anyone who becomes a franchise player here.

For all my criticism of Brian Burke, I respect his stance on front-loading which at some point likely will cost him his job with a corporate ownership in Toronto.  Montreal will not front-load at this time, but the pressure is on for Molson running the Canadians.

The pressure is on all the teams not front-loading. 

Pittsburgh got their slots-based facility, welcome to the front-loaded club. 

This blog has been writing about these front-loaded contracts for years, the system's broken, the usual suspects are forcing more owners to follow suit.
On the other end of the spectrum, obviously the NHL media industry is financially broken, so you get what you pay for there also which is the bottom of the barrel.

No, that has nothing to do with teams that own professional media outlets, that's another club where writers are an extension of the teams p.r department like Snider's salseman, Tim Panaccio at Csn. 

This would explain why when I post articles here, it takes a much longer time to pick through fan sites on Google (including New York Islander Fan Central) or outlets that pay to advertise there looking for that one professional media outlet that has a direct quote from a player. media relations are run so poorly by unqualified disasters like former Daily News Ranger  salesman, John Dellapina/Frank Brown, the articles read like tabloid journalism from a p.r department so badly managed NHL teams cannot have local viewing parties because it would hurt television ratings, with more unqualified writers coming off like they are an extension of the teams p.r wing.

Then of course, the Pens media can call up the NHL and demand an Islander viewing party be cancelled even though it's a game Dolan's Msg scheduled long before the party was announced, then Bill Daly comes out on cue, and makes it an Islanders issue? 

Did Dellapina or Brown get these jobs only because the NHL office is in New York, and no one else  wanted to relocate here? Anyone remember during the last lockout the only professional media covering negotiations in New York City were from Canada?

Hasn't anyone learned NHL media relations coordinators are not NHL writers, or newspaper writers do not qualify them to be media relations coordinators for an entire league?

This is why things are done so poorly. 

In the five years of writing New York Islander Fan Central, the NHL professional media has fallen off  the cliff forever, some of it is self-inflicted by not hiring professionals to do what they do best. 

Goaltender Ken Reiter Signing With Bridgeport AHL

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2012 09:06:00 PM |
Tribune Review reports Islander camp invitee Goaltender, Ken Reiter will sign an AHL contract with his comments.

Reiter played one game with Bridgeport in 2011-12.  This twenty five year old goaltender played the last three years at Minnesota-Duluth.

After attending a prospect camp with the New York Islanders in late June, Reiter’s contract to play for Bridgeport, the Islanders’ AHL affiliate, was in the mail early this week.

“Once I sign my name on that paper, it’s going to sink in a little bit,” Reiter said. “I left home at 15, so it’s been pretty much a decade of ups and downs in my junior career, and with college – that’s probably the brightest point of my career so far. Just a lot of hard work, man, a lot of hard work and sacrifice from both myself and my family.”
“I’ve always been the guy that’s kind of had to scratch and claw for everything I’ve earned. So, I’m prepared to do that again if I have to,” Reiter said. “But for me, I feel it’s a great situation with a good organization, and I feel that the opportunity was there. So that was the biggest aspect for me, especially coming out of college.”

Reiter’s contract is with the AHL and the East Coast Hockey League, meaning he’s not signed with the Islanders, at least not now.

NYIFC Comments: 
The Islanders do not have an ECHL affiliate at this time, if Kevin Poulin, Anders Nilsson are in Bridgeport that means they need a place for Reiter to play because the three goalie system did not help Mikko Koskinen, who's rights the Isles retained. 

New York Resigns D Ty Wishart

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2012 07:39:00 PM |
Islanders website reports they have resigned defenseman,Ty Wishart to a one year/two way contract for the 2012-13 season.

NYIFC Comments:
Color me a little shocked at this. Not because he signed the standard one year/two way contract, but that either the Isles gave a player Garth Snow does not mention in terms of making the team as he does deHaan, Donovan, Ness, a raise beyond his qualifying offer that Wishart turned down by Sunday's deadline.

Either that or Wishart after rejecting a guaranteed raise by Sunday's deadline, had a change of heart which in that case means the Isles could have signed him for a lot less.

Bottom line the Isles controlled his rights here, once he turned down his automatic raise (qualifying offer) they could have let him stay home. 

This would again represent a move that would not be going through the motions because he is likely to play for Bridgeport, but will have to clear waivers again if the Isles have an NHL training camp, and is sent down. 

Bridgeport Expected To Name Scott Pellerin Head Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/17/2012 07:44:00 PM |
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports Scott Pellerin is expected to be named Bridgeport Sound Tigers next head coach.

Since 2006, Pellerin has been an assistant coach with the Manchester Monarchs, the affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings here.

Union Leader: Has Scott Pellerin's comments confirming he will be the Sound Tigers next coach which will be announced on Wednesday. 

Pellerin said everything happened quickly. He met with Snow last Thursday, again over dinner Friday and was offered the job over the weekend.
“This is an exciting moment for me and my family,” said Pellerin. “I’m leaving a great organization to coach at another great organization.”

 “It’s a perfect fit for me,” said Pellerin. “I mean I’m familiar with many people on the staff at Bridgeport. My coaching style is in line with what Garth was looking for to fill the post. My role is going to develop players on the minor league level, win as many games as we can and, to help our players reach their goals.”

2010 Draft Pick Jason Clark Leaving UW Signs With New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/17/2012 02:01:00 PM |
 Updated 4pm:
 Islanders Website Reports Jason Clark has signed an ELC with the club. Reports Islander 2010 3rd Draft Pick Jason Clark is leaving Wisconsin, and could turn professional or play in Canada after participating in the teams recent mini-camp per coach Mike Eaves.

NYIFC Comments: Clark is accepting congratulations/thanking folks on his twitter account for signing with Islanders.

A Time Of Going Through The Motions For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/16/2012 01:09:00 PM |
Until there is a signed CBA, going through the motions hangs over everything this franchise does beyond an agreement for a new arena like all other teams.

It's not impossible Bettman/Fehr could agree to keep playing this season under their summer terms, anything is possible, however not likely based on history given many owners have to be be saved from themselves once again in current market. 

No interest in sourced based rumors regarding the CBA. When Bettman, Fehr, Daly tell us specific agreed to terms, we can discuss it here, not before.

Do not expect a signed CBA by 9/15 or a full season so forget NHL preseason games anywhere. 

Going Through the Motions Of Preparing 2012-13 Season:
Some things the Isles do or fail to do will have later consequences, many depend on what their roster players decide to do.  Historically the New York Islanders came out of two lockouts painfully unprepared, and iced poor teams in shortened seasons. Bridgeport will have to hire a coach unless they promote from within because the AHL will not have a lockout, this means some potential Islanders in Cizikas, Ullstrom, deHaan, Donovan, Ness,  or others will have to report/play.

Will Joensuu take an AHL contract with Bridgeport or stay in Europe during a lockout with his one way deal? 

For now Lubomir Visnovsky is deciding what to do with his KHL offer, he may wait until September 15th or simply decide to report to a KHL camp in August. Visnovsky can owe the Islanders a year for the rest of his professional career if he decides to play overseas.

Or this year may count, and he becomes an UFA with Mark Streit. 

Many NHL fringe players well elect a guaranteed income now, some players under contract to NHL teams will eventually go. For Rick DiPietro a lockout gives him a chance to go play somewhere, work off the rust, and see if he can be durable.

Looking ahead given the current roster/available player market it seems best to have open spots for the right player.

In short, unless Garth Snow finds a trade/signing that makes sense which improves his roster for several years he should be in no rush.

History says players like Boyes, Carkner, Boulton play to their recent career trends which usually means a mixed bag at best. Boyes talked about how much the Islanders players like working for Jack Capuano, which is going through the motions because if he does not produce, it means nothing. 

If he puts up Parenteau's numbers, the team losses, and he wants a contract like Parenteau why are the Isles going to offer that to him?

Going Through The Motions On Arena Plan:
Unless Charles Wang has a real deadline in mind regarding construction of a new arena, as Howie Rose of all people said on Friday, a deal could happen in June 2014, and the Isles will remain at the Coliseum during construction past the terms of it's lease.

That's how it played out in Pittsburgh, who had no arena agreement months before their lease expired, it may well play out that way under a different county executive, different legislature, or even a different Islander owner by that time.

Moving forward most of the commentary will be on Sulia, it's a quiet time for longer blog entries which is more going through the motions.
In real business Matt Martin/Ty Wishart did not accept their qualifying offers. I asked the Isles twitter feed about Koskinen/Backman also before they posted this. This would also extend to Tomas Marcinko who has indicated he wishes to sign in Europe, but unlike qualified players like Katic, Rakhshani ect had not signed with a team yet.

Backman accepted his qualifying offer so he is officially signed.
Koskinen is remaining with his Nov 2011 team for 2012-13 in Kalpa per website release.
Marcinko rejected his QO per Michael Fornabaio.

Islanders retain NHL rights to all players. 

Only Thing That Matters Is What Wang, Mangano, Nassau Have Said & Done

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/12/2012 12:47:00 PM |
In the end only the record of what these people have said, and done matters, along with documented facts of the binding agreements back to 1972 of what we know.  

Ed Mangano/Democrats can agree last summer's referendum means no tax increases will be used to replace Nassau County's facility.  Agree or not, we know where Jay Jacobs stood last summer, we know now.

We know what Charles Wang was willing to sign a thirty year lease agreement for last summer with a rent/revenue split.  Long ago we knew Wang-Rechler were willing to renovate the Coliseum with a ten year lease extension during the Lighthouse project.

We all also know last summer's agreement gave Wang no real estate rights on that property, nor was he going to construct a new Coliseum.

Kate Murray released what TOH would agree to in terms of flexible development.

Wang said " probably not " 17:00-40  when pressed if he would pay for a new Coliseum during his WFAN interview last summer.

Dolan owned News 12- 7/27/2011: "The Big Vote " Debate is still available from last summer with Mangano, Wang, comments along with players, Legislator Wayne Wink, Mark Hamer ABLI. (slow loading)

Michael Picker made clear a renovation would not work and cited having to raise the roof, despite a renovation under the Wang-Rechler project.

NYIFC again posted the terms of the Smg lease/sublease the other day that specifically binds the Islanders to the Coliseum along with it's sublease.

Included later that day was the new lease in Bridgeport with President Howard Saffan's own comments on the arena being profitable, plus the Sound Tigers will honor their lease until 2021.

Last Month this blog again released the Feb 2009 transcript of Charles Wang's extensive interview on the Lighthouse and the Islanders.

In April NYIFC did a tweleve year summary of Wang's comments where it's a lie he purchasd the club for real estate where he makes clear he would like to make some money.

Obviously anyone who reads this blog regularly knows Charles Wang owns the Marriott, unless he can find a buyer it's his beyond the terms of his NHL lease so that gives him one financial reason to keep the team there.

It was reported Scott Rechler was bought out of his share of the hotel in 2010. 

We have Charles Wang long ago sitting front row (with former team President, Chris Dey/Garth Snow) cheering every play of the Dragons playoff game in Philadelphia.

Four days later he sold the team, so we all know what he will ultimately do if an agreement is not possible. 

We know what was said in Feb 2012 because Michael Picker unexpectedly went to the legislature and said " 2/14 Islanders want to stay at Coliseum, Nothing's Changed "

There is a two decade record from Tom Gulotta, to Joe Mondello, to Mort Certilman, Judy Jacobs, Tom Suozzi, along with previous owners with their comments. 

Bottom line there is a documented record to follow.

That is where everyone's focus should be, anything else is a waste of your important time. 

7/15 Decision Day For Martin, Wishart, Koskinen

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/11/2012 12:51:00 PM | ||||
7/15 is the day qualifying offers expire for these players. (along with Sean Backman)

The Islanders retain the rights to these players, they can keep negotiating because they qualified them, however this would mean those players do not simply want the standard raise per CBA which is what a qualifying offer means. 

Matt Martin does not accept his raise by 7/15 it could get interesting or one (perhaps both) sides want a longer term contract.  

Mikko Koskinen played in Europe last season, however he's New York Islander property, and the first goaltender selected in his draft, who's situation is unchanged with four other goaltenders under contract.

It's notable Garth Snow retains Ty Wishart, but never mentions him in discussing defenders who need to make this team, but again Snow offered him a contract/raise with qualifying offer. 

Any player accepts their qualifying offer by 7/15 that means they are signed. 

New York Needs A Professional Media Salesman

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/09/2012 04:43:00 PM |
I have written often, no professional sports franchise in 2012 has a worse media than the New York Islanders.

They could win the Stanley Cup next year, it's not changing. 

I found it fascinating the teams website actually did an article selling the area, then used it's twitter feed to ask for comment on Mangano's plan, which opens the door for me to ask what does Wang, Picker, Lancey, Saffan, and company think because that's what counts?

Charles Wang does not want to do negotiations in the press fine, don't ask what I think on the teams twitter feed via his employees. 

Is this some kind of sign the New York Islanders have finally realized silence is not golden, and more importantly not working?

This blog can give it's views, defending the team when called for if facts are documented (or being critical if documented facts reflect a negative article is true) however ultimately this franchise's media has to start do some of the heavy lifting itself.

New York Islander Fan Central has done above and well beyond it's part because the team has been treated unfairly based on it's counterparts professional media coverage. 

Mangano Announces Another Coliseum Plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/07/2012 09:07:00 PM |
Newsday: Reports County Executive Ed Mangano is expected to release an Request For Qualifications 7/9 seeking a "master developer" for the Nassau Hub property. The winning developer would be required to "immediately begin negotiations" with the Islanders and the arena's management, Pennsylvania -based SMG.

The goal, Mangano said, is to make up the difference between what Wang is willing to pay as the Coliseum's tenant and the total price tag of a new or renovated arena. The plan does not detail how much Wang would contribute. No county money is involved, Mangano said.
 Nassau Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs called Republican Mangano's plan "counterproductive" because it removes the county's ability to deal directly with the Islanders' leadership.

NYIFC Comments:
The usual suspects all comment, the New York Islanders do not, let the politics begin.

What I found interesting is Smg being any part of the long-term picture, their lease to operate the current facility ends in 2015, but long past articles indicate they have some control over what's constructed.

I see no plan that is viable for Charles Wang that does not give him all revenue from a new/renovated facility like many of his counterparts in New York, New Jersey. Asking the tenant to pay is not what other teams in  new facilities are receiving. 

The referendum agreed to last summer kept Wang out of the real estate business on the property or the physical construction of a new building.  He agreed to pay rent/a portion of all revenue while he kept the rest from all events beyond hockey.

That's what he was willing to sign a new lease for.

Bottom line whatever happens has to allow whoever the Islander owner is moving forward a financial structure to sustain an NHL franchise at that site.

Wang owns his hotel permanently so he has incentive to work something out that's sustainable past his tenure as the teams owner for a new/renovated building. 

Addition By Subtraction Defensively On Paper Improvement For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/07/2012 08:54:00 AM | ||
Only time will tell if the 2012-13 New York Islanders are an improved team, however on paper there is no doubt despite losing Parenteau's offense there has been addition by subtraction even if Brad Boyes does not produce, Matt Carkner is injured again or simply cannot keep up.

Of course there are some big question marks already.

That does not even address Visnovsky at home considering his KHL offer/retiring vs reporting for camp.  

So what's addition by subtraction?
For that matter what's subtraction by addition?

There has been a little of both on paper.

Does it matter? Only thing that matters is winning. 

New York Notables/Brett Gallant Returning

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/05/2012 05:56:00 AM |
Frankly there is not much out there that screams the New York Islanders should jump in and make an offer regarding most of the remaining UFA, but everyone knew this was a very weak class.

Ray Whitney/Steve Sullivan both received bonus incentive contracts by Dallas/Phoenix, the kind the Islanders are criticized for?
My thoughts on Parise/Suter both signing for close to a hundred million dollars each is it only cost 130m dollars for the area in full which was publicly financed.

It get's even better, Wild officials a year ago wanted more state money/debt forgiven here.
Wild officials will ask the state to forgive the remaining $36.75 million the team owes on interest-free loans issued to help build Xcel Energy Center  in 2000.
Owner Craig Leipold for a second year claimed the team lost money.  & told the Star Tribune the following in April 
 We’re not making money, and that’s one reason we need to fix our system.
We need to fix how much we’re spending right now. [The Wild's] revenues are fine. We’re down a little bit in attendance, but we’re up in sponsorships, we’re up in TV revenue. And so the revenue that we’re generating is not the issue as much as our expenses. And [the Wild's] biggest expense by far is player salaries.”
In 2011 the former Nashville Predators Owner refused to comment on losses in this interview about his team that went from selling out every game since their return to only twenty five games sold out. 
Bottom line: 
I guess Leipold fixed how much he was spending right now by giving out twenty six years/one hundred ninety six million dollars in one day.

His former customers in Nashville must really love him now.

This is not a sustainable business model for the NHL unless it's subsidized by billionaires willing to take huge financial losses. The players should get every penny they can, but these offers are absurd. 

It's bad for the leauge, for the Devil/Predator fans to not see their home grown talent stay even if Parise leaving the Devils helps the Islanders in terms of competition which is not the point. 

The front-loaded club among teams has grown this summer with Minnesota, Pittsburgh joining, who both got taxpayer funded facilities.

These contracts set the market for others. If Carle who's hardly a scoring defender can get over six million a year, with Suter who's not Chara on defense or Streit on offense receives a hundred million where's the limit?

Donald Fehr is a very happy NHLPA director on this day.
Matt Carle got thirty three milllion from one of his former teams in Tampa Bay for a six year contract after a four goal/thirty eight point  season.
 Journal Pioneer: Has Brett Gallant's comments he's resigned with Bridgeport for 2012-13.

Revisiting Two Entries Targeting Poor Islander Fan Support

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/04/2012 08:38:00 AM |
In late May/Early June 2011, New York Islander Fan Central wrote two very unpleasant entries, it's time to repeat them.

5/31/11 Why Are We Here Now? Blame Yourselves.
6/3/11: The Only Way To Save New York Islanders? Purchase Tickets

There is little I can add to those entries in the last year, Wang absorbed another season 29th in attendance, our fans are not getting the message.

Ultimately people have to fill the seats/support this team or you make it very easy for politicians who do not want this team to remain here any longer to force them out. 

3/14/2012: Total Support For Charles Wang makes clear where this blog stands/why, he's done his part, and a lot more than his predecessors since 1990.

Bottom line the plan to stay home is not working, it did not work starting in 1989 nor does it work today regardless of who owns this franchise.

Kate Murray will get her sixty percent come election day, Mangano will likely get re-elected.  
Nassau Executive Ed Mangano has sent out  invitations for a campaign fundraiser in the Citi Field hospitality suite of Saul Katz, one of the New York Mets owners, for the Mets-Nationals game on July 24.
“Food, Drinks, Autographs, VIP Parking,” the invite says. “$1,000 for 1 ticket, $1,750 for 2…$2500 for 3 tickets…”Checks are to be made payable to Friends of Ed Mangano.

This would be " Pigs At The Trough ", soon to be Nassau County Executive, Tom Gulotta, who extended Smg's lease to 2015 (without review every six years) before he drove Nassau to near bankruptcy with his infamous comments about Howard Milstein, Steve Gluckstern. 

And of course in June 1999 Mort Certilman/other politicians were playing some of the same games, blaming the owners, Steve Jacobson's article closed with "Don't talk of love, show me".

Charles Wang showed us for a long time whether we liked the players or the contracts from Hamrlik to Tavares he spent his money, even fixing/improving a facility he's a tenant in. 

Tom Gulotta 4/26/2000-Thomas Gulotta has said that whoever purchases the team is expected to build a new arena.

What's changed for Nassau?

Our fans need a new approach. 

New York Islander Fan Central Notables On UFA/Isles

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2012 05:54:00 PM |
New York Islander Fan Central Notables On UFA/Isles at

Kind of like the twitter box that used to post here but allows much bigger entries. 

Easier to post comments quickly on recent moves/free agents so folks can read a mix of blog entries, twitter comments on various Islander/NHL subjects that I wish to discuss.

Some things written about today, Parise, Boyes, Salvador, Carkner, Jokinen, Ryan, Hudler, Nielsen.

Dates to be aware of moving forward:
7/1-First day player can accept qualifying offer.
7/5 Last day a player can elect arbitration
7/15 Qualifying Offers Expire, but team retains rights.

Updated 7/4:
Eisbaren has finally announced Mark Katic has signed for our German friends visiting.

7/1 A Mixed Bag After Day One For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2012 01:30:00 AM |
One sure thing that can be written about day one of UFA is Doug Weight does not have some ceremonial title of Senior Advisor to the General Manager, he had a lot to say, and was obviously heavily involved.

On paper after day one of free agency the New York Islanders are moderately improved in one area, but weaker in others.

Games are never played on paper.

The picture is incomplete, that's the way it should be after one day, and it's likely going to stay that way.

It's a long summer, training camp, preseason, then you see what it looks like on opening night. 

The teams highest scoring right wing is gone, with a reclamation project in Brad Boyes getting a chance. No doubt  Kyle Okposo (the likely opening night winger with Tavares) with perhaps Bailey, Niederreiter, Joensuu also getting a chance.

Brad Boyes is quoted about how he was moved around in Buffalo, it sounded like what Josh Bailey will likely say if moving him to wing does not work out, which he has supported. 

Kyle Okposo is absolutely suited to the first line right wing role, it was his spot before his injury, Tavares won player of the month for part of the time he was temporarily placed back on that line.

Brad Boyes may turn out to be an improvement, however not on paper today,  if he replaces Pandolfo in the worst case that would be an improvement.

The defense got tougher with Matt Carkner, but is not faster (or more durable) but a big part of how things play out will come down to Visnovsky coming to camp or talking his offer in Russia.

Dylan Reese signed a two-way contract with Pittsburgh, Snow has a decision to be a little more patient or sign/trade for another middling defender to protect his prospects or increase the scoring. 

Snow made clear one of his defensive prospects should make the team which should be Calvin deHaan.

Eric Boulton could be glued to the bench here or play for Bridgeport.

Long way to go.

New York Signs D Matt Carkner, RW Brad Boyes, LW Eric Boulton

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2012 04:24:00 PM | ||||||
Islanders website: Reports the club has come to terms with Brad Boyes, Matt Carkner with Garth Snow's comments.

Newark Star Ledger: Reports Left winger Eric Boulton, whose contract was bought out by the Devils, signed a one-year deal with the New York. 

Islanders website: Has comments from Brad Boyes, Garth Snow and some very interesting comments from Doug Weight.

“I watched Brad score 43 and 33 goals in consecutive years,” Weight said. “I don’t care if you played in 1920 or 2012, 43 goals in this league is amazing. He was our best player in those two years in St. Louis.”

“He’s a real good kid – prepared, professional and committed,” Weight said. “And you want to have good character people that are going to have the work ethic and the professionalism that we want to start building within here.”

Niagara Gazette: Boyes discusses what went wrong in Buffalo, and why he signed with New York. 
“(They offer) a position more suitable to my style, a top-six forward, a power-play situation,” Boyes said. “Those are two things that I think are something I’ll be able to put in.”

Islanders website has comments from Matt Carkner on why he signed with New York, along with how Snow, Doug Weight recruited him.

"I kind of knew of teams that were looking for me and I was excited to hear that they were going to be interested," Carkner said of the Isles. "I think I heard that just after 12 (p.m.) today that they were going to be sending an offer. It was good. I had a lot of different teams talking to me, and it took me a while to kind of decide and figure out what was the best fit for me. It was a little hectic, but it all worked out."   
“That’s a big factor,” Carkner said. “I was seeing my ice time kind of diminish in Ottawa, with a different coach coming in and a different style of play. I was coming off an injury as well. It just took me a while to get back to where I was, and that’s just kind of how it fell into place. I was happy to see what my options were and I think that I will fit in real well in New York with the Islanders. I am pretty excited to get a spot here.”
Islanders Senior Advisor to the General Manager and Assistant Coach Doug Weight believes that Carkner’s signing addresses a need for the organization to add some size and toughness to the blue line.
“Obviously, the first thing you think of is his toughness,” Weight said. “It’s certainly something we had to address as a team. We think there’s a big upside for Matt and not just in the toughness category. He’s hard to play against, has a solid defensive game and can win battles in the corner. He’s a good quality person and I think he can bring a lot to our defensive corps and a lot to our team. He can play the game, be a good PK guy and make us harder to play against.”

NYIFC Comments:
There was some demand for Carkner, obviously the Islanders overpaid for a player who on paper was not going to bring any offense to a club that desperately needs it nor has he been very durable.

Bottom  line for now (which can change within the hour) the strategy seems to be Okposo (Tavares wing before the injury) will go back to the spot he was playing. Boyes will be a gamble to see if he can become a scorer again but his floor will be better than Pandolfo. Parenteau got fair market value, Isles leave themselves open to legitimate second guessing if Okposo, Niederreiter, another prospect or Boyes does not produce to same level as Parenteau. 

Snow I guess is stocking up on some toughness adding, Carkner, Boulton his team needed some.

One thing for sure is the Islanders did not give Doug Weight a ceremonial title as assistant to the general manager. 

D Jon Landry has gone from Bridgeport contract to 2-way NHL contract with Islanders
PA Parenteau signed a 16m dollar contract with Colorado, four years.

Denver Post has Parenteau's comments on the signing.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed defenseman Dylan Reese to a one-year contract, two-way deal worth $600,000 at the NHL level. 

Penguins Website: Has Dylan Reese's comments.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabio has Jon Landry's comments on his first NHL contract.

Garth Snow's Comments As Free Agency Begins

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2012 03:22:00 AM |
NY Post: Brett Cyrgalis has again spoken with Islanders general manager, Garth Snow entering free agency about the teams plans.

  “We’ll see what comes to us,” Snow said Saturday. “We will try to get something worked out, but there is plenty of time between now and the start of the season. We’re going to try and address our needs and make our calls.”
“Free agents are concerned with the arena situation,” he said. “It’s hard to persuade a free agent with a 5- or 7- or 10-year deal when our lease is up in three years [2015] and they don’t know where they’ll be playing.”

“I think with Andrew MacDonald, Mark Streit, Travis Hamonic and now Visnovsky, we have solidified our top four,” Snow said. “We expect one of our [prospects] Calvin de Haan, [Matt] Donovan and [Aaron] Ness to make the team. So that’s five defensemen. We still have one hole to fill.”

“We’ll make our calls only July 1,” Snow said, “and try to improve our team then and throughout the week.”

NYIFC Comments:
For those keeping score the New York Islanders, are not given regular game coverage at the laughingstock Post, or even a section, but now four articles, two sessions with the gm, plus Cyrgalis calls out the media on rumors since Snow spoke to him before the draft?

Cyrgalis is getting a lot more than Dolan's beatwriter from Snow. 

Is this the same laughingstock NY Post, that had Larry Brooks writing on 3/21 that the team does not matter while parroting a former Isles media relations coordinator?

Ok, enough on that. Snow put Visnovsky in his mix of defenders, he has to for the moment. 

Why do I get the feeling if Snow offered a seven to ten year contract any player would accept that security if the money was front-loaded, and for some even if it were not. (which to be fair Wang has no business doing after getting nothing from Nassau County for twelve years)

I'm not thrilled with Snow these days since he's now employing the rebuilding often in interviews. I made that clear back in a Feb 2012 Entry. 

Snow can be as crypric as he likes, no problem there. I also made clear he should return as gm, but don't contradict yourself or you are insulting your fans/customers. 

Is the success a sign, though, that your rebuilding strategy may be ahead of schedule?
Snow: "I don't use that word rebuild. We're trying to make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup like every other team. We don't go in with the mindset that losing is acceptable, and when that word is used, sometimes winning doesn't matter. I don't think I've used that word too much and if I have, it's been very limited. We're trying to win every hockey game we play in. The group that we have in that locker room, it may be young, but that doesn't make it can't have success."

When he uses the rebuilding word now often in interviews he comes off like a man who did not believe in his own words or is now covering himself.